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[Photos + Video] Miss Anambra (2016) “Chidinma Okeke” Sextape With Lesbian Leaks

[Photos + Video] Miss Anambra (2016) “Chidinma Okeke” Sextape With Lesbian Leaks

Queen Chidinma Okeke,from Orumba North, who was crowned the winner of the Miss Anambra 2015 competition is on a sex-tape leaked on the internet.

The video shows her on a lesbian act with one of her close friends who happens to be her personal assistant by name ‘Ada’ and also the 3rd runner up at the queen of democracy 2014.

Though she is yet to dispute the act but the video says it all. It is claimed that she did this because of money…I guess she never knew it will come running back to hunt her.



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  1. Toyin says:

    I pray the lord will help us to guide and train our children and not allow them to bring shame to our family.I wonder what could be responsible for this and what made them to even record it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a shame beautiful girl like you not even with a man woman, you are finished.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Girl what do you have to say about it?

  4. bayu says:

    its too bad

  5. chioma igboko says:

    Is very bad of our so call miss Nigeria, we have to be very careful in appointing Miss Anambra she is a disgrace to Anambra State and to does who appointed her to be miss Anambra

  6. life says:

    I want to. marry her plz

  7. asdasder says:

    I found Chidinma Okeke Sex Tape on this site

  8. Eze Kingsley obum says:

    When I first heard the news I thought it was a rumour until i watch and see her our so called miss Anambra is moaning like never before, what a shame she has brought to her family how will the people living in the same Street Regard her, instead of lecturering our upcoming miss you get yourself involved in this, but let me ask oh, did the people, Peoples, or person or person’s that recorded this promise you this award by getting involve in the shameful act as an honour for how well done.

  9. No name says:

    Honestly I don’t think she’s the one, except she looks different when wearing make up

  10. Sandra says:

    People are so wicked!!!

  11. Jane says:

    Who did this to this young girl???
    You want to finish her future?

  12. Godswill says:

    It’s not her but you guys should not judge her
    She swore that she’s not the one so let the girl go and stop commenting nonsense

  13. Chuma says:

    i dont believe in the law of this country called Nigeria because by now this girls should have been in prison with hard labor

  14. ogoo says:

    Chi baby weldone, dat cucumber is very small you suppose to use yam.shame on you.you r a disgrace to orumba to Anambra to Nigeria as a whole. you also crucified christ d second time. If u want 2 make money humble ursef start foing buying nd selling. I pity ur parents. …God will forgive u if u ask 4 forgiveness

  15. martin says:

    Guess this video was shot before she became Miss Anambra,her biggest mistake was saying it was photo shot.We know photo shot when we see one.

  16. UncleG says:

    I have been regarding all these people that are into beauty contest as prostitutes and they have been proving it to me.. una well done.. Everybody want to be like a celebrity,have fame,have fans and loose their prestige in quest of getting it. Be yourself and accord yourself that respect people will respect you for that.

  17. Anonymous says:

    She claims she’s not the one. I believe her.. We all should!! Period!
    Not like we’re Saints ourselves…

  18. UncleG says:

    I have been regarding all these people that are into beauty contest as prostitutes and they have been proving it to be true.everybody want to be like a celebrity, have fame, and have fans.. but loose their prestige in quest of getting it. Well done oo! ur so unprofessional when it comes to lying,abeg don’t call Photoshop again oo,and remove your lawyer from this one,the video is very clear.. all you need to do is to say the truth. Had it been ur not miss something it wouldn’t have gotten this lent.. Be yourself ,give yourself some respect,people will surely respect you for that.

  19. Chidi says:

    I suppose we hear her own side of the story. For now,we should accord her some respect. Remember, enemies are out for destruction.

  20. Nneka says:

    Its a pity… No one is better plz we ve done worst dan this one way or the other… Let dz gal be for christ sake it’s not in our power to judge her we have no ryt whatsoever to condemn her plzz I beg of u all, let’s not push her to much or we are going to regret it. Thank you

  21. brown says:

    Miss Anambra, miss…., miss…. If she is the one may God have mercy on her! She should repent. You either belong to God or devil. Of course, the devil will sure put you to shame. Work hard God will surely save you. Well her career is not finished, just repent. Parents are not doing their work. Sometimes people say that even if you teach these kids, they still do not listen. I will still blame parents. When did you start teaching them good ways of life, when they are out of age? ‘Freedom’, ‘civilization’, ‘I want my child to be a celebrity’ ‘i want my child to be a football”I want my child to be……’ They are all good, but on what basis. The next thing……they will do now is to take her out of Nigeria, where she will, of course, perfect her act. Please do not condemn her, condemn her act, and support her to live a better life. Saving her is more precious than condemning her. Her own is lesbianism if it is true, and your own is…..? All of are created in the image and likeness of God. Let us support her to come out. Stop condemning her!

