Download Music Mp3:- Olamide - Poverty Die - 9jaflaver

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Download Music Mp3:- Olamide – Poverty Die

Download Music Mp3:- Olamide – Poverty Die

Olamide drops another single, titled “Poverty Die”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Die ooo!

  2. Anonymous says:

    die oooooo

  3. BaBa Tare says:

    Bye fire poverty die

  4. D'beni Zizani says:

    Wow very nice hit with poverty die

  5. Nervin# says:

    Die well poverty

  6. Waleboy says:

    With that 3day’s reviva poverty must die oo

  7. For_real_Zamani says:

    Olamide Badosneh u just too much bro

  8. Dipplomynt mane says:

    Poverty die by fia

  9. Abisola says:

    Die die o

  10. Bright says:

    I love this song

  11. immaculate says:

    poverty will surely be my ex

  12. Oseme says:

    wow Badoo is boss of all boss

  13. Micko says:

    This music is really for hustlers, it interesting YBNL MINISTRY poverty must die from now till next year

  14. wf zamanii yung says:

    die oo

  15. Haven says:


  16. Kingsley says:

    This is a hit
    This song go cause trouble
    Loving it

  17. hardaybaryour says:

    poverty must surely die badosneh it is a hit

  18. Greeze Phemy says:

    Science students
    Logba Logba
    Poverty Die
    and so many other collaborations

  19. preshy says:

    poverty die ooo

  20. Jaysmart says:

    Poverty go die oooooo

  21. STARBOY says:

    9ice frm Baddo

  22. Ayewo says:

    GBE Fun! Poverty. Iséé oya kuu !GBE body ee

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love this song
    sight you boss man
    sha cun epp me with my music career oohh

  24. Kay chase says:

    I love it boss man
    sight you
    sha please cun epp me with my music career ooh☺☺☺

  25. ejiro says:

    I love the music, die ooo

  26. ikan star says:

    Badoo bili

  27. Collins Uwandu says:

    poverty die oo

    in fact poverty don die already sef
    baddooh hot up more mehn
    I love all ur music

  28. oladipupo says:

    this is amazing

  29. Anonymous says:

    Poverty dey gooo
    Baddie gat this one

  30. Anonymous says:

    poverty japa

  31. Homotorlah says:

    Nice 1 baddo sneh. poverty dieeeeeeeeeeee!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Poverty die oooo

  33. Minaklint says:

    Biggie money no be small small

  34. Gift says:

    Wow nice music

  35. Ayodele says:

    badoo you’re so much

  36. Anonymous says:

    Poverty must die by fire

  37. Anonymous says:

    badoo all d way…u too much
    poverty die#

  38. T_FROSH says:

    badoo.. boss

  39. divine says:

    hit song
    every poverty in my life will die by fire

  40. remshelia says:

    Die oo oo oo, By fire

  41. Anonymous says:

    By d time 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 persons says poverty die it would HV die since

  42. Olatunji Olaking says:

    Welldon Olamide……U are sighted.

  43. Zito says:

    Poverty die by fire

  44. Baye says:

    Love this song

  45. Like says:

    what a great hit

  46. O G OLABEST says:

    Baddo you 3mush poverty don die

  47. bobo fresh says:

    followed 2018dey go poverty die oooooooo go

  48. Oyebode olasunbo says:

    Badoo thank u for your inspiration
    You shall live long.

  49. young_bam says:

    My main man na #poverty_ti _die_shaaaaa

  50. dee why says:

    poverty die oooooooooooooooooo ogun aye mi japa

  51. Silva scarface says:

    De song is a hella good

  52. Ayomide says:

    Die oh

  53. bamaiyi anthony says:

    olamide bado u the killed

  54. Mr Prime says:

    poverty must die

  55. Adewale says:

    Poverty is my enemy poverty must die

  56. Adeniyi Alade says:

    this song is highly alright for this time it is only prayer that can do it not plus

  57. Mr Derek says:

    This poverty must die nd die die die

  58. williams says:

    wow the song dope

  59. Anonymous says:

    Did it must die

  60. Emmanuel says:

    Die oh die

  61. Topystar says:

    I love the song mehn.. Perfect for “ember” the month

  62. coolsoul says:

    poverty die oooooooo

  63. Noblemontana says:

    die by fire

  64. Anonymous says:

    badoosmeh oluwa gat ur back.
    mad over this jamz.chai

  65. Ashley young says:

    Die ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  66. Balooo Olalekan says:

    wow Badooo you too much. poverty die die die in my life

  67. Omo oba says:

    I like you baddo forever

  68. Jonathan Mathew says:

    abeg die

  69. Emma says:

    Poverty die die die ooooooo much luv baddo

  70. Henry trezzy says:

    olamide much love i ghat for you..

