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Download Music Mp3:- Falz – This Is Nigeria

Download Music Mp3:- Falz – This Is Nigeria

Nigerian music artiste “Falz” describes Nigeria from his own perspective with this song, titled “This is Nigeria”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. king saha says:


  2. falz says:

    Nice work

  3. Anonymous says:

    first to download

  4. gozzy j says:

    first to download

  5. nanishow says:

    Good work

  6. stone says:

    Good observations by Falz……nice one

  7. wizdove says:

    This is very nice falz
    Can other Nigerian musicians do they some
    But this one there will keep singing girls girls
    Weldon falz koodoz for you

  8. Henry zoe says:

    Nice work Bro… More applause to ur gifts and talents.

  9. says:

    Nice one

  10. Moziz says:

    Love it so so much ……..alway nice

  11. Judacy says:

    If we have ur type like five for naija d country go change f**k d politician s n men of God that re deceiving d peaple day by day.falz you over try my broda

  12. Wise says:

    My guy u finish work

  13. Meino says:

    falz. guy na you try pass

  14. Donspecial says:

    Nice jam

  15. timmy says:

    U try falz nice thinking faculty

  16. Edgez Michelle says:

    wise talk

  17. Anonymous says:

    U killed it. Just what my ears want to hear

  18. Danny phemmie says:

    U killed it. Just what mine ears want to hear

  19. passapluz says:

    NYC 1

  20. Otunba sanga says:

    Nice jam.. keep it real

  21. david kings says:

    nice one the bad guy
    u really killed it
    have never one day disliked any of ur songs

  22. etz darvydo says:

    thank God that falz even could stnd up to voice oujt these word ,that ìs honest of hm .oga bahd guy u to much!

  23. Sazzay says:

    bahd bahdo bahdest

  24. Anonymous says:

    mukali umu guyz

  25. lilizmusic says:

    This is a vibe!…..the bitter truth made
    pleasurable to the ears.

  26. Obiology says:

    Another musical messiah.

  27. Adigun kofoworola horitokeh says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow Dope your music

  29. Anonymous says:

    I dey ur back bro na true u talk

  30. RANDY says:


    • Timothy (ZM) give us iwe says:

      I love what falz has done I wish Zambians had the brains to do something like this then sitting and waiting for there parents to give them money

  31. Queen says:

    You totally nailed it

  32. obaz blaze says:

    ah gat some love 4 u guys @ 9jaflaver

  33. Kingsley ray says:

    God help us

  34. Sir Gather says:

    Weldon Sir, make Ur head de there

  35. peace says:

    I love falz but he did not marriad simi

  36. JIMMY says:

    FALZ you just spoke the mind of every good Nigerians, i respect you for this…

  37. duru obinna says:

    bad guy you Sabi sing ooo!

  38. obinna says:

    bad guy you Sabi sing ooo!

  39. Rema G says:

    Falz carry go, we r solidly behind you

  40. DonRay says:

    1 love man,

  41. Emmanuel says:

    This d type of awakening we need

  42. ACCORDINGLY says:

    Falz bad guy in building
    I see you
    keep it up

  43. Anonymous says:

    So in Luv with dis one falz jah bless bro

  44. Chïźźÿkrïś says:

    Falz nice on, so in luv with dis jam thanks bro for dropping

  45. darlingkid says:

    nice 1 Weldon sir

  46. Saanmoyol terlumun says:

    Good one bro u re de fela of our tym…!

  47. TONYGODSON says:

    falz the guy

  48. Anonymous says:

    so gud guy falz it sound so sweet

  49. GOD work. says:

    I give u 100% is a good one.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hope they re hearing it

  51. Polited says:

    Whdor sir

  52. Anonymous says:

    U get brain bad guy

  53. Anonymous says:

    diz kinda song we ought to be hearing…..nt songs abt girls and bla bla bla…..falz I salute u 4 diz ur handwrk….u exposed dem…pls we nid more songs like dis ……well done bro.

