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Download Music Mp3:- Phyno Ft Olamide – Onyeoma

Download Music Mp3:- Phyno Ft Olamide – Onyeoma

Phyno teams up with Olamide again as they deliver this song, titled “Onyeoma”

Download, and enjoy!!


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  1. Jkings chibuike says:

    Baddest song……they killed it jooor…#first to download it here.

    • IFEIFEDO UDOVE says:

      the gadoo galanty no mention use rap carry conection no be smalltine either local or internetion chekaa all his mantion,,,,,,,,,,finooo play maker your rap strong die you kiill them all like lengendre legend of the sacker even self you play pass baker no.1 ataker all your stories they should check your banker becouse you play pass caker,,,,,,,,,,,,ifeifedo now they no you are no.1 rapper you highs them like nneaper original keeper crearn them niecty like hanker his also work ing hand to get internetional accut grower hahaha ifeifedo udove am no. 1 precher

    • Asplitaiko says:

      I luv dat music

  2. Okaibe kenechukwu says:

    they killed it
    the song is dope, it’s on steady repeat


  3. itz ebi says:

    No b small badoo & phyno una inspiration no
    go die

  4. itz ebi says:

    Badoo and phyno u na inspiration no go die

  5. Bukola Ajibola says:

    This song issa goal
    Nice one Olamide nd phyno

  6. hyunchi says:

    mad jam…..whn it comes to dis guys Jst xpct fire

  7. Frankey says:

    Nice one phyno, the music is sweeter than honey.

  8. Frankey says:

    Nice one phyno and badoo, the music is sweeter than honey.

  9. mwms says:

    these guys should just become a duo, like bracket, psquare etc

  10. Anonymous says:

    Baddo ad phyno plz kill us

  11. Baddo says:

    baddo ad ezenunu …..una luk gud even in d broken mirror

  12. Anonymous says:

    Phyno yhu droped it#olamide

  13. skopi says:

    phyno and olamide nailed the song to the cross

  14. Dot com says:

    Dupe dudes on super dupe song and more to you guys

  15. Edina says:

    cool beat keep it up

  16. Orbit says:

    Dope song.
    They always kill the beat.

  17. Vivian Oluchi Paulson says:

    these two are jxt something else when it comes to collabo. God is ur strength as u guys continue to take d songs to another level. much love

  18. emrys says:

    nice one bro, but one thing you people should try an setle it back..

  19. Kenneth says:

    Wow I love d song they nailed it

  20. emmco says:

    Baba you guys are Good

  21. Anonymous says:

    2Kings always holding it down for the street men this onyeoma wnt bust my head you guyz killed it dooo

  22. Kingsley sunday says:

    nice one bro, keep it up.

  23. Anonymous says:

    nice hit…olamide killed it… I love the part were phyno was calling calling currencies… like dollar dollar pound, sterling… my love for currencies

  24. Anonymous says:

    baddo an phyno issa goal jor. much blessing to u guys

  25. CYdegreat says:

    They killed it jooooooor.

  26. Odogwu UNIBEN says:

    hand shake across the Niger. My brothers, Phyno Olamide showing us love……

  27. Anonymous says:

    My brother show me love Oo (I don off)
    #gud job

  28. Anonymous says:

    Coolest callabo ever ,u guys are really doing a great job

  29. Zagadat says:

    Nice one

  30. Pizzy lamar says:

    What else are they going to sing again? From fada fada to real nigga to augment etc now onyeoma what more os in that their head? #the_kings_of_collabo
    Keep up the good work. Steady on repeat

  31. Anonymous says:

    de badess guys Phyno and Olamide

  32. MONEYDEY says:

    de badess guys Phyno and Olamide

  33. Moneydey says:


  34. martins says:

    call him phyno the playmaker baby, MPA nnukwu onye egwu,Olamide Baddoo ikariri egwu.

