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Download Music Mp3:- Gyakie Ft Omah Lay – Forever (Remix)

Download Music Mp3:- Gyakie Ft Omah Lay – Forever (Remix)

Ghanaian new rave and hot music sensation, Gyakie has just released a bubbly remix to her chart-topping single “Forever” in collaboration with Naija’s next rated superstar, Omah Lay.

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Wurld Záddy says:

    Awwwwww ❤️
    I love dis so much
    E Chuck!

  2. Zaki says:

    Where are ndi first to download

  3. Anonymous says:

    3rd to downgrade
    omo this song don win best collabo ah swear

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mad jam

  5. Anastasia says:

    Wow,is really cool

  6. MILOSKID says:

    i like it

  7. Zeeno says:

    This song is a hit banger

  8. Anonymous says:

    4th to download

  9. Anonymous says:

    4th to download…love the lyrics

  10. Eben says:

    4th to download…love the lyrics

  11. Eben says:

    Awesome… love the lyrics

  12. krizfelz says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely jam

  13. Anonymous says:

    I really love this music

  14. Dhee says:

    This is a banger

  15. Kelvin says:

    Nice song
    I love it ❤

  16. Anonymous says:

    i love this jam

  17. Wow omah_lay❤this is a banger❤❤❤

  18. Anonymous says:

    Love dis jam I swear
    Who dey breath
    E choke

  19. Johnson says:

    I really like this song

  20. Anonymous says:

    you too much bro

  21. Johnson eze says:

    Lovely song with a great collabo

  22. Sure Bowy says:

    Omo the jam bam
    E make sense die
    Omah lay boss

  23. Anonymous says:

    5th to download

  24. King pius says:

    Omah lay one love

  25. Anonymous says:

    best song ever

  26. Anonymous says:

    Omay lay with de Vibe

  27. Providence says:

    The best music I have ever heard

  28. Anonymous says:

    Omahlay to the MF world

  29. Anonymous says:

    Omah lay u be King of vibes I love your music

  30. Hushray says:

    Trash !!!!
    Omah lay fucked the song up

  31. Anonymous says:

    My favorite this week

  32. Anonymous says:

    Omah na trash you sing
    Love the original than this

  33. Anonymous says:

    I like it keep it up guy’s

  34. Abraham Adaaku says:

    I like it keep it tp guy’s

  35. Anonymous says:

    I like these guys #SØMTØ CARES

  36. klef Matinez says:

    Song so dope

  37. Dbanky Neyo says:

    The jam enter Brooke!!!!

  38. Eminent pearl says:

    My love for this music ehnn kudos omah lay

  39. Eminent pearl says:

    My love for this music ehnn kudos to omah lay

  40. Anonymous says:

    I love this

  41. Anonymous says:

    Oman lay u fall hand sha

  42. This music is bom I swear kudos to Omah lay says:

    This music is bom I swear kudos to Omah lay

  43. Anonymous says:

    Omah after u na u

  44. Anonymous says:

    Wow am so so so so so much in love with this song
    Wat a bombshell

  45. Rea Kelly says:

    Wow wow wow am so so so so so so much in love with this music
    Wat a bombshell
    Kudos to my omahlay

  46. Rea Kelly says:

    Wow am so so so so so much in love with this song
    Wat a bombshell

  47. Cartoon says:


  48. Princess says:

    I love it bt omalay e b like say u no try ooo

  49. Peaches says:

    My favourite

  50. Anonymous says:

    nice one guys
    just keep moving forward.
    we need new track again from u guys

  51. Anonymous says:

    omah lay songs the give me joy.

  52. Anonymous says:

    the genuine Guy

  53. Anonymous says:

    mad ohh

  54. Anonymous says:

    Nice song

  55. Steph smith says:


  56. It's ChrisTopher Rowland says:

    This is a hit and much love for the collaboration. For Gyakie and to Omah Lay, all the way from Zambia.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Omah lay, is Absolutely fantastic.

