Download Music Mp3:- Davido Ft Zlatan, Naira Marley, And Wurld - Sweet In The Middle - 9jaflaver

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Download Music Mp3:- Davido Ft Zlatan, Naira Marley, And Wurld – Sweet In The Middle

Download Music Mp3:- Davido Ft Zlatan, Naira Marley, And Wurld – Sweet In The Middle

Davido teams up with Zlatan, Naira Marley, and Wurld as they deliver this song, titled “Sweet in the middle”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Iamleo says:


  2. anonymous says:

    first to download mad jam

  3. beny ut says:

    first to download

  4. Anonymous says:

    4th to download

  5. Anonymous says:

    dis song is blast OBO

  6. Anonymous says:

    mad ooooo

  7. Yk says:

    OBO You 2 much

  8. Crystal says:

    This is cool enough

  9. Anonymous says:

    This song morder oo

  10. Anonymous says:

    nice song

  11. Osi says:

    Soooo dope

  12. Pyro says:

    Obo u get mouth

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Jsmart says:

    Obo let go

  15. Olayemi Aj says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    nice one there DMW boss

  17. Nino boi says:

    Obo madooooo number

  18. Anonymous says:

    marlianz you to much

  19. Anonymous says:

    marlianz you too much

  20. Anonymous says:

    those are my may men, the most talented musicians

  21. Perucci says:

    Nice track by 4 hitmakers

  22. Anonymous says:

    Morder everything obo

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    Obo the baddest

  25. Anonymous says:

    Nice one OBO

  26. Anonymous says:

    too good

  27. Anonymous says:

    this song Na die e too sewet

  28. frankay says:

    OBO u be d best among all

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Mammi burna says:

    OBO u dey blow mind gan oo

  31. Anonymous says:

    rubbish song

  32. Anonymous says:

    OBO keep up
    Never stop having a GOOD TIME

  33. Musbee says:

    Davido, you’re too much.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Nice combo

  35. Fte_Style says:

    Good vibe

  36. Brown 94 says:

    This combination too Risky

  37. Berry cash says:

    Obo nice vibes

  38. Anonymous says:

    the lyrics from davido and wrld was good but let say the true here naira Marley’s and zlatan part was terrible music is not only about the beat is about lyrics and that is why we don’t have a category in Grammy awards Nigeria get a life

  39. Anonymous says:

    o men e dey inter me obo u bad oh..

  40. Anonymous says:

    I love your song

  41. Rajosco says:

    baba i carry bumbum for u

  42. Ciara says:

    i love thissong

  43. Ec divine says:


  44. Gozie kelvin says:

    OBO u are the best for now …nice collaboration,nice lyrics,perfect song.
    i just watch the video it was awesome.indeed #AGT …

  45. Olaniyi malo says:


  46. Nick xb says:

    Good vibes

  47. S blow says:

    So pleased to hear

  48. Anonymous says:

    OBO baddest

  49. diamond says:

    is nice

  50. Anonymous says:

    Marlians nation you be our Mentor@Naira marley

  51. Sir Nolex says:

    Marlians nation you be our mentor @Naira Marley

  52. Anonymous says:

    9jaflaver keep it up

  53. chinoboy says:

    9jaflaver keep it up

  54. Anonymous says:

    OBO Mad ooooh

  55. Sammie says:

    OBO u are the Best

  56. Anonymous says:

    mad jam
    @marlian king of marlian

  57. GB Spark says:

    Zero belt

  58. Emma umoh says:

    U try but dat no mean say u beta pass wizkid

  59. Fanatic says:

    best jam

  60. Anonymous says:

    This song get as e b ooo

  61. Anonymous says:

    Follow for follow back on Instagram

  62. Anonymous says:

    Nice one naira Marley

  63. faddygolder says:

