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Exclusive Interview Between 9jaflaver And Simma’s On Artist Hangout Edition (Vol 3)

Exclusive Interview Between 9jaflaver And Simma’s On Artist Hangout Edition (Vol 3)

Good afternoon we are interviewing the beautifully talented Simma; hello


how are you today

***I’m good, it’s a lovely day, just enjoying the weather

I am so excited to interview this female beauty that’s out there doing stuff, you know we do interview talented artists spread awareness of what they’re doing, and you know what we feel is underground people that are kind of like, not the underdog I don’t wanna say the underdog, because I feel like in a way I do want to say that under cuz I’m an underdog, do you see what I mean?  so I like to interview those people that have talent and we try to spread awareness today I’m interviewing this lovely lady I hope you’re ready, are you ready?

** I’m absolutely Ready

good exactly I like that so, Simma, how would you like me to, can I call you Simma, yeah

**** I mean like originally the name was Sim Simma, but I kind of shortened it and just change it Simma

why is that?

***** because my name is Simone, and people used to call me sim and it turned into sim simmer, when it Bennie Man song came out and then I, obviously, Simma, shortened it down as I see it as my um Sasha Fierce, sim Simone: Simma is like my alter ego, like,

That’s like Aud but I could turn into Audrina in a minute , Well, I think you’re quite talented and I want to know a little bit more about you


just like everybody else out they wants to know to you, because this is what we do we spread awareness, so what type of music do you do ?

*******okay so the thing is I do a mixture of music, I always have the same type of style but I go on to different beats, so the stuff that I’m working on at moment is kind of trap – drill – dancehall-reggae and even mix of a little bit of grime as well, so I kind of keep it on whatever I like on beat, wherever I’m feeling it , makes me wanna dance, and vibe to, that’s what I just work on.

that’s good that means you’re really versatile because you don’t just box yourself into one type of music a lot of females, I know that they stick to one type of thing it’s even their dance hall or their trap or their grime but you’ve kind of got a bit of everything which means you’re a versatile artiste.

****yeah I do understand, like kind of having a signature of; you know like what kind of style are you? people like what you know what, who you are, what do you do but I’m not someone who wants to be put in a box because I am influenced by different styles of music, I listen to different styles of music so if I’m feeling something I’m just gonna work on it doesn’t matter if it’s trap or if it’s reggae whatever I’m just gonna vibe that’s me

 I like that and I think that producers would like that too, people think it’s a book people cuz they want sometimes they want somebody who can do a bit of everything sometimes people book me they want me to be professional sometimes people book me and they want me to be Road ratchet you have to be a bit of both so it works and the music industry at the moment is absolutely in my opinion this fire why it’s absolutely fire London is doing amazing things in the music industry, I’m very very proud very very proud and especially over my hometown, where are you from where are you from is it alright?

**** alright we’ll go to where I’m from first I’m originally from North West London so I was born born and raised in Houston then now I’m currently residing in West London leper Grove so yeah I’m still kind of West

So, youre a TrueNorth wizzy girl,  we love interviewing artists that are from my ends I’m from the West so I love exactly I love to interview artists for mines because it just shows that everyone’s out there trying to do something positive and make it if that makes sense and I like that I want to see everybody win hence why

***** I’m loving what’s going on even in the inner ends right now I’m loving all the ice that are coming out you know and it’s like it’s showing a different aspect of Northwest rather than negative you know spin of what we’ve seen so yeah I’m just saying everyone keep up the good work spread good vibes show to youth them that there’s more to I’m saying a road life and you they could do other things and all the postcode Wars like for me it’s just like it’s not about that it’s about being productive and getting passing it on

Definitely, definitely I do agree with that and you said that you do drill and you know there’s been a lot of hype in the industry at the moment and all over social media are the news everywhere they feel that drool is to blame for the youth at the moment and and their mindsets and how they they are thinking and they’re following what draw music is saying what are your thoughts on that

****there’s so much that you’ve come follow nowadays it’s not just drill but I do understand what people are saying, because it is very high and a lot of stuff they’re saying on the tracks some of it could be very negative but I’ve heard some drill tracks that aren’t so negative and it’s not portraying someone getting slashed or whatever so it’s just about the art it’s being a bit more alright if you want to break through and speak about where you’ve come from and your experiences and that’s what they’re doing like generally they’re talking about you know where they’re being would have come from and what they’re going through but sometimes open up the doors a little bit more speak about something else think about your experiences and how it’s changed your life so I’m saying and how you’re able to get past to experience and do what you’re doing so it so it does open up the youths eyes to other things apart from like gang wars sure I mean so the whole girl thing I mean I wanna draw be but I’m not necessarily all talking about violence but the flow sounds probably the same as any other person that’s flown on a job’ so sometimes you can just mix up so yeah I wouldn’t blame drill for everything but yeah you have to still be a bit tactful

definitely I think that’s you’ve got to be tactful with everything even me interviewing people I have to be tactful I got to know what I’m saying I can’t just say the wrong thing because it will come back to bite you over it today or in 2021 you will hear it exactly you know I’ve seen that happen a lot people reading tweets from years ago


and which brings me to I want to, ask you who inspires you so doing music who inspires you and I want to know both ends wise who inspires you when I say tens I mean I internationally wise who would be your boat your major inspiration

