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Fashion!! Vimbai Mutinhiri Shares Her Style Resolutions

    Posted by on January 16, 2016,

As I reflect on some of my most memorable style moments over the years, I’m overwhelmed by a sense of disappointment in myself – not that any of the looks were that terrible (yes, I’ve had some pretty yucky worst dressed moments), but more so because I barely see any of my personality.

I barely see any of my love for vibrant colour, I see little of my eccentric character and adventurous nature. I don’t see my intrigue in cultures from around the world that is inspired by my love for travel. I seldom see an outfit and say – yes, that is signature Vimbai. This is odd for someone like me – a strong, ambitious and focused entrepreneur. Or is it?
It dawned on me at the end of 2015 that my journey has progressed in a different order to most fashionistas – my focus and priorities have always been on honing my talent first, establishing a successful business second, and then to be honest fashion, something I love with all my heart, somehow fell by the wayside. I simply never had the time to make it a priority because there are so many other urgent matters that required my attention. What a crime!
I am so grateful to finally be able to start a year knowing that I have earned my stripes and paid my dues in the talent and business departments and guess what? That means my style resolution is to have fun and be myself!!! So I’ve come up with my 5 fashion commandments to make sure I stay on track.
1. Thou shalt not be defined by a stylist. In 2016 I will not resort to wearing a stylist’s often-misplaced interpretation of me. No more, “but this works, its so you!” (ladies – you all know exactly what I mean, its like that sales lady who tells you how fabulous you look in the dress that is unflattering in all the wrong places in the store just so you buy it). I am grateful for the stylists I have worked with who get me, but this year I will not hesitate to use the phrase: No no boo boo, you don’t know me like that.
2. Thou shalt follow thy instincts. In 2016, I will follow my instincts. I have found that my instincts have never failed me – if I hated an outfit and succumbed to wearing it, it has never worked out for me. Sometimes its not that there is anything wrong with the pieces, but there are some pieces that certain people simply can’t pull off.
3. Thou shalt have a style calendar. With hosting and producing a daily show, as well as filming other shows across the continent my schedule is ridiculously busy – so its often difficult to just squeeze in time for fittings! But in 2016, one of my modus operandi is a calendar of events and appearances that is curated well in advance to avoid any last minute glitches.
4. Thou shalt have a back up look. I love to support local designers, but we all know that one thing very few designers get right is the zip. We have all had the zip struggle, and there is nothing worse than having that bad boy pop just as you are getting into the car to head to your event. Not only does it leave you having to wear the ugly step sister of your original look because you have to change outfits, but it also leaves you flustered, late and relegated to dodging red carpet photographers all night lest that looks circulates and people actually think you planned to wear it. In 2016, I am NOT about that life.
5. Thou shalt not take these things too seriously. Playing dress up is supposed to be fun – I often have the glam squad over sipping champagne, listening to music and gisting as we get ready. This resolution is a reminder to myself that we ultimately go to all the trouble because we sincerely love the fabulosity of it all! So in 2016, even though I will be more careful to express myself, I will not turn into a distressed tyrant doing it! I am going to have more fun than I have ever had, and I’m going to play by my own rules.
In celebration of this, I have decided to share some of my truly memorable style moments.

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