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Download Music Mp3:- Rudeboy – Reason With Me

Download Music Mp3:- Rudeboy – Reason With Me

Paul Okoye drops another single, titled “Reason with me”

Download, and enjoy!!



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  1. moses TFROSH says:

    i luv d song bro ,all d ladies out there

  2. nice song says:

    nice song

  3. joel neymer says:

    nice music

  4. Anonymous says:

    nice jam…. is on repeat

  5. JAMES OKORO says:

    Is Good to season bro

  6. harry handsome says:

    kip it up 9ice1

  7. Tino. Hoofar says:

    Jah bless yur hustle keep it up

  8. Anonymous says:

    keep it up

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice music boss,, God bless you more my brother one love to you more music to sing my brother,, and may bless your music industry more my brother….

  10. john liberty says:

    Nice music boss,, God bless you more my brother one love to you more music to sing my brother,, and may bless your music industry more my brother….

  11. Kimo says:

    Good song with a sweet line

  12. Bk says:

    I always love rudeboy song cus any of his song is always a banger

  13. Austin Benz says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Voice of a nation.i love u boss

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wow this song is mad

  16. Daviduc says:

    coolest bosss

  17. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  18. Anonymous says:

    It was awesome.
    I really Love it.

  19. Valiant says:

    Keep it up

  20. Valiant says:

    Nice one, keep it up

  21. Popula popul says:

    King Rudy ,you are more than 2much,when ever I listing to your songs I feel happy,
    May God give you long life

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow Nice Song I love it

  23. Anonymous says:

    Charles b

  24. Berry siv says:

    Nice jam keep it up jah had ur back boss #Rude more jam ahead

  25. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro

  26. albert ortyom says:

    nice one,rudeboy

  27. Anonymous says:

    Nice one just download

  28. Orgenda chrisdoo says:

    Nice 1 boss

  29. Chriz de Don says:

    Nice 1 boss

  30. Anonymous says:

    RudeBoy I love you
    Keep it up z good for girls to reason with us.
    I love you RudeBoy

  31. Okechukwu says:

    Nice song bro

  32. Pizzy yayo says:

    Nice song you’ve said it all.but yet them ma ladies won’t reason

  33. Anonymous says:

    nice hit

  34. Obas says:

    Go and settle wit ur brother paul, u re incomplete bro

  35. Anonymous says:

    Gee reason with ur brother
    Ur song go still dey blow but mistakes go still full

  36. Anonymous says:

    I feel you boss, you de read our pain

  37. IK WIZZY says:

    Very Rogged one gee

  38. DAVID says:

    rudeboy is always great .his music is killing me, have been his fan 4 yrs am really learning 4rm him.this video is a lesson we all should learn from it. look at rudeboy dressing like a poor man makes me laugh.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Nice song

  40. Anonymous says:

    Nice one boss

  41. Anonymous says:

    Nice one rudeboy, let girls reason with us

  42. Up coming Sammuny says:

    Bros de music carry message.
    Na Niger girls must get it hot this time.

  43. Sammuny okoson says:

    I believe you bro till tomorrow,
    More songs for ur industry

  44. OLIVIA says:

    Nice one
    Lee living

  45. Anonymous says:

    Wow wow wow good lesson they reason today

  46. yahayya khrisna says:

    nice one bro keep it up sir

  47. Anonymous says:

    icon living

  48. Vincent says:

    good song boss it will teach those ladies a lesson

  49. Temcarter says:

    Rudeboy is always good when it comes to music…love it this one

  50. yasi says:

    Its perfectly fine boss like for real.

  51. Mimi special says:

    nice music, how wish life could be lyk dis it could av be sweet.

  52. Tabugbo peter says:

    You too much I love your songs forever

  53. Namukolo says:

    I really love e this song…I will never ever leave my man because of his financial crisis…I promise to love u always saviour…I love u my man

  54. Anonymous says:

    Nice jam bros ,frm Zambia

  55. Anonymous says:

    wow nice one

  56. Gizmoh rexha says:

    nice one, i lke yo music,

  57. Ernest says:

    Great music

  58. Anonymous says:

    Awesome bro…..keep moving ,God is ur strength

  59. Anonymous says:

    Nice hit bro more to come from u

  60. Anonymous says:

    Paul okoye a.k.a rudeboy 9ice song
    Yes, tell them to reason wit us. Bro

  61. yahyuu says:

    dem go here am

  62. Smart-kid says:

    Nice song

  63. Mr.j.emmizzy says:

    Bros mi u too much, may jah clear all ur enemies

  64. Anonymous says:

    Another nice on

    e l luv it.

  65. Mãjør says:

    Good one

  66. Rich G@me says:

    the hit maker

  67. Warlike says:

    I love you Rudeboy u do all

  68. Francis John says:

    Wow! Man you hit it well a bro

  69. Wealthy says:

    I love this music so much,o Rudeboy more grace love you….. God bless

  70. chizzydallas says:

    @officialrudeboy, I still want you to reason with me and make peace with mr P. my father always say it it easy to brk a single broom, but impossible to brk a bunch of broom.

  71. fresh says:

    good one I like this

  72. Anonymous says:

    Wow Mr rude thanks so much for dis song is like u just knew dat wot was happenin to me but just because of dis I cool myself down because of u I’m back with my boo so happy for dat thanks so much bro

  73. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for dis song Mr rude God bless u

  74. Anonymous says:

    Nice Music, na so who nor get today go get 2mrw

  75. dexmond aminde says:

    9ice one

  76. BONNY-B says:

    Nice one.a good friend is better than a bad brother.keep going big brother god bless you……..a..m .e…n.

  77. Oparaji Dotlino Johnson says:

    Nice mix boss
    Keep it up

  78. Defokwu king wizer de music lord says:

    I am. King Wizer lame a musician and I have been writing so many tracks but I want to blow but what should I do reply my friends and I sing like king Rudy please friends help me out and I don’t want to be like you

  79. jonas says:

    Nice song

  80. nach 254 says:

    i love everything about you….keep it up…

  81. nach 254 says:

    i love everything about you..keep it up

  82. Abbas says:

    I love this song keep it up Rude

  83. Anonymous says:

    povarty die

  84. Memory says:

    this song is a lession to us women. nice song

  85. Anonymous says:

    What an encouraging song ever, it matches the life am living right now. No black and white, there must sure been an award for this song.

  86. Donking zanotti says:

    Keep it up ur voice no dey jah bless

  87. Anonymous says:

    keep it up bro

  88. omy says:

    I love Nigeria songs

  89. Deskhalifa says:

    nice hit bros
    ur song de high Jack person

  90. James says:

    Nice one quality music

  91. Anonymous says:

    Nice jam my man, u gat our back. Girls reason with ur boyfriend o

  92. Askari Baba says:

    Nice jam my man, u gat o back. Girls reason with ur boyfriend o

  93. Youngebukacomedy says:

    Rudeboy baba you too much go on your jam make sens who no like am no sabi beta thing na you be mean man on point…….