  71. young sammy says:

    Poverty must die ooo
    We go make am fr life
    Up baddooooo

  72. stanley tega says:

    poverty must die dis year

  73. Anazzy says:

    Poverty must die these year

  74. Dr€zzy says:

    Sure poverty must 2 japa

  75. Olakunle says:

    Gbayi bro cn’t love u less gbadun the song

  76. Master Mind says:

    Baddo u too much oooooo

    poverty die

  77. Master Mind says:

    Baddo after u na u

    poverty die

  78. shegzy says:

    oshey badoo sneh

  79. olla says:

    poverty die, go don’t come back

  80. Anonymous says:

    poverty die so

  81. Anonymous says:

    poverty must die this year I go make am true olamide amen

  82. Sherzzy says:

    wow,,Pheelz mr producer is bak

  83. Johnson says:

    Best song of the year.poverty must die oo,

  84. Akinlaß says:

    Poverty must to die oooooooooo

  85. Akinlaß says:

    Poverty must to die oooooooo

  86. derry says:

    oluwa lon sho mi o

  87. Temzkio says:

    Boss man lovely song always from you

    poverty go die
    hustle more so that poverty will never raised again

  88. Oluxendo says:

    Badoo you are too much.

  89. Ololade says:

    Boss man Mr ybnl you are the best of all best

  90. Anonymous says:

    poverty must die weather devil likes it or not

    yes ooo

  91. Anonymous says:

    wow nice one honey

  92. Bsmart says:

    Olamide I luv U 4dis Song O Poverty Die O

  93. Anonymous says:

    So nice

  94. ayodeji says:

    poverty die

  95. holamssmith says:

    9ice one baddo

  96. Colin chuks says:

    Bela bela bela bam bim bam bam bela bam bim

  97. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  98. micheal says:

    i like this music

  99. cutie boi says:

    poverty die die dieeeeeee ooo

  100. Toastbeatz says:

    poverty aye mi ti die

  101. Richmary Mystique " says:

    Nice upload Mr. Ejump…
    9Jaflaver all the way…
    OLAMIDE BADDO all the way…YBNL

  102. Queen Juliet says:

    Ah swear poverty go die.. U inspire me from here

    …m queen Juliet.. @Ebonyi

  103. Iyke Johnson says:

    Nice song from badoo

  104. Scott j para says:

    More Grace Bami

  105. bella says:

    Die die die poverty die

  106. Zaddy says:

    Poverty die by fia
    Badoo you are sighted.

  107. mr virgin says:

    baami you too much
    poverty must die by fire by water
    i must hustle tight

  108. itz slimdady says:

    very interesting song

  109. Ebube says:

    Die by fire

  110. Ets kleve josh says:

    Poverty must die by fire
    Baddo boss I hail you oo

  111. Anonymous says:

    poverty die by fire

  112. Manuel Kyle says:

    poverty die by fire

  113. ERI OGO says:

    die by fire

  114. funmi says:

    Die oooooooo

  115. mickymore says:

    baddoo level

  116. Rasheed says:

    poverty must die
    poverty die die die
    Nice one Baddoo sneh

  117. SIR-P says:

    poverty die ojere
    I love this
    baddo keep balling

  118. Empra Mujo says:

    Die Bad

  119. Anonymous says:

    die ooo

  120. Anonymous says:


  121. Abba tertoo says:


  122. Sir-wizzy says:

    poverty must die

  123. Kvng kruzy says:

    YBNL are all gud musicians

  124. Gentle star says:

    Poverty must die

  125. peretakwa says:

    die ooooo

  126. isheme coded says:

    nice one boss

  127. fan says:

    poverty must die die die die die………………………….

