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Download Music Mp3:- Peter Okoye (Mr P) – For My Head

    Posted by on November 18, 2017,

Download Music Mp3:- Peter Okoye (Mr P) – For My Head

Peter Okoye drops the highly anticipated single, titled “For my head”

Download, and enjoy!!



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  1. tim says:

    i love ya site dis where i come to get d lastest musics

  2. P Hassan says:

    Big up Mr P you rock

  3. Dyoungfreezy says:

    Nice jam bro

  4. vic says:

    Nice one bro

  5. Ykey says:

    oh No, unbelievable.. nice jams bro.. I will soon future you and Paul soon. ( a m e e n )

  6. VICTOR SAMSON says:


  7. perfectly sam says:

    Nice one mr p.. Join ur brother

  8. Anonymous says:

    nice song mr p I salute u u re d man

  9. Ur Boy Heb-zy says:

    Nice One Mr P Join Ur Brother

  10. isaac francis says:

    nice one mr p,join ur brother

  11. David says:

    I dey fell u but make peace wit ur broder

  12. jalil says:

    Very nice

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is the best, love it

  14. s t Oshioke says:

    nice 1
    U scatter my head

  15. Tochi Daviis says:

    Shebi na the Peter wey everybody dey believe say e no go exist if Paul leave am? Na God dey chose who him dey bless. Both My head and Cool it Down sounds like Psquare but I checked Fire Fire, if no be say I know say Paul sing am, I for say na one choko guy for Ajegunle get am. No psquare flavor at all. Nice Peter no let anything stop u. Dem say u no get voice, maybe na their church choir sing this one. Thumbs up. We don’t want Jude #final

  16. wisekid says:

    this is a lovely hit Mr p love it

  17. faith says:

    nice one Mr.p but make peace with ur border pls.

  18. JimStout says:

    Nice one Bro!

  19. young brai says:

    keep it top Mr p

  20. Kelvin says:

    Those that said that he dnt no how to sing will see Mr P raising up to the sky,nice one. Peter okoye

  21. oscar cool says:

    happy to hear ur voice kee it up God will support u

  22. Bepeh clems says:

    This is nice kep it up,but ples join ur brother

  23. eddy says:

    try and make peace with your brother nothing like brother please try and make we your fans happy

  24. Alphonso says:

    Bro you too much,but if am permitted to say it then I will. There will never be a collaboration of brothers like you and your bro. I have enjoyed and have also been your number one fan. please bring back the p- square.

  25. Frank says:

    nice one Mr P pls make peace with your brother because both makes the best collaboration.

  26. DIMKA says:

    nice one mr p,but eh there’s sotin and somebody missing.which is ur half part. ur broder pix, You guys are one,make peace,if he dnt understand u should do,one love p square our heros,

  27. mary says:

    your song rocks but u n Ur bro re one so it will be good to see the both of u together again, let no one or nothing put asunder btw Ur twinship plz. I love u both. plz u guys should come back.

  28. Armand (ivory Coast) says:

    It’s a very sweet song.but try to bring back our fantastic team that is p square. mr p is good but p squre is not so bad.try to do it please



  30. Alvin says:

    wow. i love your hits mr.p, just keep on workin hard 4 people who say u no fi sing will see 4themselves. your unstopable bro

  31. saint-jude says:

    it’s indeed a great track u have just released but I confidently believe that the p- square flavour is missing from ur track. pls sir make peace with your brother. God bless Mr.p, God bless Rudeboy and God bless p-sqaure.

  32. Itz Donaldlittle says:

    why must it be Mr p is always d one apologising. as for these who has always see rudeboy d voice of p. square should pls live Mr p alone

  33. Kc says:

    Nice bro, you are busy surprising everyone.

  34. Kc says:

    Nice bro, you are busy surprising everyone. Family sure pass

  35. MHIZ DEBBY says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Nice 1 mr p but pls let p.square be back

  37. Offiah james says:

    Mr p you are too much show them let them see, because they think that Paul is the p square , the world have seen who you are, Pls keep it up,I love you and your brother but you are the best pls try and make peace with ur brother. thanks God bless both of you

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dope bt make peace wit ur bro

  39. Saturday God'sgift says:

    I love mr p, but what a great surprise when the world hear the psqare back again i guest that will be your best song ever release

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. okachi says:

    I love u Peter and everything about u.i keep playing ur songs daily

  42. Collinson says:

    I pray that God shal bring them together, so that they can produce wel

  43. "B" Kesh says:

    wow nice 1 n i love it. bt make peace with mr rudeboy. so we can have back p-square again.