  35. palito says:

    Good one

  36. Davido(Obo) says:


  37. Felix aforma says:

    Oh my god phyno nd badoo has finish work

  38. Chyna boss says:

    nice one my mentors and role models…
    keep it up…… from o42

  39. Kenneth says:

    This music is absolutely wonderful

  40. khalifa says:

    #0ringo and olamide y guys re killerz y na go soon kill person

  41. Sunzkid says:

    It’s amazing,all love it.

  42. metrology360 says:

    this one is nice keep it up.

  43. Metrology360 says:

    nice one

  44. Anonymous says:

    I want to download

  45. Emmachris says:

    #codus 2 u guyz….. Work well done, i love the song

  46. Gladys says:

    Onyeoma kill’s me,I love t

  47. swisskid a.k.a olagrin says:

    nice one there yemi

  48. Mr Chimodino says:

    Phyno chibuzu
    you and bado done finish work only dis song don make me Happy ona try wella

  49. senbron says:

    nice one

  50. Ifemelemma says:

    Nice music The Best Rapper and Baddoo!!!

  51. wizzy white says:

    Phyno u de make me mad ooo, u and olamide

  52. uncle says:

    always on point east and west two brothers keep it mpas

  53. Believe in one day says:

    Dope jam,,,,,,well done boys

  54. Meredith says:

    dupe song they got

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh sENIOR PADDY MaN Phyno, De Very MAN amorng the MeN, I ekco You & U’r Personal P.D.D BaBa Olamide, I Ekco una Rugged & Porssess For THE song taittled ONYEOMA. THAITE YOU SENIOR MEN:


      Oh sENIOR PADDY MaN Phyno, De Very MAN amorng the MeN, I ekco You & U’r Personal P.D.D BaBa Olamide, I Ekco una Rugged & Porssess For THE song taittled ONYEOMA. THAITE YOU SENIOR MEN:

  55. djflash says:

    nice1 ezege an badoo..

  56. Anonymous says:

    I love this song

  57. Anonymous says:

    D song is sweeter Dan honey….
    Keep it up
    #Badoo & Phyno

  58. johnson says:

    itz a gr8 one

  59. ambassador says:

    nice song I love the song die.una too much joor.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Chaii!!, I love the song scatter,, keep it dear

  61. Anonymous says:

    omo this guys are just too good to b compare
    good song perfect beat
    una too much.

  62. Chimamkpa marizu says:

    I like the music

  63. Alex unusal says:

    Mehn a cool relieving song….nice one

  64. hard cor says:

    am in love with this song

  65. ugonne direct says:

    phyno x olamide una bad no be say them say

  66. Chimamkpa marizu says:

    I like it

  67. Emma says:

    I love it. It overwhelms me

  68. LastDon says:

    Nice one 2kings

  69. Lea Cee says:

    This track is BAE

  70. Anonymous says:

    na dis one sure ohhh

  71. MistaSimbad Lion says:

    Dat a wounderful 1 4rm Ezege and olamide, 2gethernexx forever

  72. Anonymous says:

    Olamide I filll swag, u the kill us

  73. Anonymous says:

    nice music

  74. Albert Robert says:

    Nice tunes….

  75. prech says:

    Baddo my man carry go

  76. Dinzzy Scarlett says:

    Great tune, i love it best #Hot jam There

  77. Dinzzy Scarlett says:

    Good 1ne

  78. Smart says:

    2kingz running the street i sight una ooo keep rolling…Ezege × Badoo
    #onyeoma issa goal ooo

  79. Stephen ikechukwu obi says:

    Phyno ezennunu. I respect you cos you too much. Na you be the reason we the dance like say
    we are drunk here

  80. Dave says:

    Baddest Collaboo ever

  81. Adeshina says:

    Nice one by Phyno and Olamide,teaching us one love in Nigeria.

  82. kenneth says:

    this song issa hit

  83. daddy youn says:

    Venus boy call me daddy young I dot my hottest song die 4u.

  84. Kathy says:

    Very NYC one

  85. Darius Myers says:

    Good collaboration

  86. micheal says:

    love it

  87. BADOO says:

    i luv the song.