    obo boss of the nation

  64. Anonymous says:

    Is good

  65. Bad cruz says:

    I can’t wait to become a star lyk OBO

  66. Anonymous says:

    nice ghjgcvb

  67. Anonymous says:

    chai davido u no go kill us o

  68. Anonymous says:


  69. Shelex says:

    Nice one davido

  70. Mizta chmex says:

    hmmmm u.No go kill me ooo keep on the good work sir salut to u

  71. Anonymous says:

    So nice obo baddest

  72. Young prince says:

    Nice song I love you guys

  73. Owen bnaira says:

    Naira Marley
    You finish work

    #marlians for life

  74. Anonymous says:

    so nice I love diz jam keep it up OBO

  75. Mr AZ says:

    nice 1 my men

  76. Alieu J Sesay says:

    It really a nice song

  77. Khaine ghea says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    Nice jam

  79. Che Che says:

    Nice jam…. Keep it up

  80. Anonymous says:

    i love the song

  81. Anonymous says:


  82. Dmonymatter@gmail says:

    frosh up OBO for life

  83. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  84. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  85. APILAR says:

    Ooomoo this song be great

  86. Anonymous says:

    Mad ooo

  87. Anonymous says:

    malians dey ur back naira

  88. Adeola says:

    Nice one

  89. Emmanuel says:

    Mad ooo

  90. Anonymous says:

    For sugar mummuys and papa

  91. Cadet sinclair says:

    The song tear head die

  92. Anonymous says:

    Best song ever

  93. Whirlbale says:

    Davido too much

  94. Anonymous says:

    I love ❤️ am his number 1 fan

  95. Anonymous says:

    nice music with meaning

  96. Anonymous says:

    I love this song its so sweet in the middle

  97. Loveth says:

    I love d song so much so sweet in d middle. OBO, naira marly, zlatan diz is a big hit

  98. milanty says:

    sweet in d middle #AGT

  99. Anonymous says:

    please I need a help am a musician

  100. Anonymous says:

    OBO is the best…tuale baba!!!

  101. Anonymous says:

    great song, I can’t sleep with out listening to it

  102. Anonymous says:

    Obo baba

  103. Hustleboy says:

    Nice base

  104. Jade says:

    Zlatan tried on his part na.. Why d envy

  105. Vivian says:


  106. Anonymous says:

    Mad song ,,King David

  107. Anonymous says:


  108. Anonymous says:

    good music I love it

  109. ikpa dugh usher b says:

    u too much o

  110. Anonymous says:

    wow nice 1bro

  111. Confidence says:

    Omo do song make

  112. Mr Pius says:

    The song mad jor

  113. Anonymous says:

    sarz u are the best.

  114. Shanu says:

    I enjoy the music

  115. Shanu says:

    I really love it

  116. Anonymous says:

    Nice 1 OBO

  117. Anonymous says:

    I love de music

  118. Omo Alhaja says:

    OBO is BAD

  119. Infixs says:


  120. Anonymous says:

    Zlatan new songs

  121. Anonymous says:

    OBO for life

  122. Anonymous says:

    my mood song

  123. lio says:

    my mood song

  124. Anonymous says:

    OBO remain number 1 4 me oóooo

  125. Anonymous says:

    Bad release best of d best

  126. Tommy says:

    Bad release best of d best

  127. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous one at dat OBO


    Davido My Boss u are so amazing! Infact there’s no music u sing or u are featured in that i don’t like! U are always at the best of ur lyrics! Wish u all the best and more grace to ur Able!!!