  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s her choice

  23. Anonymous says:

    dat is very bad

  24. Elijah says:

    No smoking without fire b4 something happen there must b a reason, under premise i put it 2 u dt u knw’s something abt it ,u cn cover u sin

  25. Anonymous says:

    Immoral society. God shld help our youths

  26. anonymous says:

    Well, not surprised, most of them so things like this before they come to the stage. I know this tape was a bargain. That’s quest for fame and money. Bring forth this, and you get this in return. Sometimes most women are so foolish not to know that this act would eventually back fire. Living in the glass house and throwing stone. Sure, the stone must break the glass. it’s a pity.

  27. grand maze says:

    I feel ashamed to be an Igbo from Anambra. Whatever could have given this girl enough mind to do this and take it public is very decadent.

  28. som says:

    dis is a very big lesson to other lesbian women, chidimma sorry becos u were used as the scape goat, its a pity

  29. Anonymous says:

    God have mercy on her

  30. Didy says:

    Dis is born out of lack of home training. And some boys are dying of conji

  31. Kenny says:

    what embarrassed because of money

  32. Anonymous says:

    What a shame, a lesbian, a prostitute and a liar.

  33. Jacob says:

    May God save her soul.

  34. kencino says:

    Its rili bad if dis news gets to be true after every investigation. Its a lady I see often in school nd I respect her a lot. I pray its not true

  35. bidx bikky says:

    It’s allow…you free to do anything that will give you fame and money except stealing!…am proud of you..

  36. Victor says:

    Character assassination , who GOD has bless know one can curse

  37. Boche says:

    Dinma I don’t condemn u bt I condemn ur act…there is no cause for denial bt jst change ur ways. I went to a boardin skul lyk u so I kw hw difficult it is goin out of indecent activities once u hv been initiated into it..God bless us all

  38. Divagaza says:

    if you are more clean than her cast your stone, d deed has bin done y are we dragging her to perpetual madness. Nobdy will be happy if she commits sucide we all have said enuogh. plss

  39. Presh Aubrey says:

    This is a disgrace to Anambra and the whole southeast…. yes nobody is perfect and as humans we are not meant to judge……But with the look of things, she should face the law

  40. real says:

    Judge her if ur a virgin rubbish!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Nobody is perfect.. Many of us have committed more atrocities than her is just that her own became public.. Always remember thou shall not judge because u will be judged. If you have not committed any crime then cast a spell on her

  42. emerge says:

    She must be jailed and that’s final.

  43. #itz raphco says:

    Abegi mak una leave dat bae…..even if she do am weytin concern una…na. She b d 1st person,even una wey. Dy talk rubbish abt her person no knw d 1 una don commit if em worst pass dix 1 wey she do…..mak una leave d poor gal. Jhor no nid 2 dy judge her….as 4 me dat nw d lfy she choose 2 leave so mk she flex!

  44. Blessing Onyeka says:

    U guys are talking rubbish, these r look alike people just to tarnish the young girls image,take a proper look at those people, she is not Dimma. Chidimma pls contact me, am interested to marrying u. My number +27849032144

  45. Ator says:

    My annoyance is the use of Cucumber in the act. I love to eat cucumber so much. Now I don’t think I will taste it again. I saw it inside… Tears

  46. HENRY ROBINSON says:


  47. jackson eze says:

    I so much love d white men life no stress… y all dis insult remember we are all human everybody has his or her life to leave…. maybe watch we watch is who she really is no big deal about DAT…

  48. Anonymous says:

    People can b so judgemental…U can’t condemn anybody jst bcuz she sinned differently from u.We do not know wat u do at home…jst bcuz hers was leaked doznt mean u av to start throwing stones at her.It z damn hypocritical to b so judgemental wen u neither a saint.Please z her life….Nd even tho it might nt b of moral standards… Insulting nd condemning her hia.. wont help matters…Go nd talk to her ni face to face…Nd stop filling hia wt all kinds of T…..