  94. davido says:

    nine star music (bam)

  95. Wizvido says:

    Is reality ooo

  96. kunda kapembwa says:

    like this song

  97. Seini franklin says:

    Am just downloading the music
    I belive in rude boy he will never fall my hand
    U are awoesome rude boy

  98. Am a yahoo boy says:

    I like this music

  99. government song says:

    nice one bro

  100. Anonymous says:

    #Nice one Rude

  101. Zambian eazi says:

    we like it …. rudeboy

  102. De Nation says:

    Keep it up King Ruddy

  103. David Anthony says:

    Nice one Bruhn, keep up

  104. Gift aguero says:

    Lord of music GOD bless ur talent kingRuddy. But warri boys go say notin like brother 4 Dis life , bros make una try reason with una self, abeg una with d name of GOD.

  105. JO says:


  106. Anonymous says:

    That was a firing song

  107. Cool boi says:

    Bros I know you don’t have outfits like that who give you that clothes you wearing?

  108. tatenda mhuri says:

    this song is mwaa

  109. RoDerick Bruce-Ag says:

    Rudeboy…. Is a banger,, dat’z flashy i luv…. Dis track is a hit,,,
    keep it up Bro …. One luv….

  110. KEE IT UP1:DVROGD says:


  111. Nancy says:

    thanks soo much for dropping this song, it really inspired me

  112. Anonymous says:

    Ooo nice song

  113. Dboy says:

    I love his voice. I always get entertained

  114. Lucky signal Uganda 256 says:

    For real
    Thanks for the tune my no 1 in African

  115. elevated says:

    nice one

  116. flavor says:

    Most high

  117. Og's Blood says:

    Jọwọ lọ ki o ṣe alafia pẹlu arakunrin rẹ … Ọgbẹni rudeboy

  118. Anonymous says:

    I reason with you bro

  119. Anonymous says:

    Yes cause God dey.

  120. Dogoranking says:

    The best of all

  121. emirexdave says:

    unique man

  122. KissFado says:

    I really love dis music,

  123. Persus ( Cameroon ) says:

    this music really is a live time lesson to be learned by most Girls of our Days

  124. James g says:

    King rudy ride on,i love this hit it’s God bless you bro

  125. Emmy says:

    Unlimited bro..
    It OK ahead ahead oo

  126. Anonymous says:

    Nice song bro but you’re incomplete without your brother
    Remember the question God asked Kane, (Kane where is Abel) your brother
    Rudeboy where is your brother Mr. P
    Remember the spirit of brotherhood

  127. Anonymous says:

    nice picture

  128. DE Boss says:

    I so much love this song
    double twale to u Rude Boy Baba

  129. Anonymous says:

    wow,always great

  130. motto grant says:

    you are telling what we are living in this world thank so much to this mew music

  131. Anonymous says:

    Wow i so much love it keep it up Mr rude God bless u

  132. Sir Jerry says:

    Wow i so much love it keep it up Mr rude God bless u

  133. Kalu says:

    Nice one.

  134. Anonymous says:

    aw! its a hit rubboy I love it n I love u❤❤❤

  135. victor says:

    This song portrays the life of a hustler,been rudeboy.Let our ladies help us out,not only eating the one we hustle get,encourage us ladies please

  136. Anonymous says:

    I luv d song joor u try Oga

  137. Asquared says:

    The song Enter die…….up up Rudeboy….

  138. Hassan A. othman says:

    Nice song my king Rudy
    I believe if I no get today I go getam tomorrow

  139. Anonymous says:

    You just spoke my mind in this song,more grace

  140. Polycarp says:

    Boss if I no like you and your song wetin i

  141. Etz sanny says:

    nice song

  142. Anonymous says:

    Your song also come to you, can’t you see,Go and reason with your brother

  143. Dave Richie says:

    Yeah I support you I love the teo of them together

  144. Louis says:

    ur always a hero and so shall it b until the world passes by

  145. Akaha crazy-monkey says:

    Chaii Rudeboy too much ooo make Nigerian music industry give him award this year pls ooo bcoz the guy too much

  146. Joey says:

    #bam ✌

  147. Anonymous says:

    I love you and your song

  148. Henziyung says:

    If I know love this song wenti I gain great motivation song Bossman abeg I gat do cover for this song abeg the jam to hot

  149. Samuel Abalis says:

    king Rudy you really hit the spot nice song good hit I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Anonymous says:

    This song is very good and depicting real life issues. Women should never judge a man based on his current status because things must surely change and regrets would be the end.

  151. Anonymous says:

    Awsome rude boy

  152. Anonymous says:

    Nice lines,nice song ,wonderful message but bro u guys need to come together Mr p has proven himself beyond reasonable doubt .u guys need to come back we need psquare not Mr p or rudeboy but psquare.

  153. gracious says:

    nice one bro that was awsome u really read people mind b4 droping this, u are good for real.

  154. Anonymous says:

    NYC song from great artist

  155. Anonymous says:

    big tune big up

  156. Slimm shizzy says:

    My boss of life ruuude God bless ur hustle boss keep given us the hits voice of psquare

  157. Am bad guy call N-gado am frm calibanto dat is calabar says:

    rude boy ur too much, may God add u more talent..

  158. N-gado says:

    Rude boy u too much,may God add u more talent..

  159. Chiboy says:

    Keep it up bro

  160. Anonymous says:

    nice song its a very big lesson to some of us ladies out here.ladies learn to have patience with ur man

  161. theresa snow flemz phiri says:

    nice song keep it up its a very big lesson to some of us ladies out here.ladies learn to have patience with your man

  162. Destiny bervisher says:

    Nice music brother….. baba God dey your back

  163. Destiny bervisher says:

    Nice music brother….
    Baba God,dey your back……

  164. EMMANUEL Essien says:

    I love this so much I mean that is life for you just like as I giving my friend that was my senior for secondary School work today he said such is life

  165. Emmanel costly love says:

    Very big lessons to dem all our ladies

  166. phirison says:

    nice music you produce ba rude man!!

  167. Emelda unamma says:

    this song is so interesting

  168. Tony Ghana says:

    Though, I’ve not heard the track full version,I just heard little of it on a brother’s status so I’m yet to download it because I know what you can do.

  169. Bitrus ghally says:

    King Rudy always drop the best, so emotional and honest ,I love this song

  170. Anonymous says:

    Must so preciuse music with meaning you to pacient your love one god time is the best

  171. Kandyneyojahuss says:

    Whaooo,,,this music is gbawu really got so much love

  172. Anonymous says:

    U were sepas

  173. Anonymous says:

    U were sepas?

  174. Anonymous says:

    U’re a hit in the music industry keep pushing.

  175. Isaiah says:

    Yeah now ur bringing the real voice of p square out much love bro

  176. Anonymous says:

    You’re destined for greatness young man. my children are highly inspired by you and your music. God richly bless you.

