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Download Music Mp3:- Tekno – Enjoy

Download Music Mp3:- Tekno – Enjoy

Tekno lands in with another single, titled “Enjoy”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Suki 1 says:

    First to download. Nice jam

  2. Anonymous says:

    Second to download

  3. Anonymous says:

    Second nice jam

  4. Stancee says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    allow me to enjoy myself
    third to download

  6. Ossai honest says:

    Good for us

  7. Emanyra says:

    Fourth To download i like it Fantabulous

  8. justice coman says:

    very interested jabm

  9. Naira brainz says:

    Very interest jam

  10. Arnold Ramrez says:

    nyc jam

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tekno miles

  12. Sunday Asukwo a.k.a Odogwu says:

    Nice one

  13. Anonymous says:

    U hv come again for Xmas
    Enjoy for Xmas

  14. Monday says:

    Really nice jam

  15. Don wizzy says:

    nice music

  16. Anonymous says:

    Tekno baba. Allow me enjoy o

  17. Anonymous says:

    hothz banggaaaa chaiiiiiiii

  18. mick says:

    good one, more grace

  19. Anonymous says:

    nice song keep it upooooooo

  20. Kekzy says:

    My one and only man 4eva!!

  21. Jideofor says:

    I love this song but Timaya go good for the remix

  22. FRANK KOROMA says:


  23. Kiss vino says:

    Na you go sing me

  24. Kiss ViNo says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  26. Louis says:

    Nice jam my man

  27. Anonymous says:

    Nice one i love it

  28. Anonymous says:

    Tekno na best i love his song pass my wife

  29. Anonymous says:

    Nice jam

  30. Cyrus says:

    Nice jam

  31. Anonymous says:

    Rugged u tekno you’re good

  32. Mich says:



    December LA Hot Hot!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Tekno nice one

  34. Anonymous says:

    nice song elder bro, proud of u.

  35. Glagold1 says:

    Am so much in love with d song expecially when it get to d chorus allow me to enjoy myself d energy on d was so superb❤️ kudos sweetheart.

  36. Ajulu J says:

    You are the best
    Bru I love all your music

  37. Ajulu J says:

    Bru I love your music
    Always give me happiness the only man that we African like more than any other thing bru I love your music

  38. Anonymous says:

    on repeat since yesterday

    d video takeaway ma boredom

  39. Anonymous says:

    Tekno no dey fail , abeg enjoy your self bro

  40. Anonymous says:

    Love dis music one love slimdadday

  41. Benjamin says:

    Love dis music, one love slimdaddy

  42. Chukwuemeka says:

    My man this one na hot jam, slimdady I too love your music

  43. Chukwuemeka says:

    Hit jam slimdady I too like your music you’re my number one

  44. Emeka says:

    Hot jam slimdady carry on bro

  45. Anonymous says:

    Nice song I luv it

  46. Anonymous says:


  47. Koboko G says:

    I enjoy it

  48. Anonymous says:

    I lv the song so interesting

  49. Anonymous says:

    Nice one alhaji tekno

  50. Placida says:

    Kudos slimdady, the jam too lit

  51. Anonymous says:

    nice hit tekno

  52. Onyeka says:

    Enjoy is best song for now

  53. Anonymous says:


  54. Anonymous says:

    master I love your musics so much keep it up

  55. Anonymous says:

    Nice one ❣️❣️

  56. Anonymous says:

    Baba, tekno you all your fancy to be happy, abeg tell them to free us.

  57. Ik says:

    Enjoy life tekno

  58. DON.G.MARK says:

    Nice track, allow me to enjoy myself world people

  59. Itz Testimony says:

    I love it my best music now

  60. Anonymous says:

    very nice music

  61. Anonymous says:

    good one

  62. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  63. Anonymous says:


  64. Anonymous says:

    I love his music

  65. YoungSlim says:

    Alhaji u no go kill me with ur vibes

  66. Izzy champ says:

    Tekno enjoy yourself
    You’re too Good Abeg!

