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9jaflaver Is Considering Lauching A Record Label, What Do You Think? (Your Suggestions Here)

9jaflaver Is Considering Lauching A Record Label, What Do You Think? (Your Suggestions Here)

Hello everyone, this is good news, as your number one entertainment and information website “9jaflaver”, is considering launching a record label, this idea is our way of investing big time into the Nigeria music industry, and at the same time raising talented upcoming artistes to stardom.
We are seriosuly still considering this decision, so, we need your suggestions
Do you like this idea?

Comment, below:-


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[Music] Frank Ezeh Ft Pasino – Ifunanya

[Music] Bisola – Boda Luku

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About Website OwnerMr Ejump Is the owner/CEO of 9jaflaver, he's an economist, a loving, and friendly young man. CONNECT via:- FACEBOOK TWITTER


  1. toolife says:

    good one

  2. SmartDAwesome says:

    Amazing Idea

  3. Flexb says:

    Great idea

  4. dest says:

    haa haa .. i will be great

  5. my name is sunday but my stagd name is sugapae says:

    it’s g nice idea indeed,u people should move on, @least u are trying to help we talented artist!this is my no07064244368

  6. Kingzy says:

    I cant rily wait to even get signed, cus am a big fan of 9jaflaver, i call u guys d unbeatables

  7. flawless says:

    that will be dope my G and I hope to be yours first signed act,, kudos

  8. Samuel Fadipe says:

    “YES” that would really help me because am an upcoming artiste and am a fan of 9jaflaver

  9. Mendo says:

    Dat will be another opportunity 4 we Talented upcoming artiste. My Dream can become reality through this… My Contact 09066647293

  10. Mendo says:

    This is another opportunity 4 we Talented upcoming artiste. My Dream can become reality through this… My Contact 09066647293

  11. Tatin Onyerap says:

    It’s a good idea………..and i will like to be signed into the record lebel……am an indigenous rapper.

  12. victor okagbue says:

    Am an up coming artist and i love the ideal of the record label. Is a good idea. But I we love to share my talent. To knw weather if 9jaflaver we be my backup

  13. Tatin Onyerap says:

    I will like to be signed into the record lebel. My contact. Phone no: 09037482234.

  14. Tallerhman says:

    its gonna be a great platform of support

  15. clarknexzy says:

    it will be great and its a nice and a platform for bringing up new potential and talent in young artist i will be interested to join if created 08169552783 my contact tanks

  16. Mr brown says:

    Nice up,

  17. Bollybanty says:

    It’s a good idea and God bless you.. just get the managerial skills and some important enquiries about a record label and stuff…..it’s gonna be nice. If things work out that make you think first entertainment site to own a record label and others will follow….kudos!!!6

  18. Younglex says:

    Move on sir. The grace of God is with you.

  19. YoungLex says:

    Carry on sir, the grace of the lord is with you. this is my no sir 08067530106.

  20. YoungLex says:

    I will like to be signed into your record lebel sir. My contact. Phone no: 08067530106

  21. Wizardboy says:

    Its Cool Not Just Cool Awesome

  22. SLIMVIZZY says:

    it is a good idea and it going to help we upcoming artist to achieve our goals am in support of that.

  23. yankee says:

    that the God power it will grow
    can I get your number I will call this my 09058000538

  24. fenny says:

    That would be very nice, am an Artiste and producer currently signed to a label but I have some artistes who are blazing hot and are very unique.. u never can tell who the next superstar will be only if u search

  25. dcwofficial says:

    nice ideal bro carry on am an upcoming artist got some singles and yr no 1 fan cheak me out on IG @dcwofficial and here’s my num 07082342284

  26. hugmykel d rapster says:

    nice one i having expecting it carry on 9jaflaver i jump 4 mr ejump

  27. deefour says:

