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Houston Woman Divorces Her Brain Dead Husband, Then Adopts Him (Video)

Houston Woman Divorces Her Brain Dead Husband, Then Adopts Him (Video)

HOUSTON — This is a love story about angels on earth who make up a uniquely beautiful, blended Houston family.

Kris Armstrong and Brandon Smith were high school sweethearts who got married at 21 and couldn’t wait to start a family.

Two years later, in 2008, their whole world came crashing down when Brandon was nearly killed in a crash with a moving truck.

He was in a coma, and we didn’t know if and when he would wake up, and what would happen,” Kris told CBS News correspondent David Begnaud.

When Brandon came out of the coma two months later, doctors said he had a traumatic brain injury and would need constant care. The Brandon Kris had married was gone, and she went from being a wife to a caretaker at the age of 23.

“When someone has a severe traumatic brain injury, in a big way, you lose that person, but you gain somebody new,” Kris told CBS. “And it took me a long time to realize that.”

For the next five years, her life revolved around caring for Brandon, while shelving her dreams of someday having children.

Kris prayed for guidance before making the toughest decision of her life.

“I had made vows that I would be with him in sickness and health, and I took that very seriously,” Kris said. “I didn’t stay married to him, but I wanted to take care of him.

She divorced Brandon but fought to become his legal guardian so she could continue to provide the care he would need for the rest of his life.

In 2014, Kris met James Armstrong, a single father of a small child. She explained that she and Brandon were a package deal.

“I have a former husband that I take care of and he’s a part of my life and I realize that’s a lot,” Kris told James. “But if you’re interested in dating me, that comes with the territory.”

It didn’t bother me at all. It intrigued me more because I knew that Kris had a good heart,” James said.

Kris and James eventually got married and her dream of becoming a mom finally came true. She and James have two daughters, 4-year-old Meadow and 6-year-old Juniper.

Brandon is still very much a part of their family. The girls adore him and love hanging out with “Uncle Brandon” and snuggling with him on the couch.

“It’s a sad story but there’s a lot of beauty in it too,” James said.

Brandon lives in a nursing home now, but the family brings him home every few days and James helps feed and bathe him.

“I mean, the fact that we change Brandon together, I can do it by myself but it’s very, very hard,” Kris said. “James helps me, that’s such a gift of love.”

Kris also takes their daughters to see Brandon every Wednesday for a picnic lunch outside.

No matter what the future holds, the couple vows that Brandon will always be in their lives.

“He is a very part of who I am because I carry my heart in his heart and I always will,” Kris said. “And so, the decisions that I’ve made to be, to have him in our life, be a part of our family is because I can’t not. You know, when somebody is so tied to you, you can’t untie that.”

If anything ever happens to Kris, James says he will fight for guardianship of Brandon.

“It’s not just loving her, it’s loving Brandon, too, you know, he needs us,” James said. “He needs people that love him.”

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