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Download Music Mp3:- Paul Okoye (Rude Boy) – Somebody Baby

Download Music Mp3:- Paul Okoye (Rude Boy) – Somebody Baby

That moment when you fall in love with somebody’s girlfirend, paul okoye also known as rudeboy explains it all from his own end in this song

Download, and enjoy!!



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  1. Emmanuel pato says:

    I luv anything about p.square, but i am nt happy about dis ther divid. am also a dancer 4rm benue state but nw in ogun state. 08065172801

    • Anonymous says:

      kkk i will sign u

    • Anonymous says:

      pls there is nothing like brother in this world come back toger pls i dont want any mr p and rude boy all i need is p-square you guys are the best ur music brings joy to the world and also to my heart too. i will be very grateful if you both come back together again. my name is joy from edo state uselu b/c

  2. DopeLines says:

    Hottest lines from the music above
    “As you be somebody baby am crazy ”
    “If your boo misbehave me self am ready ”
    “That somebody na person were go keep you company
    “Somebody no be gum body ”

    the boy is good

  3. Blessed AGBOR says:

    somebody baby by rude boy the music is very interesting but pls p square come back together I luv it when u sing together

  4. daniel uwah says:

    nyc one by rudeboy.
    instead of saying
    NYC one by p square

    • chyz kid says:

      that very good coment everything about those gugs is really nice.my coment is that if both should do thing seprate make sure both of u do not ve any familly issue.two of u should do what would make u be comfortable,i will still be ur fans

  5. starlord paul says:

    nice song but come back as one

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rude boy is really trying but p squear should come back together

  7. Frank says:

    Nice one

  8. AGBO loveth says:

    main guy you ar trying but u have come back together please

  9. Anonymous says:

    Togeda u gonna do it beta

  10. Emmanuel udoh says:

    I love psquare not mr p or rude boy pls u guys should come back tanks

  11. Anonymous says:

    until two of u are back that is when ur fans we believe what the world is saying
    to me what u people are doing is not making sense how can a woman be a problem between two of u is nonsense

  12. JR P says:

    nice one boss ,but we need u back together again

  13. Jeffrey says:

    I’m fine because you guys are not together is nice song but you guys need to back and so that you will be working together I’m Yong musician from beune state

  14. Jacob A Okon says:

    Mr Rudeboy That Sounds Good But Could Have Been Better If Ur Brother Mr P Was There So Just Come Back Together

  15. desmart said says:

    dhope song but it would have been more nicer if psquare sang it

  16. col says:

    This song is good but I don’t enjoy p- square since they saperated

  17. meribe says:

    Yu guyz should remeber dat a divided ship cnt sail

  18. BenEasy says:

    I like p square but now you are just like an upcoming artist .

  19. Sugarfaze says:

    Peter and paul…. d way i luv u guys only God knw, make una come back together pls

  20. SUNLIGHT says:

    There Is No Rudeboy And Mr P All We Need Is Psquare.

  21. Anonymous says:

    nic song, pop matter is COm Back as P square guys, pls! @Cry fan 4 ya group, Tz_boy℅℅℅

  22. sunlight says:

    nice song but I don’t enjoy it make me sad when I see ur people separate

  23. bamosky says:

    this is nice one from our brother Paul a.k.a psquare

  24. m,square, says:

    oo eh e no easy oh tel me why u guyz put me unda dey sun weather if na cool tyn broda make Una take am say everything e don spoil,dem say p,square hu carry everything for head oh see Una now we don dey mello some dey fade o,tell me wetin go wetin we go tel say p,square plss com back togeta com back, p,square plsss com back togeta com back as dey hot oh

  25. john paul says:

    rud boy is gotten from p:sguare ;Mr p is also gotten from p:sguare so abeg cum back una fans De cry ooo

  26. Anonymous says:

    NICE 1

  27. Anonymous says:

    You guys are both good but better together, remember the song u both did, in d song u said Peter and Paul dem one nobi two. Pls guys, come back and put ur mockers to shame. I luv u guys together and I’m dying of not seeing u guys together. Pls come together. Tnx guys.