  58. jently says:

    First to download

  59. Eric says:

    wow nice track I like this

  60. Anonymous says:

    this song should be rewarded

  61. Anonymous says:

    nice one ✍️

  62. Anonymous says:

    I love this song

  63. Marty says:

    Mad jam

  64. Lil Kelvin says:

    The song tuu sweet

  65. Okikk says:

    Perfect video than the first video of the main song

  66. Tolani says:

    This music sweet dieeeee

    Much love for them❣️❣️

  67. Honesty Chukwuma oge says:

    I love this song so much

  68. Anonymous says:

    nice music

  69. Berry says:

    Sweet melody

  70. Anonymous says:

    Nice track

  71. Anonymous says:

    This song is awesome

  72. Anonymous says:

    na lie to okikk.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I love this for real

  74. Anonymous says:


  75. Richygold (marlian) says:

    Jam wey d bost my head, level up omah lay (E chukoo)

  76. Anonymous says:

    omah-lay I love u so much. And ur music was so impressive

  77. Cash out says:

    Omah lay no joy for you ooo

  78. Samuel kinsley says:

    Crazy jam

  79. Anonymous says:


  80. Bukky says:

    Still prefer the original one,omah lay no try for this one at all

  81. Maami Esi says:

    So mch love dis song, welldone gyakie nd omah lay our next rated

  82. Anonymous says:

    Bad belle everywhere

  83. Evelyn says:

    Killed it

  84. Berry says:

    Omah lay my best male artist so far
    This jam is a BANGER

  85. Anonymous says:

    Lovely music

  86. Anonymous says:

    Love it

  87. LINZIBABZ says:

    Nice jam

  88. Anonymous says:

    I love the song as in is interesting

  89. Deborah says:

    First to download

  90. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  91. Big name says:

    Omah lay is too good I love this jam ah swear ❤❤❤

  92. Anonymous says:

    bam omah lay

  93. Anonymous says:

    i love this song so much

  94. Anonymous says:

    my mind beat for who

  95. Anonymous says:

    love this song

  96. Adibor fransica says:

    Nice song

  97. Jabilian says:

    Those ppl pressing dislike are they for real??

  98. Anonymous says:

    best of Omah Lay 2021

  99. Anonymous says:

    I and my entire friends are in appreciation of omarlay musics he is a guy of greater wisdom.All his music makes all place fabulous his music are like a cool juice in a freezer i feel like being great like him.his best song to me is lo lo lo & bad influence i thank him greate musician i ever knew in my entire life,I want to say omarlay keep up singing more flavourable music.

  100. Baby_1234 says:

    Love dus song ❤

  101. Anonymous says:

    I love you omah

  102. Mayor of Lagos says:

    Nice song dis song is so popular that it even gas a tik tok dance
    By thé Wat u guys should bé expecting a New hit from me bye

  103. Chucky Dc says:

    It absolutely beautiful

  104. Anonymous says:

    mayor of Lagos I want to feature you in my new jam ( in love again) I love this song

  105. Anonymous says:

    please i need music

  106. Anonymous says:

    mad jam ashrww

  107. Anonymous says:

    I always repeat this song more than 10 time a day…

  108. Anonymous says:


  109. Anonymous says:

    Omah lay you give me joy for this remix no mind all this bad belle much love

  110. Anonymous says:


  111. Anonymous says:

    Omah u r doing well done e choke

  112. Jordan Boy so tender says:

    Nobody could under rate this

  113. Omo prince says:

    i love omah lay he is good in music, i like he to be my boss in music

  114. Chidozie Emmanuel says:

    I love this song

  115. Anonymous says:

    100% favorite

  116. Bridget says:

    U really love this song

  117. Anonymous says:

    I love the song an i want to sing that song for my crush.

  118. Sandra gold says:

    Cool song

  119. Anonymous says:

    killer song

  120. Anonymous says:

    Mad… Mad jam..

    Ghana Naija always coming with fire…

  121. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is lovely
    Omah lay will never stop killing my vibez

  122. Anonymous says:

    I really love dis song

  123. Miracle says:

    This sung nice weldon

  124. Precious says:

    I love the lyrics so much

  125. Anonymous says:

    i really love this music omah lay keep it up

  126. Anonymous says:

    Burst my head

  127. Anonymous says:

    ℎ ℎ . ℎ

  128. Esther Smart says:


  129. Sam says:

    I love the lips of Gyankie

  130. Omoh nice says:

    The jam na mad on e own ,omah lay con kill the jam again ,i love the jam omah try well ,i love Gyankie,this song is one of my love song i love so much✌

  131. Young❤️ēmmy says:

    Wow, I love this jam ❤️

  132. Bella says:

    My prince charming u are too much
    U are a role model
    I love dis jam
    Keep on shining