    Yeah… Maybe it can help my music career

  28. Yvee Micz says:

    Well I Thank God For An Idea Like This, I Will Really Be Grateful If This Will Really Come To Pass cause I Will Now Be Able To Go More Further And Believe In making/creating More Sounds Out Of Me, Please Help We Upcoming Out And I Promise To Always Make 9F Records Proud, Thank You so Much 9jaflaver.com, I Love You So Much, 08166639200 Yvee

  29. Riskey says:

    this is a good idea for the upcoming artist like me a
    m Riskey contents my phone number is 08059958826

  30. Riskey says:

    nice idea record label is good I one to be sign in your record label contents my phone number 08059958826

  31. TonTon says:

    i think its nice…. and i believe you guy can support upcoming artist.

  32. shollykizzy says:

    datz gud idea nd I would like if u move me in dis my number 09077228128/08143391925

  33. FELIX 4BADOX says:

    if is it to help the new singers .go ahea. god bless

  34. @kyngtimon - (twitter) says:

    It’s really a good idea. You guys should be ready to invest real cash on your artsite inother to compete favourably with other renowned label like Mavin, there are alot of talent in the street i’ll advise you harness honestly and carefully for real talent either through a competition or so. (i take a bow)

  35. xamuel says:

    wuld appreciate signing me 09071776843 whatsapp

  36. $limzzy says:

    Wow…. I’m warming up already…. Dusting ma microphone!

  37. Mansa says:

    A big yes from me

  38. JAH BOI says:


  39. Mr.Yuel says:

    This is a great idea I love that

  40. Kul kat says:

    Truely a splendid idea i can,t wait 2 become 1 of ur artist

  41. kizzy young says:

    this is wonderful, i really wanna b part of this record label, this is my contact 08091886266

  42. Anonymous says:

    Good idea

  43. Abiido says:

    It will be so nice

  44. Silva says:

    Wow..dats a gud idea..big ups tu u 9jaflaver..You guys re realli eppin we upcumin artists..i realli hpe n wish ov gtin signed into ur label..pls oo..ma number;08034748317

  45. oluwa lilwizz says:

    supported… I wish I can be one of d luck artist in ur label,dats is want I pray for.I have many sweet songs in my brain,waiting for d day I join label,I we start dropping it live to my fans waiting,my whatapp num 09077360773
    oluwalilwizz help me

    am a rapper from east

  46. oluwa lilwizz says:

    supported… I wish I can be one of d luck artist in ur label,dats is want I pray for.I have many sweet songs in my brain,waiting for d day I join label,I we start dropping it live to my fans waiting,my whatapp num 09077360773
    oluwalilwizz plsssssss help me sir..I no go fall ur hAnd

    am a rapper from east

  47. mino_sweez says:

    that is a very great idea mr Ejump
    i go be your number1 artist for the record label wooooooooow

  48. Gallor says:

    yo! Go on and sign me I’m a good rapper 08160950201

  49. Anonymous says:

    Wow it ok oo nice one bro but please make dy auditionin viral so every artist will be aware of dy auditionin nice idea

  50. Anonymous says:

    Its a good idea at least to help upcoming act to show the world what they can do with their talents and its also a full time investment “push it up”

  51. bolu says:

    yes pls …it would b important

  52. Shunn Perry says:

    I gonna be cool I would love to be in the label am a rapper I have two track just call me whenever you want to :09057783237

  53. Kenneth says:

    Ya is very good,i love it

  54. Twayne_Rapsong says:

    Am interested in this call me or whatsapp me on +2348073088677

  55. Anonymous says:

    That’s a very good idea….i hope I will get signed in

  56. Sohdesky says:

    yes that was a good idea, i am interested

  57. G-luv says:

    Ts a nice step

  58. femzzy famous says:

    What a nice idea I hope I will get signed

  59. Oluwasholex says:

    I love 9jaflaver and lauching a record lebel will help go a longway..helping upcoming artistz wil make 9jaflaver be in flame…..trust me,the world will get to know that..and i will like to have a record deal…..