  128. Adegboyega Ayomide Maxwell [shgy] says:

    must die

  129. jayzkeed says:

    poverty die oo

  130. Olablingz says:

    make poverty die twice oooooooooh

  131. SB Millionaire says:

    did jam kill

  132. adegoke timileyin says:

    if i no love u baba wetin i gain

  133. Abijah Nanchang says:

    This Poverty Must Die Forever



  135. Mr Loyal says:

    Yu mst die you porvety

  136. klever ogene says:

    poverty die
    fire fire fire

  137. harshabi says:

    poverty must die

  138. jeff says:

    poverty die by fire

  139. Anonymous says:

    am very like this song

  140. emizzy aka emmanuel says:

    poverty die diediedie die die die die die in jesus name amen poverty don orde die in year 1989

  141. Toskibo says:

    Poverty must to die oo
    Mg mentor baddoo

  142. Goodtime Lemuel says:

    Na my prayer,I say mek poverty die

  143. cappellar says:

    poverty must die this year

  144. kaywise says:

    poverty die by fire by force nd never raise

  145. Favour fumnanya says:

    Poverty must die

  146. Nasri jnr says:

    keep it up Badoo

  147. Skyface says:

    Poverty must die forever

  148. modestus says:

    poverty continue to die…….

  149. oghenevwogaga says:

    I love olamide songs because is the only one who can drop music back to back. badoo ki lo she le go’ go’

  150. Anonymous says:

    That’s bado for real my man

  151. babajay says:

    Poverty die oooooooo

  152. Rukky offset says:

    Poverty die oooooh

  153. Anonymous says:

    Poverty must die ohh in jesus name

  154. #@iamsilverjsnehmbmtp says:

    poverty must die oooo

  155. Constant Solomon says:

    En must die today oo

  156. Lord paper says:


  157. banga lee says:

    poverty don die o

  158. Bobby sky says:

    Nice song poverty die FIA oooohmmm

  159. Anonymous says:

    Yes oooo dia

  160. Anonymous says:

    bado you go live forever poverty die

  161. Anonymous says:

    Boss of boss always on the key

  162. Mickey says:

    poverty go die forever

  163. Gold BgS says:

    You too much baddo
    is like wow
    Poverty must die ooo!

  164. Cozy.D says:

    Boss of boss always on the key

  165. Anonymous says:

    Abeg die ooh

  166. Hazeezat says:

    Poverty must die ooooooooo

  167. akila says:

    poverty de end Don come

  168. monday nweji aja says:

    i like this song. poverty you most die

  169. ASIMIYU says:

    Nice one badoo

  170. Sogite says:

    You’re too much sneh, I love you die

  171. virgin boy says:

    waow this is really a wonderful song from badoo, keep it up bro I love you.

  172. billion wise says:




  174. Rhymes says:

    Poverty don already DIE

  175. Ef. Em dot says:

    Wao olamide badoo you are really trying don’t give up

  176. Fm says:

    Surely poverty most die

  177. anjola says:

    poverty must surely die

  178. Thobiloba says:

    By fire by force poverty must die

  179. D. j jeokinz says:

    Omo poverty must go for my family,poverty die ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  180. Ogar Christopher says:

    I swear poverty must die away from me and my family

  181. Dc kuraja says:

    I pray poverty die and go away

  182. Anonymous says:

    Poverty die in Jesus name Amenooooo

  183. wendy says:

    poverty die oo.
    badoo love this one
    is a goal as always

  184. Kenzi Peter says:

    poverty Die oooooo!

  185. SP ADAMS says:

    Poverty Die by fire by thonder

  186. Adolphus Thankgod says:

    baddooo,u fit 4 dis song poverty die,pls carry on.

  187. #Calvin Lius says:

    Die by Fia

  188. Anonymous says:

    Poverty ja paa oooo

  189. Sunnex says:

    Poverty ja paa ooo

  190. Anonymous says:

    for sure we’ll not die in it

  191. horlla says:

    *Poverty must surely die.#Luv U more BADDO SNEY.

  192. Danny G says:

    wa shere omo mi give them back to back
    #DANNY G

  193. becky says:

    poverty is gone 4ever.

