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Download Music Mp3:- 2Baba – Oyi

Download Music Mp3:- 2Baba – Oyi

2Baba drops another single, titled “Oyi”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Ush zaga says:

    First 2 downlod

  2. £myñíñéty says:

    2baba too much jor

  3. Anonymous says:

    Baba u too much remain evergreen 4life

  4. @danvic says:

    nice one Baba oooooooo

  5. ikennadinho says:

    3rd oooo

  6. zubi says:

    u too much

  7. NAz says:

    Baba you too much

  8. Anonymous says:

    All your songs gives me inspiration. 2baba u too much

  9. Okey ifeanyi says:

    All your songs gives me inspiration. 2baba u too much

  10. Michael Peter says:

    Baba may you live long for us 9ice one

  11. Bravo Bible says:

    Long live the living Legend….
    King 2Baba….

  12. Bravo Bible says:

    Long live the living Legend…..
    King 2Baba

  13. frey baba says:

    your songs gives me more hope and guidelines to.move ahead..

  14. sir endurance says:

    your music na one in town u too much

  15. Anonymous says:

    2baba u be king

  16. jangie Dumbuya says:

    2baba u be king

  17. Asorock says:

    Baba no wan play play this year. this is a dope song

  18. Anonymous says:

    baba na baba gbefu for 2baba

  19. Alexo says:

    baba na baba gbefu for 2baba

  20. Mr.sweet says:

    Very nice one 2baba you on f

  21. Anonymous says:

    More respect to u 2Baba….More music from u 2Baba

  22. mr lovers says:

    2baba u be much.

  23. TOBIAS SOKEN says:

    I love his music

  24. Authentic says:


  25. Akor Joseph says:

    legend 2baba proudly idoma

  26. Anonymous says:

    2baba u re indeed talented n hard working man more grace I dis song

  27. Anonymous says:

    2baba yo are good yo go anywhere, but pls try and bring out Benue talented too

  28. T henry says:

    2baba yo are good to go anywhere, but pls try and bring out Benue talented too, and support my comedy show in Benue this year baba, this will be my first show holding in Benue state!!!! my ( YouTube Chanel is) ( T henry world) or yo can Google ( T henry comedy )

  29. Rastaman Okolo says:

    2baba after u na u 2baba

  30. Brain boi says:

    2baba I cut cap.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Tu face baba I site u gon

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mr Voltage say 2baba you be of najia he post

  33. Voltage says:

    2baba you king najia music

  34. john silva says:

    2baabaa toooo muchhhhhh

  35. Adejoke says:

    Nice one

  36. Anonymous says:

    Oyi u try that song u sang, otiojilima

  37. Emmanuel Good says:

    Oyi u try this ur song is nice and otojilima

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Ibrahim from Sierra Leone says:

    Oyi nice song 2baba am in love with this song

  40. Anonymous says:

    2baba too much man u always on top

  41. Ode Samuel says:

    Ever living legend,may you live long

  42. official kizzy says:

    Nice one 2baba

  43. Nelly Jackson says:

    Oyi u 2much. Your songs always give me joy

  44. major bankz says:

    u 2 much baba

  45. Hibee says:

    2baba d father of Africa,,, dix one nah real real o
    u too much baba Agbalagba

  46. Naph baba2 says:

    Tubaba number 1 africa, u tuu much.

  47. Keteke says:

    2baba neva disappoints

  48. Anonymous says:

    u too much 2baba

  49. ojoawo tobi says:

    2baba u too much

  50. Deefresh says:

    Top hit Run town

  51. Anonymous says:

    tu baba he don kill me

  52. Anonymous says:

    best artist of all times and more…..salute!

  53. Young Adegahi says:

    oyi eji ko ar make sense diee eee
    but try reconcering with ur bros oyi blackface ooooh

  54. Anonymous says:

    D heat dey boss my head

  55. hardex nero says:

    baba u gt mouth

  56. adeoyebabatunde757@ says:

    baba u gt mouth

  57. Prestige says:

    Music legend nice 1

  58. Ogiri john onoja says:

    Oyi-eje’gbuleje, u are the best of all

  59. Onimsbaba says:

    Double take 4 baba

  60. Anonymous says:

    always amazing 2baba

  61. Anonymous says:

    2Baba u 2 much!!! ur musice alway give me joy & happiness espical only amaka dispointment + this one again oyi 2baba u 2much ever green dey king…

  62. Amaka y says:

    2baba u 2much!!!
    You alway be a king forever more!!!!! i alway cute salute for u, no more ending of lastest 4rm u 2baba u 2much abeg vorican claw down.