  60. kanu kanery says:

    it a lovely idea god bless u as u are trying to bless upcoming artist

  61. Sohdesky says:

    yes dats a good idea , incase u need just hola me 08100603089 ,hope i will be sign


    I think it’s a good idea. I personally would like it

  63. T-Raw Noni says:

    yeah am so happy to hear about this good news of this record label
    I also support this so that we upcoming artist will show our talents to the world
    go on with your decision we support it!!!

  64. Richy says:

    go on, can’t wait!!!!!!

  65. Melvin says:

    thats nice. if you need a director

  66. fwezha says:

    Itz a great opportunity for us to arrive to our destination safely…… Am fully in support of it

  67. sophy says:

    That will be a great idea.
    you could sign me up too 🙂 .

  68. YungNATURE says:

    Yea..dat a very nice idea. I tink this wuld go a long way of improving talents since 9jaflavaur got wondarful beats.

  69. Anonymous says:

    9jaflaver no one entertainment,this is great idea you all coming up with and this help all upcoming artist,like me
    9jaflaver I rep you,if did for real here is my number 09034100801,thank you for all the free beat it helps me Alots

  70. Godbless says:

    This is a great idea, for another new record by 9jaflaver no one entertainment and it is gonna be a great opportunity also for me and all the upcoming artist and I also appreciate you for wonderful beat ,here is my number 09034100801

  71. Sureboy says:

    we will call it real flavers

  72. Denis says:

    Gud idea nd u piple shud nt 4get 2 help d upcoming by hosting a music concert(competition).tanx

  73. Denis says:

    Gud idea nd u piple shud nt 4get 2 help d upcoming artist by hosting a music concert(competition).tanx

  74. FRESHKIN says:

    Yes its a very good idea cos young and talented music artist need such opportunity like me I don’t even have a means of promoting my songs so are many others out there so its a very good ideal and if you have good artist its also gonna hype your site through promotion of good music

  75. Lil weed says:

    Yeah its a good thing cause a record label is exactly what I need . Nice one

  76. Chris Diamondz says:

    I really think is a good idea especially for people like me that at still up coming in the music world that really need to get sign in to a record label all desame i will like to get signed to the future record label

  77. Akinzee says:

    Its ah good idea wish to be signed am mah rapper/Singer

  78. Anonymous says:

    xo thoutful of u bro… Will really appreciate dat [email protected] casmock

  79. Onojah Bright says:

    Support it full time… You get to help people and make money at the same time… Even me sef they sing and need label to promote me… #Bigups 9jaflaver

  80. Fab's says:

    Its will be so nice, if u can make it happen, its a good idea

  81. bashiru ifeoluwa says:

    I love it cause I will love to be sign to ur record label

  82. A born says:

    good nice idea.dat very nice


    Nice 1

  84. Emmy says:

    That will be great…please am an upcoming sign me ,am in.09030486682

  85. dee wy says:

    it a vewi nice idea


    Am really interested. Here’s my number 08095625797

  87. dee wy says:

    it a very nice idea,am an artist plz I will like to be part of ur label…08183875528

  88. lirttle Pizy says:

    nice idea.this mean you are tring to help we upcoming artist.you guy can continue,is a good idea and may god follow you.

  89. Easyboi says:

    That’ll really help a lot
    It’s a really great idea

  90. Daisy says:

    I really like dz idea is awesome

  91. eastern boi says:

    yes it’s a nice idea and suggestion I can’t wait entering the record because mine own they sent me out they said I am not contributing so I left them so I pray God will make it for 9jaflaver to launched a new record amen that is my prayer I had never sang in the studio but I have presented a song named Facebook love by smart kid this my username in Facebook EAStern Boi

  92. kravitz says:

    I will love to be among
    It’s nice
    We can join hand together And make it popular
    What did you think

  93. sherick beatz says:

    that will b nice o . and a great opportunity fr people . nd I will also b happy if I b par taker on dis. and maybe got signed by 9flaver o.