***okay so mary j blige everyone knows anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge mary J Blige fan, I love everything about her her style have vibe the pain that she put on the records everything so that probably would be my number one is growing up – obviously there’s loads of others Bob Marley of mafada Vybz Kartel like this the list goes on and on and on and on in terms of London and the ends and what’s covered this so much I don’t even know who to name first there’s so many artists that I’m looking up to inspired by and you know just listen out for so many many oh yes um Malvina um female voice uh female ladies first um banks is doing good things obviously Steph is doing massive things Lisa mmm there’s a few of them Monique, yes girls mm now um gosh no list is huge obviously gig skips is really killing it right now and cause there’s so many out here for the guys I don’t want to..

name a few few that I would name as well and I love Steph I love miss banks and there’s quite a few people doing but it’s not about me so I’m not gonna stop going wonder who I think is doing well and so in the industry there’s a lot of females I’ve interviewed quite a few females trying to make it trying to do, what they’re doing and they were aspiring to be better and I like it now you’ve come back to do music you’ve been doing music for a while how long have you been doing music

***so I’ve been doing music forever probably since I was born but I’ve never to be on this when I did music previously I never really took it as a business I was just doing music going to do making songs and just nd whatever happens happen so I didn’t so this is kind of the first time that I’ve come into music and taking it seriously and taking it as a business and you know thought about everything that I’m doing so yeah I’ve been doing music for in and out for ages obviously and I left music done all the stuff family commitments yeah now I’m back on it back on the scene

I like that and what makes you different what makes you unique why you why Simma and not somebody else what is gonna make us listen to you why

*** Because I think my my style is quite raw my tone is different to what’s out there I could switch it up but I’m ready and a lot of people have told me that they like my style in terms of presence which is a nice thing to hear yeah it’s like something you have just a natural style to just to present yourself when you come out you just let whether I’m just dressed down or just stop so that’s a nice thing to hear as well because as I said mary j blige is one of my big influences and she’s known for that her style so yeah that and in terms of my music it’s it’s there’s a lot going on anything is I haven’t put out a lot so I don’t think people know exactly what everything I can do and all my capability so they’re gonna see it in time just give me a chance give me some time be patient I’ve got a lot come in and so yeah

have we got anything to look forward to in regards to collaborations would you collaborate with anybody in the ends or even more further out is it is that something you’re open to

***I’m speaking to people about collaborations at the moment so yeah hopefully that happens real soon and I’m yeah I’m always open to being creative I’m working forever is definitely like that’s um that’s something that I’ve always done and not always will do so yeah

and do you feel because I feel like me as a presenter I’ve got a lot of healthy competition out there there’s a lot of presenters out there that are doing exactly what I’m doing trying to make it trying to do what they need to do they’re also talented they might have a radio show they might have locked I might do exactly what I do but then I know what makes all different do you see what I’m trying to say I know who my healthy competition is out there would you say you have healthy competition out there in the industry at the moment

****yeah to be honest yeah this obviously there’s always people that are doing the same thing that you’re doing and no matter what you’re doing but my thing is I compete with myself daily you know you have to that’s the main thing you have to be your best battle with yourself challenge yourself believe in yourself most importantly because there’s days and I’m not gonna lie some days I’m just that good enough or is it this so you do question yourself so in terms of competition if you focus on what you want to do and you believe in yourself and you know you know you know your Worth and you work hard you are your own competition it doesn’t matter who else out there doesn’t matter who’s ahead of you who’s behind you whatever the case may be you can always do whatever you want to do and you just have to work for it and then if there’s someone that you look up to or you think they’re good or inspired by look at them as a benchmark and say right I want to be doing what they’re doing and you’ve got to work every day go up every day to do that so competition I don’t see it I don’t see competition because I’m my competition

I think that’s the best way to be because that way you don’t know everybody’s path you don’t know their struggles you don’t know what their journey is everyone’s got their own journey you might look at them and think you know what this so up here you don’t know what kind of struggles and battles they’re facing and what they’ve had to do to get to where they are you see what I’m trying to say

****everyone is unique everyone has something different to offer because because you’re a female and you rap doesn’t mean that okay I’m a female I rap that mean you’re gonna do the samething because we have different lives we speak about different things we have different tones we have different voices we have different bodies so you’re never going to do the same thing that I’m gonna do because we’re two different people so never think that because she’s doing that or people gonna think I’m copying her or I’m I want to be John saying it’s not necessary that all right you may look hot someone I’d like someone but say I want be like her but in my way in Sims way, and I mean or whoever the case may be so

 Its running with the streets but we’ve got origin building and I’m all about positivity and spreading positivity so I want to ask you why it’s a lot of people that interview is if you could say anything to inspire the youth or to help them in their journeys and growing up what would it be to encourage them what piece of advice would you give them?

*****Like I said and the just a little while ago, believing in yourself is probably the most important thing you know just having faith being spiritual even if you’re not religious just keeping a clean heart being happy but you’re not you know where you want to be because at the end of the day you’re happy it whatever happens is going to come from within so if you’re happy within everything else is out there will come to you that’s good so my thing is you know don’t feel it a hype don’t front of the crowd be yourself yeah believe in yourself and do not think that anything is too big for you’re out of your reach because anything is possibly just have to work for it like really work for it and then that’s my yeah that’s my thing

What is that one thing you think a woman should never do to her husband?

When women allow men lead and men choose to lead, you’ll see that the family dynamics gets balanced and the children are healthy. The worst thing a woman can do is turn her kids against their father, every father needs access to their kid. Trying to control a man through the children is evil.

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