  133. Naira marley says:

    Nice one bro

  134. Anonymous says:

    I so much love this song ♥️

  135. Alvin Mob says:

    Hottest jam in 2021

  136. Anonymous says:

    Allah e choke

    Mad oooooooooooooooooooooooo

  137. Nifemi says:

    Keep it up

  138. Anonymous says:

    My favourite

  139. Sunshine says:

    I need a person that can sing the song for me

  140. Amos says:

    Am in love with this song

  141. Anonymous says:

    ma joy giver omah lay#€£#

  142. Anonymous says:

    dis 1we u de make mah boss naira comment,wel don

  143. Beauty says:

    I love this music

  144. Omah lay is the right person for the song …bro you too much

  145. Anonymous says:

    I love this song

  146. Patience says:

    Omar lay you killed it

  147. Anonymous says:

    Omah lay you are bossing my login , my bro from the same Local government Meka, Meka means thanks

  148. Never broke again, NBA says:

    Omah lay you are bossing my login , my bro from the same Local government Meka, Meka means thanks

  149. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  150. Anonymous says:

    Omah ya loved

  151. Anonymous says:

    Steven i love omary

  152. TLC says:

    What a nice song…

  153. Unknown says:

    If I were u I will sing Christian music,like chudima that change make your life like that.I will never tell u my name

  154. Anonymous says:

    Super jam!

  155. Anonymous says:

    I love this song
    It all about relationships and
    Happy Family ❤️
    For Young Stars ✌️

  156. Anonymous says:

    I love this music very very very very much. It is so cool and I feel sleepy when hearing this song

  157. Anonymous says:

    My star my favorite kudos to u love this track

  158. Anonymous says:

    My star my favorite kudos to u i love ur track

  159. Bash says:

    It’s great nd colourful

  160. Anonymous says:


  161. Anonymous says:

    Omah lay

  162. Anonymous says:

    I love this song like kinlode

  163. Ganza pics says:

    Over de limit!

  164. Anonymous says:

    I so much love the song

  165. Anonymous says:

    U guys try it well

  166. Anonymous says:

    Gyakie dey give me over joy

  167. Anonymous says:

    Gyakie na my bestie

  168. Nwa way kenechi says:


  169. Bella Slimki says:

    I so much love this song

  170. Debbie says:

    I love you Stanley omah didia

  171. Chizzy Daniel says:

    So nice

  172. joh maker says:

    I like so much this song _ nice omah _ lay

  173. Anonymous says:

    In love with it

  174. Zamani says:

    Nice one, I love it

  175. Tia says:

    I love this music
    Dope ,good vibe

  176. Anonymous says:

    Nice to hear

  177. Anonymous says:


    Chilombo ✌

  178. Chilombo ✌ says:


  179. Anonymous says:

    u try small wizkid pass u

  180. Kezzb says:

    I finally got this song wow! I love it omaha lay ❤️❤️

  181. Jim says:

    Nice jam will hit forever.

  182. Lameck says:

    Nice vibe by omah lay I appreciate

  183. EZEKIEL OKOOH says:

    This track sweet me differently

  184. panda says:

    I love it

  185. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I love this song

  186. Anonymous says:

    Lovely jam
    I love it
    Omaha x Gyakie best collaboration

  187. Jkwire says:

    Na so bro

  188. Iamkenneth says:

    Very nice music

  189. Àrmy says:

    Best for my playlist
    I love it

  190. Anonymous says:


  191. Zaaka says:

    I love that music

  192. Anonymous says:

    a lovely music

  193. Casey says:

    My favorite music yet❤️

  194. Tekno boy says:

    Omah lay is no where to be found

  195. Anonymous says:

    This song is nice look like couples

  196. Alucia chris says:

    this hit is soo awesome

  197. Anonymous says:

    I overwhelmingly love the vibe. I need a collaboration with you.

  198. Anonymous says:


  199. Mary joan says:


  200. ABL Nickho says:

    Am i there for u……!!!!! every time when i think of u, i don’t know……….!!!!!!!
    haaa…. what a nice jam

  201. Anonymous says:

    I must do music wit omalay

  202. Oni-,B says:

    I must do music wit omalay

  203. Jeff money says:

    Wow amazing

  204. Beulah says:

    I love the song

  205. Adetomiwa Johnson says:

    It’s my mind, my heart beats for you

  206. Anonymous says:

    i like de song

  207. Anonymous says:

    Kkp p/

  208. Anonymous says:

    Wow I like dis music so sweet eh blow my mind

  209. Anonymous says:


  210. Anonymous says:


  211. Juliet says:

    No be lie

  212. Jimmy says:

    Nixe one

  213. Anonymous says:

    Cool song

  214. Gilbert stones says:

    So good and good

  215. R.knowldge from uganda says:

    Wow so funtastic and nice

  216. Alex_zanda UG says:


  217. Anonymous says:

    Sounds great thanks Year

  218. Queen P says:

    Omah lay is simply the best!

