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Download Video:- Wizkid – Fever

Download Video:- Wizkid – Fever


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  1. peerless says:

    i sight u

  2. pablo says:

    tiwa is shameless, old mama youngy

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. penless says:

    shameliness old slut

  5. Latext says:

    No1 africa on dis

  6. Mania says:

    Starboi is number one
    Tiwa na Bad ass b**ch

  7. Rutareka fred says:

    It’s amazing and so beutiful i like it for sure

  8. Itz j billionz says:

    Nice one baba nla always show them what you are mad of natural resources from God only

  9. Anonymous says:

    age is just a number, cool

  10. savage ore says:

    stop hating on tiwa mehn…the babe is making millions that your generation has never made …we all have to know that to be a part of the entertainment industry is not an easy thing especially making hit musics in nigeria ..we should always learn to love and encourage artiste and not condemn

  11. Blast says:

    Blast video

  12. xamani says:

    i see noting wrong tiwa’s age is notin nd precisely its they way of making money so they can do anything for they prosper

  13. Francis Whizzy Khel says:

    Tina Rock’s, it’s not an easy Step, Keep Hating, She Keeps Making Her Money, Naija Abeg make we try Get Sense For Once, Tiwa I Love You, and wish to be at your Level One Day, You are my Number one, #KeepRocking♥♥♥

  14. Paulwhiz says:

    Loving diz jam so bad…. #Starboy u are d best plz continue fucking tiwa as bad as possible… Am ur no.1 fan

  15. Datbwoy02 says:

    Star Boy is the no1 business man I know in African Music Industry .This nigga is just an Alien. Did you know that millions of people will watch and talk about this video because it’s wizkid? Now let me shock you, 10 more million people are gonna watch this video because it featured Tiwa? I’m not done yet; 20 more will watch because Tiwa and Wizzy baby was all loved up in the video. AGAIN, The curious music fans wants to compare ASSURANCE WITH IT and that’s why they’re gonna watch. SO AFTER YOU SUM THIS UP, I WANT YOU TO GUESS HOW MUCH WILL BE ENTERING INTO BABA NLA’S ACCOUNT. WIZKID, YOU’RE A GOD. MOST PEOPLE LOOK UP TO YOU. UNFORTUNATELY I’M NOT ONE. COS IF ALL OF US COME DEY SING, WHO GO DEY LISTEN BUT I REMAIN A DIE HARD FAN.

  16. xscobar excoded says:

    damn they are on fire wizbro and tiwaqueen kill them all with fever vibes guys you look good together muaah davido go drink rat wizzy is wipe out your assurance

  17. Chelsea says:

    I love this jam ooo star boy oo

  18. Anonymous says:

    star boi take am esle oooooo

    nah person wife ooooo

  19. Stunner bee says:

    is not bad.both of dem ar celebte

  20. bonnie says:

    tiwa is a disgrace to Nigerian womenhood

  21. bumpus says:

    I love them good job

  22. kizgold says:

    star boy keep it on .the more they hate ,the more they love .and the more you dey make your badest no1.FANS

  23. Anonymous says:

    tiwa u are a mumu

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wizkid you are a fool

  25. maro eike says:

    Wizkid you are a fool you look like my brother

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    may you be forever

  28. Useghese Rachel says:

    good job, i love u guys plenty

  29. Prince says:

    I love dis de balt video keep up my guy

  30. Prince says:

    I love dis de balt video keep up my guys

  31. rizkid says:

    That is good wizkid more

  32. Mhiztar khoded says:

    Nice job #Wizzy# let them talk their mind…… Rude on baba

  33. Mhiztar khoded says:

    Nice job #Wizzy #

  34. peter Sunday says:


  35. Gogcity says:

    This jam is nice, wizkid baba do what ever you want to do with tiwa you all are celebrities

  36. Yomi blinkz says:


  37. Anonymous says:

    Star boby kill them all
    Aunty Tiwa Roll on with star boy

  38. Marvelous says:

    Star boby
    You are too much I swear

  39. Anonymous says:

    Star boy on a tearing mood

  40. itz mhizta sam says:

    mehn dis video is fucking killing
    starboy n tiwa keep rolling
    fuck haters

  41. Pedro funds says:

    nice one

  42. Anonymous says:

    Star of jhaiye eeeh ko Kon iyan kan. Fuck tiwa mehhhn if u like.