  44. MR KELVIN G says:


  45. Godlove says:

    Mr p I love your songs, I love your swag,I love the way you dance.In fact I love everything about you.
    The sky is your starting point

  46. Ibeanyenwo queeneth says:

    Nice one dear

  47. Sam.. says:

    U guys are always great united,anyone that despise peter and likes paul is partial.Together u guys got to this hieght.. and seperation will destroy the legacy you achieve together,nobody knows RUDE BOY or MR P without P SQUARE

  48. charly edor says:

    in my life p square is my best music bcus ur music always gv me joy wen am sad plz dere is nothing lyk twins dat y enemies are gelous you pls come together i beg god Almighty we help you 2 pls make peace u are d Best

  49. Joysparkels says:

    Nice song dear

  50. Michael David says:

    he u take de expect make I believe say d almighty p2 no de exsist???…

  51. Michael David says:

    hw u take de expect make I believe say d almighty p2 no de exsist???…

  52. Lucky says:

    Mrp,you are too much, you keep surprising us with good music, from cool it down to for my head, you too much, Paul know fit do with out you, na you be psquare, a beg try settled na seif.

  53. young formzy says:

    I like the song so nice

  54. Daby TE says:

    Kudos Bro!

  55. Finefinebobo fineguy says:

    Daddy u too much 4 me. i dey 4 ur back. Keep it up.,

  56. Anonymous says:

    In life , u most face some chalenging and triers, but person need to endure, i know it’s pain bt i ‘ll like u people to understand that nothing like bro and person can no body can buy brother in this world, pls u need to understand ur self u people are matured enough pls u people should bring back p square back i beg. One love . Dis is barnabas from kaduna nigeria

  57. says:

    In life , u most face some chalenging and triers, but person need to endure, i know it’s painful wen u person get misunderstand bt i ‘ll like u people to understand that nothing like in world is good than a brother and person can no body can buy brother in this world, pls u need to understand ur self u people are matured enough pls u people should bring back p square back i beg. One love . Dis is barnabas from kaduna nigeria

  58. Queen Iv says:

    We ur fans will keep loving u, esp, wen u re with ur half. He’s been der with u from d womb, u hvnt separated why now? Forgive n forget pls,OK? This song is dope no doubt. Peter, pls mk peace with Paul n make mama proud of u both n happy where ever she is. we, ur fans, love u, but we love u more wen u re together. Dodorima for both of una!

  59. Alemzy says:

    Heyo bro one love men I have known p square for a long time pleas man u guys need to challenge hatred man come together

  60. don peter says:

    it is obvious that the whole world have seen ur deed but two heads are better than one

  61. obegu christopher says:

    i love my big brother 4rm calabar

  62. Fred says:

    this song is a hit… love it like crazy. mr P you are good.

  63. says:

    I real love the good music like this, but for sure the only thing I love more is PSQUARE flavor! why don’t you come back again and create amazing music for your fans around the world???!!! plz you Mr P if you see my comment, am your number one fan from TANZANIA and I’m very sad to here that there is no psquare again!!!! damn!!!!

  64. Peter Richard says:

    this is nice but go n meet ur brother OK.

  65. edith says:

    I am so in love with this song

  66. D_rabson2dayz says:

    Keep it up Mr P, God dey with you.

  67. kidmaheer says:

    Psquare we are back again I remember this song… Mr p please join back to your brother Psquare

  68. Anonymous says:

    nice one my brother, but make peace with your brother

  69. Emmitex says:

    my brother make peace with your brother, nice one God bless you.

  70. madiks says:

    dis guy is just too good mehn…

  71. kokorimam from Taraba state says:

    dey say Mr.p no go make am, but here he goes with unstoppable song. kudos to my mentor Mr.p.may jah continue blessing u and give u more songs, one luv.b ur brother keeper pls.blood is blood no magic can change it to b water.

  72. Kokorimam,taraba state says:

    nice one Mr.p u too much,I love dat.

  73. Suleiman nasir says:

    Nice Mr p I love that song put more effort and with God all things you need you will have it sir no man can put a sander

  74. Dad's guy says:

    Coooooooool jam

  75. Ediomo jim says:

    Nice heat
    but make peace wit ur twin

  76. Anonymous says:

    From this your music you can give us the old p square back

  77. Moyesha says:

    The song sucks. Mr p. I’m highly disappointed in you. you sing like a teenager. Davido and Tekno won’t sing this gibberish. for a one time,best artist this is poor. Rude boy sounds like psquare in one while you Mr p. sound like a desperado trying to prove your other half wrong that you can sing. Lola needs to step up her game and do her assignment well. get back with Paul and u guys should give us some dope song…on my head ooo. lmao

  78. ABIGAIL says:


  79. ABIGAIL says:


  80. Stephen arikpo from calabar says:

    Nice song Mr p,but,try and make peace with ur brother OK.I knw u can sing well but make peace with ur only twin brother u know blood is sticker than water u people are brothers let not the devil decive u ur bros and make peace I know u can sing well ur bros too can sing well,I want to see u people back again as p-squre.Iam Wizkid fan aka(star boy) but I do support u guys,come back together as one

  81. Anonymous says:

    na only u mr p

  82. Henry says:

    What is all this Mr p and Rude boy all about,men…we want you guys back

  83. featur singa says:

    Mr p ur broda

  84. Wide money says:

    Nice one bro,unexpectable Mr p

  85. cosse says:

    beautiful.extremely interesting.u proved dem wrong.kip flying

  86. Mr. wise says:

    nice one Mr p but make peace with your brother and bring back Pquare for us

  87. Don star says:

    Mr p, jar bless, 1 love,I belivesay oneday jar will make me blow like u,respake fi, more blesing for your way,inkes for show call 07084200361god bless u thanks.