  177. AustinMentor says:

    My role model I duff cap for you

  178. Frank Mzee says:

    Rudy u ar so inteligent
    some people is thinking that rudy sing a music toward his baby
    not lik dat the music z refering to his brother he had left him b/c they don lost so many things
    is better to mr p to comeback blood z thick than water twins

  179. chima aka bigwig says:

    i love the song somuch more

  180. G2i says:

    Nice bum boss

  181. Anonymous says:

    Rudeboy u re such a good singer en song writter, keep it up my dear who so ever dat says he or she does not like ur style should go to hell bcos whether with or with out him u re a star en we love u.

  182. SIXTUS SOJA a.k.a SOJEY says:

    well done

  183. Anonymous says:


  184. priscah chirwa says:

    I really love the song

  185. Eunice says:

    I love the music all that guitters is not gold

  186. Philip Shaddi says:


  187. Naria Marley 2 says:

    Nice track bro

  188. Soft M says:

    My Mentor, My Role Model, and My Admierer, KING RUDE BOY, always on point i love this music fire down and always push tight I LOVE U.

  189. Ekere Mayor says:

    BLAST: This one is really a word dropping track, carry on don’t look back nothing is behind but hope ahead. More Grace.

  190. Aj says:

    Nice one bro

  191. Eric says:

    The first day I hear this song I fall in love with the song cos there a lot to learn from it

  192. Abuchi says:

    Nice song I pray that God will give u more wisdom more blessings in Jesus Christ name I pray

  193. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  194. petrus says:

    This s a nice song,its cool my mind

  195. lime light aluminium investment says:

    very nice song

  196. lime light aluminium investment says:

    this is a nice song it’s cooling my mind

  197. Lincorn says:

    Nice one.It is trending

  198. king Tom Dada says:

    baba you are always the best

  199. fidelis says:

    bro this jam too dope

  200. Mark Logan Jr From Liberia says:

    Senior follow all your songs but your need to come back together

  201. Edia Paul says:

    This song reason with me is the best in 2019, since January till May, this song have meaning, and its so interesting

  202. hott says:

    Rude boy I love it

  203. Nsima nseobong etim says:

    Nice song keep it up I really love it

  204. Abuchi says:

    wow, that was soo good
    I love that ,
    keep it up and God will bless u more and more again in Jesus name Amen!!!

  205. golden boy says:

    this song has d biggers thought
    4 me this d best of d year
    keep it up ‘Rude Boy’

  206. Rose says:

    Nice music… You too much rudeboy

  207. nkelky agom says:

    omo dis particular track reason with me made me fulfilled cos its a true live story sir rude to everylady

  208. Andy says:

    I love d song and will love it continually….d song is my source of joy ::Rude boy, keep popping!!

  209. Odoagu says:

    Rude boy. Keep it up we gat ur back

  210. Anonymous says:

    Reign j. Rude boy my brother from another mother, I have never expected less from you even when you were p square, more is better songs are still coming. And I will be with you soon up there.

  211. oladimeji says:

    wow nice one wish prosperity in life

  212. Anonymous says:

    So lovely boss

  213. Young boss says:

    Girls should always reason with us guys

  214. Osaro Osazemwinde says:

    Seriously love this song.

  215. Cj says:

    Mr rude u tried, d lyrics is superb but try and fix ur music and make it sweeter. None of ur songs is up to psquare standard yet u promise to keep up to d standard. Only ur lyrics i enjoy nothing else. Though i won’t stop loving u and be ur fan.

  216. Anthony says:

    Nice one Mr rudeboy

  217. Joseph Musa says:

    Such a fantastic song. Rudeboy is just singing through mylife. I went through this bad experience in life and am listening to this song while in tears

  218. SHEDRACK says:


  219. SHEDRACK says:


  220. Anonymous says:


  221. my name is Kresh (singer and rapper) says:

    I like to post my music to 9jaflaver but I have no sponsor/money

  222. wisdom obamila says:

    I love the song most I always think about it when ever I play it

  223. Anonymous says:

    That song ‘reason with me’ is wow

  224. Shane says:

    thought provoking, not just for the girls but for all who dont believe in a beta 2mao….good song man

  225. Moj says:

    I love dis song lyk mad…..I always listen to d song all d time….I love u#RUDE BOY SALUTE TO U MY BIGGEST STAR….1 LOVE

  226. blessing ibe says:

    i love de song, i always luv ur song keep it up, rudeboy…. i luv it

  227. Gift sugar says:

    I Love you Rude Boy because of this song you always sing reasonable songs, songs of life history

  228. Gift sugar says:

    Just know you are been loved by me Rude Boy because of this song you always sing reasonable songs, songs of life history ,Thanks.

  229. Hammie cool says:

    Its not only song ov da year
    but attaching.. #reason with mi

  230. Hammie cool says:

    It’s title is enough…so wow!!!

  231. ibrahim Muhktar says:

    Nyc song he never disappoints

  232. Jeoflex Bassey says:

    nice music, inspiring, one lov boss

  233. Dwizzy jkaps says:

    100% Talent, big song with great meaning.
    love it.keep it #Rude Boy.

  234. 2baba says:

    I love this video so much

  235. 200%. Talent,big song with great meaning says:

    keep it up rude boy

  236. Limpo says:

    Nice one

  237. CompletNwa says:

    boss this song is a real motivational song boss

  238. Anonymous says:

    This song dey fine sharp sharp

  239. Imoudu Derrick Solomon says:

    Wooow I never know about this song”
    Till my mom phone rang” was surprised to see ma old Mama having INTEREST.
    She said the music is a message
    Nice one bro

  240. Victor-Bright says:

    Nice song bro.

  241. Chiomzy okpara says:

    Nice one bro.

  242. Sammy says:

    Good song frm d hit maker….but why finding it difficult 2 reason with ur broda? guy try reason with mr p it’s important!!!

  243. Anonymous says:

    nice one boss

  244. YARON MAMAN SA says:

    9ice 1 guy keep it up

  245. Oghotuoma Rufus says:

    nice shot, I use to love you (one love p

  246. Swishlooks says:

    Paul Okoye…always on point anytime…Stilla big fan of PSquare tho’…u guys rock!

  247. Swishlooks says:

    Paul Okoye is always on point anytime…still a fan of Psquare tho’. We women should support a good man to become a great man,really‍♀️

  248. Anonymous says:

    Yes it’s good music from rudeboy

  249. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  250. Anonymous says:

    rudeboy carry go good jam we want more is month

  251. chizzy savage says:

    rudeboy carry go nice jam we want more is month

  252. Nicky bankz says:

    U always have d latest of it manny

  253. Anonymous says:

    This video is killing me

  254. 2man says:

    This song killy dem sha he made it

  255. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro i learn something from it. God bless your ministry

  256. Toviiso Kerry says:


  257. Mr flourish says:

    Mr rudy i seriouslly love the song,the one i like most is when u are with your brother.

  258. Mr florish says:

    I like seeing u with your but only God know how i feel about it!!

