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See Services And Applications Tech Giant Google Has Shutdown In 2019

The way Alphabet Inc, or Google has been going in shutting down its services in the past is alarming. If Google is not a successful firm, could have said that Google will someday become successful, you know what? They are not tired of testing new innovations.

Services and applications like; Google Local Guides, Google My Business, Google My Maps, and YouTube does still offer OpenSocial, development API tools for building social are the only Google owned products that could accurately be categorized as social media. Prior to being discontinued in 2019, Google+ for consumers was the Search Engine Giant’s latest effort to edge in on the social media market, but according to Google, it failed.

Google+ was not the first attempt Google made to encroach on the social market, which is so intricately linked to it’s primary market, Search Engines.

Previous failed social media sites owned by Google include the following:

Dodgeball – social networking service. Users could text their location to the service, which would then notify them of nearby people or events of interest. Discontinued in 2009 and replaced by Google Latitude.

Google Buzz – social networking service integrated with Gmail allowing users to share content immediately and make conversations. Discontinued in December, 2011.

Aardvark – social search utility that allowed people to ask and answer questions within their social networks. It used people’s claimed expertise to match ‘askers’ with good ‘answerers’. Discontinued on September 30, 2011.

Google Friend Connect – add social features to websites. Discontinued on March 1, 2012 and replaced by Google+’s pages and off-site Page badges.

Jaiku – social networking, microblogging and lifestreaming service comparable to Twitter. Discontinued in 2012.

Meebo – A social networking website discontinued on June 6, 2012.

There is nothing new for Google when discontinuing social media networking websites and other failed products.

Just take a look at the list of products and applications that Google has or will be killing off in 2019 alone..

Below are list of Google Products Being Discontinued in 2019;

YouTube Annotations – annotations that were displayed over videos on YouTube. On January 15, all existing annotations were removed from YouTube.

Google Allo – Google’s instant messaging app. Closed on March 12, 2019.

Google Image Charts – a chart-making service that provided images of rendered chart data, accessed with REST calls. The service was deprecated in 2012, temporarily shuttered in February 2019 and shut off for good on March 18, 2019.

– a URL shortening service. Started to turn down support on March 30, 2018 and was discontinued on March 30, 2019.

Inbox by Gmail – an email application for Android, iOS, and web platform that organized and automated to-do lists using email content. As of April 2, 2019, accessing the Inbox subdomain redirects to Gmail proper.

Google+ – The consumer edition of Google’s social media platform. As of April 2, 2019 users are greeted with a message stating that “Google+ is no longer available for consumer (personal) and brand accounts.”

Development of the following list of Google owned products has been ceased and each application is scheduled to be discontinued in the near future:

Google Search Appliance – A rack mounted device used to index documents. End of hardware sales in 2017 and planned shutdown in 2018 – with final shutdown in 2019.

Google Portfolios – Personal financial securities tracker. Deprecated in November 2017.

Google Fusion Tables – A service for managing and visualizing data. The service will be shut down on December 3, 2019.

Works with Nest – the smart home platform of Google brand Nest Labs.

IOS, Android App For Adsense – Few weeks ago, reported how Google has announced to shutdown its Android, IOS Apps for Adsense later in 2019.

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