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Download Music Mp3:- Fireboy – New York City Girl

Download Music Mp3:- Fireboy – New York City Girl

Fireboy lands in with another single, titled “New york city girl”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    first to download

  2. Anonymous says:

    go well

  3. Anonymous says:

    good vibes

  4. lil e says:

    nice track fire boy

  5. Dprinzee says:

    Nice jam fireboy

  6. Anonymous says:

    better jam

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good vibes all the way

  8. Anonymous says:

    This song is Madd….
    Fireboy yuh the best

  9. Anonymous says:

    first to download keep it up bro

  10. Mark says:

    Wow…you answer the right name bro Fireboy

  11. Anonymous says:

    you try brother

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Junnyjatt says:

    anoda one again✔

  14. samfod says:

    Fireboy city,always ontop

  15. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro

  16. MILLI says:

    Always giving us good vibes

  17. Anonymous says:

    lit jam

  18. Anonymous says:

    forever with you forboy
    mrrEva dey for you……

  19. Anonymous says:

    ma favorite keep pushing

  20. Anonymous says:

    This jam is mad

  21. Anonymous says:

    Guy ya too good

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love this keep blowing man.

  23. Dabeezz says:

    Best among others, my real role model

  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    Rudeboy woman

  26. fireboy says:

    Tnx guys

  27. Olaitan says:

    I love this song made me cry though

  28. Creazy lee says:

    Baby of life I love this jams

  29. Anonymous says:

    this guy has a real talent

  30. Shmurda LD says:

    Fire boy u are the best

  31. Anonymous says:

    I Really Love This Song I was looking for it on plenty websites so I tried Jaeyloaded and I didn’t find the song there my Friend now told me to visit this website and am really glad I found the song here

    Keep it up this is now my best website

  32. Anonymous says:

    u are good to go

  33. otunba says:

    omg i luv dis

  34. Anonymous says:

    wooooooww I really love

  35. Anonymous says:

    nice one dear keep it up

  36. Skinnie says:

    Keep it up man keep droping it bk to bk we luv you

  37. Anonymous says:

    Nyc one

  38. Anonymous says:

    nice one dude

  39. Micheal says:

    What a nice song

  40. Yvonne_damel1 says:

    I love the song on repeat

  41. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  42. Anonymous says:

    Dis song z best i love fire boy

  43. Olamiplenty says:

    Nice one bros keep it up

  44. Anonymous says:

    waoooo darling I love thismore wins to u

  45. lim says:

    wow the song is a vibe

  46. Anonymous says:

    dope u boy

  47. Tim Godfrey zambia says:

    no to max of vibration…but a bit better

  48. Favour says:

    Stupid song

  49. Anonymous says:

    well Don bro

  50. erick magera says:

    hot song

  51. erick magera (karagwe kagera tz) says:

    hit song

  52. Anonymous says:

    Nice one love it

  53. Anonymous says:


  54. Zainab says:

    Wow so nice

  55. Akingboye says:

    Good jam

  56. Horlashubomy says:

    I love this song
    Msad vibe. Dope

  57. DJlittle On the tune says:

    Everytime i ear good music from from you

  58. Anonymous says:

    cool jam I love it

  59. Anonymous says:

    I love this song

  60. Mercy says:

    I really love this song….
    You have always been my best artist

  61. Onuoha Princewill says:

    Love this jam

  62. Anonymous says:

    overrated , dis song is trash

  63. Anonymous says:

    My boss I love u

  64. lgbawua .S.Stephen says:

    fireboy you are too much your song will kill me

  65. pablo says:

    i love this

  66. Anonymous says:

    nice 1

  67. s s Money says:

    nice 1

  68. Anonymous says:


  69. Osah messiah says:

    Mad o. fireboy you na five boss put together. I really love it keep it up

  70. Anonymous says:

    keep it up
    nice one fire boy dml

  71. Anonymous says:


  72. Anonymous says:

    nice song

  73. Holly baba says:

    Good vibes kip it up

  74. Anonymous says:

    blow de go i de for u

  75. Anonymous says:

    yeah daz dml

  76. Anonymous says:

    fireboy we de for u Blow our mind

  77. Lucky gee man says:

    nice one fire boy

  78. Raphael says:

    Nice one bro, more grace

  79. Remy Rex says:

    Nyc work Fireboy

  80. Anonymous says:

    I love itits a hit song

  81. Emmni says:

    Nice vibes

  82. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  83. Bamzi says:

    Nice one

  84. Nhasty Jha says:

    Nice one #padi#

  85. Daniel Ega Anyibi says:

    U kills itz

  86. Whyte says:

    Nice vibes

  87. Favour says:

    It’z lovly keep it up

  88. Anonymous says:

    This is the best song. For those that say this is trash where is your own song at least drop one make me hear

  89. Anonymous says:

    I salute you boss nice song

  90. Kele says:

    Nice one bro I feel you

  91. Kele says:

    Nice one brother

  92. Psalm says:

    wow! bro,i give u best

  93. Anonymous says:

    blow my mind
    fireboy all the way

  94. Anonymous says:

    Natural Talent Nobody Can Be Like You

  95. Steve Ben says:

    Natural Blessed I Love It

  96. Steve Ben says:


  97. Young mmd says:

    Nice one bro, keep it up

  98. Anonymous says:


  99. Khaly says:

    Good vibes

  100. Stephanie says:

    I love you fireboy

  101. Anonymous says:


  102. Anonymous says:


  103. Oscar says:

    Big boi

  104. Solo-cool says:


  105. Anonymous says:

    always nocking my brains out

  106. John says:

    I love it
    Keep it up bro

  107. Anonymous says:

    u are the best

  108. Anonymous says:

    fireboy the best

  109. Anonymous says:

    All the way man…u really good, nice one

  110. Andrew says:

    My favourite

  111. Anonymous says:

    another won will be Silva and I will support

  112. Anonymous says:

    yaa i like the vibe

  113. vanxy says:

    yaa i like the vibe

  114. Anonymous says:

    My best singer

  115. Trueboy Terver says:

    Life without love is useless

  116. night says:

    fireboy ur music is always sweet nd cool good vibes.sing another one

  117. Jessy Jedidiah says:

    Ride on…. good vibes

  118. Anonymous says:

    wow I love this hit

  119. KhaledAce says:

    wow I love it

  120. KhaledAce says:

    wow I love this hit

  121. LANZY LANCE says:

    This music it’s always vibrad my heart

  122. Anonymous says:

    wow amazing

  123. Anonymous says:

    yeah hot

  124. Anonymous says:

    so nice

  125. joy says:

    Nice one

  126. Anonymous says:

    keep on moving bro

  127. Anonymous says:

    All His Song Are Useless

  128. Anonymous says:

    i like all the songs

  129. skibo ibile says:

    nice 1

  130. Anonymous says:


  131. Anonymous says:

    Love it so much

  132. Donado says:

    Love it so much

  133. Anonymous says:

    fireboy always keeping us going vibes

  134. aliyah says:

    nice one fireboy u keep our body to the right vibe

  135. Anonymous says:

    nice jam

  136. Anonymous says:

    i like this boy called fireboy dml

  137. Ola di pupo says:

    I love dis guy so much

  138. Anonymous says:

    simply d best


    better jam

  140. Fred Joky says:

    confirm love music I like the jams

  141. Fred Joky says:

    best of fire boy for now

  142. shalicool from taraba says:

    like this ur son i want u 2 blow again.

  143. Anonymous says:

    love this jam

  144. Anonymous says:


  145. Anonymous says:

    U want kill me fire boy ur song is blow like trompet

  146. Anonymous says:

    wow surprise to hear the track,so cool

  147. Anonymous says:

    nice one fireboy

  148. Sediq says:


  149. chika boy says:

    Fireboy you are the best

  150. Anonymous says:

    best jam 2020

  151. Scolicruz says:

    Best song ever

  152. Dash says:


  153. Heman Solomon says:

    clear vibe

  154. Anonymous says:

    Nice one guy keep it up

  155. Theresa says:

    My role model your songs drive me insane it just have this vibe that when you listen to it your eardrums thank you, your voice top notch