  88. Rubangakene says:

    When it comes dont leave phyno wiz baddo
    Am Ready Fi Di Party In

  89. Anonymous says:

    Walayi this jam dey totori my body#phyno Nd Badoo yhu guys are my real nigga

  90. Anonymous says:

    de music is dope

  91. Anonymous says:

    They should try feature hause rapper next time to make de team complete anyway good one from phyno nd badoo

  92. uzorima ! says:

    nice one phyno am a fan and ….

  93. Akomolafe Daniel opeyemi says:

    If I am rank the best musician, I will rank OLAMIDE BADOO as the best musician .

  94. Anonymous says:

    I de fill dis sung ooooo!

  95. boss presity 🎁 says:

    🎯 olamide u really bust ma brain
    proud of u evry where

    u be ma mentor

  96. Anonymous says:

    Fino Da Mahn..jxt making it trending

  97. Pinky Presh says:

    I like this music

  98. Slim viruz says:

    odi k, but need More

  99. Briayi says:

    ar the best guys

  100. Anonymous says:

    I so much like this big kposai to Phyno and Olamide

  101. phyno says:

    is our boy don Liberty, guy I want to ft u one of track yawa

  102. Nice says:

    Phyno fine no nice one o

  103. clinton says:

    nice one

  104. Flexy says:

    my mentor olamide and pyhno no go me with their hit oooo.

  105. Bright says:

    My mentor A.K.A ezennunnu eny ting whey go do 2 of una make dat tin go do mmammadu buhari

  106. Anonymous says:

    Nyc 1

  107. OLAMIDE GO says:


  108. Anonymous says:

    jam of life

  109. joshua says:

    dy both killed d song…

  110. Anonymous says:

    Sweet song I like it

  111. Chimamkpa marizu says:

    It is very good and nice

  112. Ugwu Chijioke says:

    the two are the best. the just give hope to hustlers.. when I hammer I go show u love oo

  113. lawrence {addicted} says:

    anytime phyno teams up with olamide, i always love it

  114. dopest vic says:

    U guyz are alwayz killin it

  115. London boy says:

    Chai chakus for that man, phyno u 10 much, who doubt u make him fall out

  116. Mr frankie says:

    Up u bado and my roll model phyno

  117. Hola jay bee says:

    Holamide no dey play he always kill d beat u phyno 2

  118. Anonymous says:

    I so much love the song badoo an phyho carry go

  119. Anonymous says:

    d gbedu cost disaster? two of dem burst it.

  120. Ajay bado says:

    Weh don NDI OMA 4 d song ONYEOMA into OBODO OMA@@@


  121. Mickey says:

    Nice one

  122. Anonymous says:

    nice one from phyno and olamide

  123. precious says:


  124. ThankGod says:

    Dope song

  125. BIAFRA says:


  126. Sam Loko says:

    Make I Go Hearam First

  127. says:

    my guys no dey carry last na

  128. Fredomania says:

    Who say jah no bless dz guys.infact kill me.ah kill me o.dope 1.

  129. Anonymous says:

    badoo and ezege nwa maka chi if una be real Madrid una carry de cup

  130. de destiny says:

    badoo and ezege nwa i feeling hit i love it

  131. Lekwise says:

    They really tried

  132. Joyce says:

    Unah carry go

  133. SKY PRINCE says:

    Onyeoma issa goal
    Nice one

  134. SKY PRINCE says:

    Onyeoma issa goal
    its a jam

  135. Anonymous says:

    baba 4 de Gods u finish work,olamide i sight u wella

  136. Anonymous says:

    This music is encouraging,i can’t less loving you guys

  137. freakylove says:

    nice one phyno fyno and olamide baddooo

  138. smart k-d says:

    dope music so sweet like honey phyno x badoo nice of you guys, i really love it

  139. OSHESIX says:

    if phyno wan fall him no the key na to just feature olamide phyno and olamide nice one u people need some accolade

  140. Ojims says:

    Alobam nd badoo una sung no go die

  141. dj babs says:

    nice phyno and badoo

  142. E.E says:

    how can I know when song is being release ????