  49. Anonymous says:

    It’s not surprising tho…dz life z full of envious nd hateful people…bcuz dae can’t gt wia u are.Dey start tokin trash….it’s in d Bible…u should not condemn…. no matter wah.Pple can b hypocrites.See as dey carry d geh matter for head.She z a prostitute,she z dz one nd dah one.She don fuck u b4?…. Please dz life no need hypocrites….Haters shud rest.Only God can judge…He didn’t ask nd doznt need any1’s help …so therefore all dz una tok Na trash

  50. Ken says:

    Its too bad if at all its true.

  51. my name is none of your business says:

    why people are so wicked by doing this to this up coming star,in this world we are, no one is perfect, let no one judge her, God is so merciful, he we surely forgive her,what we be the gain of this good for nothing person that leak this video, don’t forget that one day, you we leaps what you sul, what if this girl commit suicide becaue of this,what will be your gain. may God forgive her, for we humans are not perfect.

  52. my name is none of your business from anambra state says:

    why people are so wicked by doing this to this up coming star,in this world we are, no one is perfect, let no one judge her, God is so merciful, he we surely forgive her,what we be the gain of this good for nothing person that leak this video, don’t forget that one day, you we leaps what you sul, what if this girl commit suicide becaue of this,what will be your gain. may God forgive her, for we humans are not perfect.

  53. young pass says:

    I hv watched d video,nd dat z not her.dis z d same tin d did to chidimma,a video dat was short in South Africa d say z her

  54. Ezenwata Abuchi says:

    your future generations will either laugh or cry for your stupidity

  55. prince says:

    black mail people nah no be she…

  56. ken says:

    going by the pix,there is no resemblance,she is not likely to be the person in this video. this is an expertise opinion, however this assertion could also be verified further by engaging and/or seeking additional opinion from relevant imagery experts

  57. Anonymous says:

    its a pitty.

  58. Edwin Buchi says:

    I tin she has her own life to leave,which no 1 can queston her b/c is nobody’s bussness

  59. Big boy says:

    Too bad if it is true

  60. DJ Legit says:

    #Sh!t…Is this for real…?? Or someone just wana tarnish her image…..??? Mehn! this not proper at all….People get mind o….people can be so mean…..The person that leaked this Sh!t hope you know that there is God o….You just ruined her life…..





  63. Chioma says:

    There’s a possibility that she is not the one in that clip….. The person videoing did not capture the face of the other lady acting as Chidimma……. People can be wicked.

  64. Timzystarset says:

    Not a big deal leave it fur God pls…judge not that u may not be judged

  65. O.Christopher says:

    as for me,d babe don turn double super star,if she fit give me chance I go marry her without hesitation, WhO cares if video leak..I love her personality already,the video is jus an added bonus,,,afta all no body holy pass…no bi person marry Jada fire ni….Hater’s pack well…,u can’t stop her shine, chidinma okeke nothing do you

  66. Anonymous says:

    it is well

  67. phemia oluchi says:

    Never ever judge

  68. Prince Emeka says:

    All I understand is a blackmail
    I think a sponsor promise her to videotape the act so he will use it to make money and collecting money from her
    and yet the film is on Internet while you download he makes money

  69. Kosoko from Imo state says:

    what a great shamed? who video this tape for the first time?

  70. Bonaventure says:

    no body is above mistake and it has happened so lets not judge her everyone has sinned in different ways, chidinmma the only advices i will give to you is that you need to ask God for forgiveness you don’t owe nobody any explanation of what happened, you are still a very beautiful girl and whatever you will be you will be it. and for us that is criticizing her over what she did non of us is perfect in this life, so my dear live on and look forward to what God has kept for you, if you need someone to talk to this my number 07019228199, remain blessed okay.

  71. Anonymous says:

    dinma ur lif can b amended. t
    he potter will put u bk togeda again if u giv him a chance

  72. someone dat cares says:

    Seems amazing sounds like the sex tape released previously claming dat it was genevieve nnaji.dimma it will be well.call my number for counselling.08067065715 or text me bcos i am always busy then will call when less busy.