  28. Anonymous says:

    ibaca I greet u,know be so you guys are good please come back with your brother. may 2 of you fly land in camfulness

  29. Anonymous says:

    Nice one but i really love wen psqaure sing together and not MR P and RUDE BOY, U guys should come back together plssssss…

  30. Anonymous says:

    P Square dei be 1 no be 2 but now i can see dat dei re 2 nd not 1

  31. Anonymous says:

    They absolutely disappointed all their fans.They made entertainment industry very boring now. These duo forgot that two head is better than one, twin for that matter!!! Now I believe that money is root of all evil. Very shameful ehh

  32. Anonymous says:

    What a fuck up 2brothers things move on better as u were together

  33. Dj B Classic says:

    It’s a v.shameful thx to see dat u guyz have gone separate ways.what abt the song u guys did 2geda,in which u said “Peter and Paul dem be one no be two?”.what’s actually gnd wrong btn de two of u guyz na ma guyz?

  34. Anonymous says:

    I love u

  35. Anonymous says:

    please you opp should come back we need you both of you

  36. Jaman says:

    Two head ar better than one, u guys should settle plz

  37. PRADO BOY says:


  38. Rhaystar (Mr.chocolate) says:

    I don’t kn anytin lyk rude boy or mr.p,i will love 2 call it p squear again,by d way it’s a nice1 shal…benue state father of base music

  39. VIC R.V.P says:

    NOT GOOD, U DAY HEAR m…e instead way una go day think how naija go beter, una day their day talk about 2 people way don carput money every second, make una no go find waeting una go do, day their day say p and q

  40. zaga dat says:

    pls come back we really means you gas pls you gas pls for give and for git god he self is not happy wet you gas pls

  41. The Lighter says:

    who is rude boy?

  42. Deeskales says:

    I love dis song, nice one Rude boy…… ride on

  43. miss M.c says:

    great, rude boy,,bt greater when u both are togeda please what ever dat is d problem try and settle it OK…. all una fans can’t wait to see una reconcile again plz do dat ok

  44. Benny says:

    Plz we need both off u together again plz

  45. fizzy raw says:

    rude boy MPA program and the best okoye son with humbleness keep it up very soon I will try to feature you

  46. Adafor praise says:

    RUDE BOY is trying ,MR P is also trying but you are much better when u both come together and bear the name p-square.i wish i had a twin ,i could have wish to be more than them because they are not together again.pls come back together.

  47. @seun863 says:

    Rudeboy is The Square While P is just an Alphabet…No Beefing Paul is the Real deal

  48. Fredrick Ali says:

    I really love it from kaduna (maraban kajuru)

  49. Christian says:

    Go and settle issue with ur brother.

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Ernest says:

    p-square rocks

  52. Kumbis says:

    Nice n wonderful song by Rude boy but it would have be better if d two of u sang it together…….. Psquare we beg u guys in d name of God who created u n i together please come back…cus we don’t like dis idea of Mr P nd Rude boy…what we need is PSQUARE…as u do so may God Almighty bless u guys in Jesus name Amen…Fans need u guys back cus we miss u.ooooooooo

  53. fleak says:

    reconcile to your Brother

  54. Anonymous says:

    Its a nice and gud music, pls download and enjoy it.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I knw der cm a tym in life wer one nid 2 move on wit his own life, but nt lyk dis bro! u both started dis 2geda nd if u shuld end dis u have 2 do it 2geda irrespective of d circumstance. its a normal tin 4 2 blood brodas 2 ngage in a serious quarell or fight but dat should nt make u both split frm each oda rather it should even make u both cm bck 2geda stronger nd stronger. let d world knw dat blood is thicker dan water. d whole world dnt knw rudeboy or mr p, wat dey knw is PSQUARE! nd we are all anticipating 2 c u both cm bck more stronger. i stil recal many songs u did 2geda e.g busybody, senorita, alingo, bankalert, i luv u, no one lyk u etc… am longing 2 c more frm paul and peter aka psquare! 2geda u wil continue 2 make it nd 4eva u wil continue 2 succeed. lng live d legend, lng live psquare…. I ADORE U GUYS

  56. Young star says:



    all of u dey try bt there is a saying that 2 or more brooms can sweep de compound bt not 1!

