Download Music Mp3:- Peter Okoye (Mr P) - Ebeano (Internationally) - 9jaflaver

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Download Music Mp3:- Peter Okoye (Mr P) – Ebeano (Internationally)

Download Music Mp3:- Peter Okoye (Mr P) – Ebeano (Internationally)

Peter Okoye also known as Mr P drops another single, titled “Ebeano”

Download, and enjoy!!



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  1. Alhaji Tricia says:

    First to download

  2. Mr simplicity says:

    Nice one Mr p
    Second to download

  3. gozzy j says:

    third to download
    dope jam

  4. Eminence Bee says:

    MrP dey for my head forth to download Ebiano

  5. JP says:

    fourth to download

  6. 9ment Biukeme says:

    i dey give dem the hit mr.p you be father eh. u are the real trueth root of formar p.quare group. oh yes dats true the song na hit no dere the no.1 track of my play list

  7. Lil~jezzy says:

    Very nice

  8. korede says:

    nice 1 mr p more lov

  9. Wisdom legend says:

    Nice song,mr p keep it up?

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. charles says:

    U are the real p square

  12. charles says:

    U are the real p square I love u

  13. Anonymous says:

    much love bozz

  14. sammyboi says:

    Nic 1 by Mr.p (ebano)

  15. Anonymous says:

    nice one Mr p

  16. itz sammi says:

    nice one Mr p

  17. peter.... says:

    gosh this song is a big hit …..more grace bro

  18. Kizz says:

    Very good

  19. Leonel says:

    Mr p your the boss that’s a you nic one

  20. le says:

    nice one Mr p

  21. skelly says:

    nice jam Mr p i love it

  22. Noble&gucci says:

    Nice 1 Mr p (u d best nigga)much love

  23. itaakue wise celestine says:

    dis best try god we help to be the apex almost all ur people.

  24. Junior s says:

    Nice jam Mr P

  25. promise nwoke says:

    my ago the song is super doper..nice one Mr p

  26. Chozi says:

    The real p square before is rude boi. because Mr p normally do backup for him. but nw is no more backup again is nw good for real. Nice one Mr p

  27. Ella says:

    This song is a banger

  28. Anonymous says:

    it’s cool sha

  29. Jp says:

    U tree much bridal.. I love ds

  30. young swags says:

    Mr p u too much we are expected the video i love u

  31. Anonymous says:

    this is fucking the streets and dance halls right now in sierra leone

  32. Ngonket indrysh d okoli ushe says:

    Mr p is too good,Mr p is the best. do to dance,do to sing. Mr p we waiting the video (ebeano) ha ha ha .baby oku your body na ebeano . cool it down,for my head,my way ,look into my eyes successful. time “ebeano” I like it ,I like the song,the beat
    mr p Mr p Mr p Mr p Mr p…..
    …winner in solo. this is the really,verity.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I don’t what to say again ooo iam short of words but one possible thing for sure Mr P mentor u are simply d best so far nd nothing…absolutely nothing can change my love for u, love u, love u, love u, love u Sir.

  34. Anonymous says:

    That’s a nice one Mr. P keep it up ok

  35. Abraham says:

    That’s a nice one Mr. p keep it up ok

  36. merry mak says:

    Mr p boss my brain with dis hit even my way sure die

  37. merry mak says:

    Mr p u boss my brain u ar cul

  38. Chris says:

    Nice one

  39. Lucky says:

    U are my boss continue

  40. madiba says:

    give us more bit Mr p, nice one

  41. Anonymous says:

    always in love with ur hits keep it up @ Mr P one Love keep us together

  42. JAPH D.A says:

    Mr P u will never carry last keep it u i love ur hits

  43. Anonymous says:

    guy u try

  44. bright says:

    more grace ..Mr p

  45. john peter a.k.a,obato nizzy says:

    loving it bro, nice one, always looking up to u, thanks for not letting ur fanz down, best of the best one love

  46. neymar joel usher, alias mr p jr says:

    my father and brother MR p may your days be longer on earth and may u reign for ever father p

  47. Anonymous says:

    correct one bro. am seriously dancing here. jah bles

  48. Mr Fred says:

    am giving dem ebeano here. lol. ride on Mr P

  49. Mustapha umar says:

    This is a nice hit we expect more mr p

  50. Anonymous says:

    Welcome Mr p

  51. Teo Tz says:

    I swear you create something more than amazing good song

  52. Maryann says:

    Wow lovely

  53. Kenn Aligba says:

    am always motivated by Mr p and this time around he came out with the future world best footballer Cameron

  54. Anonymous says:

    Mr p, u get am jare
    I stand gidiga for u jor

  55. Anonymous says:

    nothing you big daddy

  56. Anonymous says:

    Nice one Mr P.