  73. anonymous says:

    dinmma that’s you in that video ,we all know that but don’t kill yourself because of it cos nobody holy pass, i love you and i love what you do, but you gat to use your head cos what you do today might hunt you tomorrow

  74. Chukwwu hyginus says:

    Babe nawo

  75. OKextra says:

    Hmmmmm, if truly she’s the one that means the u orumba community train pple like this. What a shame on the state as a whole. 94% of prostitutes are from Anambra.lols

  76. Chris Ogbuehi says:

    i think she need Jesus as well as many of us here, Jesus is the answer, even if it is true of her, she still have her future brighter than you who will not accepted Jesus Christ if she will.

  77. chris uche says:

    I av the video with me nd av watched it
    A million times. . As a future journalist all
    I av to say is…I av less clue if its her bcos
    D girl in that video is nt having thesame
    Facial look with chidinma,,
    All these may be in quest to tarnish her name!!

  78. nelly says:

    please you guys should take it easy in tarnishing someone image is not fair

  79. Okeke cucumber says:

    Enjoy yourself…na u get ur body
    Anityn is possible in nigeria…
    Upon as boys plenty for d street, u say no na cucumber u want 2 chop

  80. Anonymous says:


  81. gozie says:

    I cnt condemn her….all I culd do for her is to pray for her ND pray DAT God wil forgv her, no 1 is above mistakes,we all have our own stains,so who am I to judge her….dinma remember DAT dis is jst a difficult trial in ur life, ND at a tym like dis we re meant to turn to God for amendment ND come clean, dnt kill urself bcos of dis bcos if u do DAT means DAT d Satan has gotten control of u ND d people DAT seriously want u down wil laugh out loud cos dey ve won dis battle, jst b strong my dear ND pray nd ask God for direction, nd before doing DAT b upright nd come clean, to ur family.tnk u.

  82. Anonymous says:

    …the person who leaked the video is a fool.sex perogatives is an issue of private morality.the girl shld just ignore and move on with her life like it dimt matter .but would advise she be more responsible and weigh her actions more carefully.

  83. Anonymous says:

    “Let he who is without blemish cast the first stone”
    Some of you condemning her do worse things, abi is it because hers’ is now common knowledge?
    I’m not supporting or condemning her act, she’s an adult and have made her choice which she is responsible for.
    Pls let the poor lady be!

  84. major santi says:

    When u play wit a fuckin business.: u taste d fuckin business..jst gv u fuckin last hope to God,and know if he might fuckin listen..wat a modafuckin case.

  85. king toxx says:

    if you watched dat video well u will notice dat dey force her to do it in order to condemn her name, but babe no listen to any one if u know d God ur serving one day d truth must surely be revealed. jst trust in God

  86. Eeya poor girl....what must have led you into this ? says:

    Sorry oh

  87. Gana says:

    What a shame.

  88. udobillion says:

    As a trained Human Anatomist,there are striking similarities when u compare the frontal lobe and shiny bulky eyes of the Miss Anambra on the said video and that on the picture.However, with the help of Photoshop,this could
    be a calculated manipulation just to tarnish the girls reputation.Nevertheless,it could be true because Igbo girls too the like money!! This will serve as a deterrent to others but we should not crucify her after all what we do in close door may be worst than the said video.

  89. Jeremiah umeh says:

    Why is Chidinma been ridiculed because of this. AFterall, this was done in private. She didn’t ask for it to be released. This days, people have the choice to have sex with whoever the so chose. The crime here is leaking the video. THE culprit must not go unpunished

  90. Handsome says:

    There is no question to whether its chidinma or not.Its definitely her on the Tape,but I know this was a bargain with the organizers or a strong cartel member of the organizing team of the said peagent contest.You will win the contest but just make this video for us ,to keep you check and make sure you adhere to our agreement.anyday you go otherwise ,we will leak this video,and she agreed.The video was definitely a staged play and its out here becos she has faulted the agreement.I want to know who leaked this video?its definitely a blackmail.you can blame chidinma ,but dont blame her too much,make the poor girl no go commit suicide.abeg oh!!

  91. uzzy says:

    I reserve my comment

  92. pet says:

    Stop sweetie. U’re turning me on. Wish I was there for some sizzling threesome. #dripping

  93. michael says:

    run into christ and he would take the burden off illicit dirty filty habbit away,jesus healed me of lust,he can do the same for you,look at how a beautiful girl is being turned into a beast just for stupid fame and money,i can see the beast in the girl she was caressing merely looking at the way she was groaning you would know she is possesed by an evil spirit you all need jesus christ of nazareth.i cant behold then sight of this all ,dirty..

