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Download Music Mp3:- Fireboy DML – What If I Say

Download Music Mp3:- Fireboy DML – What If I Say

Fireboy DML drops another single, titled “What if I say”

Download, and enjoy!!


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Young Blaze Ft Endeetones – Lasgidi
Wiffer – Forefathers
Samwell – Always
Sly B – Jesus Loves Me
Sly B – Fire Burn Them
Gmajor – Jesus Is In The House
Zee Kora – DNA (Dance The Night Away)
Wiffer – Healing (Corona)
Kizito - Imo My Home


  1. Adesewa says:

    I love dis song mehn,it give me joy always we listening to it,fire boy thanks,and you can do more,we love u

  2. Anonymous says:

    Una papa

  3. Anonymous says:

    He is mad

  4. Sparklero says:

    You never even blow
    You don already dey pick people wey go dey hear yh song
    You no see yh lyf

  5. Anonymous says:

    fire boy u too much I love ur song keep on

  6. Phizzynep babaologo says:

    Omo fire boy Na the next oo
    me self dey pray make I dey ybnl walie
    I dey pray make baddosneh jam me one day oo
    because anything way baddosneh don discover is always the best if best and I am part of the best

  7. Phizzynep babaologo 12G says:

    Na only the start Omo I don dey fall
    Omo baddosneh walie abeg jam me abeg
    me self dey drop shit ooo abeg discover me e joor Omo your label is the best of the best

  8. Gold says:

    mehn this song is a hit. I love this song, fireboy keep it up

  9. Anonymous says:

    OK make him hold his song na

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice music

  11. JJ says:

    f*ck u with ur music

  12. Prince says:

    Fvck u. Disgusting decision

  13. mini says:

    fireboy you are more than adekunle bro,each time i listen to this song i feel good。keep it up

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Idris says:

    I will like too download it

  16. SnehII says:

    Fireboy much love ❤❤

  17. Chikaodili says:

    I love this song

  18. Anonymous says:

    bro help I de sing abeg

  19. Rokky_StonE says:

    This is the best i have heard dis year! fireboy_DML u too much, keep it up

  20. Anonymous says:

    keep it up fireboy nice one bro

  21. Ayomide says:

    nice one fireboy…I be young talented rapper too nd I wanna be one of ybnl family

  22. charger says:

    abeg who get iPhone charger here

  23. Baron says:

    Abeg guys for where i fit buy gala and cold Pepsi

  24. Anonymous says:

    good music damola

  25. Ice berry says:

    Nice music

  26. Anonymous says:

    fine music fireboy. keep doing the good job

  27. Anonymous says:

    you thisave worldbest

  28. Anonymous says:

    I love the song

  29. Itz king jojo says:

    Good bro

  30. HYNESZ says:


  31. Holuwa seun says:

    Keep it up bro

  32. Joanness says:

    Ride on fire boy… You re on fire..

  33. Bazio says:

    Good one brother

  34. it's chumbus says:

    nice song bro kip it up I luv the song

  35. Temi tope says:

    Am first to download it

  36. Lanki says:

    Nothing do this song..

  37. Anonymous says:

    Kip_ up bro jah bless u

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. badtin1 says:

    omo bro u try die

  40. ozi onokus says:


  41. paddy says:

    ok, d jam dey lit

  42. Ayi Aka P Star says:


  43. Patrick Ebimobowei says:

    Am good person if you like me I will like you

  44. Bobby lashi says:

    More grace bro I pray to collaborate with you soon, watch out for Bobby lashi

  45. sunny says:

    fireboy….dey boost my brain…….talent pass talent….More great Sony boy fire on!!….I luv ur tones.

  46. Anonymous says:

    omo this guy too good much love

  47. Tobi ola says:

    I love u my boy nice one

  48. Anonymous says:

    rugged you.

  49. Steve says:

    Nice one!!!

  50. Mytika fahard says:

    Best jam ever…

  51. Mytika fahard says:

    Best Jam ever!!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    fireboy is just good

  53. kvng marley says:

    nice one fireboy,u are on fire

  54. Anonymous says:

    rubbish song

  55. mic~timmy says:

    u too much
    i want to be a hip-pop singer who can help

  56. Exceptional says:

    Kill dem all
    fire boy i dey hail oooooooooo

  57. Anonymous says:

    Fireboy mmmmmm
    I just love the guy
    E bin dey give me joy with his song

  58. Satomy says:

    Fireboy uhmmmm
    I just love the guy
    E just dey give me joy with his songs

  59. KINGELVIS says:

    more wins fire boy dml.

