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Download Music Mp3:- Olamide – C Ronaldo

Download Music Mp3:- Olamide – C Ronaldo

Olamide is here with this song, titled “C Ronaldo”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please i need pentatonix i need your love

  2. kiddo milianer says:

    olamide is a nice singer but this song make him look like upcoming artists,the voicing is very bad I’m an artist also I know what am talking about, please move on boss don’t depend on one particular style call shaku shaku,artist from s.m.p worldwide kiddo milianer thank you

  3. Eddywayne says:

    F’ese shawole bi C Ronaldo, Ronaldo….
    Nice one our ronaldo …

  4. Adimyung says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    olamide is a nice singer I love him like mad

  6. Anonymous says:

    Olamide is now going too local

  7. Anonymous says:

    The voicing is bad..

  8. Dj Nanpan says:


  9. Eyz m bright says:

    Dope music

  10. capito says:

    nothin wey man no go hear…what genre of song is dis?too local, not organised,complete wack…Olamide step up ur game nd b mature…

  11. Ezeh says:

    Made of thrash

  12. Adeosun Ybnl Adekunle Ybnl says:

    Nice one Baddo u are killing it up to my expectation

  13. Odunayo says:

    Nice one baddo keep it up

  14. nancy says:

    This Is Not The Real One ..The Real Version Of The Son Is on

  15. Drapezi says:

    Cool sha

  16. itz runboi says:

    tyt u bro

  17. presido says:

    baba c.ronaldo the song make way if u don’t like it good die

  18. Tinted says:

  19. nice one baddo nothing do u says:

    nice one baddo nothing do u

  20. MLORD DA RAPPER says:

    BOSS MAN ILL MEET YOU SOON…Nice track though

  21. cyprus venza says:

    Nice music boss
    Fwesh yoo

  22. fog says:

    dope u bro nice one

  23. future artist says:

    I love it dieeeee

  24. cool dice says:

    nice one badooo you are unstoppable, unreachable, unfallen mighty musican 1000% boy that what I call you

  25. Amos Jayson says:

    Wic kind song be dis badoo?? Haba!!

  26. Horlardex says:

    Nice one baddoooo

  27. Mohammed says:

    Olamide fans no dey see his flaws…..all they no is every track he release is dope buh this is far from dope. He just enters studio and record nonsense….see this is why he can never get any international accolades

  28. Mohammed says:

    This is far from dope, y’all olamide’s fan should cover your eye for saying this is dope. This is one of the reason he will never get any international accolades. You just enter the studio and records s**t

  29. Jacob a.k.a Jay Jay says:

    Olamide has been one hard dude in d industry….. And my bro u are damn right about Ronaldo… Respect to d people who deserve it…. God bless Olamide and God bless d best baller C. Ronaldo

  30. fhallo says:

    I dey gbadun you boss

  31. cbanklee says:

    dope track

  32. Anonymous says:

    kuddo’s to u badoo,fun won je legbegbe

  33. Ykizzy OSHA says:

    O Gee …
    baba mili gangan ni c Rolando

  34. Xbaddoo says:

    Strife all over

  35. Anonymous says:

    waste of studio tym. @olamide record wet in pple go love not this trash.

  36. abubakar sulaimon says:

    I want to downloads

  37. sulaimon says:

    downtown this music

  38. 0lamide wali k says:

    olamide badoo oganla
    street take over

  39. kvng Her dee goon says:

    nice one bro!!!!OSHA props
    *******f*ck haters********

  40. Anonymous says:

    It will nt b well wit dose dat re abusing olamide in Jesus name Amen becaus d guy s a legend and an up coming artist dat s abusing olamide can not come up in Jesus name Amen

  41. Adigun says:

    nice one baddo eyan cr7

  42. T'DAS says:

    Olamide! Te baddest Nigga make una continue joor! Ya head is there….