  57. titi bankzz says:

    nice song mr p i got your back

  58. Anonymous says:

    So nice

  59. Anonymous says:

    Mr p u really kill it best hit ever i appreciate this since you don’t fall your carrier

  60. Dandy Jay says:

    Mr p…u killed it.,best hit ever i really appreciate this since you don’t fall your carrier

  61. Anonymous says:

    Nice one Mr P keep it up
    I love the video

  62. Anonymous says:

    more success

  63. Austin says:

    na you try pass joor

  64. Chibuike says:

    U are really the Chris Brown of ninja

  65. Anonymous says:

    I Love that music but you and your brother need to come back together.

  66. Derrick L Wiliams says:

    nice music but you and your brother need to come back together.

  67. Angel di Maria says:

    DA music sure

  68. Jacob joyce says:

    You kill it but it could have been better if you did it with your brother you guys look awesome together remember the saying that says two heads are better than one

  69. Sina brian says:

    Nic song Mr p

  70. Sky j (Jackson) says:

    The music is good but something is missing .

  71. Emmy blaze says:

    nice one Mr p

  72. EhizsBrizsco says:

    nice song n d video is preety Cool….shout out 2ur cute son…

  73. Markajak says:

    Nice one Mr p

  74. Anonymous says:

    You try but make you and your brother try settled
    Blessed 2pac 2face

  75. Anonymous says:

    gud hit but am not happy u are not togather with ur brother it realy pains me to see u both not togather.(i want to see p sqaure back)

  76. johnpaul says:

    mr p is of advantage to his brother paul.this one go well.keep it up

  77. Anonymous says:

    Mr p I love this hit best of the year

  78. Kelechi says:

    Mr p u too much this song the skata my head

  79. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!….. Seriously Mr P you owns the street presently, that’s nice keep it up

  80. Anonymous says:

    I like you Mr p

  81. Anonymous says:

    i love dis hit

  82. It sabi boi says:

    The jamz give me joy enythtime I the hear the jamz I think feel the beat shaa nothing the surp mrp carry on my brother you try past triangle

  83. Anonymous says:

    Oboi did song fire pass rocket, I like it

  84. D remedy says:

    Mehn dis song fire pass rocket, I like it

  85. Anonymous says:

    Mr p u did great song there

  86. Ahkpa says:

    Dhope… This jam dey murder my head! Bt no Seperate with Rudeboy!

  87. Anonymous says:

    Tomb up for u Mr p

  88. Runtown peter says:

    extremely nice and wanderfull

  89. james boy says:

    nice shoot Mr that

  90. #richie# says:

    just so great I couldn’t help but to hear it every minute,I think you are doing great even without your brother

  91. keji says:

    Mr p dats nice but pls u and ur second needs to come back together pls for d sake of we ur fans

  92. Ango Samu says:

    It’s nice Mr p

  93. Ango Samu says:

    it’s Nice

  94. slimzy says:

    mr p i wish i will be like u because all ur track dey sweet me,u the real man

  95. DON Ezra says:


  96. Joseph says:

    i love that song keep it up

  97. mr p says:

    ebeano very nice son

  98. Anonymous says:

    You are good mr p keep it up

  99. Heinrich saint says:

    seriously i feel dis

  100. Anonymous says:

    Nice 1

  101. Tobiloba sunday says:

    Wat a 9ice music And a brilliant boi

  102. iFYCS says:

    All know is psqure-as far as l’m concerned you guys are just part of whole

  103. DZEMEKI SOLOMON says:

    my body na ebeano mr principle u are the boss

  104. ENO C says:


  105. ENO C says:


  106. ENO C says:


  107. Saviour Augustine says:

    Unstopable shaku shaku dance Video i Love This Music

  108. Saviour says:

    Nice One Mr P i Love This Music

  109. WI~DEX says:

    9nice 1 mr p

  110. Kvng sommy says:

    Nice one but please unite wit ur brother

  111. Jay Sunday says:

    Mr.P is naturally creative,this jam is remarkable.Love u Mr.P

  112. Boss tka says:

    Nice hit but we want psquare together

  113. Anonymous says:

    i salute u daking

  114. Konka blaze says:

    I always love your songs

  115. trenkz says:

    nise one,keep it up

  116. DAVID says:

    it’s A HIT BRO LOVE IT….

  117. Anonymous says:

    Mr. P really u really kill this beat. I’m in love with it

  118. Ademola says:

    wow! i love it

  119. Anonymous says:

    i like ur musics but try to forgive ur brother to be one again pls bro

  120. shedi says:

    i love ur music but try to forgive ur brother so that u can be ones again

  121. Anonymous says:

    another one mr p

  122. Anonymous says:

    fantastic mr p just download

  123. Ifeanyi says:

    Allah i love this song die, wherever I am, am playing it

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