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“APC Turns Cashapp With Sales Of Party Forms Estimated At Over ₦100 Billion” 

“APC Turns Cashapp With Sales Of Party Forms Estimated At Over ₦100 Billion” 

Billion Matters Arising By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

In all honesty, the APC should now be named as CASHAPP, or a money-growing application.

Everyone is claiming that the APC presidential election is becoming a “all-comers affair,” since no fewer than 30 contestants have expressed interest in the presidency, with nomination forms costing a hefty N100 million.

Again, my piece should not be misinterpreted; my goal is to create awareness among the general public about the recent trend in our political parties and the necessity for us to exercise care.

You’ll thank me later for a magnificent EXPOSITORY if you read this with every emotion separated.

The fact that the APC’s Presidential form is priced at N100 million and that everyone is buying them speaks volumes about the investment our politicians are making in the general elections of 2023.

Apart from separating the real competitors from the jokers, the idea of N100 million has demonstrated that a new era is going to begin with Buhari’s exit, thus it is only right that you start sowing so you can harvest.

Let me split this down into three categories: political parties, politicians, and, of course, the electorate/masses.

But first, let me examine how the APC might raise more than N100 billion in a single month by selling nomination forms.

I attempted to be conservative in getting at N100 billion, so I won’t be doing the Total Sum. Do it yourself so I don’t have to go through the agony.

The presidential form costs N100 million, and so far, roughly 30 contestants have expressed interest in the position; projections are that 50 to 60 contenders will choose the form. Please do your math’s independently.

The governorship forms are then estimated to cost N50 million. There are elections in 28 states this year. Let me elaborate on this point, which is still relevant for other elective roles.

The pattern of hopefuls vying for presidential nomination forms suggests that the only thing holding them back is their inability to walk and move around, not their age.

It may also be of interest to know that the new electoral act just requires an attempt to write WAEC as the educational qualification for the President and others; whether your results were F9 all the way through is not INEC’s concern.

If N100 million forms are purchased by people we have never heard of before, then the Governorship elections will be GBoa, with ten times the rush.

We all saw how the Attorney General’s political family purchased GLKs and magnificent SUV jeeps for party members as they prepared for the APC gubernatorial primary in Kebbi.

Do you still think these guys are joking? Anyway, only in states like Lagos, where an incumbent governor is seeking re-election, you wont see much investors buying form although you would still record figures like 10 and above.

So start punching your calculators for 28 states times N50 million. Some states you will hear 100 participants.

Senatorial seats are selling for N20 million, here would be worse than the presidency and governorship. In my state, Edo, everyone is purchasing forms like they’re going out of style.

Have you observed how everyone is rushing to enter the competition? We have three senatorial seats in each state, and senatorial elections are nearly accessible to all states, whereas governorship elections are limited to only 28 states.

Some states might have more than 200 candidates running for the Senate. Then there’s the House of Representatives, whose form costs ten million Naira. Aspirants here are like PURE WATER.

At two million naira you you may argue the House of Assembly aspirants are fortunate, but who told you that?

Obaseki, for example, met with 162 PDP candidates for the HOA elections in Edo yesterday. Consider what certain states might record, such as Lagos. If you do the math, you’ll find that the cited amount of 100 billion was conservative.

Matters Arising.

The Political Party:

As previously indicated, the APC has become Africa’s largest investment. What does the party aim to do with this sum of money? Political parties and their finances are similar to Monkey and Banana in that you can never account for them.

Did you not hear rumors that they say over 800 million naira was spent in the last APC convention for publicity?

The EFCC should ask the party if there is a money laundering system in place.

Do the PDP and other parties have a chance in the general elections with a budget of over N100 billion?

Is the APC planning to contribute back to society as part of its cooperative social responsibility? I think they should do give away.

Why are presidential aspirants being told to sign a withdrawal form after paying a whopping 100 million naira for the form?

The Politicians:

Why would a politician spend so much money on a political party that some believe is dead?

The list of persons who have purchased presidential forms alone reveals a great deal. I’m sure no one has ever heard of some of them.

Is it possible that it’s for the publicity? What is your stake in the party is the new game being played currently.

With such a large sum, you have automatically become a national figure in the party, which should open doors for appointments.

With the accessibility you may get any where you go with the instrumentality of the state, power is very much needed in the country today. Amaechi, for example, runs his presidential campaign using Nigeria Railway Buses.

Everyone’s eyes are open, so you must be relevant. Another factor is that Nigerians adore such elites due to poverty and backwardness. It is regrettable.

So, when the APC shareholders share dividends, they’ll ask where your contribution is, and a proof of form purchase will suffice.

Then some of them purchase this form in order to sabotage other people’s plans.

Some are hoping for a consensus accord, which necessitates bringing as many loyalists as possible to step aside.

In fact, the only way for a consensus to be acceptable is for the aspirants to agree among themselves first.

Then of course others are there to serve as litigation purposes thereafter. You know say I NO GREE ….I NO GREE NA DEY TEAR CLOTH?

Whatever their motivations, the truth remains that these politicians have billions to bet with.

The Electorates/ Masses.

This is the cherry on top. Are you aware that some of these politicians, who would never spare a penny to enhance their society (since I know many who have given more than they have received from society. ), are investing so much in an electoral process?

Here’s my seven-cent piece of advise to voters and the general public: whatever you do from now on, make sure politicians adequately compensate you. If you’re a market trader, make sure your political clients pay you generously for your services.

According to my calculations, all political parties are about to pump a trillion Naira into the economy over the next nine months, so quit whining and get to work. Get a skill and work on it, then bill these individuals appropriately.

A trillion is a joke; the Bola Tinubu campaign group received approximately 1.5 billion in pledges from friends to buy his presidential form, Amaechi received about 1 billion Naira, Osinbajo received more than 500 million Naira, and so on.

The game is about to start, and money will play a big part. Please note that I have never stated that the money about to enter the economy is stolen money; I am only expressing facts.

As an online marketer who sells products to business owners and others, my bills for each politician who falls under my jurisdiction would be hiked to power 3. Yes, I stated that, and in exchange, I would provide my finest services.

It is unfortunate that Nigerians never perceive the opportunities in every situation. Work hard because excellent administration in some states and communities may not be guaranteed in the next four years. Your future may already be mortgaged, so get to work, begin the process, and begin developing.

Exodus 5:7 could apply to the next four years. “You shall no longer give the people straw to make bricks, as in the past; let them go and gather straw for themselves.”

So start gathering straws right now and enter the political process in order to change the narratives.

Now is the time for you to sow as well; I never said you should sell your vote oh, because a lot of people think upside down when they do not share same ideology with you.

Cash in like the political parties have done in advance, invest in yourself and tomorrow become a better version of yourself. Do not lose your focus and make sure you bill your clients well for the season. Its nine months of naira flow stop complaining and get to work.

“Na wetin person get e dey use find wetin e want.”

This message goes to food vendors, event decorators, speech writers, content creators, photographers, laundry services, cleaning services, tailors, printers and every artisan, the list applies to all.

If we prepare ahead and take proactive actions, we will succeed. After the elections, I intend to share my testimony with you.

My name once again na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah of the Bush Radio Academy fame.

Source:- Ireporteronline

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