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Download Music Mp3:- Teni – Case

Download Music Mp3:- Teni – Case

Teni, the crooner of the year drops another single, titled “Case”

Download, and enjoy!!



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Vet Dr. Segun – I’m King
Bola Bee – Wish Me Well
Decep – Akachukwu
Kay Jay – Love Again
Talentboy – Workhard
Ayor – Pussycat
Dilly – Catch Feelings
Dikah – Uye
Belmon – Liberate The Woman
King Vanucci – Kele Gbe (On Sight)
Omecca – Ego
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  1. clever says:

    mad jam, a hit for me.

  2. Ocj says:

    She Really Did Well

  3. Fola says:

    The music really got me

  4. vclassic says:

    #doped jam

  5. Rec Churchill says:

    can’t stop loving the jam

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like the one is cool

  7. Anonymous says:

    I really love these jam,, , , , , , , more grace

  8. Meesyno says:

    Teni you really taking it higher, i love the song. For your case.

  9. says:

    Teni is the best for now!

  10. Anonymous says:

    another hit

  11. mohced capelo says:

    i really love this music,it sounds cool

  12. Dakruzceebobo says:

    U kill it with thiz lines: cox my papa no be Dangote or Adeleke, we go dey okay…..i love it.. Am looking 4ward to collabrate with u.. Dakruzceebobo ft Teni-Mama yo….

  13. Anonymous says:

    teni you killed it

  14. Anonymous says:

    Great love it

  15. Mr Abdul says:

    issa nice song to me

  16. h says:

    I love this song

  17. Master berry says:

    Teni you finish work I swear down

  18. Biz says:

    It’s so nice

  19. Prozper Crizwell says:


  20. Prozper Crizwell says:

    Teni did a great job writing this song
    Kudos to #TENI

  21. chiweezzy says:

    nice jam,for ur case

  22. ThankGod amos says:

    #9ice vibe

  23. Flowboiogbu says:

    Mad jam I really like the vibe

  24. jaybee says:

    Mad jam . I love d vibe die

  25. happiness says:

    l love d song
    well done teni

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wow Teni u rock it.. 100%

  27. Becky says:

    Wow Teni u rock it 100%

  28. Stan says:

    Why do I always like downloading songs from this site… If I don’t find the song here
    I’m not downloading

  29. posi says:

    lovely, i like the song

  30. christosax says:

    u nailed it really bad gal u are d bst..keep it up more strength

  31. Anonymous says:

    Nice one.More grace

  32. Anonymous says:

    Nice Song

  33. Ubnog umoh says:

    Please remix this track with Dmw and watch peruzzi deal with it…..

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. chidi says:

    the music has my award .

  36. Vin kid says:

    Nice one teni

  37. destiny says:

    strong fan I love this one case nd fargin

  38. Dairect says:

    this Jam is A dope something more grace

  39. says:

    i love the song. keep it up #TENI

  40. dessy boy says:

    I love dis music and video

  41. double wise says:

    Teni is a good track for all soul exspecial me it so nice good music

  42. double wise says:

    Tine I love track it so nice and good I will like to stand with u aend sing a songs I dey for calabar

  43. fk says:

    loving the jam

  44. Ckay says:

    I like date teni abeg who get her control

  45. DJ AY says:

    That’s nice teni keep it up.

  46. Anonymous says:

    bad girl for u case i love the song

  47. j star boy says:

    nice one teni

  48. Ms Nches says:

    I go slap army
    For your case
    I will go church for your case
    The song is my every day crush
    Keep on shinning.

  49. prince anny says:

    wow i really in love with this jam keep it up from uyo Akwa ibom state

  50. itz Jnice says:

    I can’t loving it. teni teni, u r the greatest!!!!!!!

  51. itz Jnice says:

    I can’t stop loving it. teni teni, u r the greatest!!!!!!!

  52. Joshua Godwin says:

    Mam I want to join u in ur musical pls
    am ready I love this ur song case, am at Facebook day name I use Joshua
    thanks mam

  53. Josephine Ibe says:

    l love this song for your case I download am @9jaflaver

    I also look for Carolina by one crystal-c like that but did not see it.