  43. DJ Xpensive says:

    nice one on cr7 baddo

  44. Anonymous says:

    baddest guy ever livet…….keep it up..badoo

  45. mike says:

    Nice one baddo

  46. Badoo fans says:

    U are the best BABA

  47. RUGGED ALLSTAR says:

    oga you are my mentor,i care for you i even fall,,fuck fake fance”’olamide you are my big bang,after you naa you, #TALONBE

  48. Eazy Ubandoma says:

    He is the best that’s why people will always lyk singing with his name
    Wehdone baddou

  49. Badoo says:

    I Really Lyk Ur Songs Olamide Badoo

  50. Olamide says:

    Nice on
    i my name is olamide too , i love u die
    my no 08139782413

  51. Anonymous says:

    o wow I love this music so much can I join I can song too

  52. sadonigs says:

    olamide d baddest singer/rapper

  53. Geeman(master producer) says:

    Nice one keep moving on you are best among the rest

  54. t says:

    Baddo u fall mai hand 4 dis song bout c ronaldo it should have bin Messi..Badoo u be barcelona supporter

  55. c says:

    People wen sa olamide go sell he soul una no well at all mk una go doctor mk he check una…shabi na una he sell he soul gv..

  56. An Dee says:

    I just wanna download C.Ronaldo by Olamide
    I’m feeling its vibes already

  57. omonla says:

    people day mad shay na u carry. Olamide enter illuminati ni
    nonsense. words idiot. people

  58. Onyne $opaid says:

    nice jamz bro….

  59. slim dizz says:

    badoo I can die for ur matter

  60. izyboy says:

    nice 1 bro
    badosky nobody badan
    god hit love dat

  61. Coolest kid says:

    Nice o i dey enjoy

  62. Lover Boi says:

    Nice one Baddow sneh

  63. Freeboi says:

    Bahddo this one no be fr har oo

  64. rich meely says:

    olamide u dy sing rubbish

  65. Dj.Femzy says:

    I believe jare after u nah u

  66. Anonymous says:

    carry on

  67. precious says:

    continued the jamz

  68. olamide baddoneh fan says:

    if u know DAT it easy to sell soul, then go sell ur own na,,,,,,, what are u waiting for,,,,,,,,, una just dey carry dey talk……!!!!
    the boss start from Eni duro star bossssssssss badonesh God get ur back, even u make u sing rain rain go away ur fan will download and listen to it

  69. Badest baale (king of poet) says:

    Firstly i will like to commend on badoo’s music #dat was a goal.
    To all d fools wey talk say he sold his soul ,the market is on u can sell yurs rite away. To the upcoming artist u are d biggest fool i have ever knw in my life , wen person dey up and u dey abuse d person hw u yur self wan get up. To dose that said d music was wack to ba easy go and grab d mic. Baba u are one child like a million child #update#omo ologo#cr7

  70. James. a.k.a young bodoo says:

    boss you are the best @ olamide…for those fools wet dea open dat hole way dy their face dey talk rubbish, d thunder way go fire una e dea do pressup dea come..big fools..

  71. Maleek says:

    am not talkin of olamide of past days bt olamide of nowadays sings rubbish as i dont support him rather to his fan….

  72. Playboy says:

    If u are d best u will always be de best, badoo is de best and he will always be

  73. Playboy says:


  74. Acklov says:

    Nice 1 boss

  75. Frizzy says:

    Upcoming mumu u too go sing ur own make we hear….. If u wan sell ur soul na mumu like u go buy am olosho…. #Eruku mede mede Tinx*..

  76. Oluwaseun says:

    In this life, no matter wat u do , u can never please everybody.The best thing to do is to move man. Nobody will talk about u wen u are nobody. it Because u are somebody tday, dat y dey are all saying wat dey feel like.Good wrk bro.

  77. Anonymous says:

    olamide allways kepping it on a 100

  78. Anonymous says:

    Baba u too much

  79. emmanuel andrew aka dj Koboko says:

    olamide ur song motivate me

  80. Anonymous says:

    Olamide I dy fill u

  81. Anonymous says:

    Olamide na babah

  82. DJ opigo says:

    Olamide u good

  83. Anonymous says:

    So good

  84. Alhaji Freeman says:

    am felling it,itz so good….