  156. Anonymous says:

    I Love the music

  157. SALUNGU says:

    Zambia’s have loved this song

  158. Kaybye says:

    Nice song bro, keep it on

  159. Redwine says:

    That ‘s Fire for life

  160. New york city says:


  161. Emperor. Jayman says:

    Mad vibe

  162. Sumptuous says:

    Wow!!! I really fall fr dis hit

  163. Sunny Joo says:

    Cool music from you

  164. Preshi says:

    I’m a fyn girl from new york new york city

  165. Gentle boy says:

    Nice song

  166. Anonymous says:


  167. Mr.Lavish Abel says:

    Fire boi never the slow one

  168. Mr.Lavish Abel says:

    Fire boi composed

  169. Bright Milez Muzungu says:

    Mr Fireboy, I real love you songs….kept up
    Milez your number one funy
    All the way from zambia

  170. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro, can’t love you less

  171. Anonymous says:


  172. Sure boy says:

    Fireboy you no go kill person oooooo.more great to your elbow.

  173. hope akpan says:

    i love the song more than any

  174. It's Don Clyde says:

    Nice hit bro

  175. mogul says:

    sharp hit

  176. PØP says:

    Nice one bro keep it up

  177. Posh says:

    Cool track

  178. I love it says:

    I love it

  179. Anonymous says:

    nice one bro keep it up we dey ur back

  180. Endre Christopher says:


  181. j.myk says:

    nice one bro

  182. Anonymous says:

    Nice one Bigman fire

  183. Anonymous says:

    wow wow you be mad oo

  184. racial ranking says:

    omo you na mad ooo

  185. Dominic Stone says:

    Good vibe, Eze Ogaranya

  186. Anonymous says:

    Very Nice

  187. Anonymous says:

    Nice one fire boy

  188. Anonymous says:

    nice one fire boy ya loved

  189. Itz Black aro says:

    So cool my bro

  190. Bozz Daron says:

    Fireboy gad vibes

  191. gold says:

    omo u too bad

  192. Anonymous says:

    Mad af

  193. Godwin says:

    Mad af

  194. Zee pluz says:


  195. Anonymous says:

    nice jam fireboy loved it so much

  196. Anonymous says:

    one of thousands

  197. Stark jerry says:

    Awesome vibes

  198. Anonymous says:

    You kill them bro but i need support with money to buy phone and download your songs.this is my mum’s phone”nokia” i’ll really like it if you send it

  199. Anonymous says:

    wow.. it’s true u are fire, keep blowing my man

  200. Anonymous says:

    I love your songs

  201. Anonymous says:

    Dope shiit

  202. Anonymous says:

    nice vibes

  203. Anonymous says:

    Nice track fire boy

  204. justin beiber says:

    cool vibes men

  205. Anonymous says:

    love this song

  206. Anonymous says:


  207. Solomon says:

    Fire boy on the fire

  208. Anonymous says:

    Nice jam fireboy

  209. olukorede says:

    good vibe bro keep it up bro more hit and more talent bro

  210. Fynest says:

    Nice track… Fire fire

  211. Anonymous says:

    This song really goes well, it makes me feel jealousy

  212. Anonymous says:

    oh my God i thought it was wizkid the first time i listen to d song but i saw d video on youtube, am really shut of words
    fireboy u really a legend
    kudos boss man
    i believe u, i hope to see u again in calabar

  213. Hope james says:

    this is so amazing
    your song dey give me good vibes love you

  214. Anonymous says:

    Good song big bro

  215. Don freshkid says:

    cool vibes bro

  216. Anonymous says:

    best song in the world

  217. Anonymous says:

    I love this music

  218. Anonymous says:

    So cool

  219. Isoiza says:

    Nice 1

  220. Confydan says:

    Thanks for singing this song

  221. Anonymous says:

    I love you DML

  222. Oreoluwa says:

    I love you fire boy

  223. Anonymous says:


  224. Anonymous says:

    like av been looking for diz song since becox my friend loves d song sooo much

  225. Anonymous says:

    i really enjoyed listening to your songs keep it up

  226. Derycom UG says:

    A really nice hit from this greatest artist

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