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Download Music Mp3:- Mr P (Peter Okoye) – Cool It Down

    Posted by on October 20, 2017,

Download Music Mp3:- Mr P (Peter Okoye) – Cool It Down

As Peter and Paul okoye of psquare  goes solo, peter okoye makes their separation obvious with this song of his, titled “Cool it down”

Download, and enjoy!!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    waooooh peter I DJ superior and my entertainment house Rosec Ent. are happy for youoooh, they thought minus them is minus peter but now u made people to understand that u minus them your game must sell

  2. tuswagga says:

    make you guys settle o
    Peter you’re the stubborn one
    paul no get wahala
    have to rmb these brothers have come a long way

  3. Ayakpo justinus says:

    that’s my peter, I no u no the carry last good one from you, still expecting more from you

  4. youngclet says:

    pls u guys should settle ur dispute and return to normal pls don’t b like plantation boiz dem b two later become three u guys are twins and u should maintain DAT twinshood love u psquare

  5. Sunday Nwantubo says:

    Peter And Paul Go And Settle You the Case Oh

  6. NCC says:

    Is cool buh not as cool compere to the p’s quarks pls u guys need come back imagine if Paul is 2 b on that background how awesome it would have been.

  7. albert okai mensah says:

    am a very big fun of psquare but am veri sad and heart broken abt the separation of the twins peter and Paul.I pray dat the almighty God reunite you guyz it down is a nice track but singing together is the best.

  8. chimobi skystar says:

    nice heat bt one thing left is that u guys should go and settle mr.peter ur the sturborn one after all i imagine why GOD didn’t create me as twins bt u guy GOD that god joined together is doing shit,u have just forgotten the realised heat me”and my brother ee” better go and settle wf him,thanks

  9. juliuz MBA says:

    heaven is near, kingdom Will rise against kingdom, brothers against brother, psquare go make peace between una self. blood is ticker than water, u people can be the best.

  10. stephen nwuzor says:

    the song is good anyway, but how i wish they Settle their differences because the song is a total deviation from the voice i used to know.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr Peter it’s a nice song but I still think u should reconcile with your Twin brother and Jude even if u are not going to be together in career,because u are family and u will all be okoye family. And as for your family if not doing music together with your brothers will keep your own family at peace well wish you best of lucky.happy solo career

  13. Mr p says:

    Nice song from the only mister p okoye keep it up

  14. Ghagha says:

    Good music. Settle with your brothers but You can stand alone in music after that.

  15. beejayplus says:

    two heads are beta than one nice one shaa

  16. Young brai says:

    good one mr p love that

  17. baby nice says:

    wow I love the song it really cool!

  18. Asa Lucia says:

    Leave all these well down comments you should behave maturely or you think Paul doesn’t have new songs to sing?? Don’t start what you can’t finish you making ppl hate you the more. what d fuck!!! just now now you have start showing him you can do without him initially i liked the psquare on low cut but now i like the one one dread his heart is beautiful .

    • adah Austine says:

      Why is Peter & Paul always fighting? They were so close b4 na? What’s always behind it? I don’t like seeing them like this, I still like the both of them, anyway,, seems they are blood, they will surely reunite.

  19. Gospel says:

    Cool.. But For The Sake Of God U Guys Should Reconcile…. Two Good Heads Are Better That 1

  20. Preshkid Andrea says:

    Initially I Was Always In Luv Wit D Squares Complit Bt Nw It Is Lyk A Missing Rib Compared To D Complete Square.Nice One Mr P Bt Imagine D Background Wit Rudeboy And Luk Hw Awesome It Wuld Have Bin.GO AND SETTLE OOO

  21. Rejohn says:

    u my number one fan, u really try

  22. OcheJohn says:

    What God has joined together,let no one put asunder.Marriage,frnd,twins n others.Identical twins are what God joined together,even scientist can not explain the causes after fertilization,hw d fertilized egg split into two they can’t explain.So why should marriage or any other thing comes between you.Go n settle ur case pls,to bring us d fans 2gethe back

  23. Sadat Stranger says:

    Peter,you’re my one and only.I like you more than Paul.Keep going your way.Allah is by your side.Nice track.