  94. segzxy b says:

    that is a very good ifa i wich to join the record label

  95. Nazzibangz says:

    Nice 1
    Wish you all good luck

  96. switboi says:

    wow it a real nice idea, but u just have to know it means out here to us, if you can think it, it could be true, if it true then you can make it, that a wise man words.
    9jaflaver have through all of this music things and are there for we when ever we request, and they are still making more help out here, I mean with thus idea out here it will be great to bring something like this and we are in full support for this and also whilling to help by any way we or I can thanks.

  97. Arinze says:

    Nice one

  98. t banks says:

    yes das a good initiative
    so young upcoming artist like us can be heard

  99. Soundprince says:

    That will be very good of you if you create the recordlabel and i promise you that you will make more profit from it

  100. spunky says:

    please I want to join this group I have song to show please contact my number 09039642685

  101. PAROSKY says:

    Yes indeed its a perfect idea.
    Bcus I as an artist, i hav gone 4 sevral auditions, bt all dis known record labels tink de ar superio.
    Pls 9jafever do dis 4 me pls.

  102. PAROSKY says:

    I wud also love 2 b an artist under d record label.


  103. yung kay says:

    nice one

  104. nwosu prosper abuchi popular known as flexydo says:

    Yes i love ur idea cus it will creat more opportunity fr we the up……. Cuming artist am very happy fr dis just wish to be signed too, olukomini flexydo

  105. flexydo says:


  106. LEYRIX says:

    Amazing ideal cux u will b impacting big in the industry and also be lighting up lives of young talented acts… wise decision …and yhu will earn a lot cux u already super popular as a website

  107. Benjackson troy says:

    i really wanna get signed and besides I’ve got a hit track…anyway,that’d be great.

  108. nakwizy says:

    nice one luv dat idea

  109. zick(starkid) says:

    that’s a great idea from you guys,if it will help we upcoming artistes i give you one hundred.

  110. jizzy says:

    Am an artist
    I will be glad if they could sign me

  111. Qbryn says:

    Itz ur boy Q-bryn…lol 9jaflaver is the best it is where I download the latest. Is a nice idea if 9jaflaver lunch a record label and raise artist that make good music just like me
    Find me on facebook @ Qbryn bueze
    Contact qbryn @ 08095169523

  112. HcEe says:


  113. Eco Evans says:

    dope idea

  114. Jake barry says:

    That is a very brave idea sir…thank u and God bless u

  115. kestarboiiii says:

    it will be nice
    atleast there will be challenges and new way of endorsement. i will also love to be part of the artists.
    @kestarboiiii on insta.

  116. kay Josh says:

    yes sir..very good idea

  117. Jackson says:

    Yeah sure
    It’s a dope idea

  118. Maduka solomon says:

    am DVT deviant from abia i love music so much and i have the talent for shu but no sponsor to help i promies my safe that any one that help me so the god will serve will his or her family thanks jar bless the day

  119. dj ben jazz says:

    It will be a good from naijaflaver.it will help some of our young talented muscian and I also am intrested 08098315477

  120. Erebulu praise says:

    this is good new,,
    I believe dix is going too help many Nigerians including me,,
    m a musician too
    this is my number

    bless u guyz

  121. emmi-smith says:

    its good news for 9jaflaver u guys can proside

  122. smarton says:

    is a very good idea

  123. smarton says:

    am interested 08149190952

  124. Rhemmy says:

    That would be nice

  125. Okpo okpo says:

    yeah it is a great idea. I support that.keep the good work up guys. and don”t forget to sign me oo

  126. Laces21 says:

    am an upcoming from jos. nd if works out pls jst help top ma hussle. 08097818570

  127. Bamidele says:

    Nice idea i am a dope artist also if you wanna listen to my songs this is my number 07068638410
    Jah bless

  128. Bamidele says:

    Nice idea i am a dope artist without a record label. also, if you wanna listen to my song this is my number 07068638410
    Jah bless