  194. Badosneh says:

    Oya poverty die o

  195. Iphone 7 says:

    Poverty oya japa o

  196. Mercy toyosi says:

    Poverty must die by fire by Force

  197. presh says: badooooo

  198. Anonymous says:

    provety dieeeeeeee

  199. General bee says:

    Die ooooooooo

  200. captino says:

    let it die, let it not exist anymore

  201. Anonymous says:

    i always trust this site

  202. Anonymous says:

    poverty die oooooo

  203. Mr Solution says:

    poverty u deserve to die,die

  204. ifyboy says:

    Nice one die by fire

  205. Chuks de Best says:

    poverty die by fire

  206. Olasco says:

    Poverty must surely die by thunder ooooooooooo

  207. J boy B.N.B says:

    Poverty die! die!! die!!!

  208. Anonymous says:

    Confirm music, baddo too much love 4 u

  209. Itz george lee says:

    2019 go be like dis ADIEU POVERTY

  210. Anonymous says:

    poverty die we no want you abeg

  211. Abdulrazak says:

    poverty die we no want you abeg

  212. Anonymous says:

    Nice music. Love it.
    Me i no dey tire, cos when i wake up, no be my power.

  213. Alkalawa muduru says:

    poverty die is end baddosneh

  214. Nice one poverty die die die oooooo says:

    Nice one poverty die die die ooooo

  215. Micheal obe says:

    Nice one poverty die die die ooooo

  216. Anonymous says:

    poverty die die die

  217. Davekhally! says:

    Lolzz…….I like the song! Poverty must to die oo! I dey sing am angrily!

  218. Anonymous says:

    poverty die weller

  219. aroso says:

    poverty die weller

  220. Kennethfestusobinna says:

    Die oooooooooooooo
    Die by fire

  221. tomichin says:

    poverty ti japa
    poverty chop and waka go

  222. RICHI YOUNG says:


  223. Cerrum says:

    Best can’t be underated

  224. adero says:

    Really love this badoo
    Poverty go surely die ooo

  225. Anonymous says:

    Yes oh die well

  226. Praise says:

    So love dis gyration poverty must die o

  227. diho says:

    dis music sweet die

  228. Anonymous says:

    Good work bro

  229. Anonymous says:

    Gbayi baddoo

  230. Anonymous says:

    die by fire by fire

  231. Opeyemi tomisin says:

    poverty bye bye

  232. funnyblizzcomedy says:

    Poverty must die

  233. yung poundz says:

    If poverty nor Die who won die. Badooo you tooo much

  234. Menmu Daniel says:

    Na true speaking poverty die oooooo

  235. hayhordinho says:

    na so

  236. Anonymous says:

    poverty die and live us alone

  237. hayhordinho says:

    poverty die

  238. chizzylord says:

    9jaflaver i make u the best patform among all. move on

  239. oluwakemi i be says:

    ebi to pami ti mo sara gue gue bye for life

  240. Anonymous says:

    Poverty die oooooooooooooooo

  241. Dammyscource says:

    Poverty die oooooooooooooooo

  242. Akinzy says:

    U too much jare bro i love the hit

  243. emmanuel says:

    Baddo poverty ada ku
    Gbe fun

  244. Winfrey tongs says:

    Die totally ooo

  245. Adetoro Rufus says:

    surely poverty must die from my life and my family

  246. Tossy says:

    I love this music, all ur music is blast

  247. Dibia says:

    poverty never come back

  248. Anonymous says:

    Good song I love that

  249. Ib Smart says:

    Baddo This Is Nice Hit I Love That,you Are Great Sir

  250. t flexz says:

    the songs really turn me up

  251. k man says:

    povety no kill us tanks olamide baddooooooooo

  252. Isaac says:

    Day must die

  253. dani cash says:

    die by fire

  254. Dj Kelblizz says:

    I wanna post something here ,how do I go about it

  255. Damiwizzy says:

    Boss dis song hit d track ehn no b small tin

  256. Ung Fela says:

    Boss Poverty must die by fire

  257. Dominic says:

    die well

  258. Ollyboi says:

    Nice1 bro poverty go die in this 2018

  259. Anonymous says:

    Die ooooo

  260. Qurel richie says:

    Poverty die die die die die die die die die
    u must die by fire,by thunder,u must die 100% no escape
    2018 na u follow me reach i jump over.