  94. skeloh says:

    omo all d miss in dis naija there all lesbian oh!! forget say some go get bf buh go still dey practice laz cos modeling call b dat oh!!!

  95. Gideon says:

    Too bad…and she was denying it

  96. Chinonso says:

    I just want to see the video to confirm the allegations because I know her very well and she can’t just such a thing

  97. am no nigerian says:

    She said she’s being threatened to be shot by those blackmailing her. Nne go talk in public if they shoot you then we believe.. Since you said you wanted to reveal evil about them. Go ahead and do a live broadcast.. For me I don’t know about the video but read what you said on fb…. todo es posible. no juzgues

  98. Emmanuel says:

    Woe unto who recorded and leaked the video. I believe if she is the one,didn’t consent to the leak. But why are people this wicked. The wicked will not escape God’s wrath. Nonsense.

  99. Uche ogu says:

    Tough time doesn’t last, but tough spiritual humans do. Go into prayers and God will spoil the spoilers. But if you really did commit that act by commission, please don’t commit the worst by having a reprobate mind. D enjoyment & vanities of this world will melt away, after the long awaiting saviour Jesus christ has taken his sincere and faithful children by death or rapture. D First can carelessly be the last, then his VOICE will tell you depart from me, you worker of iniquity. God only help when we decide to help ourselves. God bless your week

  100. the truth says:

    sorry ma, its what you bargained for. did you face your study in school, and your sex tape appear. are you studing your bible, fellowship, helping your mum ? so sorry

  101. Mgbenka Ikechukwu Papacy says:

    Please i want to marry her like that even as a lesbian.

  102. fredben says:

    My dear beauty queen,if the video isn’t true,just keep your cool abt it,cos the problem won’t stand the test of time. Else let sleeping dogs lye:in quietnes ask God for forgiveness and let Him intervein in your consequences and forge on.many of us have commited more greater amoral attrocities than yours but have repented &praying the consequence’ll be minor.its not the end of world.

  103. J.boy says:

    Next one go be cassava lesbian.

  104. colll says:

    I like ur site, u ppl are transparent and not like oda bloggers who shows you de hv ds video and kip making u open page upon page and it will never show up, idiots…… if de don’t Hv it,fine,while kip mkn someone waste precious time on a useless site

  105. max says:

    it’s very stupid and unfortunate of Chidinma. If someone had approached her for marriage before this her evil and dirty display,she would have looked the person from head to toe and said “you are not my class”. But now everyone have seen her total nakedness in and out, and dirty “class”. It’s a lesson for other girls; only if they will learn.

  106. St . Nwadinso says:

    just see what a person that called herself miss Anambra did just because of money. what a shame. and you called yourself chidimma okeke.an igbo woman, you forgot how Almighty chukwu okikeabiama destroyed sordum and gomoral because of all this fucking attitude of lesbians. oooohh God have mercy on you and your family for the disgrace you brought to your family and your relations. look at the kind of shame you brought to our legitimate state Anambra ( isi afuru kwaa okpu ndi igbo) go and start crying to God for forgiveness of your sin….

  107. MASTER KID says:


  108. cheers says:

    cost of fame in a morally bankrupt world

  109. Anonymous says:

    we should condemn her act and not her plzzz… we all aren’t saints let’s not push her to commit suicide with our comments she’s just unfortunate that her acts became public. chidinma u sef wey allow dem video u, u suppose know say e go back fire. God hv mercy on u though.

  110. mama lily says:

    Well it’s a pity and a shameful moments a whole beauty queen of state after all the popularity. .powerand a perpetual crown she lost it all cos of 2minute enjoyment.well it’s her destiney.

  111. Anonymous says:

    The video no even make sense seff she is too skinny,

  112. The don says:

    Only God knows the truth..

  113. Nedum anambra says:

    The only thing advice I will offer to u my sister chidimna,put behind u all the turbulent and the isolation that will follow bcos of this saga,I don’t know u before but am telling that Jesus loves u.whoever that did this in if she was the one or not shall reap what he did,just run to God my dear sister and he will sanitize u.God help u

  114. Grace says:

    Poor girl, victim of circumstance. May God help and show you mercy. For all the hypocris that have been talking any of you with clean record or hands, lift the first stone now after my message. If you are truly clean, God save you, otherwise, may your own shame be worst than this and may your sins be exposed henceforth in Jesus name. Amen!