  129. Anonymous says:

    OBO dis song sweet I swear

  130. des tiny lyf says:

    i gat u in the middle “OBO”nic jam

  131. Keren says:

    Nice one

  132. Daniel says:


  133. Anonymous says:

    U be the best OBO NA BABA

  134. Anonymous says:

    Thanks please reply back

  135. David will says:


  136. Anonymous says:

    I go die for the middle

  137. Bossbuoy says:

    I just listened to this track.. Eishhhhhhh.. It’s a wow wow

  138. Anonymous says:

    O.B.O I caption this song

  139. Anonymous says:


  140. Anonymous says:

    mad tune OBO unuh larrgggeee
    monizz gh

  141. Anonymous says:


  142. Anonymous says:

    nice davido m ur beggest fan

  143. Anonymous says:

    Love me when you can because time no dey

  144. Anonymous says:

    Good job davido sweet in the middle you know

  145. Compass daddy says:

    I go die for d middle.since my oga is dier naira

  146. Compass daddy says:

    I go die 4 d middle since my oga dey dier naira

  147. Anonymous says:

    what a nice music I love naira Marley

  148. saviour wuid says:

    i love your song davido pls can u hear my own song

  149. Anonymous says:

    davido swt in the middle i luv the song

  150. Anonymous says:

    I love dis song

  151. Anonymous says:

    This song is lit……

  152. Sharon says:

    This song is lit…..

  153. Amshaga says:

    Obo after u na u oooo u ar sighted dmw 4rlyf, u ar indeed bless with more massive goodsongs

  154. Anonymous says:

    Marlians too much

  155. Rb winner says:

    Soft vybz

  156. paragon says:

    Boo baddest keep moving for good

  157. Anonymous says:

    Keep flying on boo baddest

  158. paragon olalekan says:

    Boo keep moving on joor u dey fill me up wit ur vibes.

  159. KEN says:

    One of the baddest collabo in the history of Naija Muzik.OBO you simply the best.thumps up to shizy for a great production .

  160. Adekunle says:

    ObO you too much

  161. Anonymous says:


  162. Anonymous says:

    Obo u 3 much

  163. Tony says:

    OBO you do all. Zlatan you try. Naira maley just come spoil d song obviously

  164. Anonymous says:


  165. Anonymous says:

    Bobo sweet in middle

  166. Spicy says:

    Love it

  167. Anonymous says:

    Robbish song

  168. Anonymous says:

    Courage a toi mon grand DAVIDO

  169. tosin says:

    I lov that song

  170. Benzzy says:

    Keep it up

  171. Anonymous says:


  172. Anonymous says:

    OBO You are a good music killer

  173. Vincent says:

    OBO you are great and one love to you man ‍✈️ ‍✈️ ‍✈️ ‍✈️

  174. G BOSS says:

    Mafo carry go

  175. betty jay says:

    Obo my love for you ehh

  176. Batex says:

    I luv diz sng alot o

  177. Goddi tb says:

    Nice jam
    President 30bg

  178. Anonymous says:

    sweet in de middle

  179. king of boys says:

    I lv the song

  180. Ju-fresh says:

    Oh naira Marley u tried ur best..

  181. Habeeb says:

    Nice song

  182. Anonymous says:


  183. Anonymous says:


  184. Abdul says:

    Marlians you guys are great

  185. Anonymous says:

    Nice music

  186. Anonymous says:

    Fit to form a crew

  187. Benedict Samuel says:

    Always be my BOSS. God bless DMW

  188. 2baba says:


  189. Anonymous says:

    Promote fashion

  190. Anonymous says:


  191. Chris Bella says:

    Obo u rock joooor

  192. Anonymous says:

    it’s sharp nigers

  193. Anonymous says:

    Na so

  194. Anonymous says:

    i want free music

  195. Anonymous says:

    if I have the chance to see davido I will be the most happiest on this Earth… you’re my number 1 fan

  196. Anonymous says:

    davido you so nicr

  197. Anonymous says:

    davido you so nice

  198. chiwago says:

    nice one obo &crew

  199. Anonymous says:

    the killed the music

  200. Anonymous says:

    my next giveaway will be on INSTAGRAM so follow me @AZUKAEGOMELODY In INSTAGRAM… goodluck

  201. Anonymous says:

    you 2 much Obo

  202. Ahmad says:

    I love did music and 5th to download

  203. Anonymous says:

    I love this song

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