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Dear 9jaflaver Readers, Advice Me, ”My Fiancee Is Having A Crush On Another Guy”

Hello 9jaflavers! Please i am very sorry to come up again with this my fiancee matter again, for those of you who might be familiar with my previous threads /2666138/want-call-off-marriage..i-feelconcerning her attitudes will understand better.
Brief Intro: i met this girl some years back when she was still on 1st Semester 200L in one of the university in SE states, though we met in Lagos…we fell in love i wanted to marry her then but she said i should allow her finish her school before we can officially get married (she was 20yrs then) while i was in my mid 20tez as well, so i decided to wait since i am still young & not in a rush, we are like everything to each other, i introduced her to my entire family members, friends, relatives & work coliquez, i made them understand we would be getting married during or after her final year in school, we are in a distance relationship because my work takes me to places within & outside the country, we only spent time together only during her holidays (i.e after 4 months) practically all her friends knows about me though i never met them in person, we really love each other so much that people believe we are unbreakable…
To shortened the story..we spent time together in Lagos last xmas before she traveled for new year..while i stayed back in Lagos, & we have agreed that we would be getting married this being her final year in school, i noticed that since she left for the new year celebration in her village our communication declined so much, she hardly called or pick my calls, when i complained she attributed that to a bad network in the village where she went to spend some days with her friend that was getting married that last year.
NOW SHE IS BACK TO SCHOOL..the same thing is still happning, she does not give me much attention again, hardly called, if i called she will claim to be so tired having hectic day in school, so i got tired of everyting yesterday when i called her she did’nt pick my call rather she text me that is was very busy & will call me back when she is done, after 2hrs no call back i decided to call her back & her number was busy, after she done making her call she picked my & said she was on call with her sister, i asked what she was doing that kept her busy from 8;30pm -10:30pm she said she was ironing & cooking. I felt unconvinced i asked her are you tired of me? She said yes & laughed, i was shocked, i ask her why, she said she can’t even explain it herself, i then ask..
ARE U SEEING SOME ELSE OR HAVING CRUSH ON ANY GUY? She said yes that it started last year, the guy use to come visit her in her hostel, but now she has lost contact with the guy, though nothing has ever happend between them, i felt like i was dreaming because i can swear for this girl that she can never do such…she said though she declined the guys proposal to date him because she does not see the possibility of it happning. Now i fell betrayed after all these years of waiting even when some friends adviced me against it, i have lost the trust in her, right now i feel so hurt, she pleaded that she don’t even understand what is happning to her that she is confused, she then said she just feel like being left alone to concentrate in her final year project…
please i feel so sad right now because i put all my egg in one basket in the name of love, my imagination is just going wild about her right now, i have lost apitite for food & loosing concentration, i so much love & trust her. Please how do i overcome this now? help me..

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  1. cynthia says:

    if you ask me i wil tel u 2 lv evrytn in gods hnd he knws wy it hpnd maybe 2 tst her nd see if she is de rghtful one or not pls it nt de end of de world ok u cn stil fnd smone dat wil suit u

  2. CYNTHIA says:

    stp lamentin maybe GOD wnt 2 use u 2 tst her nd se if she is ur rightful partner 4 many nd its tym 4 him 2 bles u wt urs de bible old tins are passed away nd is tym 4 ur blessin thank u

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