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“Here Are 5 Things You Should Do Before Buying Your Next Smartphone”

The mobile market is big. I mean, very big. Month in, month out, we constantly hear reports of newly released phones, soon to be released phones and hopefully to be released phones.
In as much as there are lots of phones in the market, you sure wouldn’t want to make a mistake of buying a phone you will later end up wishing you never did. If you’ve heard that experience, am sure you wouldn’t want to have it again.
I mean, we sure cannot point out numbers of people who have rushed to buying a smartphone only for them to start laying complains. Complains that makes you wonder if they knew what they were buying before they bought it.
Due to this issues and in other to reduce the occurrence of this complains (of course we can’t stop it), we have decided to talk extensively on 5 things you should do before buying your next smartphones.
1.Make A List: A popular saying has it that variety is the spice of life. So also, economics has proven that human wants are unlimited. Due to the fact that there are numerous phones in the market, it is always nice to make a list of phones you’d rather choose from. See it as having a plan A, Plan B, Plan C etc.
Depending on what you actually look for in a smartphone, you can base your list on that. It could be design, camera, performance. There are lots of phones these days that can fit in perfectly with those attributes. Hence, trust me, making a list is important.
Come to think of it, how many times have you gone to shop for a phone hoping to buy a particular one only for you to return home with another? Ehn ehn! So you see.
2.Set A Price Range: I remember those days when sophisticated phones and computers weren’t so common. We’d usually go to the cafe whenever we have anything to do with the internet. I remember usually going to the cafe with the mindset of not buying more than one hour browsing time and when I am done, I’d realize I’ve bought a total of 3 hours browsing time. Have you actually had a similar experience?
Same spirit can work with smartphones. You can budget buying a smartphone for around N30,000 and just because you want with extra cash, you could probably end up buying a smartphone with N40,000.
In other to avoid this, it’s really important that you set a price range and stick to the price range when making a list of phones to choose from as stated in point one. Thanks to online retail stores, you can get an idea as to how much a particular phone cost which should further aid you with setting a price range.
3.Read Reviews: One thing I’ve come to realize during my course of research is that most people don’t read online reviews of a smartphone before choosing to buy. They tend to go with word of mouth and funny enough, some of these people advising customers to buy a particular phone, haven’t actually used the phone. They probably must have seen the phone and maybe because of the design, you advise people around them to go get it.
Thanks to OEMs releasing phones lately with stylish designs. I mean, it’s very catchy. Our ladies love them but my dear, design and specs are two different things. A phone could look very stylish, elegant, kin-kin, you name it. But performance could be below average. *In Chris Brown’s Voice* You don’t wanna go there.
Please, save yourself from stories that touch and take some time in reading online reviews of your list of phones before making a choice or making choices. I understand there are lots of biased reviews online but then, there are still some unbiased reviews. Try to read from different sources before making a final decision.
4.Take A Proper Look At The Specs: This kinda relates to what we talked about reading reviews. Just see this as a continuation from point 3 lol.
Now, you would agree with me that 80% of our ladies do not know what specs of a phone means. Most of the time, what they care about is the design of the phone as well as the CAMERA. As a matter of fact, Camera is the koko.
I wouldn’t want to point out any name or model of a phone but there is a current trending phone with a beautiful design and really nice camera. But, performance (in my opinion) doesn’t meet up. During the course of multitasking within a short pace of time, I noticed much lagging.
Our ladies while on their phone, do quite a number of multitasking. Facebook, Twitter (maybe), BBM, WhatsApp, Gallery and of course, not forgetting candy crush (their best game I guess). Most 1GB RAM phone these days, will at some point, lag when you are continuously multitasking. You will at some point, get tired of a phone when it begins to lag. In other to avoid that experience too often, please look properly at the specs of the phone which includes processor, RAM size, camera and others before making a list of phones to choose from.
5.Don’t Go Shopping Alone: Now, this is also important. Especially if you don’t have vast knowledge on the subject matter.
I recently shared a story of a man who went to the market to purchase an iPhone only to return home and find a cloned Nokia phone with antenna. You wouldn’t want to have such experience would you? So please, try to always go with someone who’s got vast knowledge on phones whenever you are going to shop for a smartphone.
So, there you have it. Very lengthy right? Yeah I know. Don’t mind me but then, I am quite sure the points stated above will really come in handy and leave you smiling for a very time after purchasing your next smartphone.

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