  88. jumbo says:

    I love this song mr p

  89. omowumi says:

    Mr P all the way up

  90. E Darlinton says:

    So So Nice One Mr P

  91. Wisekey says:

    Nice one,but go back to your bro pls

  92. Dhat Bwoy Songs says:

    Am From Uganda But U Rock Ma World

  93. peter says:

    wow such a lovely and cool song Mr p u are indeed d man but make peace wit ur broda

  94. Esu Friday says:

    Mr p ur songs can never be as when u where psquare all u and ur brother are doing is big nonsense and also a disgrace to Africa and Nigeria.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Psquare is far beta all this nonsense is getting too much u guys should stop singing self bcus u are singing nothing go back to ur brother and call itself psquare

  96. Rey reuxy says:

    Peter u such amaizn bruh buh u need to unite with ur bruh u together u rock u knw
    doi it for the fanatic

  97. wizy awesome says:

    hot jamz..but join ur broda..u guys are awesome 2gether

  98. Faruk says:

    acceding to what some people normally says Mr p can not stand on his own because he is just a dencer but now I think the real voice of p square is the one that sing this song and cool it dawn Mr p u are the best
    but just try and make up with your bro

  99. Christian says:

    keep it up but make peace with your brother pl

  100. sturbornboy says:

    acceding to what some people normally
    says Mr p can not stand on his own
    because he is just a dancer but now I
    think the real voice of p square is the
    one that sing this song and cool it dawn
    Mr p u are the best
    but just try and make up with your bro

  101. Peter Okoye says:

    No matter the amount of money you have, you won’t enjoy it without you brother side you. Forgive him for what he have done wrong to you, I love you both being together forever.

  102. Takerada Simon says:

    Coolest Dude No1 Music Nigeriana, God Will Reward U Double, No Matter How the situation is, bear with ur brother,

  103. Belema says:

    Nice jam mr p. Bt i really want to hear p.square singing together like they used to. Pls.

  104. myilavpeter says:

    You are the best

  105. Jerrysuccess says:

    Mr p you are my number one guy in 9ja i love you and i will keep on loving you, am an upcoming artist pls if you can render your help for me just as God help u my stage name is black sky 08066534549

  106. Odumzy says:

    Were re u living let’s connect, my name is Odumzy

  107. MrV says:

    I love this but not too the fullest let your other half back

  108. Timothy mgbang says:

    what a wonderful track I luv it, but sir it will be better if it was p square like rude boy and Mr p pls sir the both of you should make peace and come back, god bless rude boy, god bless Mr. p, and god bless p- square thanks.

  109. nezzy b says:

    good one mr p

  110. Kizz says:

    good one

  111. kizz says:

    great one

  112. Anonymous says:

    pls join ur broder

  113. Anonymous says:

    nice one boss keep it up long life for u by lilbrawn

  114. stain white says:

    Hii mr p i love ur music so much i which i could come up with u style

  115. David gabriel awan says:

    I luv ur side god well open 4 nna nobody will stop u pls luv ur brother’s

  116. Luo says:

    Great track Mr P

  117. Ali Echeson says:

    Cool music, love music and flex.

  118. mr p well done bt u guys should go nd reconsile says:

    well done mr p but you guys should go nd reconcile

  119. ALLOYZ KIMZ says:

    Incredible pic!!!!, respect MR P .

  120. Anonymous says:


  121. Anonymous says:

    Sound’s cool…. bt i really wanna see p-square performing 2geda, 4eva…..nt this.

  122. Henry boy says:

    Mr p all the way dont have time for rude people

  123. Anonymous says:

    Nice song

  124. Sira damsel says:

    Nice song

  125. Daliso says:

    I love this music, it’s really communicate with my soul.

  126. Anonymous says:


  127. Anonymous says:

    Is Don prestor 4rm Adamawa state big pls Mr p two haid is better than onê

  128. Sparkling dove from IMO state says:

    I love this Mr p it’s really touching my heart keep it up God is with and try make peace with ur brother rude boy thanks

  129. Anonymous says:

    Love u more mr p more hope

  130. Anonymous says:

    I like it songs

  131. Anonymous says:

    nice one mr p

  132. Joy price says:

    Nice song bro

  133. Mr Dawn says:

    You’re my icon Mr P I admired youbso much

  134. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

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