  58. SKYTWINS @ says:

    Whether rude boy or p square. I just wanna remind u guys about una song which says me and my brother. Our people said that 2 heads are more better than 1. Me too I’m twins oooo. So pls no mata wot just remember that both of u guys suck d same breast of 1 mother. I love to u guys.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Mia song but pls your fans want you back together

  60. Innoado Smart says:

    I love psquare pls u guys should come back tanks

  61. Anonymous says:

    nice one bro

  62. omar says:

    I no p square, bt it is not rid boy…

  63. JAJA says:

    i realy love p-square as a twin mucician but never loved d fact that they seperated. in one of their song back then, they said they are one not two.
    but w0t is goin on now.

  64. klairvoyance says:

    you guys should move on becos i had moved on biko

  65. Anonymous says:

    nice one frm psquare,i knw notin abt rude boi or mr p.pls ur issue wit ur broda

  66. Don Dezzy says:

    Nice one Mr Rudeboy but something lacking and you best know. Think and re-think

  67. Anonymous says:

    I have been a great fan of P-squre that I even memorized a lot of their songs an thought d fight will stop afta d song “Call Haven” seriously u guys nid each orda

  68. chioma tony says:

    pls come together again separating dont make sense

  69. BIG DADDY says:

    very nice one I like it

  70. henry kuzayet says:

    f*ck dis track.its wack…

  71. lonyou says:

    p square we want u back in this month

  72. David Coker says:

    We need p-square

  73. grace from uselu edo state says:

    who is rude boy ?na whom he elpe?pls i just want to tell you this ,there is nothing like mr p or rude boy but there is something like psquare and all i know is p-square pls come back 2gether and u guys should remember this :we bring it back again: i love you both pls come together for the sake of God

  74. jasper says:

    Pls come back together

  75. Emmanuela steph says:

    Please u guys should come back together..

  76. {Slexzyking} says:

    Mr P A.K.A Rude Dat Name No Fit U Coz U Knw Rude Atall Remember U Guyz Promise Ur Parent Dat U Re Going To Stick Together, Nw Where Is Dat Promise? Wat Happen?

  77. DJ TWIZ says:


  78. Paul and silas. says:

    I and my twins brother both were tear out when we heard about division of p-square,
    pls Mr Paul and peter reconcerns that is what we what,
    nice song.

  79. john sena .live lusaka zambia says:

    Mr p plz I love that song but plz get back to your brither and be one another ok forget about the past

  80. sunny harmony says:

    luv dis song but u guyz should cum back as one

  81. Elibe john says:

    p square you people should reconcile and come back as brothers,me I don’t understand this Mr p and rude big of a thing. I do enjoy ur musical lyrics the more I hear two of you guys sing nd performe….. pls do come back and still light up the candle. John from Ebonyi state…..Am an Airman of the NAF

  82. J boy from muntsira gyara word says:

    You guys can see all of your fans are so consent about ur sapreting to each others, u guys sapurse to do and thing very deeply by coming back as p squere agains plz, i love u guys.

  83. Khasilas says:

    Bro it is true but it must comes a time were there will surely live eachother.
    That is live.

    Well thanks for the wonderful song

  84. Peace says:

    Wish you guys will be back together in music and everything….
    No 1… P square ..
    … Now it’s just rudeboy and Mr P…
    Love the music though

  85. April says:

    Brotherhood has made a lot of tinz happen buh one thing but im sure of is 2good heads bonded by the same blood brings joy and peace to pple,psquare gats come to their senses .

  86. Raphael says:

    nice one bro

  87. i'm lovezack says:

    NYce Song But All What We Need Is For Guyz To Comeback Together Pls,,, I’M NEW UPCOMING RAPPER]

  88. shiko bryan says:

    but did dey have to sepera

  89. Josephus N.kpayili says:

    man the song is good but why Mr P and Mr R Boy naa

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