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10 Factors To Consider When Searching For Off-Campus Apartment In School

Searching for an off campus hostel in Nigeria can be a serious pain in the neck for some students. One is confronted by the dilemma of which to and which not to choose. In this Post, a Writer on ATS.NG, Frank, shares what factors to look out for when searching for hostel accommodation off campus.

1. Your budget

The first thing to consider when searching for an off campus accommodation is the strength of your wallet. How much are you willing to spend on the house? How much is your total budget? Consider this and narrow your search to meet your budget. It’d be foolhardy to show interest in a 120,000 Naira apartment on a 30k budget. Don’t waste your time, cut your coat according to your clothes.

2. Proximity to School

Living off campus should not distract you from your studies. Try to secure your accommodation somewhere that is as close to school as possible to decrease or eliminate the added transportation cost of shuttling between your house and school. Most ideal locations are trekkable distance from school.

3. Steady access to a means of transportation

This may seem like nothing until there is a medical or security emergency. How fast you can evacuate or be evacuated will determine a lot. It can be frustrating when running late for test, class or exams and you are condemned to trek long distance because there were no available means of transportation close to you.

4. The Landlord

Some students do not cherish the thought of living in the same compound with the landlord/landlady. Not because they were into anything bad, just to be at ease. Some house owners can be insatiable, endeavor to know the kind of person your landlord or landlady is and where they live before moving in.

5. The Neighbourhood

How secure is the neighborhood? Who are your neighbors? You should look for a house in an area populated by other students so you don’t stand out in the neighborhood like a sour thumb. Security also matters here, some neighborhoods are more secure than the others, while some are more prone to robbery attack or cult clash. Be security conscious.

6. Facilities

What facilities are there in the house? Is it tiled, painted and fenced with gate? Is there steady power, Wi-Fi and water supply? Are there any back ups for when there’s no power or water like Standby generator, solar panels among others. Make sure you put this into consideration before showing interest in the house.

7. Your Social and personal needs

How does the house satisfy your social needs? Any restaurant or other relaxation spots around? Your social needs is as important as your academic needs. Don’t neglect them.

8. Finishing and Furnishing

Be sure to know what materials were used to make finishing touches to the house. Does it need repainting, repairs, new wardrobes and doors? Also check to know if the house had been pre furnished or are you going to furnish it yourself. Some people let out already furnished apartments at a moderate price.

9. Waste Disposal

How do you dispose your domestic waste? Is there any central waste disposal point or are you going to sort that out yourself. Remember you are in a new neighborhood, understand how things work here before moving in.

10. The Compound

How clean and lit is the compound? What is the sanitation program like? How often is it kept clean? Avoid dirty or dimly lit compounds for your safety and comfort.


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