  54. itz inyene (itz best) says:

    Good of you

  55. Richard Sumer says:

    I really love this site @9jaflaver
    thumb up to you people

  56. Anonymous says:

    Keep it on falz

  57. Smart says:

    Yeah this is really Nigeria, our president no go tomorrow in Jesus name amen

  58. Nnaemeka says:

    Nice work for you. Keep it rolling

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is NIGERIA, indeed is NIGERIA

  60. jeff hazy says:

    Falz #god of intellectual thoughts and thinking

  61. The Illuminati says:


  62. nchor Patrick says:

    soft work falz

  63. swilex says:

    u re de best

  64. Anonymous says:

    Soft work 4 9ja

  65. Pure d'genius says:

    Falz nice song. Very interestin, i love it.

  66. Pure d'genius says:

    Falz, u kill it. Very interestin and fascinatin

  67. Aj1 says:

    Nice 1 falz

  68. taiwo says:

    Falz good work

  69. Aimar lungarz BG says:

    falz it was good. One your best track so far everybody is criminal its me aimar lungarz the bloody grinder

  70. Anonymous says:

    falz the bad guy
    100/100 for you

  71. Lyl Nasty says:

    Falz d bahd ★ guy in the building. I sight u man!!

  72. chijioke says:

    weldone falz the bad guy

  73. Anonymous says:

    Nice bros

  74. De roo donvy says:


  75. AB showbobo says:

    dis the real nigga meeen the song is marvelus gear

  76. maryam says:

    qudos to u guy u really try, more grease to ur elbow

  77. Shoshea says:


  78. Destiny Whyte says:

    Guy U Go School nice one bro

  79. Anonymous says:

    Ur kind we wont

  80. captin nice says:

    Nice one falz tell them the truth

  81. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait to hear dis song as u guys praise it, still downloading.

  82. Anonymous says:

    emperor breazy ..nna fals keep telling dem not in dey happen

  83. Anonymous says:

    Am interested of this music but my name is uzor ifeanyi bright my nickname is ice kid. I want to be a super star.

  84. Olayiwola Enoch says:

    More grease to your elbow Mr Falana

  85. Olayiwola Olasky Enoch says:

    Nice one boss

  86. k'cent says:

    falz the good guy, am proud of u bro, this jam over make sense

  87. Aposman Adex says:

    soft work bro and nice drop

  88. Pajoe says:

    Falz my best man infack bahd guys are all my fans

  89. Anonymous says:

    God punish any man or woman even political power that sand against this song guess what this song is my favorite … falz weldone Sir

  90. Anonymous says:

    @Abelzz falz ur uniqueness is incomparable ,keep it up my roll model hope to see u one day

  91. mustey says:

    falz that is not good always try to make our nation pls one naija one people dont try to insult any bodys religion or culture,beside you are a good artist,and artist always try to unite peole and you a man of the people and you know that.

  92. Vickson says:

    Falz the Bad Guy… Thumps up bro

  93. falz says:

    Thank u all my lovely for all u have said.but their said their won’t me dead by hanging

    • benny jay says:

      That will not happen bro…. Fear not, whoever plot evil will surely go down with… The book of Esther in the Bible is ur assurance. no shaken, Na Dem papa go die by hanging… abi ki ni eni eleni Che nisin yi?

  94. Sliver says:

    Falz is the best guy ever

  95. Sliver says:

    Falz is my man I luv hem fro that song

  96. Anonymous says:

    Falz you are really a bad guy well done sir

  97. phinex247 says:

    Falz you are really a bad guy well done sir

  98. oga falz, your bad guy no start from today. says:

    I love falz

  99. skilo says:

    Mr falz dah bahd guy you don try for nigeria joor, you are sighted, this is nigeria for us.