  54. Nsine says:

    Can i download

  55. Anonymous says:

    Teni Well Done

  56. Anonymous says:

    you try slap police for he case

  57. Favour donna says:

    Wow I love this song case I can’t stop playing it …keep hitting it the sky is ur limit

  58. Dave says:

    You go Teni!!…. Nice song… Love the vibe

  59. daisy says:

    Teni ur kiling me wit dis song
    Keep it up

  60. Anonymous says:

    nice one

  61. jacob wahkine says:


  62. Basil Gozie says:

    I love it, that’s great one

  63. Anonymous says:

    Wow I love it, I will die for your case teni

  64. G connect says:

    You are really killing it teni, I will do anything for your case my sweety teni, keep it up

  65. coozy joel says:

    omg dis song is my best

  66. jissy says:

    Nice one teni I can see that your future is very bright in industry

  67. Diamond Olive says:

    mad jam you gat here TENI…keep winning Dear

  68. Anonymous says:

    Soon nice

  69. jummysneh says:

    So nice

  70. Anonymous says:

    She really did well

  71. rap messiah says:

    this teni girl is something else

  72. JPs says:

    Up to something that’s what you are teni

  73. Boller miyo says:

    Keep on elevating u rock it

  74. Gabriel says:

    so fantastic

  75. ugbana says:

    its so so nice teni

  76. the legend says:

    this is very nice drop we wait for more

  77. prof j says:

    Teni this ur song make my day, keep it up

  78. Dani yo says:

    I love this music die

  79. pikiss says:

    teni you done make am oo

  80. Topman says:

    I love that music nice one teni

  81. Power sax says:

    wow keep it up

  82. Anonymous says:

    Cul music I love it

  83. haleemarh says:

    omo dis jam is killing wow superb keep it up ,wallnap #teni

  84. Anonymous says:

    then I is skills

  85. lawzy (Ayobams) says:

    Teni this is cool, you done very well, shine on, God gat ur back

  86. Anonymous says:

    Super hit

  87. Anonymous says:

    wow i love this jam
    keep it up teni

  88. Grace says:

    I love is ur track, like mad

  89. emma says:

    i luv this music die

  90. Anonymous says:

    I luv dat song.

  91. Anonymous says:

    This song is wowwwwww. U did it girl

  92. mc emtee says:

    I love this one oo oo oo

  93. Anonymous says:

    Love the song

  94. youngest says:

    i love this song God bless

  95. Anonymous says:

    wow really love the song…. Keep it up Teni

  96. Phiri Daniel says:

    I love the song sounds good

  97. Anonymous says:

    I love dz dz song

  98. obumnaeme says:

    I love dz songMy Papa No Be Dangote By Teni

  99. Anonymous says:

    great work

  100. Anonymous says:

    keep the fire burning TENI and all the best in your music career.

  101. mosko says:

    keep the fire burning TENI and all the best in your music career.

  102. italian says:

    great jam. Future tIwa

  103. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  104. ezee brown says:

    I will everything for my baby case wow seriously I love the song

  105. Joshua says:

    She killed it…meeeenn?

  106. Natty says:

    Outstanding song much heart for u Teni

  107. Rejoice says:

    great one

  108. emm9ice says:

    nice 1 keep it up

  109. STANZZY says:


  110. Anonymous says:

    u did well Teni

  111. lifeof og franklin says:

    u did well Teni

  112. Cion lofty says:

    tine+case is real song for the year,I think I do love it with passion massive 1 tine

  113. Cion lofty says:

    teni +cave nice 1 with Good vibes

  114. Jeremiah says:

    Best ever

  115. Clinz says:

    U nailed it teni
    More grace

  116. ell says:

    My love for this song ehnn

  117. Mhiz chommyz says:

    I wish i can see you
    ur song wan make me die

  118. Anonymous says:

    Great song

  119. Anonymous says:

    I love dis song

  120. Anonymous says:

    Teni Bae, u nailed it o

  121. Afam amadi says:

    Babe u dey game jareee

  122. Afam amadi says:

    Babe u dey game jareeee

  123. Onuche says:

    The remix gat me high

  124. Gloria says:

    so touching, love you so much

  125. Sir E says:

    Wow I love this vibe but we go dey OK
    Kudos to you teni

  126. Anonymous says:

    I love this plat form.. guys are too much

  127. Anonymous says:


  128. Sirur says:

    samakpe to teni, i luv u

  129. Anonymous says:

    charle this girl is dope and the song my everyday thing

  130. speechless says:

    charle the girl is dope and the song my everyday thing

  131. Anonymous says:

    I love your smartness Teni

  132. Penjani (Pen-T) says:

    Really in love with this song
    Just one of those songs that just make you wanna fall in love over and over again

    And don’t get me started with her voice
    OMG can’t stop playing this song

  133. Chioma Christopher says:

    The music make sense, I love it , congrats

  134. kamal El diny says:

    fantastic music I love it

  135. KAMAL EL DEENEY says:

    fantastic music I love it

  136. Vicromeo empire@youtube says:

    She did it…..perfectly good

  137. home boi says:

    u do all teni

  138. Aleek says:

    Luv ur confidence★

  139. Anonymous says:

    dis is the worst ever heard

  140. Kel says:

    u just burst my head

  141. Kelex says:

    So touching

  142. Anonymous says:


  143. Mish muga says:

    wow I really enjoying your song’s

  144. Skiddy boo says:

    mad jam
    I dey mad for ur song teni

  145. Skiddy boo says:

    I dey mad for ur song teni

  146. david ibrahim says:

    wow i love teni she is my fan

  147. Maureen Chisaka says:

    I love your songs,continue singing am there for!!!!!!