  60. Nmahsweet says:

    Nice one my dear…. Loving this track like a no mans business

  61. Anonymous says:

    hot jam

  62. Anonymous says:


  63. Anonymous says:

    fireboy.. no be everybody get money to take purchase itunes na.. WATS up with u? you wan make your wafi fans vex oh

  64. trust,God says:

    must somebody purchase through iTunes, u want to spoil ur self for fans a reputation

  65. martinz t- classic C.N.E Mentor says:

    nice one bro u just dy
    give dem back 2 back

  66. Anonymous says:

    the song is so nice

  67. Anonymous says:

    Nice song.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro

  69. Anonymous says:

    Up coming star boy

  70. Sonny says:

    Fire boy u ar good, pray God should continue giving you the strength and grace to grow big

  71. Anonymous says:

    Fireboy u are too much I love yr music

  72. Anonymous says:

    Nice hit keep on burning

  73. Agbalusia ngene says:

    Good one fireboy

  74. Anonymous says:

    keep it up fireboy

  75. adeniye adejuwon says:

    fireboy keep moving

  76. king Castro says:

    Omoo fire boy, fire on this is more than jealous, u are best compared rehema (Dumebi) rubbish

  77. Anonymous says:


  78. Boi on top says:

    Boy with joy
    Nice song

  79. Lkem says:

    Hot jamt his tight

  80. Anonymous says:

    Best music

  81. Maxwell says:

    I love the song

  82. Queen B says:

    Weldon bro
    Keep up

  83. Anonymous says:

    it’s very great keep up

  84. Anonymous says:

    So nice

  85. Iva says:

    De song is mad…..luv it lik crasy…..

  86. Anonymous says:

    Cool music

  87. Anonymous says:

    Cool guy

  88. Itz goodness obi says:

    Fireboy you to much carry on God is with you i love your song

  89. Anonymous says:

    wetin dey worry this guy when you never enter music na so there dey tell ur papa make he download music with iTunes

  90. Anonymous says:

    nice one

  91. Anonymous says:

    I love u fire boy .ur always the best ,I real like the song .”run with m plzz to america .

  92. Famous says:

    Much love

  93. Anonymous says:

    U stupid

  94. Anonymous says:


  95. Anonymous says:

    I love the music like mad

  96. Sugar says:

    What of if say I love u

  97. Anonymous says:


  98. Anonymous says:

    I love this title..
    More grace to ur elbow gee

  99. Anonymous says:

    I love this title…
    More grace to ur elbow guy

  100. pretty pearl says:

    Na wa ooo fire boy na here u fuck up ooo infact chop ur song

  101. pretty pearl says:

    Not cool bro

  102. Anonymous says:

    why now pls

  103. Queen jay says:

    You prefer us to buy it on iTunes you must be mad oga na help we dey help u hear your song ooo u never blow remember, who don know u sef mtchwwwwww

  104. Duliboy says:

    Why put your music for sale you never stand
    I will just collect it from a friend so screw u

  105. Isaac says:

    Oga wait make u hit well before u go start to de seal am nah..
    Who dose very any how boy

  106. Anonymous says:

    Nawawoooooo why oga boss

  107. Anonymous says:

    Awumen for you fireboy. Ehttrq ’72 njhraz for you

  108. Anonymous says:

    Awumen for you fireboy. Ehttrq 1972 Njhzra

  109. Anonymous says:

    u fuck up ooo no worry go chop ur song u, u go lose fans for wetin u do

  110. Anonymous says:

    u jst start na fireboy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy people need download am

  111. Anonymous says:


  112. Anonymous says:

    Good music

  113. Anonymous says:

    Great one fire

  114. Anonymous says:

    fireboy dml ur papa
    see person wey wee dey help oo
    if we no support yu
    u b nothing

  115. Anonymous says:

    small ediot wey we wan help

  116. west says:

    fireboy abeg we love this music… people like me no fit purchase am for itunes… as u no give am free now people go dey talk u bad talk rema good