  259. Earlmusty says:

    Its a banga 2 all those heart robbers. That’s real, if u need 2 define reality.

  260. Dee-law says:

    To the girls out there running after guys with benz neglecting the poor ones
    This is a lesson to you
    Because no one knows tomorrow

  261. Etochris says:

    master tell them ,b/c my own no wan ear ooo

  262. smart says:

    best of rudboy

  263. Anonymous says:

    Wow keep it up

  264. Anonymous says:

    I lv yu guy

  265. Celestine says:

    Good music keep ❓it on

  266. Anonymous says:

    Nice music!
    I love it

  267. Ignicious says:

    Nice one keep on that mr

  268. kay cious says:

    Nice one keep on that Mr

  269. Anonymous says:

    good lyrics , u ar d psqaure all dis years

  270. BMF says:

    Rudeboy you song pass Mr p no get level

  271. J-frex says:

    Nyc 1 Bruh

  272. Zenith D Nwa Mazi says:

    Nice one bro…
    My next track u will future me

  273. Austine boy says:

    but no matter anything owu no good so you know go blame some girls in fact is a nice music from rude boy

  274. Amoblinkz says:

    RudeBoy you are good without any reasonable dout, but as you have already said, “Reason With Me”.
    I wish you could also do the same with your brother Mr.P so that guys could come back as the one family and the one Square we used to know please.
    I know its a family affair but please no matter what just reason it over.
    You guys are good but much more better together.
    Long live RudeBOY
    long live Mr.p
    and long live the Square the great sons of okoye.
    We love you.

  275. Eto'oonemama says:

    i love ur song they ar beautiful nd sweet i wish u can fucture me

  276. Anonymous says:

    Love It

  277. Anonymous says:

    Is good music.

  278. Anonymous says:

    #Rudeboy :You got me crushing

  279. Chrisluv says:

    If I no get today
    I go get am tomorrow!
    please reason with me!!!

  280. Austen Ngoma says:

    Nice song may the Lord be with all songs th

  281. Austen Ngoma says:

    Nice song bro and may the Lord be with all songs that u will singing God blessed u am from Zambia Austen Ngoma

  282. Austen Ngoma says:

    Nice song bro may the Lord be with u all songs that u will singing God blessed u and all your songs

  283. Anonymous says:

    the song is so nice , I luv it

  284. Am ,,,, Mr. makula frank Ug. says:

    big up bruh, we miss music

  285. chuks anthony says:

    bro I luv your songs and am one of your biggest fans n am an upcoming artists I do sing I pray that GOD all mighty will guide you in a prosperous way amen

  286. Prince Tuo says:

    Nice banger Rudeboy

  287. Revel Ki Wena says:

    When ye ‘re good ye ‘re good…
    Paul Okoye ye the best my guy

  288. Revel Malundu says:

    When ye ‘re good ye ‘re good, can’t lie ye the best Okoye P

  289. Henrietta Solomon says:

    I love this song so much. We ladies need to learn to be patient.

  290. kiz says:

    nice one

  291. Anonymous says:

    Rudy baba

  292. impaccable says:

    Nice one

  293. Anyim love says:

    Well sir I love this song because it’s inspirational to we girls and to the guys at large because no one knows tomorrow.

  294. Kate bassey says:

    Super dupa in love with this song

  295. Anonymous says:


  296. Emilas says:

    cool hit.
    Keep it up bro.

  297. Odinakachukwu victor says:

    Nice song bro, keep it up, u read our pain ,love you the more…

  298. Ik Regina says:

    Hmm, am so in love with this song, I love all your songs, you try both with the drama, infact your voice is driving me crazy, you are my favorite musician

  299. Calphas kamwanga says:

    I love ❤️ it

  300. Jay says:

    You such a legend,nice music …

  301. SandraO says:

    I so much love this music,it really have good moral’s .

  302. Nelly Temple says:

    Bro that is the true of the matte, we no go kill awere slef bro thanks for this magger

  303. Anonymous says:

    Luv it, amazing

  304. jayboy says:

    good music

  305. Pokyman says:

    Abeg my boss tell them, ladies no dey agree

  306. Marcus says:

    Smart lyrics

  307. Gerald says:

    Infact am speechles whenever i listen to this song. It has passed the message of what life really is(it is surely not static but dynamic), as the title says “REASON WITH ME”, if you both could keep your differences aside and come back as PSQUARE, it would be much better, so you Guys should use the Title of this song and Reason together. Bikko.

  308. smart c ikechukwu says:

    I love this song my brother keep it up

  309. smart c ikechukwu says:

    I love this song

  310. Raygold says:

    what a song mean nd a good meaning

  311. Monfung felix says:

    Bro talk your mind, is not easy for me too. But I hope to get tomorrow, keep up

  312. Top wendy says:

    No condition is permanent

  313. Reason,with,me says:


  314. Min atim says:

    Lord of songs i luv i dis song vy mach….

  315. young says:

    Nice bro

  316. Caleb says:

    This music is awesome

  317. σffícíαl king says:

    í luv d ѕσng

  318. Fredbanky says:

    Very good

  319. Anonymous says:

    Mr r u are good ples help me in my music

  320. Anonymous says:

    you are the best

  321. Anonymous says:

    This song gave me goose bumps because it’s my true life story but in a reversed form. Well done Rude boy.

  322. Barr Obasesam Okoi says:

    This song gave me goose bumps. It’s my true life story but in a reversed form. Well done Rude boy. Much love

  323. Mr Brown says:

    Like seriously this song really thought me many tinz about girls of nowadays, well all I have to say is that God should brings peace btwn the both of you Guy’s I really love the song d first day i listing to it bless you Rudeboy

  324. Namsowo Daniel says:

    I love this song. you r the best

  325. stevethrone says:

    this song make sense too much keep on sir we need more

  326. Anonymous says:

    I love this song




  327. Anonymous says:


  328. Natasha says:

    Gerald you are right I wish they could come together.

  329. Kellyn says:

    Das my wish as well

  330. Anonymous says:

    you try a lot bro

  331. Clemency says:

    De muzic make zingz i like it

  332. Anonymous says:


  333. i.k says:

    nice one bro

  334. Mhiz ella says:


  335. It'z maestro says:

    Nice one boss

  336. Anonymous says:

    I love these song so much.

  337. justine nay chibeka zambia says:

    nice song rude boy

  338. Philips says:

    Good one but somebody is missing in ur song, try and reason with ur brother peter

  339. Bebi says:

    I so love this song ooo
    Great one boss
    Keep it up.

  340. Tangosammy says:

    Rodboy u too mush for this song,u reason am wel more grace 4rm ja to u, because my babe no the gree reason with me

  341. Anonymous says:

    I like the song, it’s very touchable

  342. Victory [Alias Lobito] says:

    Rudeboy, this song has taught me a lot of things,(keep it up) Thanks.

  343. Ndidi Noble Immaculate says:

    I so much love this song, it makes me feel motivated and encouraged to achieve my goals.