  67. Anonymous says:

    alhaji tekno

  68. EYEN EYEN says:

    Nothing kuan u, carry go bro after u na u

  69. Anonymous says:

    nice song

  70. Anonymous says:


  71. Anonymous says:

    I love this song ❣️

  72. Anonymous says:

    so sweet

  73. Omar says:

    Hothz beatz my guy i love you so much

  74. Worldwide says:

    Good one tekno

  75. Anonymous says:

    wow! keep up the good job bro, I enjoy your songs all day and night

  76. Anonymous says:

    Tekno send me money make I enjoy like you

  77. Anonymous says:

    It mad oo

  78. Anonymous says:

    I love this jam.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Nice jam ever
    Tekno be giving us vibes

  80. Anonymous says:

    nice jam i love you

  81. Vicky says:

    I love this song

  82. Alahaji Raphael says:

    Nice one bro
    But do fast come house oo

  83. Anonymous says:

    Nice song his my best

  84. Kisslino says:

    Best of all

  85. Prince Chisuta says:

    It’s fantastic

  86. Anonymous says:

    Nice one tekno

  87. Anonymous says:


  88. De Legend says:

    I enjoy tekno

  89. Anonymous says:

    paddy man

  90. Anonymous says:

    I love this

  91. Fn_lord says:

    I love the jam,,making sense

  92. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy my dear

  93. Preciouspro says:

    Nice one

  94. Emmy Jr says:

    I Love This Song like Mad

  95. Anonymous says:

    Yeah my man

  96. Anonymous says:

    i love this song

  97. flexy d says:

    i love this song

  98. Anonymous says:

    Nice ones

  99. Anonymous says:

    racheal that is nice

  100. racheal says:

    I love it

  101. Dhaft Dee says:

    Cool song

  102. Anonymous says:

    nah so my dude allow me to enjoy my self

  103. Anonymous says:

    Wow I like that jam jam very nice….

  104. Rachy says:

    Tekno u are really doing well…I love ur jam

  105. Richard Obim says:

    My num one in town

  106. Jella says:

    Na dis one i love past

  107. Anonymous says:

    I xoxoxo love the jam ehhh

  108. Williams Bill. says:

    Gratitude to you for your good job.
    Perseverance in life lead to success.keep on moving bro.

  109. Anonymous says:


  110. Anonymous says:

    Nice HIT

  111. Anonymous says:

    No stress, to direct n a nice jam tho
    Keep up gee, more good jams n money.

  112. Anonymous says:

    we must enjoy

  113. Anonymous says:

    enjoy is my best song

  114. King.J says:

    I love it his latest music to me now

  115. Adediran mujeeb says:

    Very intresting

  116. Bamidex says:

    Cool i love it

  117. Anonymous says:

    nice jam broo

  118. Kwinel says:

    Who they help we must enjoy ourself.nice one tekno

  119. Abdela says:

    Nice jam

  120. Anonymous says:

    good joined

  121. OLUWA GODWIN says:


  122. OLUWA GODWIN says:


  123. yomi'ez says:

    too much of slim daddy love it, me to I go enjoy myself

  124. Olamide says:

    I love this

  125. Anonymous says:

    Seniority Guy like you never play junior games, or play last. keep it on

  126. Anonymous says:

    Make brain

  127. Saifullahi Kezman from kebbi says:

    I love your music better than my uncle, tecno miles enjoy my self

  128. Anonymous says:

    Nice tekno luv dis

  129. Anonymous says:


  130. Anonymous says:

    Tekno nice to u

  131. Scott says:

    so good

  132. Lisa bella says:

    I love this song

  133. Anonymous says:

    Nice drop

  134. Scott Emmax says:

    9ice Song

  135. Anonymous says:

    you are the best of the best, but please…. allow me to enjoy myself

  136. Anonymous says:

    keep it up,I luv u.

