Actor Jonathan Majors 'hit ex girlfriend Grace Jabbari in the head to cover up his infidelity and establish control' after she spotted a text from another woman, court hears - 9jaflaver

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Actor Jonathan Majors ‘hit ex girlfriend Grace Jabbari in the head to cover up his infidelity and establish control’ after she spotted a text from another woman, court hears

    Posted by on December 4, 2023,

Actor Jonathan Majors ‘hit ex girlfriend Grace Jabbari in the head to cover up his infidelity and establish control’ after she spotted a text from another woman, court hears

Jonathan Majors assaulted his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari to ‘cover up his infidelity and establish control’ after she spotted a text on his phone from another woman, a court heard today.

The Creed actor appeared at the Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday, December 4, carrying a Bible and a notebook.

He arrived hand in hand with his girlfriend Meagan Good and another older woman.

Actor Jonathan Majors

Majors, who is known for his strong religious beliefs, declined to answer when a reporter asked if the trial was a ‘test of your faith.’

At the start of his trial, Majors got a boost when the judge dismissed four of the seven counts after an agreement between the prosecution and the defence.

Actor Jonathan Majors

Majors is now facing one count of intentional assault, one count of reckless assault, and one count of aggravated harassment.

Prosecutor Michael Perez said they wanted the multiple assault charges ‘merged into one charge based on the nature of the injuries and the acts alleged’.

The Marvel star, who was being lined up as the next face of the superhero series, allegedly slapped Grace Jabbari on a ride home, grabbed her hand, and then threw her back into the vehicle when she got out.

Emmy-nominated Majors is said to have gotten into a row with Jabbari as they returned from a New York City bar when she saw a text from another woman which read: ‘Wish I was kissing you right now’.

In his opening statement, prosecutor Michael Perez of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said that Majors beat up Jabbari to ‘cover up his infidelity’.

He told the jury of three men and three women: ‘Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviour that betrays an intimate partner’s trust and has historically taken place behind closed doors. It can take many forms.

‘A derogatory comment, throwing things at a wall, withholding love and affection and physical abuse.

‘Abusers use it as a tool to dominate, manipulate and instil fear in their intimate partners so they can have all the power and exercise all the control.

‘Its forms may be ever so slight but the psychological and physical effects of domestic violence take a devastating and immense toll on the victims.

‘On March 25th, 2023, the defendant, Jonathan Majors, committed domestic violence against his then romantic partner Grace Jabbari when he used physical violence to manipulate her, control her and physically hurt her.

Actor Jonathan Majors

‘The defendant over the course of relationship with Grace Jabbari used a cruel and manipulative pattern of psychological and physical abuse that culminated in the tragic end of their relationship’.

Perez said that the night of the attack Majors and Jabbari had been out to a restaurant together. By then they had been together for two years having met on the set of ‘Ant Man: Quantumania’ in 2021.

They had talked about having children and were considering marriage in the ‘serious’ relationship, Perez said.

But as they drove home back to Manhattan and were crossing the Manhattan bridge, Ms Jabbari leaned on Major’s shoulder as he took a selfie.

Perez said that a message from a person called ‘Cleopatra’ ‘popped up’ on Majors’ mobile phone.

There was a reference to a song by the rapper D’Angelo called ‘Lady’ and a message which read: ‘I wish I was kissing you.’

Perez said: ‘Stunned when she saw the message Grace grabbed the defendant’s phone to see if her partner of two years, the man she loved, spoke to her of grand plans for marriage and kids, had betrayed her.

‘Grace tried to read further but the defendant needed to be in control and would not allow it’.

Perez said that Majors began ‘squeezing Ms Jabbari’s body’ and took hold of her right arm and ‘twisted it behind her back’.

He ‘grabbed and squeezed her hand’, specifically her right middle finger.
Perez said: ‘Suddenly as Grace tried to read the messages, the assault continued’, adding that Majors ‘struck a blow across the right side of her head’.

Jabbari was left ‘paralyzed’ and Majors was able to grab his phone. The car stopped on the other side of the bridge and Majors got out.

Jabbari tried to follow him but he ‘needed to maintain control’ and use ‘physical force once again’. Perez said.

He said: ‘As the defendant exited (the car) and Grace tried to follow, the defendant used both hands to shove her repeatedly back into the (car)’.
Perez called the assault an ‘effort to cover up his infidelity.’

When it became clear she wouldn’t go back in the car, Majors then allegedly ‘grabbed’ Jabbari’s hand and ‘escorted her across the street.’

But then he ‘sprinted’ off, leaving her on her own, where she was found by three strangers

Perez told the court that Majors spent the night at the five-star Mark Hotel in Manhattan while Jabbari briefly attended a party after the strangers invited her to come – she agreed in order to ‘block out’ the alleged beating.

She went back to their apartment and woke up the next day with blood on her head and pain in her right finger.

Majors returned to the apartment and found Jabbari passed out in a closet and called the police.

The court heard that because Majors had ‘trained’ Jabbari she did not immediately tell officers of her assault – eventually the attending cops realized she had been beaten up, and Majors was arrested.

The incident with Jabbari, 30, a British dance instructor, happened on March 25th when police responded to a 911 call when she reported being assaulted during a car ride home.

According to the criminal complaint, Majors grabbed Jabari violently by her right middle finger causing ‘bruising, swelling, and substantial pain’.

The complaint states: ‘I (Jabbari) further observed the defendant grab my right arm, place it behind my body, and use his hands to twist my right forearm and right middle finger, causing substantial pain to my right forearm and right middle finger.

‘I further observed the defendant strike me with his hand across my right ear causing substantial pain and a laceration behind my right ear.

‘I further observed the defendant push me back into the vehicle using both of his hands causing me to fall backwards’.

Majors has denied six counts of assault in the third degree, one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and one count of harassment in the second degree. 

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