  117. Anonymous says:

    fireboy watin happen na
    u go kill us Oooo emmmmm

  118. DJ tboi says:

    Fireboy nice song, keep it on

  119. Anonymous says:

    first to download

  120. Anonymous says:

    f*ck you fire boy

  121. Anonymous says:

    fuck you fire boy

  122. Blessing says:

    I love fireboy song so much

  123. Anonymous says:

    nice one dear

  124. Anonymous says:

    nice song

  125. Anonymous says:

    nice song bro I love it

  126. Anonymous says:

    Omologo 4g

  127. Anonymous says:

    Omo ologo 4g

  128. Anonymous says:

    This song is so nice shout out to fire boy DML shout out to ybnl for signing him

  129. Anonymous says:

    fireboy u are good, i love ur songs

  130. Anonymous says:

    This song is a super hit,,

  131. Anonymous says:

    Oboi…I swear de best music of de year….
    and na 4ma birth month self…Abeg take Diz
    seriously In Love with de song….madly..Fireboy keep it up….

  132. Anonymous says:

    Nice song keep it up

  133. Anonymous says:

    that is good my collik

  134. Anonymous says:

    J j u be big fool go sing u own

  135. lilskuch says:

    ah love that music walie

  136. Anonymous says:

    fireboy gives me joy

  137. Anonymous says:

    I really love this song

  138. Emerald says:


  139. Anonymous says:

    fire boy u are the best this is Zambia never give up itx yo boy young Tayo

  140. Stevo lee says:

    Fire boy keep it up

  141. Anonymous says:

    fireboy l love you songs keep it up.

  142. Riky Mickey says:

    fire boy l love your songs keep it up.

  143. Toby says:

    Nice hit tgere

  144. Toby says:

    Nice hit there fire boy keep it hot

  145. Brandy Randy says:

    My super star cOmmon keep it up

  146. Anonymous says:

    I so much love this song

  147. Mish kaida says:

    Dis is real fire big ups YBNL

  148. Anonymous says:

    Nice drop

  149. Anonymous says:

    I love this song,, nice one fire boy

  150. Anonymous says:

    the boys are trying keep it up

  151. Anonymous says:

    nice one bro
    keep it up

  152. Anonymous says:

    nice song bro
    keep it up

  153. Paul says:

    This song is simply awesome. I can have it on repeat all through the day!

  154. Triplestarzyog says:

    Lovely song brother

  155. Anonymous says:

    Best nice

  156. Anonymous says:

    I like dat. u can all so follow me at —- ( whiz kid joel house ) thanks.

  157. Anonymous says:

    I love dat. You all so follow me at ( whiz kid joel house ) thanks.

  158. Anonymous says:

    fire boy u go fire like fire keep it up my star

  159. Anonymous says:

    anytime I hear this sing I fell like I see my girlfriend

  160. Anonymous says:

    God bless you up up

  161. Anonymous says:

    His music is so good and understand

  162. Anonymous says:

    who fireboy hep? abeg play me Rema

  163. Anonymous says:

    fireboy is good, but am giving this
    award to Rema.

  164. Anonymous says:

    You de badest guy boy

  165. Spaxx says:

    Fireboy you de badest guy I love de song

  166. Anonymous says:

    Firevoy just giving us as he day hot

  167. Anonymous says:

    U doing too well

  168. Anonymous says:

    Nice One Keep It Up

  169. Anonymous says:


  170. Karen lyan says:

    So good keep it up

  171. Classic says:

    Kisses fireboyand hearts❤️❤️

  172. Anonymous says:

    Omothis song hit gon ,he dey nake me they remember my xx bae

  173. Victory says:

    Nice one dear

  174. Anonymous says:

    Fire boy

  175. Bliss mary says:

    What if I say, without ds song nothing fit Mk my day…..

  176. Bliss Mary says:

    My brothers no dey tire for ds song o,,, da repeat it uncountable times a day,,, fire boy,,, dnt my dem,, dey r jealous,, just kp going,,, God gv u more wisdom….

  177. Anonymous says:

    Wow I like this song so much

  178. Anonymous says:

    Omo let me dunwlod d music jo okare omo ton soni gboro

  179. Azeezat says:

    I love dis song

  180. Phemyfm says:

    Nice one bro… Jam

  181. Anonymous says:

    Fireboy killed it. this song is awesome

  182. Mario says:

    This boy too good

  183. Abigail jack says:

    I don’t no about fireboy but I love this music

  184. Anonymous says:

    Nice track

  185. Anonymous says:

    Lovely song❤

  186. Anonymous says:

    Nice music my man

  187. Anonymous says:

    Hausawa say alhamdulila, means thank god.
    As 4 me everythings in this life fireboy gots its. Up 2 naw i here the songs. But i real real like true in side me.