  63. Samurai says:

    Nice one bro….remain bless

  64. ever g says:

    2baba you’re just undescribable more love

  65. Lupe Cosmas says:

    2baba you are born to sing

  66. Anonymous says:


  67. ERIC TSEBEE(young tiger) says:

    my bros you are 2 much we are the BENUE BOYS

  68. it'z Desz~b says:

    Nice one baba ooo

  69. Anonymous says:

    Chaii 2 baba na wa oo….. Just kill me abeg. Well done sir

  70. seclusion says:

    I trust my one man

  71. Onyilo peter says:

    2baba…. u too much

  72. Mirasaint says:

    2face but now 2Baba you be my man all the way we Dey with you

  73. #!b££| says:

    2 baba u too much, always on top,,,,

  74. Eva-Boy says:

    2baba my mentor for life
    this one dope die

  75. Sir kozzi says:

    I can’t stop listening to this jam
    I swear this is jam of the century now 2baba u 2much
    Ah ah oyi I love my girl
    Sweet jam inspirated 2baba/2much…

  76. Dj mosyla says:

    Salama for u my boss
    after u na u.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Always the legend

  78. festival says:

    u na u baba

  79. Ameh Joshua says:

    Baba u too much God bless you

  80. Charlzy says:

    Baba you are,great

  81. Obi Bitrus says:

    2baba you always go higher u are too much.

  82. john odaro says:

    much love 2baba

  83. nico tee says:

    wanem u too muchiiii…

  84. Mr slimz says:

    2baba u b boss!! Only d wise will understand ur message..

  85. Mr slimz says:

    2baba u b boss!!! Only d wise will understand ur message.9ice one father

  86. Anonymous says:

    Ayidoma k eweje U too much jooo

  87. Paul Sunnieblessed says:

    Ayidoma k weje U too much jooo

  88. Anonymous says:

    up u baba

  89. Onoja Elastic says:

    May God keep you for us, the unborn generation will celebrate you.

  90. Gabriel says:

    Tanks for reminding me of my town (edumoga)

  91. Anonymous says:

    this guy ma baba

  92. Anonymous says:

    tubaba u are always on side.

  93. Anonymous says:

    who God don bless let no man course. my brother from another mother u too much. more Greece to ur elbow

  94. True talk says:

    2baba y una ne dh sign new pepu lyk david n olamide. Shame on u

  95. Anonymous says:


  96. Sneeze says:

    Gad much love for you menu. Nice one

  97. Izi lucky says:

    2baba u 2 much

  98. lucky says:

    I love Di’s song die

  99. Anonymous says:

    Ochi of music 1 i lv this too much

  100. Abedoh says:

    Ochi of music 1 i luv dis too much

  101. Abedoh says:

    Ochi of music 1 i luv dis music 2much

  102. Ambition says:

    All your songs Dy give me happiness 2baba much love I get for u

  103. Chineyem says:


  104. lina A says:


  105. Kabiru abuh says:

    2baba oyi is a beautiful song that i admired i luv ur songs.

  106. Anonymous says:

    no level d song well

  107. Anonymous says:


  108. Crown says:


  109. Anonymous says:

    2baba i no no say u sabi sing ooo god bless u

  110. Anonymous says:

    baba how you think this kind song when other artics no fit think like that too

  111. Somie presh says:

    Very nice

  112. Anonymous says:

    Men just this song my girl come day love me ooo men 2baba thank you o only God no waiting you don do for me with just this your song ooo much blessing’s to you my oga…

  113. Anonymous says:

    From me @ Dannysacface ## more blessings to you 2baba forget to put my name for my first write up abt the song way make my gal come day love me more …thanks bros ..if you be gal nw see kiss..for you lol ..thanks 2baba …

