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Download Music Mp3:- Paul Okoye (Psquare) – Nagode

    Posted by on September 23, 2017,

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Download Music Mp3:- Paul Okoye (Psquare) – Nagode

So following peter and paul okoye spilt from the p-square duo, paul okoye drops his solo song, titled “Nagode”

Download, and enjoy!!



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  1. preshido says:

    this song day burst my head # chia nice song

  2. Youngclick says:

    Have there separated again?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Una for no breakup na…….

  4. real navinx says:

    2 heads re better dan one oo

  5. Dawilz says:

    Na wa oh, i have never seen dis kind trouble some twins before ooo

  6. calvin says:

    the shld come back 2gether

  7. gilo says:

    such is life u guys and man now before u people are Boyz,dat is work of woman

  8. opanka says:

    guys anambra has been put to shame by you set .anuko mamiri onu ogbaa ofufu .as the richest African and most successful musicians you guys will slide back without each other!!!.

  9. bullet paparboi says:

    paul and peter okoye pls do not 4get d prosime u made 2 ur later morther

  10. Anonymous says:

    Together u will moved on pls take the advice that world are giving to u people, if psqueare will round down completely don’t let that to happened come together

  11. Stone says:

    I think separating ur selfs can not move u people fowords tried to unite again pls

  12. jane says:

    I love u guys together splitting will bring more harm than good please unite

  13. Tex says:

    Please guys I must confess u guys re good I am ur number one super fan I hate to hear u guys having problems

  14. Mata santos says:

    Guy This Is Not The Best Way Of Going About Brecupe Pls United U Sand Divaid U Fall Pls Combain Power’s And Shem Ur Aneme’s I Am Ur Super Fan

  15. celestina donatus says:

    Dhis 1 issa lit bt will be most beta if u were togeda so make unite again and be dhe always best. Ma luv 4 dhiz twins…

  16. Fynest kings says:

    Well one thing about life is there are good times and there bad times experiencing such is not bad totally bad so my number superstars I don’t know what the problem is all about but what I do know is that you people will make the discission.I still believe and have hope in you no matter what@getsquared

  17. Clement says:

    This is nonsense you both have to unite.

  18. jacob says:

    Real nice song… I love it

  19. RICHBOY says:

    You must unite ok,it wrong,you guis one,it does’nt show any impression seeing u guis singing alone.

  20. Anonymous says:

    pls sing together you re brothers

  21. KEN says:

    I dy vex b’coz I’m a twins lyk u guys plz I wat make una come back together plz fan’s ar nt hapi

  22. THANKGOD ADOLE says:

    it’s the melodious songs of your music that make me failed my English and Mathematics Exermination,now if two of you separate i will die.pls whatever God put together no one can put them assunder.

  23. tevero says:

    E go beta say wuna com back yah a bi numba fan 4 p.square chaii….woman nah devil

  24. Izurboywebs says:

    the psqure dat fans love now are butting dere fans to shame am ashamed of u guys bcus I love u guys from day one now Wat is happening this is the work of devil pls psquare reconcile I love you guys..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Guys am aniod with the seperation b/w the 2 in one so what so ever happened u guys should reconcile pleas!!!! Being ur number one supper fan am obsurd about this so u guys should fine a way in solving this plese!!!!

  26. Papsy says:

    Paul u can never succeed alone in music without ur brother, if u like sing like an angel,immagin u standing alone on stage,wt abt d dancing part of pquare,do u think its only singing that put u on top,no way

  27. KiNgC says:

    Paul said the song is not his. pls peter and paul we need u both back

  28. Joe says:

    It’s very bad seeing PSquare going on a Solo moment. watching you guys on a stage performing together is the best. I must tell you there is no joy listening to any of you guys songs, except you do it together. I am not a fan of any of you guys but Psquare, the reason why I am saying this is because I want to see you guys reunite and perform together, waiting to see you guys together. Thanks.

  29. dj swagzy says:

    am a DJ since you guys left each other is add for me to play your track again pls reunite 2 head is better than one thanks

  30. Paschal says:

    Pls,Peter and Paul u guys should understand that, there is no peace without understanding, hope to see u guys perform together!

  31. samuel c says:

    who cares

  32. moses aganda says:

    pls pls, u need to come back as one and don’t forgot u all came to this world one pls we are getting confused as fans

  33. Sky prince says:

    Nice song keep it up! Just keep moving nowhere back

  34. BLESSING Okoye says:

    I wana sée you together guys,dont let devil to split blood brothers,i hope see you perform together

  35. Malick Azindow says:

    Plz u guys let me comfuse bcs of u people i am growing lean so u people shd try n come bac together again plz

  36. hoojay says:

    Psquare pls your name is already there so you guys should know what you are doing now and re think. If Paul can’t go to peter then let peter make the move and come back plssssss…

  37. ijeoma says:

    i love the song its cooling. But please i want you guys to come together again please reunite. Cos you have a lot of fans being together. I love to see you guys come together.

  38. kiss obago says:

    nice one bro, u too much I love it

  39. muna says:

    pls u guys should unite.Together u shall succeed but divide u shall fail pls Paul try to make peace with ur bro cos it very obvious that he’s the strength of psquare. The lyrics re too watery.You dey try but Peter is the best

  40. Anonymous says:

    hmmmmm….this song self toooo watery pls make peace with Peter cos he’s much better. looking forward to see u guys performs together

  41. Anonymous says:

    sing wit ur bro

  42. AUSTINE says:

    THIS song is good nd nice bt wll be more better if u unite wit ur broda pls am begging u bro

  43. Kenneth mado says:

    I love u so much pls don’t desapoint me,come back to ur senses

  44. Anonymous says:

    nice song, but don’t 4 get to sing a track to God

  45. Anonymous says:

    Guys d best way is to Come together and form an unbreakable Bond dat will never sepereate u guys and see d out come

  46. kelvin says:

    Peter and Paul u guys should Come together and b one and also form an unbreakable Bond and see d result

  47. Gods time says:

    go back to ur brother stop waisting ur time pls pls stop singing nonssense pls

  48. Anonymous says:

    Nice song bro, but you guys have to come back ooh 2head is better than one.thanks

  49. kingsley akesa says:

    Hi, best 9ja singer’s peter & paul, ve’ u guys 4gotting d promises made by ur pareints 2 u? Pls, u guys shld com back & make us proud, thanks.

  50. prince john says:

    very nice my boss just like dream that comes true

  51. Anonymous says:

    O my gosh wat is all dis psquare why can’t you guys reunite for once and stop all dis nonsense coz it dose nt make any sense plz I will be the most happiest person lf yu too reconcile . Any ways who dat woman seif please please please please please please please am begging you tow luv guys

  52. Anonymous says:

    enjoying the good song all the way from zambia. this song

  53. Anonymous says:

    Is very nice bro

  54. Anonymous says:

    Two heads r better one guys

  55. Raymond ramsin says:

    Two heads r better than one guys

  56. De Ex says:

    You are too good boss man.
    I believe you guys know your ways and will still return as p-square some day. Amen.

  57. Anonymous says:

    This is my song

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