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I Am Not Afraid Of Buhari – Fayose

    Posted by on January 24, 2016,

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fay­ose, yesterday took on President Muhammadu Bu­hari, reiterating that he will not do well in office.
He also said Buhari had not withdrawn from dictatorial tendencies.
In an interview with online newspaper, Premium Times, in Ado-Ekiti over the week­end, he maintained that as the longest-serving governor in the country, he remains a force to reckon with and any­one who ignores him will be doings so at his peril.
The governor declared that any plots to impeach him as governor would not work because his experiences had made him understand the dynamics of governance bet­ter than during his first term.
Besides, those experiences made him set the record as the only governor who re­turned to office 12 years af­ter being disgraced out and detained for 45 days at Ikoyi Prisons on trumped-up alle­gations.
According to Fayose, he would not join the band­wagon of those who changed their post-2015 language and position simply because Bu­hari won the election, stress­ing that all he said as at then were propelled by facts at his disposal and which remained sacrosanct.
Said he:-
“I told Nigerians that they should not vote for Buhari and that Buhari will not do well. My name is Ayo Fayose. He will not do well. That is why I told you Buhari is a dictator; he can never lead a people or a government without being dictatorial. In Nigerian politics I only say the truth.
“I am not afraid of him. The power of Buhari is not more than you go and lock some­body up. I am not afraid of him. I am not in the calibre of politicians who are say­ing, ‘ah don’t let me die oh! Don’t let my mother die oh! I am not in that category. Most noble men today have gone underground for fear of the unknown.
“The same thing we were telling Obasanjo that time. We said Obasanjo was a dic­tator. Obasanjo consumed most of them who were pro­moting him that time. I have never minced words, before the campaign.
“I am not a sycophant to say that it was after Buhari became president that I start­ed praising or talking against him. I started from day one.
“I was 24 years old when Buhari was head of state of Nigeria. We were daily beaten in Ibadan when we queued up for essential commodities.
“I remember how he stopped import duties and did a lot of things damaging to the economy, the same way he is still doing it today. I have said it clearly that any attempt to confront me and attack my government will bring Bu­hari’s government down.
“My name is Ayo Fayose, I mean every word I am saying. I am salt. He should be mind­ful of me. I am not a coward. Call me controversial if you like. Men that will make his­tory will be very controver­sial. Courageous people will be controversial.
“I am not impressed. I am not impressed. Buhari adminis­tration has shown the hallmark of a very vindictive leader. Part of the hallmark of a good leader is to be able to rally everybody in times like this.
“Look back. Jonathan was magnanimous. He could have said I am a sitting president and cause the country headache, but he did not do that. He will­ingly relinquished power be­cause of the overall interest of the country.
“Instead, Buhari is coming to vilify everybody. You begin to do factional pursuance of the fight against corruption. It doesn’t work like that.
“Go and look at Buhari’s antecedent. I stand to be cor­rected. We know that the rate at which Buhari is going, he is going to destroy this country. There is no hiding place for dictators”

Source:- Breaking Times

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