  85. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  86. i2 says:


  87. Leoking says:

    I love de song 😀 olamide u drive me crazzy:o

  88. Bella says:

    I love it amaze me ho:o!

  89. George says:

    Olaminde is just doing fine,why being jealous to those who denigrating his music.

  90. jay blessine says:

    i dey feel you my second daddy, i love ur music. have a nice lovely day

  91. nadi love says:

    i love de music

  92. Anonymous says:


  93. JAY STAR says:

    Baddo U Day Shark Me Like Akl

  94. paperboy says:

    No Musician get step Reach olamide

  95. Hamira says:

    well done ola…

  96. Irawo says:

    Haa,nigeria people shey naa ur great grand father wey put him their ,,,idiot may be u 2 wan join

  97. Anonymous says:

    y all of una jst dey shout, u knw say olamide no dey tink b4 he release song again nw…..

  98. peter ikwuoche says:

    Olaminde I love you. I love you. U ‘re my best musician . Keep it up

  99. domie says:

    wizkid ayo you rock with the best little monk


  100. says:

    You people should stop saying what you don’t see….. Okay osha prapra boss olamide, you get plenty enemies but I know is always conquer you

  101. call mie north born says:

    hhh ommo olamide

  102. Anonymous says:

    Baddoo no mine them as u don blo them don de talk robish

  103. Anonymous says:

    olamide na baba

  104. Anonymous says:

    what u guys re sayin as for me i can see dat u ppl re very stupid by sayin what u don’t know 2 make sure u conderm somebdy name, dose of re guy dat sayed he has sold him soul 2 devil in order 2 be rich if dat is ur problem why can’t u go nd sold ur own soul so dat u will achieve any thing in dis world nd stop be patrollin up nd down 2 avoid goin deep in case dose of guys dat sayed such re very stingy nd someone being stigy in somebdy properties is not goodoooooooo. Abeg.

  105. Anonymous says:

    WATS dmeaning of SHAKU SHAKU. Olamide is amazing,hiz beats are awesome.

  106. Anonymous says:

    luv u my guy up olamide

  107. Anonymous says:

    ode pple if he sold his soul for the devil he as sha achive some thing in life why cant u sell ur own to the pastor and let c if u can make it mumu ple loyalty i remain to d king of the street olamide baddo

  108. dan kadir says:

    fight for ur right stop judge peoples ok

  109. dan kadir says:

    fight for ur right stop judge peoples ok.

  110. dan kadir says:

    fight for ur right stop
    judge peoples ok.

  111. H Money says:

    Luv every one nice music
    Pple lyk ur music

  112. ekene i says:

    downooad music mpy

  113. j coded says:

    I really love olamide music than any other artist because he do say someting reasonable when I heard the omo ologo that he sang I really love d music I really love olamide baddo to the extend I made a serious argument with one nonsense igbo guy dat he is trying to say rubbish about him I really like olamide oo I can even die for him (I RESPECT U BADDO) FUCK UR HATERs

  114. j coded says:

    love u baddo (ANY FUCKING SINGLE WAS A HISS BACK To BACK) FUck ur haters

  115. monster Clinton says:

    badoo alvan guys d hail u. next tym use ototo c. but I thought u are barca fan

  116. Anonymous says:

    if they are not talking money they are not talking sense,olamide baddoo am ur numba one fans in calabar keep it up dont mine day fools wen day yarn rubbish dem dey jealous u bt i for lyk dey like u no be lie/08185372941/ still ur number one fans

  117. Anonymous says:

    olamide is a genius keep it up ,much love

  118. Sammy says:


  119. Anonymous says:


  120. hamza muhammad says:

    i thank god

  121. Junior says:

    Make them talk watin them like the boy don blow go

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