  344. ACOTO MILITO says:

    them no they understand wot we are passing through just to make them happy.SENIOR THANK U

  345. Richard says:

    This song is a heat.

  346. Khani Brix says:

    I song bam, it really touch me.

  347. Anonymous says:

    U too gud bro

  348. Berry says:

    Bad jam

  349. Anonymous says:

    This track is best track so far

  350. Miky says:

    I swear this song inspired me so much .
    The song boasted my spirit that if i no get today i go get am tomorrow ..nice one bro. Miky luv de hit

  351. Anonymous says:


  352. AYOMIDE says:


  353. Anonymous says:

    This is the best

  354. Sunday favour says:

    With God hope you’ll sing more sweeter then this song

  355. Armstrong says:

    Good one bro kp it up, bt remember two heads are better than one…

  356. Paul Don A K A Francis says:

    Nice one brother, but try to sector with him. I am regretting for lossing my twins sister

  357. Divine Jay says:

    The best always come from the worst

  358. Obedy jr manembo says:

    Exactly this happened to me man nice song it’s a hit

  359. Ludacruze says:

    I love it.. keep moving!

  360. Anonymous says:

    nice song my brother

  361. Anonymous says:

    Wow….I love d song jor….keee it up dear

  362. Booker Tengbeh says:

    Nice song

  363. WINNER says:

    the song is made of killin
    Splendid hit

  364. Kemas says:

    life story of most men out there, u have some educative instructions to our ladies here, you nailed it. it will be an el-classico.

  365. BIG BASH says:

    KingRudy…….What a Crackerjacks lyrics…… U are simple the best in the world after 2Baba…. Ur best track ever

  366. Anonymous says:

    Nice one,my wisdom to u and energy as well rude boy

  367. Anonymous says:

    Nice one, wisdom to u and energy as well rude boy

  368. Mason says:

    Nice song keep the showing rolling.

  369. frank says:

    your are alwayz on top

  370. Ema says:

    WOw nice video I love it

  371. pizzy pounds says:

    I luv the song

  372. JUDGE GIDEON says:

    My best track of the year it’s an awesome track…

  373. Basil nwabueze ....!!!!! says:

    My special track ever …..!!!!
    Indeed rude boy is on board……….!

  374. promisecharles34 says:

    I love the song my Darling waiting for latest ooh

  375. flashboy says:

    nice hit rudeboy.dope

  376. Anonymous says:

    nice hit,aawwweesome

  377. Anonymous says:

    Always good

  378. Anonymous says:

    I wish sukura could reason with me

  379. Anonymous says:

    Nice song, ride on

  380. Kaycee vlad says:

    rudeboy remains one of my best artist

  381. Austin bieber says:

    Nice song bro but please try and reason with your brother my mom always tell me two hand is batter than one.. Aka Austin bieber.

  382. Smart g says:

    9ice 1 rudeboy

  383. miz damsel says:

    wow I love this song

  384. ✖️_ChangerBoy says:

    D song dae Enter brain RudeBoi Reason with me Biko

  385. M scott kehy says:

    This is an amazing for all and sundry keep it up bro,you killed it

  386. Anonymous says:

    pls u should also reason with you brother it will
    be cool.

  387. Chukwusom victory says:

    The song na reality
    He really kul down compose this song

  388. Anonymous says:

    its very nice

  389. Anonymous says:

    Wow! it’s a nice song

  390. Anonymous says:

    Sweet music with good sound track movement rude boy

  391. Anthony Chanda says:

    Spectacular work mr Okoye Paul.This is the best sound track you have released so far, this year 2019.

  392. Anthony Chanda says:

    Spectacular work mr Okoye Paul aka Rude boy.This is the best sound track you have released so far this year 2019.It’s a very incouraging song.

  393. Anonymous says:

    Nice song i love it

  394. Smart Miriam says:

    Wow,the music is so enjoyable

  395. Ezeakabekwe Benjamin says:

    Motivation.. may girls have change just because of this song and so much in love with it also.. just waiting for you n your brother drop P-square

  396. Blessing says:

    You have been a great success keep moving

  397. Maureen nyangoma says:

    Soooo trueeee, love it!

  398. Kofi says:

    Rudeboy u really try but just only u am reason with u I don’t know what is going on with PSQUARE please just try your best to reason with PSQUARE, this song u really try but am giving you for 80 persentage because know gud backup, if MR p is with you d song will be more interesting than this. Thanks

  399. Moody a says:

    I apriciate the song brother and i love it

  400. James macdonal says:

    Boss u are 5 much,,,in short u are 10 much. Seriously i love ur song..reason with me.

  401. Youg cee says:

    I so much love this song

  402. Anonymous says:

    U are my best forever… Luv u

  403. Adams David says:

    You too much baba

  404. Anonymous says:

    Everywhere good na, love the Jam bro

  405. David says:

    Love it bro

  406. Engr Vera says:

    Nice jam bro..more grace

  407. Prince micheal says:

    Good song by rude boy
    God bless u more bro

  408. sama madaki says:

    ilove the song

  409. Anonymous says:

    I swear rudeboy you de best man…nice one

  410. An_tho_ney says:

    I have not heard good music like this in a long time.. I actually has real words and complete meaningful sentences.. The song is a bomb.. This is music

  411. An_tho_ney says:

    I have not heard good music like this in a long time.. It actually has real words and complete meaningful sentences.. The song is a bomb.. This is music

  412. Anonymous says:

    boss I hail o u b baba o

  413. mutawonga Jotad pro says:

    Oli wamanyi Good Song papa

  414. mutawonga Jotad Pro says:

    good song

  415. Anonymous says:

    Better days are coming####

  416. Anonymous says:

    i love your song?

  417. Mslim says:

    nice 1 bro

  418. Anonymous says:

    best song ever

  419. Obogro Saturday says:

    I love this music die, this happen to me

  420. Jamin says:

    Awesome stuff R.B

  421. Elishombo Jackson says:

    Wow the song is mind blowing and send one crazy
    Kudos bro… Keep the fire burning

  422. Anonymous says:

    don’t mind her, if she didn’t stay with you when you were hustling then let her good

  423. Samantha love says:

    Bro this song na die

  424. Anonymous says:

    Best music.touches my soul

  425. Danny Treasure says:

    it’s really a nice song and touching . thank you buddy a liked it

  426. Anonymous says:

    its such a nice song and I’ve liked it . big up buddy

  427. Anonymous says:

    Nice song bro

  428. Anonymous says:

    More grace to your elbow

  429. airah arif says:

    wow i this song bcox its a lesson to those who are behaving like d lady in song

  430. Believe says:

    if I no get today
    I go get am tomorrow.
    Nice song bro

  431. Anonymous says:

    great and fantastic song

  432. unity says:

    great and fantastic song

  433. Kleen Godix says:

    Too inspiring

  434. Anonymous says:

    i love it thank you bro may God bless you and your family.
    don’t give up

  435. Anonymous says:

    story of real life

  436. Frank says:

    Thank u

  437. Anonymous says:

    Oooh the bit ever thanks Petter love from tanzania

  438. Anonymous says:

    you 2 much big brother may God continue to bless u wit more talent u 2 much

  439. Blackgirl says:

    My love for rude boy is massive…o always enjoy his songs…keep it up P.