  115. Ugonwa says:

    People are so quick to judge. Let’s open your own diary! Please give me some break. She is a girl, so show some love. We will soon watch yours, and so shall your fall be. You that do worst things than this is also talking! Please husssssssss! Hypocris!!!!

  116. good man says:

    leave this girl alone, seem like you ppl don’t have real job doing

  117. amaka says:

    it’s a pity, such a young beauty…. whether she did it or not…. may nemesis catch up with the person that leaked this video…. tmrw if we hear that she committed suicide what will we be saying then…. she is obviously a victim pls don’t kill her even more with ur words….

  118. Anonymous says:

    Some people are very wicked and heartless God will punish them all

  119. frank says:

    she is not the one , nigerian are very fast in condeming pers , ps let dem leave dat girl a lone she did not do dat ! is enemy set up to bring her down,Let De God judge her

  120. jvmist says:

    pls leave her alone is her life,we also had about Kim Kardashian sextape and she is still living fine with her husband kanye west Nigeria with local mentality,small thing she put her family to shame forget shame,she do it for her to survive and feed her family did her family ever complained to anyone,so why u people stressing urself on the issue that dont concern u.she knows what best for her and she did it.na wa naija with wahala sha,miss anambra abi whatever name they call u enjoy your life.d deed is done use this to make money like Kim Kardashian

  121. Wale says:

    Total repentance

  122. cellz says:

    nobody did it to her, she made her decision but they gave her a choice

  123. Anonymous says:

    what a shame is a pity that our so called miss Anambra is now miss cucumber dirty to watch babe better make you enter countries like Solomon island and reside there because what you did is inhuman,ungodly and is even punishable by law

  124. Anonymous says:

    cucumber i get cassava

  125. iykemoor says:

    cucumber i get cassava

  126. Sugar says:

    For those of u saying she must be jailed by now should first cast their stone on her if u haven’t done something worst than wot she did in ur closets INNOCENT PRETENDERS. Because nemesis of ur own sins haven’t catch up wit u…..
    I believed her, datz nt her and its nt her…

  127. Anonymous says:

    see all of una dea run una mouth bcus dem release her sex tape
    n some of una dn kill, some b gay dea lick man yansh. yet u jump at d chance to condem her without thinking of ur life. i pity all dis girls wen dea call her disgrace bcus una judgement dea heaven

  128. ANIEFIOk. says:

    I am really amaze to see the fresh Virgina that many guys even my humble self looking for been enjoyed by a cucumber. The truth of the matter is that, it will be hard for her to eradicate the habit, maybe it has been there right from her secondary school. I am just feeling like sucking the fresh breast nipple now. ….chai.

  129. tekno says:


  130. Anonymous says:

    are u sure she didn’t do dat video to win de award
    cuz I see no reason she should record her self doing shid

  131. Tonyslankz says:

    Abeg all those people wey the point bad finger make una stop it. As if we the don’t know the kind of world we are into now.
    people might do dat just to tarnish the i mage of this young girl.

    pls you people should stop judging her to avoid involving urselfs into trouble and let God judge the whole issues

    While looking at it most of us who are talking bad of her u people have done more than that so stop it no one is perfect in life k

    Miss Chidinma plz be strong for the fact u know that u are not guilty k

    your enemies shall be put to shame k just pray to God and let his will be done

  132. John Onyeka says:

    I am sorry for u miss and my advice for u is to repent, and have Faith in Jesus OK.

  133. Anonymous says:

    to those of u saying that she is not the one at least your common sense would av told u that if she doesn’t look like her y did she say she is being photoshoped gosh some people dull ehn no wonder dem dy do una 419 nonces

  134. osinachi says:

    why did this lovely girl doing herself if she sex let her meet men out there not her follow girl this is unfair

  135. Paul says:

    I really don’t think its a fake video. no not at all. no photo shopping. no nothing. the video is real. but Wht u dnt understand is people saying all sorts of trash like she’s done killed someone or smtin. we all make decisions and also dis things we later wish we didn’t do. we also indulge in Tins we later wished we didn’t get into. she’s beautiful, she’s a lot more than everything you all re making her out to be. my only pity for her is that I don’t know how strong she can b in d face of adversity. other than that? such us life. Chidimma has made some bad mistakes and Chidimma should stay strong. learn from your mistakes and move on. minding these bloody pretenders? your second major mistake.