  114. TINTWI says:


  115. Goodluck F Ebbong says:

    2Baba ride on nothing do u

  116. Goodluck Ebbong says:

    2Baba ride on nothing do u

  117. SAMAD says:

    2baba D baba

  118. Anonymous says:

    nice one baba oyi

  119. Anonymous says:

    Well done baba

  120. Anonymous says:

    oyine u too much :
    idoma one luv

  121. Ibrahim says:

    2baba, u kill the song keep it up

  122. Ose says:

    My favorite..Dope

  123. @davemiracleson says:

    2baba, u get mouth ” if I lie make thunder fie dat person wan nor like oyi

  124. Childers obi says:

    2Baba u too much. See as the heat dey flow. na u oooo

  125. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm I love 2face

  126. Ahmed says:

    2baba ma man u b, now na I dey see d reason y dem give u d legend of music, even God don create ur potion for heaven as choir leader

  127. Mariam says:

    nice 1 tu baba……

  128. Anonymous says:

    I love u 2baba

  129. muideen says:

    2baba u too much

  130. Tayapiti Heropa Bala says:

    2baba wish u long life

  131. Mbaaiga Dallas says:

    2baba u b legend abeg mosh oil for ur head jare

  132. itz hamakha says:

    twale baba…yhu caught d ball

  133. Alasa Afeez A.Z says:

    Baba Oga makes me feel high when he sings from the bottom of his heart. Tuale u be baba nah. One love. If i tell u say i love u, abeg abeg make u no turn me to your mumu…

  134. samson ekwuojo says:

    am short of words i dont even no the perfect word to give to ur music 2baba you remain the boss forever continue booming

  135. Diamond adams says:

    Baba you too much

  136. Vasco dagama says:

    2baba u r the best

  137. Anonymous says:

    Una just de praise am 4 nothing see see guys like there davido,wizkid, olamide de sign new boys 4rm there state him no even get any body 2 show 4 shame on him, but i like de song sha!! Dope

  138. Anonymous says:

    Legend of all time, I love you tu baba

  139. clinton samson says:

    not bad my nigger is a good job

  140. Dtangel says:

    Baba weldone this is nice

  141. Kelvin trizzy says:

    u de 2 much 2baba

  142. Jbaby says:

    Asin ehn words can not just explain it more wins 2baba

  143. daniel says:

    the true na say I never see anybody way fit give us the jam like 2baba

  144. fhemzynoel says:

    mad jamzzzz…….

  145. Anonymous says:

    baba of all baba in african music

  146. Anonymous says:

    I want be a comeder!

  147. Anonymous says:

    Weldone my brother benue, 2baba

  148. Cassandra jacobs says:

    I love dis music

  149. Anonymous says:

    continior to blow, like
    smoke 2baba

  150. Anonymous says:

    spendid, das gr8t keep up

  151. Miracle Apex says:


  152. Anonymous says:

    I love de song

  153. Kissjoy says:

    I love 2baba

  154. Rholex richie says:

    Everything was ahit,up to oyi you bam egedege

  155. rano says:

    dope RECORD

  156. James fater says:

    2baba u are good

  157. Anonymous says:

    nyc 1 my boss

  158. Anonymous says:

    nyc 1 my boss

  159. Anonymous says:

    Nice musik

  160. Anonymous says:

    Baba you too much

  161. Anonymous says:

    Dope song 2baba……… You solid

  162. Anonymous says:

    7 star for you tu BABA

  163. Lobo blacka says:

    clear road for that man, baba you tu much

  164. Anonymous says:

    2face you my raiwbo

  165. Anonymous says:

    In-law U too much may God Almighty continued to keep u for me, Emmanuel from Eket

  166. Anonymous says:

    2face is the legendary one

  167. christian says:

    2face is the legendary one

  168. stephat says:

    i will forever love all your songs

  169. Nixmauj says:

    Winston Maurice “Nixmauj” CEO BeYasalfRepublic and Businessman…….. 2Baba you are so inspiring and courageous

  170. Anonymous says:

    you too much

  171. Martins says:

    2baba Yu too much Joo..r

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