  440. Blackgirl says:

    My love for rude boy is massive…i always enjoy his songs…keep it up P.

  441. Anonymous says:

    Good one Sir.

  442. Anonymous says:

    Visit for more updates

  443. Anonymous says:

    nice track bro
    i love it

  444. Anonymous says:

    nice hit p

  445. Anonymous says:

    It makes makes my with me

  446. Anonymous says:


  447. Da-boyz says:

    No loving no care no tender

  448. Anonymous says:

    Pls reason with ur brother please

  449. Chioma says:

    I swear I love this song

  450. Degoldjr says:

    nice song good job well done rudeboy

  451. Emmanuel Holding says:


  452. Valerie says:

    It’s really kul but all ladies aint like dat u know☹

  453. Destem says:


  454. Anonymous says:

    The song is nice and passionate so lovely

  455. Anonymous says:

    awesome rude boy

  456. Double.t. says:

    Wat an inspiration song #dope

  457. Anonymous says:

    I love this music so much,at least girls will equally get to their senses.

  458. Anonymous says:

    Good one

  459. Anonymous says:

    Good one bro

  460. selense d boss says:

    i dont no y , u always bring happiness and joy in my life with ur songs , love u die

  461. Teejay billions says:

    Thus song is dedicated to the girls around I love this song

  462. Anonymous says:

    U r de best

  463. Anonymous says:

    Nice one bro, women this days don’t want to understand at all for the women just forget tomorrow that there is God

  464. Anonymous says:

    such lyrics

  465. Anonymous says:

    nyc one ruddy

  466. Anonymous says:

    That is nice son.i lv it so much. lady’s thing with reason.

  467. Krrish says:

    That is nice son.i lv it so much. lady’s thing with reason.

  468. Anonymous says:

    I pray it would touch my girl’s heart

  469. Dele says:

    Nice song Bro, Big up

  470. Anonymous says:

    wow excellent, I love it

  471. Confidence says:

    It a meaningful song a song that makes one endures

  472. Marvikyz says:

    Gee! This jam goes well oh,but i go try reason with that girl wey dey chase me

  473. Anonymous says:

    ur realy missing

  474. Anonymous says:

    Bro you too much I like this song

  475. Anonymous says:

    Bro you too much this song is so sweet

  476. Anonymous says:

    i so much love is music

  477. Anonymous says:

    you are the Psquare i know

  478. Anonymous says:

    extraordinary song!!

  479. Jenny says:

    Rude boy u gat ds

  480. Anonymous says:


  481. Akingbule Fortunate (Fortune_Star) says:

    I always get motivated whenever I listen to the song, you’ve really made a good hit and may God give our ladies listening ears and pls we need one name from you guys which is Psquare and not separate name anymore cos God says 2 heads are better than 1. Looking forward to seeing you guys together again. One love brother ❤

  482. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful song

  483. Anonymous says:

    Rudeboy I love u bro nice song

  484. Jingo david says:

    Nice song iluv bro big up

  485. Malam says:

    No you have don it bro

  486. Yvonne says:

    Its a hit

  487. Anonymous says:

    nice mixed

  488. Charity says:

    Nice one bro, but u guys should try reason with ur selfs one love

  489. Anonymous says:


  490. ismail says:

    this girl reason withan na

  491. Nancy says:

    Nice song bro

  492. Anonymous says:

    nice one, keep it on!

  493. Anonymous says:

    Your are so cool your song worth 10000909000099)999)0090090000009099 trillion dollars give me

  494. Anonymous says:

    my name is tea flesh I also sing hip hop love it

  495. Anonymous says:

    nice jam

  496. Cornerstone says:

    Keep it up

  497. Anonymous says:

    This is very nice

  498. Anonymous says:

    I love it so much.

  499. Sarahphina says:

    Nice jam I love this song

  500. Amr Namu King says:

    Good and nice song Rudy boy.

  501. Anonymous says:


  502. Anonymous says:

    Good song

  503. Sammy says:

    Very lovely song

  504. Ibrahim Peter says:

    bro this ur music they burst my brain wohhhjj.

  505. Anonymous says:

    I love it wow!!!

  506. Anonymous says:

    sweet music bros

  507. Anonymous says:

    i love d song

  508. Chibango Banda says:

    This song is so hot, please may you get back together with your twin brother…

  509. Tee baba says:

    This song is awesome I can not sleep without listening to this jam …. .more inspiration boss … Ladies you need to learn alot from this song so that I can amend your little Little mistake that you don’t care about .
    If I know get today
    I go get am tomorrow
    My babe hear this she came back to apologise .

  510. Jude says:

    nice one

  511. Anonymous says:

    That’s what ladies do

  512. Amos says:

    u r real inspiring n motivating I wish gal z had sensible mindz dey would nt hurt dea men at difficult times plz keep it n plz reconcile wiz ur bro n b p2

  513. Anonymous says:

    I love ur mucic

  514. Anonymous says:

    nice song boss

  515. nice one bor says:

    I love this music

  516. Tina gold ben says:

    I love u rudeboy love to see u face to face

  517. Anonymous says:

    Great point my dear all the best …

  518. Anonymous says:

    Big bro beautiful track there, but never stop loving your twin blood no matter the misunderstanding….for the sake of more blessing from God our creator. thanks and God bless you the more!!! one love

  519. Interbiz says:

    beautiful track there my nigga, but pls keep loving and praying for your brother pls, so as to gain more blessings from God our creator… one love!!!

  520. Kelly Jossey says:

    Nc song Rude boy……..

  521. Anonymous says:

    Best of the rest nice shot bro

  522. rema says:

    nice song keep it on bro

  523. Prinxe from Ghana says:

    Boss de song is trending here Eii every corner if I don’t get am today ago get am moro power

  524. Gk World says:

    Person wea sing chop my money 2012 na e dae sing reason with me 2019
    Abi your money don finish

  525. smart says:

    i love it is awesome

  526. smart empire says:

    Nic one 100%

  527. Anonymous says:

    mind blowing soft & tender soul song. Thanks for this piece brotherly… More strength sir but wish you & Mr.P can hookup back. Una for both murder this song together o…

  528. Anonymous says:

    Yes good music

  529. Anonymous says:

    I wish to be like u

  530. Ubong inam says:

    Addicted to this

  531. John Thomas says:

    I love this song so much anytime I feel so down I will play it again and again..

  532. Anonymous says:

    Nice hit From you bro May God continue to Bless you

  533. Anonymous says:

    Its a hit bro keep it up. Like it. Excellent thinking.