  24. Pet_A_Troy says:

    dope song frm Mr P I luv d song . keep banging mr p more to come

  25. Barnasnicety says:

    So so correct but 1voice is missing, nice 1 bro just carry go…..1 luv

  26. Anonymous says:

    bros pls try and settle una problem……pls

  27. Malachy says:

    Nice song you got there.. You killed it dude.. But you guys should go settle.. Its not good for you guys to be keeping grudges and resentments for each other

  28. sunny says:

    gud job Mr p. but don’t forget where your race started.many look up to you and your brother. don’t 4get you are stronger together than apart.

  29. FRANK says:


  30. Abdullah says:

    Yo P- i knw u re a very gud man, buh sometimes u av 2 let it go. Remember wat u re cos God has chosen d best 4 u… Pls try make peace wit Rude boy(Paul) so mama is gonna b happy wit both of u were ever she is, she sees all dat is happening!remain bless bro

  31. Aimu Foni says:

    All have been said Psquare come back as the brothers that you are and forget everything please

  32. Anonymous says:

    nice one

  33. ladyk says:

    nice hit……but 1 voice z missing which is paul voice

  34. John says:

    Mr p u try but one tin u most not 4get Peter and paulthey be 1 no b 2 and u know 2good head better than 1 pls settle with ur brother

  35. iseyire d greatest ps fans says:

    P square pls pls I m begging u in d name of God let d devil be put ashame pls settle wit ya broda and com bk again togeda If I no ya house I will come and beg you wit al my heart and d luv I ve for u guyz rem those good work (music) u pple ve made rem is u and yor broda I m not happy until u pple settle and do one cool song be expecting me in your house at omole luv u guys

  36. okunde smart Precious says:

    Verry good

  37. Mr loyal says:

    Psquare u guys are disgrace to twinc.”me na twin sef” i hav neva seen anithin on earth that can or will seperate us,nt evun you guys ghoor

  38. Anonymous says:

    the hit is nice, cool ad good but the voice of two is better than one,swollen ur pride,favouritism, looking for fault be d man that make ur twin brother see d possibility of ur true love, cos love is blind, does not discriminate, is not jealous, make a change, ur fans believe in u

  39. odubuasi Racheal says:

    the hit is nice, cool ad good but the voice of two is better than one,swollen ur pride,favouritism, looking for fault be d man that make ur twin brother see d possibility of ur true love, cos love is blind, does not discriminate, is not jealous, make a change, ur fans believe in u

  40. Janto says:

    Nice one

  41. Fabulous says:

    Nice one but you guys should reconcile with each other, and stop all this childish stuff it ain’t going anywhere bro…

  42. prince naira says:

    is a pityy and A shameful tin up to d fan around u pls i use d God name to beg u ppl to settle regilit apologise to bro paul okoye pls for ur own standard equation i like ur music. But pafectly liked wen to voice join togetha thanks

  43. UGO BEST says:


  44. Fred Godwin Rankingjato says:

    Awesome!! but all psquare fans would be clad if you people settle

  45. K2 says:


  46. charlie cool says:

    make somebody pliz call heaven,
    tell their mama e don happen,
    ooh papa na that leavel wey
    paul promised u say e no go
    happen,if to say u na dey,
    for everything wey de happen
    e go be say they no go miss behave all man go de concetrate….
    wherever u are a a a a a a,
    they no be who they are a a a a a,
    coz if to say u na dey for every thing wey de happen today, e for be say u na go intervain coz right every thing na bloodshade,see your children de miss behave,see na fans they go share…

    this is so so dissapointing to us their fans,,we were waiting a new hit song but what did we get “their split”
    too bad!!!!

  47. barry says:

    guys this man is dope.. I thought they said he could not sing but now he has proved them wrong

  48. #Psquarefan4life says:

    Jeeeez… Mr.P your song is soooo awesome and your choreography was on point, every thing was amazing.. But still thing you should reconcile with Paul, he’s your twin and you guys have come a long way together, talk things out and see where it leads.. Your music career can go anytime but you brother is always gonna be for life.. BRING BACK PSQUARE!!!! PLEASE!!… 🙁

  49. Dudette says:

    Psquare need a reality check,both Paul and Peter,it’s nobodys fault because they are both behaving childish!!! But nice song tho。 

  50. Shedracv Victor says:

    All Have Been Said,he That Has Ears Let Him Here, For Pride Can Only Led To Down Fall, More Over Two Heads Are Better Than One, Is Left For U To Decied

  51. ubiomo blessing says:

    ooh my god I love d music, I play it over and over again. but there is something I want u to know Mr’s p, I want p square back.