  148. Smart Boy says:

    I Love This Song I Can Stop Playing It

  149. og frosh rilex says:

    A good music
    I lyke it

  150. Resistor says:

    wonderful song

  151. virgin boy says:

    u did well

  152. Anonymous says:

    Thank you guys for this app

  153. Emelieze racheal says:

    this song is really nice

  154. gavanrankz says:

    its da best “n” 2018 nigerian tracks

  155. Anonymous says:

    I love d work done by Teni.
    I really love d song.Keep d spirit up.

  156. Taikingsley aka Emeritus says:

    Its a great jam. kip it up
    I love ur

  157. Mercy says:

    Great one

  158. Anthony Fredrick says:

    Kanyimbo kazuri sana… Nimekapenda

  159. Nathan del nero says:

    nice vibe.more Grace

  160. Anonymous says:

    I love this song the first day i heard it i go punch d judge for ur case

  161. Anonymous says:

    Wat a nice hit dear u are d best

  162. Anonymous says:

    nice jam, keep it up Tani

  163. Anonymous says:

    Luv u teni☺

  164. Anonymous says:

    teni u are killing the beat.i cant stop playing

  165. Demian aka Slimdaddy says:

    i love this song i love the singer

  166. Solomon YoungBurna says:

    You are the best teni I love you

  167. Onyi says:

    Lovely,making sense I love your songs###

  168. Anonymous says:

    keep blowing teni mieh…❤❤❤

  169. Teemarh says:

    keep blowwing teni mieh…❤❤

  170. Christine mali says:

    teni I love this song I keep listening to it everyday ,keep it up

  171. Dorich Way says:

    Teni this splendid sounds, is my favorite keep it on the go more inspiration, ur song is some super natural

  172. Ray says:

    I I love you teni am Tanzanian boy

  173. Stunner Brews says:

    Love you Teni, ur song is super natural …

  174. Anonymous says:

    I swear dis song is d best

  175. Elorm says:

    My fav song so far

  176. Anonymous says:

    Teni I really enjoy this particular song it make my day keep it up

  177. Oluwadamilola babe says:

    Teni you are the best am in love with this song.. Keep it up babe

  178. Anonymous says:

    Highly recommend inspirational

  179. Anonymous says:

    Temi u are d best highly recomendable

  180. shaidah says:

    Big up teni

  181. Yiga Nasser Uganda says:

    Thank for the music teni

  182. Anonymous says:

    hmm dis song turns me on meen

  183. Anonymous says:

    This is the hit kip it up Teni

  184. Gold says:

    Thumbs up!
    Great job
    I love it…

  185. Anonymous says:

    You are so great

  186. Anonymous says:

    I luv it

  187. Ronnie says:

    Goo truck

  188. Dk says:

    It’s a no brainer toni is the best

  189. Dk says:

    It’s a no brainer teni is the best

  190. Anonymous says:

    I really love it keep it up

  191. Shark slayer says:

    Wow just wow this lady is just breaking song records with her madz singing TBH I’m speechless but teni u

  192. Anonymous says:

    this song is really amazing

  193. Van says:

    So nice, Teni u rock this song sound so good

  194. Suwi says:

    I really love this song

  195. precious says:

    so marvalous dia keep it up

  196. Anonymous says:

    no. comment

  197. Anonymous says:

    this kind luv can kill, but I like de song keep it up.

  198. Anonymous says:

    Moe blessing #teni nice song mwaaah

  199. Anonymous says:

    i love it fire case

  200. V Celeb 9918 says:

    Teni well done this is so cool i love it 😉

  201. Godwin says:

    I want to download

  202. Anonymous says:

    Teni u are too much I love it keep it up

  203. Eagle says:

    I love the music bam

  204. Golden frazil says:

    Teni case is very interested to hear,teni may god bless u keep it up nice one

  205. Anonymous says:

    Good one

  206. Anonymous says:

    In Uganda we like it

  207. Anonymous says:

    Cool music

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