  137. Anonymous says:

    I love this song keep on shining tekno

  138. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmm….. To good

  139. SETH says:


  140. Peace says:

    Nice job

  141. Adenowo Joshua says:

    bro u are too good o! i luv ur song and with ur dance step.

  142. Adenowo Joshua says:

    nice, jam bro!

  143. Anonymous says:


  144. Mercy says:

    I love this jam

  145. Bella michael says:

    I so much love dis song

  146. Enjoy says:

    My montor you doing well my dear friend money when you dy find you go see o

  147. Anonymous says:

    I am in love with the song

  148. Anonymous says:


  149. Queenie says:

    Mad ooooooooo

  150. Anonymous says:


  151. Kessy says:

    U are still my best guy

  152. Anonymous says:

    good to go bro

  153. umar amirah says:

    I love the songs

  154. Anonymous says:

    Allow me to enjoy myself.
    I love Tekno

  155. Joshua dude says:

    I really luv dis song o can’t believe i played it 66 times today!

  156. George vincent says:

    Kaduna state kafanchan

  157. Anonymous says:

    No wam enjoy

  158. George vincent says:

    The song is so sweet

  159. George says:

    The song is so sweet

  160. Anonymous says:


  161. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  162. Anonymous says:


    this song is like cool

    I love it

  163. Willbrown says:

    Bro u too much in fact I love this track it’s good

  164. Diamond says:

    This song is getting me crazy

  165. Anonymous says:

    Carry on with you songs

  166. Anonymous says:

    Boss Himself

  167. Anonymous says:

    boss man

  168. Anonymous says:

    please enjoy like no other, Tekno A

  169. Anonymous says:

    Tekno, please enjoy like no other

  170. Anonymous says:

    Joan. osa

    Tekno, please enjoy like no other.

  171. Anonymous says:

    great song

  172. Sultan jr says:

    Tekno malies……..

  173. Mrwillz says:

    Allow me to enjoy myself is always on my head… Tekno you Valid

  174. Anonymous says:

    tekno is the best

  175. olier says:

    good tekno

  176. Anonymous says:


  177. Naomi says:

    I love the song

  178. Chinonso says:


  179. Anonymous says:

    Wowi love the song

  180. Mike jr says:

    Thanks for your music Master tekno

  181. Anonymous says:

    senior man, keep on moving bro

  182. Anonymous says:

    T EJ

  183. Anonymous says:

    Nwa east na so onwelo

  184. Anonymous says:

    Always ontop

  185. Anonymous says:

    last to download every body stop

  186. Anonymous says:

    cool song keep it up

  187. Bennardson says:

    gr8t track bro, rock on

  188. Anonymous says:

    Not swedt

  189. Rico says:

    I c u bro

  190. Cyndy says:

    Small body man…

  191. Matthew kasimu says:

    nice work baba tekno

  192. Anonymous says:

    amazing track keep on tekno

  193. Anonymous says:

    i love all your song takno i you all

  194. Chinzy shuter'side says:

    U will live long my man number 1 in Africa.

  195. Anonymous says:

    so unique

  196. 08139779156 says:


  197. osaruese obasuyi says:

    good for him is powerful

  198. osaruese says:

    today into superhero name super man

  199. Emmanuel says:


  200. Anonymous says:

    Tekno 2021

  201. Scach bell says:

    Alhaji tekno your songs make me mad

  202. Anonymous says:

    It makes me look crazy

  203. Anonymous says:


  204. Anonymous says:

    Good job

  205. Anonymous says:

    Yes is good

  206. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of challenges, try and put a smile on your face.