  188. Anonymous says:

    The song is too good

  189. Anonymous says:

    fantastic nice music

  190. Adeola says:

    I love this

  191. Anonymous says:

    good vibe fireboy we are expecting more

  192. Anonymous says:

    Dope song …, bless you homie

  193. Anonymous says:

    Nice jam… jah bless you homie

  194. Young sizzy says:

    I live this

  195. Anonymous says:

    Lovely music…progress in GOD’s NAME

  196. Unbothetrd fundz says:

    You na baba good song keep it up one

  197. EminentFhizzy says:

    mad jam

  198. Sanmy Jay says:

    I wish to be like you one day. Keep it up

  199. bolu baloni says:

    this song bad forget fire boy keep it up. sing another one pls

  200. ODOGWU says:

    fireboy i respect you i respect ur hits keep it up

  201. Adecold says:

    Much love

  202. Clifford says:

    Fireboy u b baba infact my first son go b fire kid

  203. Anonymous says:

    am yhet to know the best between Fireboy & Lyta….maybe time will tell.

  204. Anonymous says:

    I love this song so much
    fireboy just keep it up.

  205. Alimat says:

    I love ur song fireboy dml f**k d haters

  206. King Rex says:

    Nice track from fireboye

  207. Akwa says:

    I love this track bad, I have being trying to figure out the artistic of song for long .

  208. Kele says:

    Nice one by fireboy, keep it up

  209. Anonymous says:

    Dis song dey give inspiration

  210. Ekemini says:

    Keep it up fireboy!
    ya song is perfect.

  211. Anonymous says:

    i love this song,fireboy u are the best

  212. Anonymous says:

    i love this song,fireboy keep it up

  213. Anonymous says:

    love it .

  214. Anonymous says:

    is very nice I wish I can be like you

  215. Anonymous says:

    fire boy much luv kep it up

  216. Anonymous says:

    Love the song always keeping me calm

  217. Anonymous says:

    That nice

  218. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmmmm it fire seriously

  219. Anonymous says:

    best song ever

  220. Anonymous says:


  221. Odunlayo says:

    Actually it good improve more bro but don’t try to proudly to Wizkid or David ooioooo

  222. Anonymous says:

    this song is the best

  223. Anonymous says:

    I like it so keep it more fire boy

  224. Anonymous says:

    listening is believing bro u r dae

  225. Nanny boy says:

    Fire boy you really deserve much accolades

  226. Ewatomi says:

    I love it and I love you

  227. Anonymous says:

    Too much

  228. Anonymous says:

    Fire baba i rep u o

  229. Anonymous says:

    this guy is on fire

  230. Anonymous says:

    I love this site so much please grant access again

  231. Anonymous says:

    I swear my heart is always on fire wen I listen 2 dis music its really a music for d soul keep it up

  232. Lizmus says:

    Lovely song bro

  233. Anonymous says:

    U are trying keep it up

  234. Anonymous says:

    dis is the best Nigeria love song I have heard in years

  235. Odi Michael says:

    Good one bro I love this one

  236. Anonymous says:

    much love

  237. Anonymous says:

    Jah go bless my hustle

  238. Anonymous says:

    fireboy i love ur song

  239. chopss says:

    abg girls dey here i dey find where i fit chop show
    housd too dry

  240. Anonymous says:

    This music is very cool

  241. Anonymous says:

    The love is too much

  242. Nancy says:

    Wow…… it’s nice

  243. Anonymous says:

    fire boy issa banga

  244. Given says:

    Beautiful song

  245. Anonymous says:

    Wow….I love it
    Fire boy you are too much
    Much love

  246. Blessing says:

    Wow…I love it
    Fire boy you are too much
    Much love

  247. Anonymous says:

    the song is beautiful
    d very first day I heard it.. I loved it..
    Carry go fire boy…
    God bless ur hustle..
    no mind what they are saying jare…
    just keep your mind focused…
    when u blow now like davido nah dem go come dey find u