  219. Anonymous says:

    Wow nice jam

  220. Valaa says:

    Wow nice jam

  221. Bold cool says:

    Weldone guys. I love this. Omah lay Your easy flow make sense. Original and remix dope. Nice one #Boldcool

  222. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting song

  223. Lilythompson says:


  224. Anonymous says:

    Guy the music bad I swear I for like see gyakie one on one ooo I too like her

  225. Trevor lavita says:

    I like it

  226. Anonymous says:

    omah lay is just a wonderful man that no one can compete with Naija my beautiful country make you hear me oooh na me be the baddest boy of my time

  227. Anonymous says:

    He’s a nice guy,I like him if no be say I be man like him I for marry him,as for DAT girl sang did song with him make una tell her 2love love.Thanks

  228. Anonymous says:

    I love this jam it makes me think back

  229. Anonymous says:

    Love all omah lay song

  230. Anonymous says:

    I really love this song very much

  231. Tega David says:

    OMG this song enter class..

  232. Gwen says:

    The first time I heard this song I was so angry then the song started playing at that moment my anger left me I kept on smiling.dis nusic is my ringtone I so much love it.i live you gyakia nd omah lay u guys are the best.

  233. Wiseman Phiri says:

    Am in love of this song and it makes my relationship to be strong

  234. ODEKE DANIEL says:

    That song is really very cool I like it.

  235. precious says:

    I Love this song

  236. SkiDi Skilwiz says:

    Great Song, good music Omah lay

  237. Queendalin says:

    Omah I really love de song

  238. Young mighty says:

    I like to ft this guy

  239. Asimwe Maison says:

    It pretty amazing song indeed

  240. Anonymous says:

    I automatically fell in love with the song an even the singer gyakie, for omah lay you kill it.

  241. Anonymous says:

    I love you gyakie from Gabon.

  242. Anonymous says:

    Wow so cool

  243. Anonymous says:


  244. Anonymous says:

    This song is amazing it cools my spirit whenever i listen to it. Love u omah lay and gyakie u guys are d best

  245. Anonymous says:

    When Ever I Hear This Song My Heart Beat For The One I Love

  246. Anonymous says:

    So lovely & i really love dis song pls can i dwload it

  247. Anonymous says:

    Omah lay good

  248. Sibonakal says:

    Love it

  249. Favy says:

    Dis song is fire✨✨

  250. Anonymous says:

    I love this music whenever i listi to the song remember me abat my bf

  251. Anonymous says:

    Nice one keep it up so lovely song u dey ginger me

  252. Jimmy Pro256 says:

    I luv it so much.

  253. Anonymous says:


  254. Anonymous says:

    I’m madly crazy for the song.
    Love you guys

  255. Ronnie says:

    This site is the best

  256. Anonymous says:


  257. Ficbanks Shafic0 says:

    Nice song

  258. Angel says:

    I love this song it’s the best in all❤

  259. Atim Mary Lina says:

    Goshh am in love with de song. #one love Omaha Lay. U make me love music

  260. Timø Dk Dice says:

    I love diz song

  261. Anonymous says:


  262. Tanko says:

    Love this jam like unstoppable ❤️❤️

  263. Mrdollar says:

    This is so sweey

  264. Wise boy424 says:

    I really love this song 100%

  265. Anonymous says:

    I so much love this song.
    It’s make me feel loved and so emotional

  266. Zoe musical says:

    (Madinlove) yeah yeah Keep it up

  267. Ronald says:

    This song make to fall in love with my wife again and again, please continue

  268. Henry says:

    Wao it’s really an amazing song of the year

  269. Anonymous says:

    I’m so in love with this song!.It’s lovely!

  270. Mmeso vicky says:

    Love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  271. Anonymous says:


  272. Anonymous says:

    Very nice song

  273. Anonymous says:

    Very nice lovely song and it makes me fall in love oooh

  274. Anonymous says:

    Nice one omah lay fuck haters

  275. Anonymous says:

    U too much jor fuck hater jor

  276. Anonymous says:

    My favorite song

  277. Jabz says:

    Nice song

  278. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Nice one

  279. Julius uganda says:

    so amazing I mean the vibe guys nyc i love it omaha lay

  280. Akintola oluwajomiloju says:

    So great nice jam keep it up

  281. Anonymous says:

    I love

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