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Guy Reveals How His Friend Betrayed Him Just Because He Was Jealous

Guy Reveals How His Friend Betrayed Him Just Because He Was Jealous

According to the guy….

I really had a terrible experience with a friend yesterday and I must say it was so disheartening. I just don’t seem to understand the length some people will go to profit themselves at the expense of other people. And sometimes, they even do this to their close friends. It’s just so bad.
I am this kind of individual that trusts people so much, I hardly see lies in what other tell me, except when it is so obvious you have totally deviated from the truth. But notwithstanding, I will call this weakness of mine a blessing as it has made a lot of people open up to me and it has even helped me discern the true characters of some other people.
But what happened to me yesterday has totally changed my perspective about friends and I will want you to as well learn from it.
There is this man that is just completing his luxurious apartment in my area. And as a very sharp Las gidi boy, I approached him and told him I could help with the painting of the whole apartment. I had already written out my proposal before the meeting and he was so impressed that I was so articulate and looked experienced, even as I had never held a painting brush.
But as a graduate, I guess one of the things that qualify one as a versatile individual is the ability to think ahead and see what others don’t see.
He promised to give me the job. And I must say, my total gain after all the expenses will run up to N500,000. I was so happy and I had it in plan to also start my own house project this year.
Just yesterday, the man called me and told me that I lied to him that I was a painter. He even mentioned the name of the fellow that told him that I was not a painter. I tried to convince him that I never mentioned that I was a painter. That I am only experienced in the house painting business and that I have evidence of the previous jobs I had done.
He asked me to come see him at his office this afternoon to show him the previous works I claimed to have done. I will definitely go to see him and I pray I get the job.
But I will want us all to be wary of the kind of friends we keep as this guy the man mentioned is my next house neighbor and we have been neighbourhood friends for close to 4 years now. My advice to you all is to never tell so much people about your plans until you have achieved them. Some people, in their bad thoughts, will pray you don’t achieve those plans. And since the devil lives in them, the plans might not come to fulfillment.
So be careful of evil Friends

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