  248. Anonymous says:

    fireboy ….
    nice song bro…
    higher u I pray…

  249. Desmond says:

    i this love this song,fireboy nice one bro

  250. Lit says:

    Goes well jam

  251. ArunaMoses105@gmail says:

    keep it up

  252. Elijah says:

    Very cute

  253. Anonymous says:

    Am in love with dis song
    What if I say
    I no get money for my picket
    Shey u go want want use me play like game

  254. Ositadimma says:

    Dis boy one kill person
    i love dis song i swear

  255. Chinny presh says:


  256. Domzy says:

    Nice one fireboi keep it up

  257. swift mullah says:

    I really love this song

  258. Ugo says:

    I love this song

  259. Anonymous says:

    fireboy u go fire dem like ya name
    itzz da clean bwoi ya bwoi SWAGG-B

  260. swagg-b says:

    fireboy u go fire dem like ya name… ah wish ya well

  261. swagg-b says:

    fireboy u go fire dem like ya name
    itzz da clean bwoi ya bwoi SWAGG-B

  262. Anonymous says:

    Dope you guy

  263. Horlamide says:

    Fireboy, I love this song it’s my best song now. I can’t stop play it. Please keep it up

  264. Horlamide says:

    Fireboy, I love this song it’s my best song now. I can’t stop play it. Please keep it up.

  265. Cyllan says:

    I love this song very much, you tried

  266. Anonymous says:

    this song is great

  267. Anonymous says:

    i love fire boy

  268. Moses says:

    i love fire boy

  269. Daddymonso says:

    Fire boy, mehn this song gaht me mad… Imagine playing it with girl frnd

  270. Jumigt says:

    I love the song

  271. JAKUS says:

    Keep it up bro. The song na Egede.. Kpowai there ..

  272. Anonymous says:

    Fire boy I love u

  273. Janelle says:

    I don’t download songs often but when it comes to fireboy am his biggest fan. I was going through the comments. Please who is this anonymous guys or girl please stop insulting fireboy, it’s not by force to download his songs what’s your problem. With or without you he’ll be something. What’s wrong with you self, even if you don’t have home training must you show it everywhere. E get where pikin day mature reach please let’s be guided

  274. Anonymous says:

    Nice hit keep it up

  275. FROOD says:


  276. FROOD says:


  277. Gilbert says:

    Much love for u ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Love all ur songs
    I see a greater u in future

  278. Olamhideh says:

    Best music ever

  279. Anonymous says:

    let me

  280. Ayomide says:


  281. Anonymous says:

    nice one I love this song my gee

  282. Anonymous says:

    Nice one my gee

  283. Ebunola says:

    I love the song

  284. Baby says:

    Feeling the vibes
    YBNL for life…..

  285. Anonymous says:

    Baby I love u so much

  286. Anonymous says:

    love ur music fireboy

  287. Anonymous says:

    fire boy your muzik always keep me exited bro you die

  288. Anonymous says:

    I love this music and i will like listening to it over and over again

  289. Samuel says:

    Dis song is good

  290. Anonymous says:

    This song is dope

  291. Anonymous says:

    Good one bro long life and more money

  292. Bonky says:

    Good one bro u make it bro long life and more money to come ur way

  293. Solange fiest says:

    Love this song Mal….u hit it bro

  294. Anonymous says:

    What if I say make I come chill with u in ur place fireboy keep on breaking limits

  295. Anonymous says:

    Super hit.. heart the song

  296. chingwalu tz says:

    good music

  297. Anonymous says:

    I love your songs, keep on

  298. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy every beat of this song, guy your song is cool,sweet and touching kip it popping

  299. Donatus Tk says:

    U are too much,i no need any other thing from u only this song is ok for me keep it up

  300. Gabrielle Johnson says:

    Wow this song intrigues me and makes my day

  301. Anonymous says:

    fireboy u too much keep it up, I love this song die I fall give this song

  302. Mowa says:

    You have done it again

  303. Anonymous says:

    i love this song

  304. Anonymous says:


  305. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care wat people are saying but wat I know is that fireboy is the best

  306. Henry says:

    Go on hot this side in Uganda great papa

  307. Emmason256 says:

    Hello naija world

    I just shazamed this song today!!!

    Fireboy is just hotter than his name❤️❤️

    God bless your efforts bro.
    (Emma Ug)

  308. Ada says:

    Wow thumbs up fireboy u are the best

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