  143. Frankyfresh says:

    Great songs phyno and olamide keep it up( onyeoma I love it)

  144. Anonymous says:


  145. Yues says:


  146. ykiss says:

    nice phyno and olamide

  147. Anonymous says:

    na so

  148. Anonymous says:

    nice jam

  149. Praise says:

    I always love olamide and phyno songs.. They really killed it this time

  150. Licthy says:

    Its so nice. Boys u killed it hot in the dance floor. Shakin body no b small tin.

  151. Anonymous says:

    MAKE SENSE!!!!!

  152. nina a abara says:

    phyno nwa mama boss I dey enjoy your hits

  153. fapy cizo says:

    A nice song

  154. Anonymous says:

    i won’t lie, i love this song

  155. Anonymous says:

    Hpyno and Olamide they always kill it.

  156. violet vera phiri says:

    Everyone knows that phyno and olamide are just the best.this song is just dope.i love it so much its on repeat.phyno and baddo lots of love from lusaka zambia.

  157. Anonymous says:

    Lovely..I like dis two guyz phyno nd olamide and there jamz!!..

  158. Anonymous says:

    Good one keep it up

  159. Maxi max says:

    Phyno n Olamide re ma favourites-bros mak una shw me luv oo, spray me money

  160. SpiceeRich says:


  161. Anonymous says:

    I luv d music

  162. G1 says:

    Badoo and phyno fino really show how bad n fine dem dey

  163. Decent says:

    Nice music

  164. Eliness brams says:

    I luv this song

  165. Anonymous says:


  166. Phoebe says:

    Nice one keep it okay luv this song dey abeg

  167. Destiny Moses Onyi sky says:

    It sounds so good and so beautiful phyno and badoo am grateful thanks for the beautiful music

  168. Rogny khali says:

    Killing diz jamz joorrr….I rate it number one ni

  169. Obeche patrick says:

    Nice hit

  170. Engr daniel eitafoh says:

    Great,dis is good,well done work guys @phyno and olamide……
    I rate it number one

  171. onyema says:

    my best song ever

  172. Luka says:

    Nice song

  173. Anonymous says:

    phyno amd olamide ona dey kill people carry go

  174. ogbonna joshua says:

    Phyno i i give u honour for this album title onyema is a respect may God give u long life in jesus name amen.

  175. cyrille says:

    Very nice phyno is cyrille from cameroon

  176. Ola-femz says:

    What a beautiful setpiece,or setup hmmm oyibo will not kill me.

  177. Anonymous says:

    I love dis song omo

  178. Davido says:

    God bless u olamide and phyno good luck ok

  179. Xander xage says:

    My broda show me love o, wen u see me, spray me money. And if u won make am 4 this life u need to hustle and if u make am 4 this life no b muscle nwa ma grace of God. olamide*phyno well done

  180. Felicia says:

    Very nice the music is Nwa

  181. courage says:

    omo these two guys are one in a million

  182. Anonymous says:

    phyno and olamide nice Work

  183. Anonymous says:

    Nice music I like it keep it up

  184. Anabel says:

    Lovely guyz.. U really killed this one oo
    My best song

  185. Anonymous says:


  186. Atamuno Doris Love says:

    Nice hit

  187. TYONGI James says:

    I love it as i love my self 2 much my niggy phyno.

  188. Pleiades Cruz says:

    I love the music

  189. NEYMAR says:


  190. Anonymous says:

    PHYNO is da king. Living his friendship with Olamide. Correct Igbo boy. Saw money where he could have seed beef. #NWA

  191. Flair kismet says:

    I love the music which involve the two great and wonderful rappers. Keep it up.

  192. Flair kismet says:

    Ooyeah i love the music, which involve the two great and wonderful rappers. Keep it up phyno fino and olamide baddo

  193. Anonymous says:

    I like the Christmas party

  194. loxzy says:

    baddest music ever

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