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Internet User Shares Painful Experience With A GNLD Company In Makurdi”

I was made to pay 15000 for the training fee, got inducted n asked to pay 136,000 for GNLD suppliment(tre en en costing 9800) sold at 15k. Which was supposed to give me 16 tre en en.I was told I would be given incentive of #50,000 on completing the money.Which I did complete.Never saw the incentives for 1year of working so hard day in day out.I was asked to maintain business to pay a sum of #30,000 every every month to make me receive incentive, I paid another money, I dnt stil see any incentives, I was asked later to pay #10,000 for outdoor training that was supposed to happen.I paid that money too (as the MD Fortune Idu claimed it was for transportation & that the company wil sponsor our feeding n accomodations,all lies) I never travelled to any outdoor training or saw my #10,000 till date, even when I asked for it,it was never given.I later meet Emmanuel Okorie (who they call Iroko, a 1diamond director in gnld) who was so motivating n promising me he wil help me become a director and all kinds of good promises, Iroko asked me to pay #70,000, I paid. The money was used to open office in other states…

I never saw any directorship or incentive til date.I was asked to keep recruiting people.As a networking business that fortunate Step resouces is. I used to gather alot of money and crowd in that office.I was made to work daily,even on sunday,easter. We go for presentations where we make peanuts or nothing. Even the quantum test people do not turn up for it.I spend my personal money daily to subscribe my phone and still transport myself daily to that office.I was always texting people to come for screening with a believe that it was a good benefiting business.over 100 people Came that paid part of the #15000 (2000,10,000,500,5000.e.t.c) some never completed, some lost interest.

I recruited 55 people who paid 15,000 cash. ( some paid this money from school fees,borrowed money,house rent,I know people who sold their phones to pay) I had a team with a total of 125 people who paid 15000 and another extra money they call step money. I had 12 people who paid 60,000+ and among the 12? 3 paid 152,000 of which 1 of them borrowed the money with a believe that the incentive of 50k written on the board will be used monthly to pay back as she was told so.As time went on? I noticed the MD was no longer looking like before , I asked n asked n asked as the business kept going down and promises where not kept. Alot of people where leaving,alot of youths lost their school fees to the business…It affected alot of relationships…

I Worked so hard for 1year never saw any incentives , no one could explain to me ,why not even the 1 diamond Director Iroko or Fortune Idu. I was told to keep Fortune later revealed that he worked for 2years before he saw his first incentives…That I should sit tight and work for him.Alot of people where paying money for tre en en but it was not given to them. I kept wondering. People are not going for presentations, there are no sales . so how come there are no Cups? I was so inquisitive the MD had to reveal to me that all the money this youths are paying from their school fee,house rent,borrowed cash, life savings was not being used in the neolife business. Thats why there was scarcity of supplements always. All this money get paid to the MD personal account,he use as he wish. This people build the neolife business blindly,they do not have access to their business online,to view it in the neolif site even when they are registered? They might be given an ID number but no Pin,like I was.Even to give them the Kit bag was a hard task.I asked and asked before he will give some of them. They use people to use people. Promising u millions in the future,showing u pictures of people that made it to the top (if only you know what they did?) The MD later told me he was planning to use the money of this innocent children to open office else where to grow himself. People recruit people the MD wil place them under himslef and use people”s effort and money to grow himself. It was worse than a job.When I asked for my tre en en to go and sell? The MD Fortune Idu Akpokinovo got angry and kept frustrating me so he can keep using me tirelessly coming to the office daily. He kept telling me there was no cups. He claim he was making money, but somtimes we go out for lunch I pay the bills wit my litte cash and he will promise to pay back and will never pay.

When I kept asking for my tre en en I paid for? And the money I paid him ,that he was owing me? He picked a fight and started lying against me. He called my dad from the induction form where they ask you to Write your next of kin ( they call it 30% form) he called my dad and lied all kinds lies of lies against me and even laid false aligations on me of stealing the office quantum machine. Just Because I wanted to quit and go wit the quantum I bought. He called all my recruits and lied against me . Made most of them turn against me. I made alot of sacrifices for this Fortunate Step Resource Business only to discover that I was being used by the MD to enrich him for his selfish interest. It was enslavement worse than a job. For 1year I worked there? I neva got paid by neolife. and only saw 1 sms from neolife about an order of 25000 naira invested. When I asked MD Fortune Idu to show me the people in my team and linage that was really registered. He wil never comply (because you cant see your business online til you become a director as they claim) But start lying and drawing diagrams on paper.until I insisted he now started asking that I pay in another 30k to do point (PV) for the last person in the team that is when the neolife site will refect all the people in the team registerd. Another way to collector more money from me.

I Spend 1year and came out broke.
The MD doesn’t receive incentives from neolife according to the secrets he revealed to me. After spending 4years since 2015 till date (he is not even a sapphire director yet,he uses fake sms alerts to motivate the innocent youths, acting like a mini god for people to kneel at his feet) All his business was converted ( neolife business is a greedy man’s business of lying,deceptions, convertiousness and Lust… )
When I kept asking for the cups I paid for the MD was saying he can’t give me all. That he wil give me in bits. Even the money he was owing me? He refused to pay back.

I had to leave it all to him and God.
I invested 136k+70k+30k+12k+29k
I recruited 55 people who paid some real cash after paying 15k.
I worked so hard for 1 year.
Stil never saw a dime in Fortunate Step Resources GNLD (NEOLIFE) BUSINESS.

If you want to invest in this business be careful. All that glitters is not gold .
All what you wil be told wil be lies.
All the MD”s are all the same.
If u cant lie n deceive people? You cant be in the business . Its worse than a Job.

I had to share my experience with you all.
I lost alot of money, time and relationship in this business and stil came out being called a thief for what I did not do. Just because I wanted my property back.
Neva invest in a business you do no understand. Never trust a lier in business.

Everyone in the Fortunate Step Resource wil tell you the business is paying. Look at their appearance and the quality of their clothes. Look at the environment, ask them to show you their incentives ( if they do? Check if you will see “fake sms” app) they are all liars faking it hoping to make it. Starting from the final selectors Vivian Agada and Cythia Ene to the Inductor Johnson Ogah .

The heart of Men are desperately wicked .
Beware of false promises of wealth.
Alot of people do alot of things for money.
I had to put this up to create awareness.
Becareful and be wise. There are many of this companies with different names all over nigeria all using GNLD Neolife and doing the same company core values, personal core values and selection and induction.Deceiving innocent people.

Never pay in money without a receipt given to you. All this payments I and many others made the MD never gave any receipts so he can deny it anytime anywhere. Alot of people quited and never got the tre en en they paid for till date&all the money invested gone.
As U reading this now. There are many among the 55 people I recruited who hav not being refunded the 152k they paid or given their cups. Yet the MD Fortune always complain there is no cups. Simply because he is not investing the money into the business as he claims and using it to do other things like pay house rent for his house&office,planning to open office with the people”s money,personal financial needs&wants at the expense of the innocent youths who sacrificed their savings,school fees,house rents n borrowed money to build the Neolife dream.
I wil never advice anyone to do any GNLD neolife franchise in any state. If u want to do Gnld? Do gnld 1on1 and be sure of urself or do other multi level marketing business. There are many good ones better than gnld .
Do not waste your time and money and kill your relationship with people for this business. Its not worth it at all.
Gnld has spoilt the nature of multi level marketing companies as a whole.

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