  534. Anonymous says:

    This song is a very good lesson for girls who run away from boys who ard very poor just bcos of money. Rudeboy says “if i no get today, i go get am tomorrow”. So marry a man for love nd not for money. Rudeboy’s girlfriend the song was regretted her foolish actions when she saw the rudeboy who was poor before now rich. The worst part was when she visited rudeboy, she his wife who was now pregnant. Then, she cried for making that big mistake.

  535. Wealth says:

    Nice song I love it

  536. Degirlex mack says:

    Rude boy weldone i lv ur music an dis music is a lesson to all gals dat are selfish despite de fact dat am a gal bt i dnt support xum of dis gals behaviour becus xum of dem their mentallity is low xo keep it on my guy God loves u!

  537. jima says:

    i like this music

  538. Edna says:

    Rude boy songs are always admirable
    I love the hit bro

  539. ChukwuDeraaa says:

    Nice one
    But so sad there’s no Psquare again

  540. Anonymous says:

    God Bless rude Boy. Because He’s The Best Musician I Have Ever See.

  541. Jude James says:

    Rude boy…. great song… lyrics good… not the rubbish we hear from wizkid and the rest

  542. Anonymous says:

    Nice hit. sure thing will promote

  543. Anonymous says:

    Nice experience song soo inspiring

  544. Ruth poposi says:

    Best song ever

  545. Anonymous says:

    This song is da bomb
    If our girls will have a rethink by the lyrical lines of this song

  546. Habib Hassan says:

    Nice song

  547. Emma worldwide says:

    Nice song keep it up

  548. Benedict nwosu says:

    The song bam bro more money bro

  549. Mark Dike says:

    Nice One Weldon

  550. Anonymous says:

    I love the music

  551. Anonymous says:

    Wow… It’s very melodious

  552. mrMD says:

    The Boss an the Boss, Nice one

  553. Anonymous says:

    Slowly falling inlove with reason with me you got e taste

  554. Damzy says:

    King Rudy on top

  555. Anonymous says:

    King Rudy on top

  556. Anonymous says:

    this song it’s always remind me the situation I had some time back

  557. EMMY BAZE says:


  558. EMMY BAZE says:


  559. Aillah says:

    This is too hot I really love this song.

  560. Anonymous says:

    This song over sweet oooo i like this song keep it on

  561. Anonymous says:

    Na wa 4 this naija ooo
    U must Chop my money in 2012
    Reason with me, if I no get 2day I go.get am 2morow in 2019
    Buhari why

  562. EDUTRINITY says:

    Nice song bros and also a lesson to all the ladies out there , dont leave ur boyfriend bcus of poverty u mey de 1 to change his life story ,tanx

  563. KUN Aguero says:

    9c song 4sure

    bt also u need to re union with ur bro. as be4

  564. Anonymous says:

    Like seriously King Rudy really try for dis one oo

  565. Anonymous says:

    song of the yr

  566. steven says:

    top one

  567. Frank ruddy boy says:

    I like this song

  568. Anonymous says:

    this song dey bee k3k3
    in fact I love it

  569. Anonymous says:

    nice is lesson to every women who let money to enter the hard

  570. Joshua says:

    Nice song Mr Rude Boy continue!!!!

  571. gift G-so says:

    i love your songs mr rudeboy

  572. Anonymous says:

    Nice song brother

  573. Anonymous says:

    relax big man things Will better soon by Gods power

  574. Anonymous says:

    God bless for his one bro

  575. Anonymous says:

    luv de song bro

  576. Anonymous says:

    I love the song and I believe its a heat,keep up the fire burning, thumbs up

  577. Anonymous says:

    the song is a hit……. the guy is dangerous

  578. Anonymous says:

    I love this song keep it up

  579. starboy says:

    fyn guy hw far

  580. Anonymous says:

    Nice song i like it reason with me….

  581. Anonymous says:

    Fine boy

  582. Anonymous says:

    Nice song guy

  583. Anonymous says:

    Narrow escape pt 2

  584. Anonymous says:

    Nice one, is for those girls who love one just because of money

  585. Anonymous says:

    nice one rude boy. first time i am commenting. I av always love u guys from day one(senorita). never keep up on ur twin brother cus family comes first. God bless u

  586. Anonymous says:

    real hot
    i like it
    kip da fire burning

  587. Ngoyah jr says:

    So sweet, Mr rude boy. A lesson to all no one knows about tomorrow.

  588. mathews ngulube says:

    rude boy i love your song” reason with me”.
    no one knows about tomorrow

  589. Julgwak peaceboy says:

    I love dis song & 4 me is a best song of the season

  590. Anonymous says: you soo much you was born too meark it yes you did it love you.rude boy

  591. cizzo says:

    u ar da best

  592. Raymond Hokey says:

    Very dope, inspirational song it is.
    Keep up the good work Sir.

  593. Kimberly says:

    Hyy love this song ….. amazing

  594. Anonymous says:

    Rudeboy,u sang beautifully like a person who know what life is all about,but why u funblering to put together with your bro.

  595. Anonymous says:

    You carry over the gimes p master

  596. Anonymous says:

    Nice music

  597. Benny says:

    Good song with good massage

  598. Anonymous says:

    Yaa man yaa man bro, very 9ice hits, thxs 4 ur hardwork.
    its me TWON.COO OPIO W’ Akomo.

  599. Ogbe Evans says:

    Nice song

  600. Blessing says:

    I love dis song with all passion u try bros

  601. Anonymous says:

    l like Sweet music

  602. Vanity bruno says:

    From first single tittled firefire, u proved to be hot, now u are hitting in our minds your reason with me, lots of love rude boy

  603. Anonymous says:

    good for this song

  604. Anonymous says:

    unstoppable and super

  605. Anonymous says:

    good song m papa

  606. Chuzin chuzzy says:

    Nice1 carry go

  607. Paulfeasy says:

    Nice song, this guy is better than mr p


    Nice song iam enjoying listening to it.

  609. Anonymous says:

    Nice song iam enjoying listening to it

  610. Mulisa Daphine says:

    I am going through the same issues but patient is better and alot of prayers no easy

  611. Anonymous says:

    It was Wow

  612. Anonymous says:

    Money iz nw reason 4 love both 2 male nd female…..

  613. Anonymous says:

    Iike u Rudeboy,am oneof yr most fun.

  614. Domie sam says:

    I learnt so many things from this song,,am loving it every day.

  615. Anonymous says:

    og bro

  616. rudeboy says:

    Reason with me

  617. Usman k Garba says:

    This the best video ever, i like the music,very reasonable indeed and meaningful!

  618. Goshit Mungi says:

    this is my best video for now, rudeboy keep it up.

  619. Hercules says:

    Big up to you Rudeboy. Your words always encourage me. Keep your hope alive and never lose your faith in jah, you fi know se in jah we trust and a little drop of water makes a mighty occean.

  620. Anonymous says:

    I love this song…keep it up big bros

  621. Anonymous says:

    i can relate to that.. much appreciate

  622. Anonymous says:

    This guy deserves an award for this music, the really pinned it down here, right on point.