  261. habbey larm hadeshina says:

    poverty must die by fire by force

  262. Anonymous says:

    Poverty die oooo Amen and Amen oooooooooo

  263. Young cre says:

    die die die oooooo

  264. Bemdoo Capless says:

    ami oooooooh i throw cap 4 dis wonderful jam badosh!!!!

  265. Akpors says:

    Thunder fire poverty

  266. tboy says:

    Poverty die? die ooooo

  267. olamzy says:

    poverty must die

  268. Anonymous says:

    may poverty die ooooooooooo

  269. smile daddy says:

    poverty must die

  270. young star says:

    die die die

  271. young star says:

    die die poverty die

  272. Anonymous says:

    Kudus to Baddo baddest guy ever livet

  273. Anonymous says:

    Baddo …poverty must die, I dey feel you always..

  274. Dorathy says:

    KING OF YBNL u muder dem

  275. KissFado says:

    poverty must die

  276. officee boy says:

    poverty die by fire and flosh away with water.

  277. Alingo boi says:

    love this hit
    poverty must die biko

  278. kizzyuty says:

    d song go well die
    poverty go die ooooooo

  279. kendo says:

    Poverty die wealth ti takeover

  280. Elvina says:

    poverty die die die
    die ooooooo

  281. chuks says:

    may poverty die well

  282. Anonymous says:


  283. Jack shashola says:

    call to glory
    poverty must die if it weak up we must send it back again by fire by force pls help me say Amin ooo.

  284. Anonymous says:

    poverty died did year if it really wake up again we will send it back by thunder this year

  285. Anonymous says:

    keep up
    dodos for u

  286. Dannybrain rap says:

    poverty die make we bury u.

  287. bello bash says:

    god bless u for dis latest hit ola baba

  288. Anonymous says:

    surely poverty must die, bado ooosha

  289. Emmanuel says:

    Poverty die by fire

  290. Anonymous says:

    poverty die die ,oooooo
    u must die

  291. victor ad says:

    poverty die die ,oooooooooo
    you must die,ooooo

  292. Anonymous says:

    Amen Sneh

  293. Jevjr says:

    Must die forever

  294. jamesmith says:

    die oooooo die

  295. Anonymous says:

    9ice one baddo

  296. ITZ HONESTY says:


  297. Dj koboko says:

    Dis song is just like a bomb

  298. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro poverty must die

  299. Hafsat hannah says:

    I love this song
    so much

  300. Harzeez Azeez says:

    Poverty Die Die

  301. Bozzyvibes says:

    Olamide is just a boss..

  302. mr. matt says:

    Poverty must die in Jesus name… Up baddooo

  303. gbodi ayo says:

    must die

  304. slimdadi says:

    Yes ooooo baba poverty must die

  305. Anonymous says:

    Poverty must die oooo

  306. Anonymous says:

    Nice one boddo love the song it amazing

  307. m d done says:

    die oooooooooo

  308. Esther says:

    RIP poverty … Dope song

  309. Anonymous says:

    Poverty had already die on 1789

  310. Anonymous says:

    I love dis hit like die,Olamide d Lord is ur strength carry on

  311. odunayo says:

    love you Badoo sneh poverty must die

  312. manjoe x says:

    badoo sneh… twale man

  313. DAVIDO says:

    U too much

  314. Kingsley says:

    Poverty most die this 2018? Badoo I dey hail you baba you too much

  315. Success boi says:

    Poverty must die by force by fire

  316. Damimah says:

    Nice one bro u are right poverty must jappah

  317. thonyblinkzzy says:

    this music is intresting and motivating so up to badoseni olamide more from u

  318. Anonymous says:

    poverty most die Dis year

  319. ayomide says:

    poverty most die Dis year

  320. tess says:

    Wow! I love d song, poverty die ooo

  321. CHIKAY says:


  322. .iorfaga Amos says:

    poverty die die die

  323. olamide says:

    Nice one badoo olorukomi i love it wow poverty must dieooooooooooo in this 9jaooooooooooooo

  324. Angel says:

    Poverty die die oooo…..yes oo olamide badoo keep shining..