  129. t'rule says:

    ah una still dey ask twice
    is a good i idea
    but I go like be in there oooh Afam bu T’rule afurum unu hoha
    ji si nu like na oru chim ya agozi unu
    08160741761 is my number makana adim bad

  130. Chinoks says:

    Its an innovative idea and its also going to be a platform to lift others up, cause we rise by lifting others……lol everybody dey drop number make I cucuma drop ma own na 08091880250

  131. MickiMacdac says:

    yes, please contact 07063671406 if u do so

  132. Dany Jason says:

    Its A Good Idea, N Since U Guys Also Have A Downloading Website , Xo I A Huge Meduim 4 Promotion Of Your Artistes. And Then U Guy An Edge Over Our Downloading Webs An Is Also Making Histroy, N Am Al76 An Artirst From Bayelsa And I Need Support My Number Is 09039520954

  133. ihcego says:

    totally, I would opt to be signed or something. It’s a great step!

  134. ihcego says:

    @ihcego on Instagram singer, songwriter. I’ll show you something different!

  135. luckydiamond says:

    what sonoruse idea it good

  136. lilbreze says:

    yes sir it well help us upcoming artist, am 100% in support of this here is my contact sir am an artist too 09023203943

  137. p.tunde kabir says:

    I like u to create a. R.level cause am an upcoming artist

  138. Dave Homie Quan says:

    I think this is a great idea, and I will like to be one of the artist,

    fb:kvng mhista dave

  139. favoris says:

    its a really good idea,and it wil atleast give us.(upcoming artiste) an oppurturnity to showcase our self…am also interested.08036293131

  140. smart boy says:

    too much talk is not 4 evening church 9jaflaver we are with u carry on remember us we up coming artist ;i will like 2 get my own contact 09079756145

  141. smart boy says:

    can i get ur number this is my 09079756145

  142. hawhy says:

    I think it is a nice idea

  143. williams friday a.k.a Mr willz says:

    nice idea think you should kick start as soon as possible

  144. JOKID says:

    You know like serious, i love anything that will bring forth the upcoming artistes, like me planning and looking but nobody to bring up, so if you are talking about, to bring those younger ones up, it is alright, so as for me, i will say keep it on, it is good with me. Thank you……

  145. Zulwayne boi so cool says:

    nice level recd 9ja flaver

  146. ychinzmusic ifeanyi says:

    It would be a perfect and life changing idea.. .for upcoming artists

  147. Uche Destiny Ikemefuna says:

    wow dats a very nice idea. Atleast to make way for upcuming artists like us to show the world what we gat. It is a very very good thing. Its not only to raise nd create room for upcoming acts. It will be a good investment into musicNigeria if yu av decided on it its gonna change lives dat will forever be grateful tho if yu manage it well unlike TrippleMG. Pls when yu av concludedd on dis and successfuly av gotten it ryt pls dont forget to remember me “Uche Destiny Ikemefuna” my number is “08168430658” thank you very much i pray God c y’all through dis project. Its a good thing

  148. Anonymous says:

    wow nice that’s a very good idea, can,t wait to be on the label soon. am a die hard fan of naijaflaver right from time can,t wait to see this happen. u can also contact me on 09039444501

  149. Jeffson morrison(mr fabulous),rnb,reggae artiste in jos says:

    Waow dat ll be so electric,and i ll be glad to be part of that label to showcase my dreams and headon to the top,with no oat or sacrificial thoughts,im gonna surely give the best in me…if only can help me #9jaflaver

  150. Dray says:

    Yess… finally… I’ll be glad to be part of the project but it seems the competition might be high… but I dont bulge… Sign me up… I’ll make u millions… my number.. +2348191255687

  151. EV says:

    that will be nice…if uv gat what it takes…and can make the right choice of artistes to sign in