  136. chika says:

    take a good look of the picture and a good look of the person on the video u will see that there is different this is not the girl jooo

  137. Alabekee says:

    I am very surprise the way some Nigerians are judging their fellow human.This girl in question is still a little girl no matter what,we should consider that there is a limit she can take at her present age and might commit suicide if things get beyond her.So lets trade with caution.To me i find it had to believe that she is the one in that video,if not that she accepted it was her face but it was done by her enemies who used Photoshopping to impose her face on an existing picture/video.But in all let us not condemn her,she is still a human and if God can forgive her who are U to condemn her?she is beautiful,young,intelligent,smart.So we can not throw all that in thrash.CHIDIMMAMA MY DEAR,where ever you are pls try and compose urself,pls don’t do something stupid by thinking of killing urself,Dis is time for trial it will come and go,but if u did it pls my dearest quit from it,u ar a role model.I pray dat ur star will never quench.And my God will let dis cup pass u OVER IJN AMEN.URS ALA BEKEE,08029087237

  138. Becky Adams says:


  139. blessing okon says:

    whosoever blackmail this gal, God will punish the person and d entire family, It will never be well with dat person a coward like u idiot

  140. Jabular says:

    It’s unfortunate this happen, Chi don’t worry yourself cos those judging are not saints.
    Tell them to go to hell & mind their place.

  141. badest Luke says:

    This is pure madness it is an eye saw

  142. Donald sleek, Akwa Ibom state says:

    This is a disgrace, I’m so ashamed of this girl, but millions of girls out there are indulging in this act nowadays even married women, it’s bad in d sight of God n man, there should b laws to curb this menace now

  143. ciara says:

    ya all should stop judging d girl talking as if all of u re saint wat d difference between cucumber nd dildos,sex toys many of u buy from jumia,olx,konga nd jiji nobody nd I repeat nobody is in d right situation to judge her cuz if ya all check ur self 95% of u guyz ain’t better Dan her I rest my case

  144. Miracle Agbo(M Bass) says:

    I am here to tell u all dat CHIDIMMA is better Dan all of u condemning her because, her flaws we know but urs is between u n ur conscience which is worst. Chidimma I pray dt grace of God shall come upon u n give u super courage to keep going, enjoy.

  145. Agbo Miracle (M Bass) says:

    All u pretenders nemesis go catch up with una, pretenders. Dimma I wish u God’s grace n strength to face life. Keep praying n ull sure see urself at d peak n all DAT condemned u will keep talking about u.

  146. rita Raphael says:

    pls don’t judge her,she was forced to do it

  147. Anonymous says:

    For chidinma I pray that God will forgive her and for the immediate family God will console them but for all of us commenting let’s watch our back lest we fail into a big mess cause some of us have done more than this will some are on it now,Mma don’t kill your self God has a plan for u

  148. Anonymous says:

    Graphics At work is not her haters is everywhere looking for whom to spoil their future…….fake video

  149. wise says:

    Chiaaa stupid girl

  150. Anonymous says:

    Dont judge her . People make mistakes. May God forgive and help her.amen

  151. Adebayo Kamaru says:

    well,being a famous person goes with different dirty deal. stop blaming the girl and May God bless us all.

  152. Nino brown says:

    Is very clear dat so called miss anambra is fuly aware
    of the consequences of her sex tape.she did dat to gain popu
    larity.dat mean she re not d person who were surpose to win d crown, but she won d prize cos she chose to sale her body to achieved her goals.she were not forced rather she acepted d conditions to get wat she want.so wat is she trying to tell us is very bad girl very Shamefull.chi so cucumber can serve as Dick too wat a wide pussy at age of 20yrs,am afraid of u young girls

  153. kiki says:

    All of u are all fools with ur African mentality after all d big and mighty Kim k is famous because of something like this too. Foolish jobless people that is y there is so much hardship in Africa with so much dump head. Heaters are just confused wanna bees am not encouraging d act am just saying stop judging that ur own is not online does not make u saint

  154. Anonymous says:

    Y are u guys been so judgmental? Av u heard her own side of story?. Do u knw d driving force behind dat scene?

  155. Smart dimgba says:

    Chidinma why?

  156. okechukwu says:

    why are you people doing this to this girl when I know her she is good girl can somebody helpe give her my number +971521065268.

  157. Barna-B says:

    May God help us.