  100. anzy says:

    falz you are mad for accusing islam indirectly

  101. Anonymous says:

    soft work

  102. Dino was here says:

    Honestly falz, u r dead baddest, always loving your music. #dino

  103. waco says:

    You are there fall the bahd guy

  104. Snazzy says:

    This one is not ordinarry song but de truth……… Falz keep it up

  105. Anonymous says:

    We are the government them no fit do you anything @falz the bad guy

  106. Anonymous says:

    Nice one falz
    you are the real Resurrection of BABA FeLLa …
    Keep it up blood …..
    You just spoke the heart of naija youths
    We tried of hearing chioma and saku saku ****
    It time to get shit straight and Real for once in this fucking county of ours

  107. Prince CIA says:

    #love it
    #9ice 1 der falz

  108. Solomon chibueze says:

    Nice one my man

  109. DAFLOW says:

    Superb…and funny
    police station dey 6:00
    security reason oo

  110. Skool-BoY says:

    Falz na Baba

  111. Anonymous says:

    No b lie

  112. Raplizzy says:


  113. Anonymous says:

    falz you try well well
    assuming we can have 6 musicians who can do the same
    kudos to you bro
    you kill the song

  114. Ozumonu Peace says:

    Falz, said the truth, and the truth lives for eternity. Religion or no religion it’s the truth. Even God no say dis is Nigeria.

  115. Ozumonu Peace says:

    Falz, said the truth, and the truth lives for eternity. Religion or no religion it’s the truth. Even God no say dis is Nigeria. No disputes.

  116. Anonymous says:

    True talk bro

  117. ajoke says:

    you are too much

  118. Ken says:

    Nyc 1 but u insulted Nigeria….am not in support of ur music

  119. Anonymous says:

    So inspirated

  120. Godstime says:

    nice work

  121. johnconnor says:

    fall tell them the truth please

  122. Fortune says:

    wall don Falz that is what will need in this country that why u are the bad guy

  123. Anonymous says:

    Its more fantastick

  124. Anonymous says:

    Falz u need to receive an award for this song….you talk true joor

  125. mimi says:


  126. teemzsy says:

    good job God go punish all of dem

  127. kayode ola says:

    this guy is trying his best out of all

  128. Anonymous says:

    falz ma brou i bliv u Jeffylloyd da boi is

  129. Chukwudi chinweze says:

    Falz i love that u no my mind chop knowk keep it up

  130. Promise says:

    Bros u try

  131. Anonymous says:

    nice keep it goin more applause fr u

  132. winzy says:

    keep it up falz,my crush.

  133. Godzwill Robert says:

    nice 1

  134. Nikyf says:

    Baba the truth is bitter so dem go vez notym weldon sir

  135. Nikyf says:

    Wekdon sir

  136. Swealy says:

    Falz thank you for saying the truth #Respect

  137. Anonymous says:

    Tell them d true I love it

  138. simon says:

    i love this for he is saying the true

  139. megaboy says:

    nice one falz
    This is Nigeria

  140. Anonymous says:

    Nice one falz

  141. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  142. Anonymous says:

    may fire blaze anyone that will go against this beautiful truth, may the fire also blaze anyone that is up there to go against this song!!!!! my brother and friend pls carry on!!!!!!!

  143. Heerion says:

    Love de jamz bro u are d best of all

  144. Anonymous says:

    hi falz my name tbello

  145. falz boy says:

    falz you are my boss please keep it boss

  146. Wizprince Lil-Kiz says:

    I love dj Neptune

  147. Anonymous says:

    the hijab part gat me hate u bruh

  148. Gift ozuruonye says:

    you are too much falz go on because this is Nigeria

  149. goodiee says:

    itz highly inspirational

  150. kayode says:

    nice one falz

  151. Anonymous says:

    nice song Falz

  152. Anonymous says:

    l like falz like ehn

  153. Ahmed saako says:

    Nice tune dere ma role model

  154. Mr Leksite says:

    Nice one baba…..bang up

  155. gucci says:

    Why are they scared of the truth?