  52. Nature says:

    Nice song Mr P. Carry go.

  53. mr p says:

    nice one but you guys should go and settle down your case oo because blood is ticker than water,pls dont let the world ask you question and let the devil be ashame of himself

  54. ugonnia Ozor Ken says:

    guy the song is good and sweet but could be more better if Psquare come back together

  55. prince Nsikak-Abasi says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    Nice song Mr P but try to understand ur brother (Rudeboy) plz u guys shull unit and NEVER separate again

  57. chinonso says:

    the song is so nice but their is something missing oh yes!!!!it Paul’s voice .pls make peace with ur brother

  58. franklin says:

    Una don get money nah thats why una dey misbehave,i dont like that shit please,you guys are brothers not friends,friends can seprate anytime,but BROTHERs are always BROTHERs no matter what………..peter go for you junior Brother,stop that BULLSHIT

  59. onyedika says:

    nice music you got peter buh i really misses paul voice-i love you guys no break this record of BROTHERHOOD,God bless you guys

  60. okoro marvin says:

    Mr p,what a nice hit. yes u prove them wrong. them says you only know how to dance, Bros u are good. cool it down, hmmm. Peter and Paul!una be one oooooo. one love as usual please.

  61. emmy g says:

    peter and paul u twins 2 go solo is nt de best 4give nd 4get heaven is near MR P gud track kip it up

  62. Chinonso says:

    Bros p
    I love you..
    Please kip d music booming

  63. Anonymous says:

    nice 1 but nt to b compared to psquare

  64. Anonymous says:

    Peter beware of pride

  65. Sam says:

    Nice song mr p but i pray 4 u pple 2 understand each other

  66. Ugochukwu okeke says:

    Nice one Mrp u are good see bro u are OK I Luv the song cool it……down my city Luv it so I wat to do my own

  67. Jeff d says:

    I’m an artist too but I wanna use this uppoutunity to tell u people to go and settle women did not suppose to separate a twins like u people u people are really shaming Igbo’s

  68. Mboa Nehemiah says:

    That very good bro but u should try to unite with ur brother(rudeboy)

  69. Nehemiah mboa says:

    thats very good but u guys should try to settle ur problems

  70. Nehemiah mboa says:

    thats very good but u guys should try to settle ur problems ooh

  71. Choxs says:

    Pls go back to your bro…U guys remain Psquare

  72. Prince Lutick says:

    Please Go An Setul Ur Problem U Are BrotherS 2 OF U Was Bone Thisame They U Guys Shold Setul Ur Keas Biko My Brothers

  73. john markus says:

    pls p_square we fans we need u to come together u need to cool ur temper down u are made to be together we are full of sadness pls

  74. micah Christopher says:

    I love this song so much.but something is missing. Paul is not there.i will like the two of you to go and make peace.keep it up.I love you guys.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Blood is thicker than water, money is thicker than blood. By sokriso

  76. sir law says:

    Hmm na wao we are boun to make mistake sha, cos i c this as a mistake, pls b d square again!

  77. Jack says:

    Nice song bt i like you guys together i love psquare so much…you guys have unique talents and you know that… so this issue of separating am not happy SS afan

  78. Chacha says:

    Please leave him alone…you guys don’t settle joo I love fight

  79. Novester Brown says:

    there is never a case without a solution. I really enjoy the song “cool it down” by Mr Paul,but i should have enjoy it more and more better if Peter was present in this music.
    pls u guys should reconcile whatever the case and came back as brothers. imagine how nice was “nobody ugly” that both of u were involved

  80. Vincent Wilson says:

    Back To Your Brother Paul, The Girls Are Baleful Being, One Day, You Can Divorce, And, You’ll Stay With Paul!
    Ask Mercy Both Of You Dear.

  81. Lilian says:

    Good song but p square is more better than Mr P and Rude boy.and i taught u guys said “Peter and Paul dey be one no be two”????

