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[Erotic Story] The Massage (+18 Only)

[Erotic Story] The Massage (+18 Only)

I made the biggest mistake of my life getting drunk that night.

“You need a break Daniels..” Toni said to me. “No, I dont need a break. Im fine!” I fired back with anger.

Office Pressure.

“You’re getting more irritable as the day passes and more short tempered with the staff. The management has decided to give you a treat this weekend. There’s a weekend luxury spa getaway” he croons.

“I will fire both you and the person who told the Management!” I bellow. “Please, It’d be my pleasure to be fired, Mr Boss. Your attitude is overbearing and frankly I’m tired.” Marie said.

All my bravado deflated. Marie has been a pain in my butt for 10 years now and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. She has appointed herself as my mum and makes decisions for me. It doesn’t help that she’s 60years and very active.

Most of my fantasies are about firing her, but honestly, I can’t do without her. She’s very good at her job and most of all, straightforward. She’s the best assistant ever. And she knows it.

She eyes me. “I tattled on you. You better agree to this and take a much needed break Daniels.” Her tone softens “You need it dear”.

I look at Toni and he shrugs.

I lost this battle I guess.

My Hotel Suite.

I enter my room and look around in awe. Very beautiful and neat. The suite spreads out and the view is incredible. I guess this  is not a bad idea afterall.

I go to the balcony and my heart clench at the sight before me. A man and woman snuggling up together under the setting sun.

Memories assail me and the rush of guilt flows in my blood. Tara. The woman of my life. While f*cking my one night stands, the only name i scream while coming is Tara. It’s her face I see when plowing into their cunts. Tara.

I made the biggest mistake of my life getting drunk that night. It was the night my life fell apart and shit went south. The reason I’m now married to work and nothing else.

Tara’s beautiful face flashes through my mind. Her salient curves. Her tears. Her everything. God, I ache. I’ve searched everywhere for her, but I didn’t find her. I fucked up real bad and I pay penance for it every single day.

I turn away from the obviously happy couples. I leave the room and walk to the bar. Different women offers to grace my bed, but I gently decline.

I need Tara. I want her. I miss her incredibly much. All my wealth is nothing if she’s not with me.

Soothing Session.

I open up the door and what I saw is beautiful. The lights are off, but candle light flickered all around the room, strategically placed to romanticize the room.

A massage table is set up and another table holds different array of bottles. The air has the fragrance of sandalwood and frangipani.. Soul music gently curl around my ears.

I feel soothed. I pad to the bathroom, had a brief shower and come out wearing just a bath towel. I lay on the massage table, and as if like a cue, the door opens and a shadowy figure appears.

She slowly glides to me – I know it’s a she because the silhouette of her curves is delineated. She begins her ministrations and I feel the stress seep out.

Her touch is curiously familiar and comforting and I yearn for more. Memories of the good times with Tara floats through my consciousness and I feel so good.

She rubs out the knots in my lower back and the permanent kinks in my neck. I melt like a puddle of gooey chocolate and I cant feel any better.

Soon enough, she pulls the towel lower and begins to rub the top of my butt. I didn’t protest as her hands are magical. Her hands moves to my gluteus proper and kneads it.

I am too far gone to even argue. Moreover the sensation is pure divinity. My gluteus love her hands. I hear the sound of an  uncapped bottle and soon enough, I feel oil drizzling on my back.

Things start to get intense. Her hands are coming closer to my ass crack and I don’t have the will to even stop her.

Pleasure starts to tingle and spread all over my body. My cock begins to harden and I am very much tempted to allow her continue.

I almost protest, but she pours oil on my ass and dug deeper. I shut my mouth. Her fingers begin to rim my ass. The oil made it glide in deeper and soon enough, she buries her middle finger in to the knuckles.

Her other hand cups my balls and I groan in pleasure. Suddenly, Tara’s face flashes through my mind and every trace of pleasure vanishes. I can’t do this.

I stand up abruptly and stop her. “It’s enough“, I bark. “I’m married and I can’t do this”.


I hold her hands and stood up. Massage over. Imagine my shock when I look into Tara’s face. She sports a smirk and gently roll her eyes.

“What are you doing here Tara?! Where have you been all this years? I miss you so much!” I whisper brokenly.

She walks into the circle of my arms. “I missed you more daniel. I needed space from you, so, I just left. Everything hurt so bad. Then, your assistant found me. And arranged for us to meet here.. For your birthday gift.”

All the lights came on. “SURPRISE!!!” Everyone screams! I am hella surprised! I have even forgotten about my birthday totally.. And yes, I’m in the midst of about 30 Co-workers, all of them smiling and holding gifts, while I’m standing in a towel.

They all set me up!

Written by Adedamola Yusuf.

Do you like this story? Thanks for reading. I’m Yusuf T. A,  and I studied at the University of Ibadan. I’m an Author, Blogger and Nutritionist.

My book titled “MY YORUBA DEMON” is out and it’s a (3 in 1) delicious mix of Erotica, Psychology, Murder and Mystery. It’s 2,000NGN and you can contact me on 09094802610 for your copy.

Instagram handle: _sleeqie_ I Love to read, write and listen to music. I epitomize an Intelligent mind.


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