  156. Eedris says:

    Falz tell them make them here word

  157. Eedris says:

    Falz tell them make them hear word

  158. ELEVATION says:

    truly the badguy no be mouth we go take knw say you be badguy you have prove to us I rate if Dem no rate you na you be BABA FOR ALL OF DEM I MEAN ALL THE RAPPER IN NIGER # WON BEE NI JOR WON O LE SE BI FALZ

  159. Anonymous says:

    Falz you too much but u and simi should have been a good one but the best is known to God

  160. Anonymous says:


  161. Anonymous says:

    Bro God Must bless you for me

  162. Rex says:

    Thank you for exposing them
    Falz……the bahd guy

  163. Abelcc says:

    Falz keep it up, nice one bro

  164. Anonymous says:

    ride on bro

  165. clip dezo nato says:

    nic one

  166. Anonymous says:

    Your Music Kills It,much Love

  167. levelz says:

    nice gee

  168. IFE says:


  169. Anonymous says:

    Remain bless my guy

  170. Khem Zhie says:

    Copyright from childish gambino’s this is america

  171. ERICCO says:

    chai guy, falx u turn down my street every where na just diz s Nigeria dem de sing. u de MAN falz

  172. Anonymous says:

    hmmm yes u be the falz , nice one

  173. Eddy says:

    I love dis song jor

  174. Anonymous says:

    welldone falz

  175. K.MONEY says:

    this is a song

  176. Anonymous says:


  177. FARABALE says:


  178. Anonymous says:

    Others Be singingsinging abt gals and dia booty, Falz ma guy b making sense… Tell em something uncle

  179. Mossb says:

    you are too much.

  180. Am saint-chrizzy says:

    Diz song really bring out d real Nigeria… Song wel don

  181. Rag Sign says:

    So cooooooooooooooooooool

  182. Nicklauzz says:


  183. chii says:

    falz I dey hail oooo

  184. iamkay_one says:

    Baddest song Mehn Nigeria my country falz the bahd guy #team#

  185. Henry-Mary says:

    Lovely song by falz this is Nigeria everybody are criminal

  186. adedayo timilehin says:

    Nice one

  187. Anonymous says:

    U are saying the truth man

  188. Hyginus chidubem babay says:

    Nice one falz keep it jum

  189. Anonymous says:

    falz i like and i like your music

  190. Anonymous says:

    Well don m’y Guy tell them something as a bad Guy no shaking

  191. solotez says:

    falz u get mouth I swear I feel u die those sars nah f**k nah

  192. Frosh lee says:

    Falz u killed it bro,this 1 shaprapra falz u ar really a bad guy

  193. ella says:

    boss man falz well-done sir love your music

  194. Victor says:

    Padi u mother d song keep doing wat u know how to do best Falz

  195. Anonymous says:

    Nice song, falz keep it up

  196. Anonymous says:

    Nice one dear

  197. BSK Nass.kuki says:

    falz dis is so glorious ppl like u can make Nigeria change

  198. victot ben says:

    This is good

  199. 9ja says:

    This is Nigeria

  200. Best skng says:

    9jaflaver best musics

  201. Zillion says:


  202. Joy says:

    Its dope, dat was brave of u falz

  203. Peter Martins says:

    falz you are a musician am hoping to dine and club with someday, I give you high definition

  204. Izonbomowei Timinipre says:

    I like your music

  205. Hy code says:

    That was very 9ice

  206. Hy code says:

    very nice

  207. Anonymous says:

    Olamide see mary

  208. Derrick kunda Zambia says:

    I like yo music and enjoy….. nice music keep it up again and again go tekno go…………….. Zambia love u so much just continue

  209. Gucci says:

    I love it

  210. Prince morrison says:

    Falz, with your songs talent some people die in the world of emulation.. . you too much

  211. R.kelly says:

    senior ,carry go ,GBA GAM 4 there head there

  212. Emmy says:

    Falz ur mama born u wel: i no b musiz fan bt i lik ur styl continue bros i d ur as keeper,