  207. Anonymous says:


  208. Anonymous says:

    Nice one, enjoy

  209. Daniel Sam says:

    I really love this song, enjoy by tekno

  210. Anonymous says:

    sinor man I sit u too much ,ur way reach ,I believe you go work ,no man d s☠️

  211. Anonymous says:

    tekno i like this song

  212. "Rock"Milli" says:

    Tekno winner forever

  213. Nnanna blessing says:

    Good one my guy. Na so life be oo allow me to enjoy jor

  214. Yung DT says:

    Nice jam bro my is coming soon

  215. Anonymous says:

    Abet U finished work bro…….carry on I day with u

  216. Vivian says:

    Enjoyment is free

  217. Anonymous says:

    this jam de kill my soul

  218. Anonymous says:

    I love the song just as I love you ❤️

  219. INVISIBLE says:

    My favorite tekno song

  220. Anonymous says:

    Low waist

  221. Anonymous says:

    my ringtone

  222. Anonymous says:

    obele igwe. l love it

  223. Billy says:

    Tekno you are the best, my super star musician

  224. Anonymous says:

    You are the best tecno for life I love is song bro more grace on you❤❤❤❤

  225. Barclays says:

    Nwanne, you Plenty. Keep Up The Good Work. I Listen To Your Songs Morning And Night.

  226. Anonymous says:

    Good vibe

  227. Harry says:

    Teckno burning fire from malawi

  228. Charles Victony says:

    i like the song allow me to enjoy my self

  229. Charles Victony says:

    I Like to enjoy my self

  230. Anonymous says:

    Nice one
    I really love the song

  231. Queen etta says:

    Guy ur instro’s na bad,u see this music I dey always go gaga when I hear the song chaiii guy u finish work

  232. Anonymous says:

    So fantastic and great tekno is one of the musician i cherish so much

  233. Anonymous says:

    So great and fantastic tekno is one of the musician i cherish so much

  234. Anonymous says:

    Nice I loved it

  235. Oma Chigozie says:

    I can’t stop playing his songs

  236. Jolly says:

    First to download and play 24hrs non-stop

  237. Anonymous says:

    tekno is my man. ur song is very nice

  238. Wilberforce akaba says:

    Nice song from nice man tekno

  239. Anonymous says:

    Tekno u are good to go

  240. Young Deen says:

    I Like It, It Make Me Feel Comfortable

  241. Anonymous says:

    You bad

  242. Anonymous says:


  243. Simon Akawu says:

    Alhaji tecky you are the best of the best

  244. Don says:

    Wow what a very nice jamb by the slim daddy himself

  245. Shegun says:

    Nice song

  246. Ems says:

    Nice music

  247. David says:

    I love the song morethan my life

  248. Rosemary says:

    Nice one my favorite

  249. Anonymous says:

    nice music by huzaifa waziri don wizzy

  250. Anonymous says:

    Verry nice

  251. Anonymous says:

    verry nice song

  252. Ezinne chijioke says:

    Nice song…I love this song …allow me to enjoy my urself

  253. Anonymous says:

    Allah Tekno I Love Your Musics, So Much How Can I Doing To Get Your Phone Number ? I Need It

  254. Zany emeka says:


  255. @Satwiz says:

    Appreciate yhu blood

  256. Kevin Marvels says:

    Sweet song!!!

  257. Anonymous says:

    If I talk my mind make no body kill me
    The fact is I love this guy in person , all his songs are super amazing I really feel like meeting you in person , nice one my crush

  258. Joshua says:


  259. Nathaniel shaor says:

    I love this guy songs he is my bestie don’t know have do and see him in person but the most important i like him

  260. Anonymous says:

    I love tekno song he is one of my fans

  261. Anonymous says:

    one of my favourite

  262. FAITH says:


  263. Anonymous says:

    I love am na hot song

  264. Ojo says:

    I love am na hot song

  265. Tecno says:

    I love this guy and I will not give up to support him.i’m P KAY THE BOSS AKA I NAX

  266. Victor says:

    I so much enjoy the enjoy. keep it up Tekno

  267. Bebilon nk says:

    Good work

  268. Emmy says:

    My favourite track

  269. Imoh says:

    Very impressive!

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