  623. Castro and Mike chi NG andu guyz says:

    My rude z like ma God,u no wat you ar doing rude may ja bless you I love it

  624. Anonymous says:

    Pls I to promote my music

  625. Anonymous says:

    It’s amaizing

  626. Anonymous says:

    Nice song bro I love it

  627. Anonymous says:

    good song

  628. Anonymous says:

    so good bro….it speaks to the lady’s out there

  629. Anonymous says:

    rude boy u too much

  630. Anonymous says:


  631. Ronald uganda says:

    Indeed, the journey of a men is not determined by how much he has but how ambitious he is,

  632. Francis Kalale says:

    nice song

  633. Anonymous says:

    great music bro rudeboy

  634. amo g says:

    great music bro rudeboy

  635. Anonymous says:

    Serious lyrics ,serious statements,powerful vocals with beautiful delivery and super attitude,soft and hot hot hot hmmmm dope super dope .my best song now. Rude buai ruded me off .Mr sweet seen

  636. Anonymous says:

    If I no get today I will get it tomorrow u do all
    U are superstar

  637. MOZI~DEEZO (M.K) says:

    don’t do that again OK!!! and I like your music

  638. MOZI~DEEZO (M.K) says:

    don’t do that again OK!!! and I like your music.

  639. Anonymous says:

    I really love your songs ; i hope is to sing like you some day.

  640. Anonymous says:

    I really love your songs; i hope to sing like you some day

  641. Anonymous says:

    nice song with great meaning.keep it up!

  642. Anonymous says:

    Josphine Mulenga

    nice song with great meaning, keep it up!

  643. Anonymous says:

    Nice music and loving one

  644. Anonymous says:

    I love all your songs and may God bless you and make all your wishes come true and do music at the same time,

  645. I'm peterpen says:

    I feel all you say but together you can make it better

  646. Anonymous says:

    you’re the best Rudeboy a like your music, am your real fan in Zambia❤❤

  647. Anonymous says:

    nice pic because it shows true African life

  648. OLADAPO says:

    Hmmm nice work

  649. Anonymous says:

    wow My love you to much i love you ooooooooo

  650. Anonymous says:

    Excellent music keep it up my boss

  651. Anonymous says:

    Your song make sense ( keep it on bro

  652. Candidus says:

    Your song make sense ( keep it on bro

  653. Anonymous says:

    lovelyr song bro

  654. Anonymous says:

    lovely song keep it up

  655. Rudeboy says:

    Lovely song

  656. Lazo says:

    Extremely wonderful with aclear mssge and meaning

  657. Anonymous says:

    Paul your music makes smile dude

  658. Anonymous says:

    As in the song touched was so lovely

  659. Anonymous says:

    nice hits once again brother

  660. Anonymous says:

    Wow ,some people can think and sing about it…
    I have no exceptional words to thank such brilliance. But to say you some how define what Western African rythym is and differentiate it from the rest.
    Boy you are rude indeed…..keep it up..
    Lusaka representing…

  661. Divine Fosu says:

    Nice job ever

  662. Anonymous says:

    so sweet boss fire down

  663. Anonymous says:

    He is talented and my favourite musician since day une

  664. Anonymous says:

    Been on ur hits Paul but this new track is cracking in me so tight…It’s burning
    Ur real fun
    Eddy Malawi

  665. Anonymous says:

    its a hot one

  666. Innocent says:

    Nice track

  667. dollar see (c) says:

    Rudeboy i wish u nice song keep it up wooooo never give up thanks 4 de massege that u diliver

  668. Anonymous says:

    So amaizing song

  669. Gokuma isaac says:

    I like this song keep it rudeboy

  670. Anonymous says:

    your track really learn me allot about not giving up .. No matter far it is one day we will make it……..just as not glitters are gold.

  671. Joshua Ariba says:

    Your track really teach on how not to give up…..because no matter how long it takes…one day something new will happen……..i love this track….more elbow to u.

  672. Field k says:

    My story too a girl I wanted to marry left me for another man due to lack of moneynow am blessed

  673. Anonymous says:

    the song is good

  674. Anonymous says:

    wat I no is vice versa

  675. mohammed ghana says:

    i like t much

  676. Anonymous says:

    I love your songs

  677. Mercy Dfrancis says:


  678. Anonymous says:

    i Love dis song so so much

  679. Stavros says:

    this song it’s talks about. my life

  680. Anonymous says:

    Wow u r super awesome keep it up

  681. Anonymous says:

    Is boring

  682. Dhaprince says:

    Wow, just wow I was crying and laughing at the same time but please reason with Mr p also. Song on auto repeat much love.

  683. Anonymous says:

    inspiring and encouraging

  684. Anonymous says:

    this song makes my heart ad my mind storng

  685. Anonymous says:

    i like your song

  686. Iretiakinola says:

    Am toch by this song Mr p more love pls

  687. Henry says:

    I really like this song

  688. Anonymous says:

    Rev Emmanuel, good song this is call a song

  689. Anonymous says:

    I love this music

  690. Anonymous says:

    What a painful video

  691. Anonymous says:

    herrr ma bro this song de3 u spoil there

  692. Anonymous says:

    waw I love ur song n love u tooo ♥️♥️♥️ keep it up

  693. Anonymous says:

    Good Song Broo

  694. Anonymous says:

    I love you rudeboy

  695. Anonymous says:

    I really really love this song…it just shows that in life we should have patience as well as faith…thank god for what you have,appreciate the man u have even though he is not rich my sisters

  696. loved by Steph says:

    direct from Zambia we feel you bro continue

  697. Tebza says:

    Yho Paul bro amazing especially to us as people ( ladies and brothers) if the person is not working that does not mean is the end of world.dont love a men or girl because he/she has money. Money is not everything u can have money but not have what is the use of that can’t bye love.thanx Paul love you and your brother Peter

  698. itz qwin starina says:

    this is my jam .It’s good for that bitch

  699. Anonymous says:

    Good One, Na sooo

  700. Anonymous says:

    It really nyc

  701. Anonymous says:

    this picture is liable to the lyrics of the music’ if i no get today I go get am tomorrow

  702. Simonsen says:

    The best song for ever

  703. Anonymous says:

    I really like this bang

  704. Anonymous says:


  705. Anonymous says:

    I really love this song

  706. Anonymous says:

    this music give me inspiration, rud boy contiue d gud work

  707. Anonymous says:

    nice musc and god bless for you

  708. Sir monger says:

    I really love this song

  709. Anonymous says:

    Nice one…

  710. Anonymous says:

    Ua song gv m reason to do better*Exactly never gv up even through ua a poor

  711. Anaaba Jerry naaga says:

    Rude boy you do it all

  712. Doris says:

    U r the best rude I love u so much❤❤❤❤

  713. Mariam Eleshin says:

    What is it not to love about this song

  714. Anonymous says:

    Kudos bro, this one hot

  715. boundrox says:

    king rude one time the rightious knows the conculusion

  716. Alligiano says:

    He never for once dissappoint me from day one……he is my role model jah already bless you….bless you more

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