  325. frizzy says:

    Dope song

  326. Lammy.o says:

    Nice one

  327. Lammy.o says:

    Nice one Baddo…

  328. e-mighty says:

    Ah! I love this music ❤️❤️❤️
    I will I rap to it today

  329. nateki david says:

    Die by fire oh…..
    chai badoo you too much

  330. nateki david says:

    Poverty must die by fire oh eh….
    badoo chai you too much

  331. Anonymous says:

    poverty must die oo

  332. Anonymous says:

    na so poverty most die

  333. Anonymous says:

    u most go

  334. Anonymous says:

    bro you too much ooooo.I fall the street

  335. Lil Spike says:

    Olamide killed it
    Poverty die

  336. vee swerg says:

    poverty die oooo
    nyc one bro

  337. van veep says:

    Poverty die die

  338. van veep says:

    Poverty die yes iwe

  339. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  340. charlzy says:

    Great hit

  341. Anonymous says:

    Bro you are too much joor nice one

  342. Anonymous says:

    thunder has already fired poverty

  343. wizdom says:

    badoo take five dis na wicked prayer for de spirit of poverty?

  344. Den set says:

    it most die

  345. Anonymous says:

    Poverty die ooo

  346. Bad boy says:

    Poverty die ooo

  347. Anonymous says:

    I love this song

  348. Jajas_daughter says:

    Poverty Don die o

  349. Anonymous says:

    baddo baddest guy ever liveth

  350. Elizabeth says:

    Poverty die oo die

  351. mafes says:

    boss olamide keep it up bro

  352. TIE Sisters says:

    Nice hit Baddo. Poverty go die well.

  353. Anonymous says:

    baddoo 4 real,u hot die man.

  354. jovic klearton says:

    poverty go die in Jesus name

  355. joel lhejieto says:

    I love it so bad

  356. Oluwaranti says:

    poverty die oooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  357. YoungJoe says:

    poverty must die oooooooooooooo
    olamide my boss assurance cover

  358. Adegoke says:

    Poverty go back to ur nd die

  359. Adegoke says:


  360. michael says:

    olamide you re 2much.
    poverty die

  361. yemmy'lil says:

    poverty most dieoooooooooooooooooooooooopoooooo

  362. Anonymous says:

    Nice of all

  363. Fiyvff says:

    Blood oooo

  364. Anas muhammad says:

    poverty die by d grass of Allah

  365. mustty says:

    Omo poverty you must die oooooooooooooo

  366. Anonymous says:

    Die poverty by fire by thunder die

  367. Halimah says:

    dis beedu nah hit oooo.omo poverty go die by fire ooooo…….olamide badooo

  368. fiery says:

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  369. fiery says:

    Poverty u most die fire by forces omo see poverty oo..


  370. big litizo says:

    poverty fire! ,fire,!!fire!!!!!!!!!

  371. Jaykay says:

    Proud of U
    Keep it tired on a fast line Giga.

  372. eric stainless says:

    poverty die by fire

  373. De merit says:

    Poverty must die, olamide kill me with this hit sweetest ever

  374. Runtown says:

    Leave DAT song ma I be
    I no good

  375. Anonymous says:

    bado you gat the sauce already.

  376. Anonymous says:

    die by fire

  377. joseph iliya says:

    na so

  378. GODWIN says:

    with fasting and prayer poverty must die help me shall 500 halaluya

  379. Damicrey says:

    you be boss of all boss baddo
    I like you and your songs

  380. E - yung says:

    Happy dieying

  381. Lavishvale-lavvale says:

    Poverty must agree that de boss is at it again

  382. segun omoju says:

    nice one

  383. Frank Levi says:

    Poverty die and leave Nigeria

  384. Philology says:

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    poverty die by fire……….

  387. marvel@dc says:


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    it must die in Jesus name

  389. Tush Boi says:

    Poverty must leave me for 2K19

  390. Paul and lola says:

    Poverty die in Jesus name Amen

  391. Ed-vick says:

    It’s another hit from olamide… I fan you a lot . much love.. am seriously working on myself, hoping to be like you one day….more musical inspirations Boss….