  152. Oliver Kiss says:

    cant wait to join please contact me on 09074031988

  153. Harry c says:

    It would be great but is 9jafalaver willing to push out it artist adquatily cause young good artist who are sure they got talent don’t wanna be stock to a train that aunt moving they all expect and searching for made record label you Know..but the vision is great the world is global Now.. Big up 9jaflaver from Harry c Absu made artist

  154. shi_nak says:

    9jaflaver that will be a good idea of sitting up a record label,you guys have already make the name so it will be a good idea

  155. micah says:

    i would like to join the 9ja flaver record label

  156. U.CEE says:

    It’s a really nice & effective thing to do, especially to help we upcoming acts..And with all humility, I’m begging you guys to please make me your 1st artist & u won’t regret it..08179158619- U.CEE,from Uniben but resides [email protected] Ejump.. God bless

  157. Djczee says:

    that will be cool if you can achieve this dream
    because there r many artists in the street searching for a way out………pls help
    God almighty will give u strength…

  158. quazy says:

    it will be good if you can do that,am quazy,am also a rapper if you can sign me please,this is my number 07082985950

  159. mizmakerry says:

    by name am miz makerry am here to say that i like the deasetion you people.becouse it well heipe us that is upcome artist and too the suggestion is very ok i like it am miz makerry by number call me on 08083504591 or on whatapp think you all

  160. Slash Luga says:

    that will be awesome sir…..But dont foget to sign me to be part of the family 09035370968

  161. kakah says:

    Am an upcoming Artist and I think its gud 4 we…following most free beat which I used 2 compose songs of mine……pls don’t count me out @ youngK 08168538962

  162. my name is Kingsley Ofordile says:

    I will like to join you people in the record label.my number is below:

  163. Chizors says:

    Great idea, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for.. thumbs up for that creative innovation.

  164. mk razi says:

    wow, dope idea, but no forget to show me love

  165. N'orlex says:

    it will be very good of you guys to open a record label, great opportunities out there, an it will be a lot of help to young artists, I am a musician. a very talented afro brat singer with the above name, I’ll like to be part of ya label,
    Good luck and God bless you guys

  166. mpiz says:

    nice one

  167. chinonso says:

    i am a upcoming artice stage name lil-fresh i love the idiea

  168. StarBoyZany says:

    It will be so amazing, and so helpful cause 9jaflaver our the only side that is helping most of the up coming artiste like me( if you are interested to the tracks that I use their beat call me 08100454899

  169. lilfresh says:

    yea ma number 09065363744 i will like to be a member of ur record labe i am a song writter and a hiphop singer and a rapper?go by the name lilfresh

  170. YB says:

    It’s Great

  171. pelumi aiyeola says:

    that goes,it will help a lot of upcoming artist like me…please go ahead with the label…. I would love to join… my number 09022533154 or 07035006797 if the record label is ready please call me……

  172. Biolyz says:

    great things

  173. I am Aro Olaiya aka Samflex. says:

    That will b a very good one 9jaflaver u are d best u have really helped me in concentrating with my music carrer.The issue of introducing this record label is a good idea and also a way of helping upcoming artiste as excepted of u always.Do it God will crown ur effort.I look forward seeing the record label in the music industry and would Also b happy if I can be signed into it.Again I remain Samflex God bless yah all.9jaflaver I love u

  174. ambition says:

    yeah it will be vary nice if you people do so and it will also help some of us too

  175. mr kelz says:

    that will be a very a fascinating idea

  176. Dubee Yung says:

    yes it a good idea

  177. Softboyalex says:

    Is very good I would love to become a member of this record label

  178. Brienz says:

    A very nice idea
    in groomin young talent
    i ever wish to get signed into
    the label tooo

  179. Wizzie Jay says:

    Yea it’s a good one at least ur platform will help loads of unseen and undercover artistes like me to be seen be heard and giving opportunities to let known what we can and made up off….it will definitely be a good one if u can do this….God bless

  180. MAX says:

    good I can make hits for you guy… why not give me trial

  181. DAVELEX says:

    it will be nice oooko contact when is done ooo
    07019930340 on IG @DAVE_LEX_SIRE