  43. monnex says:

    stop taking panadol for another person’s headache.

  44. C Baba says:

    Noble one

  45. Rational says:

    Noble one

  46. King 04 says:

    Tiwa savage ur useless prostitute

  47. Abraham David says:

    Tiwa is a prostitute I advise wiskid to stay away

  48. Anonymous says:

    Take note hates!!!..
    Rich niggas do f**k desame hole..

  49. Anonymous says:

    Rich niggas do f**k desame hole…
    So mind your business..✋✋ stop hating…

  50. Anonymous says:

    How much you dey give her…
    Na you dey feed her family for her….so hating.. My your business

  51. Pinky says:

    Can’t judge but it’s better not to loss what you have

  52. Anonymous says:

    tint u star boy

  53. blessing Monday says:

    tint u star boy kill them them dey Julius u

  54. Anonymous says:

    nice video I lobe the video no 1 starboy

  55. maczee says:

    i sight diz video star boy

  56. #legaspy says:

    Enjoy life too the fullest nwanne…
    Tiwasavage any how you like you live your life

  57. juicy Gucci says:

    nice one guys…. keep it locked!

  58. Area fada says:

    Dis is serious

  59. dc saniskid says:

    wiskid raw u beast u na ur fever any how u hold her is non of deir fucking business i hail u wiskid i wish i wer u i wanna hv mah feverr too

  60. francis says:

    fantastic Sung

  61. xpensiv baba nla says:

    Star boy no 1 ooooo yaaaa bcuz of u tiwa won african best act a big sharaah 2 star boy heart u till d end

  62. Young.d says:

    Nice video I enjoined it

  63. slimmy says:

    Wizkid i sight u jare

  64. Anonymous says:

    so cool

  65. young terry g says:

    so cool I luv it

  66. Suggarboi WT says:

    Wizkid Nha Boss Of Nigeria Singer

  67. ADASI E O says:

    my boss u the best in nigeria

  68. ephraim joel says:

    stop gasing at her because u dont know whearther one day u can be a musician and the way u do to others so the will do for u

  69. Anonymous says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    Star boi

  71. Mhiz Tasha says:

    Nyc one,keep it up

  72. khasms says:

    star boi u too balm

  73. Anonymous says:

    nice one
    mother and child love

  74. boss says:

    wizkid you fall my hand
    kissing your mom

  75. facebook says:


  76. kushi fero says:

    starboy fuk dem all b**ch ur no. 1 fan send d fever vibes

  77. baddo says:

    Star boi number one in the,World
    kill Dem with pepper stew

  78. lyon_kvng says:

    the best of the best
    one love
    one life
    mighty money coming your way
    middle finger for legendary star boy haters

  79. kimmie jeff says:

    nyc one jhare keep it up

  80. mazzy says:

    non sense woman

  81. mazzy says:

    prostitution is not by nature

  82. David says:

    Tiwa u are the number one fool in Nigeria

  83. mickey says:

    if u hate nah for ur pockets dis song issa blast

  84. frank jossy 7 says:

    Good song by star boy, I love the video tiwa is good n loving too keep making your money, mine not our talks. Me love you guys.

  85. Charles says:

    but Guy’s so u compere davdio and wiki

  86. Anonymous says:

    I bat guy David I like de music and I dry straight forward 4 u, Star boy wizkid

  87. WheeZ says:

    Jam like no other

  88. WheeZ says:

    Jam like no other
    Love it

  89. simplicity j b says:

    tiwa baddest girl in the world

  90. Anonymous says:

    The girl is fucking annoying!! The video music makes me pissed with tiwa savage!!that’s a fucking disgrace..

  91. Jessie baby says:

    The girl is fucking annoying!! The music makes me pissed with tiwa savage!!that’s a fucking disgrace..

  92. WIZIY BOY says:


  93. JOE B says:

    Best hits of the year……star boy
    I feel the lyric

  94. boy iron says:

    Shameless slute

  95. FATEX says:

    star bozy never levert

  96. Anonymous says:


  97. 0962885424 says:


  98. Anonymous says:

    This luv na was cute couple ‍❤️‍‍❤️‍

  99. YOUNG STARBOY says:


  100. Anonymous says:


  101. Anonymous says:

    Did song is da best! Like it

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