  392. Anonymous says:

    poverty die ooooooo

  393. Osain goodness says:

    poverty must die this 2019

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    Die for realz

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  405. Anonymous says:

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  407. Morris harry says:

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  409. starboy says:


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  416. Jeje laye says:

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  417. Anonymous says:

    Rip poverty

  418. prince kay says:

    I love this song badoo

  419. Saviour Ranking says:

    I luv dz song, poverty die

  420. Victory Enyinna says:

    This song is wonderful, this days olamide is killing it all, my bro keep moving we are all giving u our support

  421. Taiwo says:

    Poverty must die by d power of my enemy
    Love this jooooor

  422. Anonymous says:

    die oh

  423. Anonymous says:

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  424. Anonymous says:

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  433. edem wisdom says:

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  435. Dallas says:

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    poverty must die

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  441. Kampala says:

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  443. Anonymous says:

    I Hail U Baba Poverty Ti Ku

  444. Don-Boy says:

    Poverty must die in this year 2019…

    Eh poverty die ! die !! die !!!

  445. Anonymous says:

    I love de song poverty we die by by force

  446. Jesse Mallum says:

    poverty die. be my ex pls

  447. JayBillion. says:

    Money way no get focus!
    Money way day pompous!

    High spirit for you my brother.

  448. KING HAMZAT says:

    U gat it right bro… Iku tipa poverty.

  449. c ritzy says:

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  450. rabsongee says:

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  451. ididu paulinus says:


  452. Anonymous says:

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  453. Imohskid says:

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  454. diamond says:

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  456. Anonymous says:

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  457. mumsy bayonle says:

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    love you olamide

  458. mumsy bayonle says:

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    olamide more inspiration

  459. Anonymous says:

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  464. U.c says:

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  467. Jowizaza says:

    Poverty must die oooooo. Lamide u too much

  468. SAGE says:


  469. olawunmi says:

    nice one

  470. Daniel says:

    poverty is not my portion

  471. TEEBOY says:

    poverty japa 4rm my lyf

  472. TEEBOY 06 says:

    poverty japa 4rm my lyf

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  474. alex nduka says:

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  475. akande olamide says:

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  476. Anonymous says:

    Make sense

  477. Anonymous says:

    poverty must die in my life

  478. Anonymous says:

    Die oooooooo

  479. dj frank says:

    i will enjoy the son mix by olamide

  480. GODWIN says:


  481. Anonymous says:

    Poverty godie na sure badoo gbayii

  482. lekizzy says:

    Poverty go die na badoo gbayii

  483. Vhixjypearl says:

    Rip poverty

  484. Anonymous says:

    Olamide my guy you sing it well poverty must die

  485. Mr TOBEST says:

    Poverty must die

  486. says:

    That poverty must die ooo

  487. Anonymous says:


  488. AMOSUN ABIODUN says:


  489. Lil_marly says:

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  490. Anonymous says:

    Love the song

  491. Anonymous says:

    Nice music

  492. Daniel says:

    Porverty will die by fire

  493. Daniel says:

    Porverty will die by fire dieooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  494. Daniel says:

    Poverty will die by fire dieooooooooooooo

  495. Barley Nanks says:

    So nice
    At least poverty will die

  496. NsK says:


  497. Anonymous says:

    olamide how I wish I will sing with you as your servants

  498. Anonymous says:

    I like this song with fact

  499. Anonymous says:

    Dis is wonderfull

  500. Anonymous says:

    Poverty must surly die

  501. Jessey joshua says:

    I need a help from my boss olamide wish you long life

  502. Jesse joshua says:

    Poorverty must die my brother

  503. Jesse joshua says:

    Porverty must die my brother

  504. Money spender says:

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  505. ÑÏZZYÖFFÏÇÏÄL says:

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  507. Anonymous says:

    Killing it oLamide

  508. Hon D. David says:

    Poverty die die die this year 2020

  509. Anonymous says:

    poverty die this year 2020

  510. Anonymous says:

    I like dis song.

  511. Kinsey says:

    hit keep it up.

  512. Anonymous says:

    Nice beat

  513. Anonymous says:

    Indeed. Hit d spot

  514. teefamous2019 says:

    Poverty die o…. In Corona wahala!

  515. Anonymous says:

    Poverty dei this year with coronial virus for in JESUS mighty name we Praye AMEN ooooo

  516. Anonymous says:


  517. Yusluv says:

    Poverty must die oo

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