  182. Ola Flow says:

    Yes it’s a very good idea.. Which I personally i v been looking forward to since all this while

    Am always available

  183. T-MONEY says:

    is a very good idea,at least this will be more beter to the music industry and upcoming talent as well

  184. Anonymous says:

    Yes ooooo….this is a very nice idea …..creating it is”like given me . a priceless gift to enjoy …..pls go ahead and do t…..at least by Gods Grace ah wil be sgned to join the label

  185. Mr SEED says:

    Yes I agree

  186. feezy says:

    kul sir dat gud it will still be an opportunity for us to be sign may god bless you and gide u 09053423597

  187. Smart_P says:

    Dope, Is a good idea Mr.Ejump, I would like to be signed by the record label but my songs speaks for me

  188. Olahenzo says:

    Sure..very lovely idea

  189. SPICY TEE says:


  190. Ajebutter says:

    Hmm that’s nice

  191. Jes remedy says:

    It a perfect idea

  192. Its ur boy DESKID says:

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  193. qunzymax says:

    dat shud b d bxt nd i wil b glad 2 work under d label

  194. young shiro says:

    i like this idea

  195. sky says:

    that will b gr8,
    as we got lots of artist in the streets looking for opportunities

  196. Felix says:

    That’s a nice ideal

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    very dopest idea

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  199. Dan snappy says:

    That’s the best idea ever, when you launched the label it brings more viewers to the site and it’s also promote the site to and extend were u can also bring out more upcoming artist on the street,, so is the best idea u have come up with,, but don’t forget to sign me in ur label,, I don’t need money just want to be with 9jaflavor an i promised to give my best in the music industry,thanks for this opportunity..

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    nice one

  203. Shyboi says:

    It’s a good idea for people like us…it is needed in nigeria to raise the hidden talent

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  205. david says:

    (Yes) it should be because it will help so many upcoming artiste

  206. Austinblack says:

    DAT gud idea, dere is reward for dat. at list u should start from grass root to uplift De young talented and upcoming artist

  207. Jeffery says:

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  211. Millions says:

    That would be real nice though you already got an advertising blog so it cool but remember you said funds is very important in a record label, anyways money or no money am IN, all I need is a nice beat and a studio to record freely then I will do my best to make you proud

  212. Nazz says:

    Great decision…. Hope to be with u

  213. Junior6IX says:

    Nice 1,
    but there are some factors to consider, but if those factors are no issue then u can launch the label, and start signing quality artiste not just any artiste that has a hit song……

  214. Michael says:

    It’s a good idea… i love it… cos am an artist also looking for a record label to help me grow my emotions on music..

  215. br.fass says:

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  220. Collins says:

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  221. Skila sings says:

    the idea is good… but sign the rite artist that will deliver..

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  233. J2flie$ says:

    I am a regular fan of 9jaflaver i always download my instrumentals here and it looks exactly like the real beat musicians uses, my friends always ask me where do i get this instrumentals i tell them 4rm my best musical website 9jaflaver.com and lastly i really say yes to your opinion of creating and raising young artiste since you have a very good producers like; smartDawesome, EndeetoneDbeatlord and Eazibeatz. It is going to be great i would love to see somebody singing from the instrumentals that are prod 4rm 9jaflaver thanks alot it is a very good news to see this.

  234. philvic says:

    thats a very brilliant idea i think its a good one and you will go far with this idea

  235. GODWIN says:

    yea it’s good I will love to be a member

  236. kindle says:

    it will be very good have been searching for a record deal maybe this might be my chance if u eventually launch a record label

  237. Timcee says:

    Yes i like it it a good idea

  238. Adeleke Faruq oladimeji pka afosneh says:

    that the best idea..u will be able to promote upcoming talent like me and other..And with this 9ja flever will also gain more popularity all over the world

  239. Freshfair says:

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