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Check Out The 10 Categories Of Students That Request For Extra Booklets During Exam

I have carefully and systematically observed quite a fairly few sizeable number of students who request for extra answer sheets in the exam hall, and writing exam yesterday actually gave an incentive that led to the birth of this article.
10 Categories of Students That Request for Extra Booklets During Exam
1. The Oppressors
These categories of students will always top a list like this. They request for extra sheets primarily not because they actually need it but to subject other students to undue pressures making them look like they know nothing. I wrote a very tedious exam yesterday that threw me into a condition where I was looking up to heaven to provide answers to the Greek look alike questions, when this dude subjected all of us to undue pressures by requesting for extra sheets, making us feel like we have only come to school not to learn but for excursion cheesy. Please, join me in prayer so that the lecturer will score me well. cheesy
2.. The Photocopiers
This is the category where I belong (as I no sabi book, at least, I suppose sabi copy well na)cheesy The photocopiers will copy the copiable answers of both friends and enemies regardless of their GPs (whether the GPs of those they are copying are 0.92, 1.00, 1. 1.25, for all they care) as long as their pens are busy. They will add the answers gotten from Noah to the one from Jarus, joined to the one from Seun Osewa, Wristbangle and Oliviaarims. Before you know it, they will write more than anyone else. When their booklets become voluminous and can no longer contain answers, they will request for extra sheets
3. The “I too know”
During lectures, these students will sometimes argue with lecturers and create argumentative scenes in the class; they ask both relevant and irrelevant questions in the lecture hall with a view of gaining publicity. They will ask questions during lectures and will still be the ones to answer it themselves (how ironical? cheesy ). You would think they will hit first class/distinction because of their display of vast knowledge in all courses. They will go into the exam hall with this same character. When a lecturer asks ” Lucidly define Constitution”. They will continue to write and write and go off point; they will narrate how Moses delivered the Israelites from Bondage; and how King Solomon married 500 wives and lusted after 300 concubines; they will even add Biblical references. When their booklets have been filled up, they will request for sheets to finish up their bull-crap.
4. The Story Tellers
They share similar characteristics with the “I too know” students. The story tellers can’t explain or define theories without telling stories to justify their answers. Their stories and digression get their booklets quickly filled up.
5. The Scholars
Of course, these ones are undoubtedly very brilliant. They will logically, lucidly and analytically answer exam questions and may demand extra booklets when need be. When they request for extra sheets, be sure that they will get nothing less than an “A”, unlike the “I too know” crew who would demand extra sheets and still end up with an “E”
6. Masquerade Carriers
In case you don’t know, masquerade carriers is a synonym for “expo colonial masters” who are talented in carrying ‘expo’. They are so skilled that they will still manoeuvre their way out even if thousands of invigilators are deployed to their exam hall. They will request for extra sheets, smuggle it into their pockets and will take it to their hostels. They will copy answers on it for the exam they are having the next day.
7. The Competitors
They say life is a race, if you don’t run fast, you may get trampled.. The competitors dwell in this notion that life is a race, therefore, when they spot a student requesting for an extra sheet, they will also request for extra sheets so as to compete with that person cheesy
8. The Wetty-Palm Students
The size of their handwriting font is as big as Olumo rock; just two answers, their booklets don full. A blind man won’t even find it hard to read their booklet at a glance. But dont be suprised that some of the petty-wetty palm student will get capital ‘E’ and ‘D’ when the results come out.
9. The Misspellers
I also fall in this same category. We are called misspellers cos we aren’t good in spelling. Often, I even misspell my own names, department and course title and I will have cross it out and look at my school ID card to write correct spelling of my own name. By dint of our deficiencies in spelling, our booklets becomes so rough and illegible to read, hence, we cant help but demand for new sheets for fresh work
10. Feel free to add the last one
Written By Tosyne2much

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