  158. Phil says:

    See poeple talking trash, I imagine how some of yo’ll keep keep ur face while guffing out all those words like saints or what? Some of you are into much worse sins than this, some had done worse also or is it bcos she one being exposed, now its not you or ur sis, you think you have it all to guff out.”na d exposed pesin wey thief, na em wey plp dey knoe as thief” If everyone of you talking trash had a camera been set on you, with all your dirts, I guess the world would be a silent place for criticism. The did has been done, been a lil mild with your words and advice her on how to move, dont be suprisef she’d soon a more firmouse and a super celeb with this, and u’d start killing urself wit envy, some, of you are porn fans, u download and enjoy them yet u com nagging here

  159. Collins says:

    Chy…its a pity, u were exposed so soon..at first I blame u for accepting such useless contract all bcos of wealth and famous…now u bcom famous in both positive and negative way.as for d xposer..its a shameful tin.u r old enough to b guilding d younger ones into making good decisions.instead u mislead dem.remember u also hv kids..nobody knows tomorrow..

  160. Anonymous says:

    no canter cap

  161. don p says:

    no canter cap

  162. okorie says:

    Who ever that posted the video of chidima okereke having sex with her follow woman is an idiot. That is how you use women in Nigeria . was that the agreement you had with her . your daughter will be treated the same you to her

  163. Anonymous says:

    she is nt d 1st nor d last.god have macy on u grls

  164. wallace dada says:

    I tried viewing d girl on top to confirm b4 I react I gat difficulties, but wen reading an listening to d reasons y this video was post ,what she did was bad by turning down the agreement between her an d man that sponsored her as a poor girl,50-50 was the deal but simply bcus she believed she’s up dea she forgot were she his her head wen rain was abt soaking her not knowing that d sponsorer was too wise to kip this video should in case she fukup is a lesson to all of us

  165. mutanda Wallace says:

    u see wen u listen to 95% of lady’s reacting to chidima lesbianism saga the r phycologicaly in support of what she did just bcus d r allso involved in dat act ,but for miss Nigeria to barrage d deal between her an her sponsorer that result to this video I think the man must v set her up b4 pumping money into her deal knowing that anytin can happened an that is jst it so I urg u people to read the details behind it b4 comment

  166. UTAH MICHAEL says:


  167. lbanga says:

    lets call a spade a spade.Even the girl is not denying the fact that she is the one here. may God have mercy. but her loves should not be discouraged she thought the act is part of the show

  168. uche says:

    I regret been your cousin see the shame you have broght to me and the entire family

  169. Anonymous says:

    i dont care about dis fucking shirt called miss anambra she is not fine to desever dat ..fuck u and ur miss anambra …anambra i hate dem

  170. Toronto says:

    my people remember devil is still at work, she’s been deceived yet she can be forgiven if she will geneully repent and turn to God

  171. ik says:

    What’s d big deal? Is it not common in our campuses? This is pornography which can be seen in dvd’s in the major markets. Most of our women do it. Shame to the blackmailers. She will definitely come through it.

  172. God zee says:

    I love free beats from 9ja fraver

  173. ike kingsley says:

    that is we called inpolley that reason why she has been in the lackonist lackonal and that is a devil

  174. ike kingsley says:

    that is what we called inpolley that is reason why she has been in the lackonist lackonal, and is a devil.

  175. UPO says:

    chai chai chai chaaaaai!!!!

  176. Dubem says:

    I still don’t believe all this nonsens, how culd this happen ? If i may ask people ?

  177. Same Dubem Imo state. says:

    I can’t explan all this fucking shirt, that fucking bitch that called her self miss frm anambra did meen, what’s her mission on this site if i may ask ?

  178. Addex shegzy says:

    Hw can a pretty girl do such like that, miss forget about all the shame u hve right now jst go nd hve a deal with god to stop that lesbian of a thing ok trust me i no u can do it

  179. Bro joshua C says:

    It is written> all have sin and fall short the glory of God (Roman 3v23) all i am saying now is let she ask God for mercy and give his life to jesus christ ( proverbs 28v13)

  180. cfg says:

    pls repent

  181. Darling says:

    Weldon Chi Bby. Double fame 4 u dear

  182. marshal says:

    debasing and disgraceful she will live with the shame.so unfortunate.

  183. Anonymous says:

    Na wa oo

  184. Anonymous says:


  185. MIKE says:


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