  213. yunglord says:

    nice one

  214. Emmanuel says:


  215. Anonymous says:

    Seriously falz and simi re jux two combination of inspiration, ilove you both

  216. AGBALASH says:

    Dats d badh guy on d building

  217. faith says:

    I luv dis song,it nyc

  218. damsel says:

    i luv ur songs-this is nigeria

  219. Tiasa says:

    9ce thkng oga falz u are well talented

  220. Stan Kyle Lee says:

    Luv u bro

  221. maxi millanho says:

    So nice

  222. davidsilver says:

    I like this song like any other thing falz keep I up

  223. Anonymous says:

    9ce one

  224. Anonymous says:

    nice song

  225. Stanley says:

    Nice song

  226. yemi alade says:

    bum bum

  227. pizel says:

    get it on with u we can change our Nigeria for a better tomorrom.

  228. pizel says:

    nice we this we can change our Nigeria for good.

  229. mercy p says:

    Nice beat

  230. Snazzy brown says:

    Falz u too much keep it up

  231. WINIFRED says:

    WAS UP

  232. Ak blast says:

    You made it, it’s a dope job

  233. Anonymous says:

    I luv ur song falz

  234. Peru says:

    Second fela

  235. KingDee De Onelove'master says:

    Is the best. I like that

  236. Anonymous says:

    falz bad guy the author of truth

  237. Falz says:

    This is nigeria

  238. Anonymous says:

    nice one my boss,
    Gud an meaningful jamz

  239. Anonymous says:

    please put money be fine bobo on the Page I can find it

  240. pasino victor says:

    anyone against this song is an idiot. thank ma guy

  241. Anonymous says:

    I like the fact that you copid this is amerika and the killing i love the song

  242. Vfx Smiles says:

    Nice Music … Falz.. Just watched Child of the world.. And it inspired me to hunt your music… Respekt papa… Outta Uganda we love u

  243. kcee Asimole says:

    Na true tlk na xo 9ja b
    Oga Falz u try

  244. sunvegas says:

    Best regards to n*********

  245. sunvegas says:

    Best regards to the Nigerians

  246. karlos sheamzy says:

    falz the bad guy I really love that song all you said are right

  247. Anonymous says:

    Nice work

  248. falz d survival says:

    weldone my mentor…u’ave unveiled the hrt of many Nigerians…u desever many more accolade sir

  249. Anonymous says:

    I like this artist

  250. Najeem says:

    U 2much #falz cus everybody is a #criminal as u said

  251. Anonymous says:

    I love your song

  252. Anonymous says:

    i love the song

  253. Anonymous says:

    well done

  254. AzaYa says:

    This is the type Nigerian needs not all those. Noising blah blah. About galz.
    Thumbs up !

  255. Anonymous says:

    You too get brain
    Abeg keep it up

  256. Esirl Kisko says:

    Well done Mr Falz, I like this song very much. Keep it up!!!

  257. Timothy says:

    nice I love it

  258. Sarafina says:

    Falz dear ,am impressed you did this.
    who knows if another can do the same

  259. Yung says:

    Hmmm this original Nigeria

  260. best son says:

    nice one

  261. odunayo says:

    Mr falz i like you too much

  262. Splendid says:

    Wow this video is making me go crazy

  263. Splendid says:

    I love this song and i don’t like how falz didn’t wear clothe in the video

  264. Beauty says:

    I love this music i love u falz

  265. Beauty says:

    I luv dis music. I luv u falz

  266. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro
    Yhu kill it

  267. wheezy says:

    soft work

  268. Anonymous says:

    Wow i love this video

  269. Darlyn drinkwater says:

    Falz u are my best

  270. Anonymous says:

    thank u falz .talk to them

  271. Anonymous says:

    thank u to them

  272. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  273. Anonymous says:

    i love that

  274. Anonymous says:

    Can u promote a song that is not danceable?

  275. Anonymous says:

    I love you falz

  276. At small says:

    I love dis music

  277. Asanga says:

    That’s good king falz, keep it up

  278. Anonymous says:

    Falz you’re a criminal too…

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