  82. prince phenol says:

    letter 2 psquare,plz jst 2 rehabilitate you abt to coperate wt ur brother as family relative

  83. fancy says:

    nice one but two hands are better than one oh.
    Is good to see two of you on stage my brother

  84. Anonymous says:

    You people have to come back together so that it will be nice enough

  85. evelyn says:

    peter and Paul the be one no be two. i don’t like your separation,cause one voice is missing,so you guys should settle.

  86. Nansikins says:

    guys please settle okay i love the both of you together pls guys settle. God will help you guys to forgive each other.

  87. nkama mavis says:

    just see they way both of you are behaving like women…. you better go and settle… guys will cease to exist!!!!.

  88. millcent malambo kalemba says:

    one voice is mising broda

  89. starboytinz says:

    wow wat a nice hit

  90. Anonymous says:


  91. orunduyile Daniel says:

    hmmmm.. .nice song n I love it cool it down…
    guys d truth is if u love each other d way we fans see it den u shud fight for ur love n cum back together…..psquare sounds really nice…d dancer n d singer

  92. DIckson DK. says:

    nice one lovely

  93. Anonymous says:

    i love p s but rudeboy is the best but u guys should come togerther we love u all

  94. Anonymous says:

    Mr p please forgive your bro and come together

  95. OG@ £OCU$$ says:


  96. Pain Killer From Jos says:

    To Me I Real Wanted To Know Why U Guys Should Go In Seperat Ways

  97. Arikaibe Uzoamaka says:

    Am a fan of psquare, not a fan of Mr.p or rudeboy. I can only see their best when they are together. I believe you don’t tell an adult to leave d sun, I love d song but it would have bn beta if it had bn released by d duo. Go for team work big bros

  98. frank obaje says:

    pls pls pls mr p do not continue in this way for it is not good to sing alone than ur brosther paul a good voice singer paul is gud in singing u i gud dancing pls u are the cause of all this problem and u i the eader brosther pls go i settle pls ooooo mr p

  99. JOHN DANIELS says:

    pls peter and paul forgives another again


    Fan of psquare let’s d two better best come together again for once for d fans to be great two lovers brother please we d fans beg of you guys to come and complete your mission.Thanks better best brother

  101. khalifallah says:

    Paul Nice track. but go an reconcile with your brother

  102. Elijah oseghe says:

    I see these music as the best of micheal jackson

  103. Tochukwu igwe says:

    Nice one but settel with ur tiwn brother it will be beta than singing alone pls.Remember how u guys danced in shikinininini video go and settle with ur brother forget about what they say that u can leave alone jus selttel with ur brother god bless u guys.

  104. young a.y says:

    Baba yhu try but try resolve the issue between you and your bro blood is ticker than water…

  105. De young B. says:

    Master P. You are Bless by God’s Gift.. Keep it up…but I will like you and your brother to come back as P -square

  106. Anonymous says:

    Mr p we all love you

  107. Anonymous says:


  108. Astonish_Nkume says:

    2geda as 1 z bestst… ain’t fan to any of u 4 now, until u reunite .

  109. Anonymous says:

    why did u guys séparate,ur séparation Makes me unhappy,i like u guys music,when u pepoel sing together.

  110. Man Lwiz says:

    Pliz Wat Came Betwen Yourself No Guyz Return Into Normal

  111. Mr p cool it down says:


  112. Anonymous says:

    You guys should come together. Else, you both drop music. You are just going down and down. Oh! P Square: Senorita, Ifunanya Say your love,game over etc I’m still listening and I prefer listening to those. Can’t E no easy, chop my money, your remix with Flavour, Nobody ugly, Bank alert etc show you that you are better together?

  113. Anonymous says:

    I like the video and the melody too

  114. kenedi christopher says:

    Mr Peter ,,p square must be back ,,cause the position p square occupied in Africa due to u guys pass song ,,the position is no more ,,cause of the separations,,,,,they might be an award which suppose to go p square,, but now that u guys have separate ,,that’s mean p square doesn’t exit again,,, lastly ,,u guys are desame blood ,pls come bk,,,ur song is kul,,I luv it ,,

  115. Anonymous says:

    I peter and Paul together once again

  116. Anonymous says:

    your music can not be good if you will not join your broda

  117. Anonymous says:

    Come 2geda

  118. Anonymous says:

    It really interesting

  119. Anonymous says:

    Alumona Precious it’s really interesting

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