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Izikjon: African Start Up Izikjon Celebrates A Year Of Being Nigeria’s Trusted Indigenous Cryptocurrency Company

Izikjon: African Start Up Izikjon Celebrates A Year Of Being Nigeria’s Trusted Indigenous Cryptocurrency Company

Founder & CEO Izikjon Services, MR ISAAC JOHN has unwavering confidence not only in the company’s business model, but in his team too. Izikjon founded in 2019, is one of Nigeria’s fully integrated digital assets company specializing in transaction of bitcoins, gift cards and bill settlements.

Q. What does izikjon .com do?

A. Izikjon.com is a fintech company, we transact on crypto currency such as bitcoin. Ethereum, we also transact and deal giftcards, we settle bills such as utility, airtime, data bundles and so much more.

Q. Who is Izikjon aimed at?

A Izikjon. com is aimed at customers, individuals, companies, people generally who are looking to convert their crypto currency, giftcards to money trade value(naira). Our target audience are people who are in position of bitcoins and giftcards.

Q. How does izikjon .com stand out from its competitors?

A. Simple, instant payment when it comes to monetary settlement, we are the best, we are the grandmasters of instant payment. Secondly, we put our customers first, lastly, we have the best rate in the market.

Q. Did you have any concerns when you were about starting a business in an emerging economy?

A. Of course yes, so many concerns, some of them were lack of economy buoyancy, how people will blend with the business, the crypto currency business market growth, but you know they are all concerns we have to do what we have to do so we can grow by strategizing every day. We still face concerns every now and then, talk about cash flow, policies and regulations, they aren’t well placed in an emerging market. All of these cants be swayed away.

Q. Where did the idea for izikjon .com come from?

A. Izikjon as a brand has been for a long time, up to a decade, 2008/2009 but it has been on individual basis, 2014 we ventured into a lot of businesses like telecommunications, agricultural produce imports and export, even currencies, but we eventually settled on crypto currency by upscaling it and branding it.

Q. What is your business background and what got you interested in startups?  

A. I’ve always been a business-oriented person, right from school through university days, even my family. Startup is essential, its good when you build something from scratch, what you have a passion and vision for, so regardless of the industry, you know why you’re in for it.

Q. How did you initially raise funding for izikjon .com?

A. Like I said earlier, it has been series of businesses done back to back through the years, so I acquired some personal savings, most of it was used for the startup and also got loans from family and friends which was for a short period.

Q. What do you think is the difference between growing a business in an emerging economy like Nigeria, compared to growing a business in Europe?

A. The difference is very clear, which is economy difference of Nigeria’s compared to Europe. There are so many hassles that needs to be worked on while dealing a business in Nigeria, ranging from lack of funds, policies, economy status to lack of regulatory bodies, but in Europe, it is easier because of the economy over there and the easy access to funding through loans and etc. which makes it all better.

Q. What has been your biggest achievement so far as a startup owner?

A. Izikjon.com is my biggest achievement, starting from a one-man show to more than 20 staff all in the space of 12 months, the rapid growth is my greatest achievement. We have a lot of people on board bringing ideas every day, working round the clock 24/7, which is very surreal to me.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge so far as a startup owner?

A. izikjon.com itself is my biggest challenge, starting a new phase of business, completely different from the “norm” can be quite challenging gaining acceptance from people. Crypto currency is a new thing in Africa, the major challenge I have is funding and regulation, there is so much we can do if we have more funds to grow and position ourselves. Wide acceptance by people is directly proportional to regulating it in the country.

Q. Would you ever consider expanding to Europe and the US, if so why?

A. Expanding to Europe and the US is a must and it’s something I have had main focus on for a long time and its certain, why because we are involved in a global business so we need global presence, from Nigeria, to Africa, then Europe and the USA. Doing business in these places gives an edge and international recognition. Having an identity in an international market is essential.

Q. How long has your company been in business and who is the team behind it?

A. Izikjon as a brand has been for a decade, but izikjon.com has been for a year now. We have an effective team working round the clock from the General Manager Mr. Tosin Howells who has been doing so much in respect to regulation, including all various departments, advisers, board of trustees is the team behind izikjon.

Q. In the coming year, what would you like to have achieved with your business?

A. I’d like to have achieved quick settlements of payments, secondly Advanced technology of crypto currency, seeing how it fits into the proposed Federal Government cashless policy, so we could have techies like a bitcoin App and Atm cards powered by izikjon. I’d like to see my business help people in using instant payments at every facets of life.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking forward to starting a business/start up, what would it be?

A. Starting a business is not easy, but one advice I would give is to be consistent, always evolve, accept losses and don’t dwell on them, accept defeat, re-strategize, learn unlearn and move on. That’s it, you have the key.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our esteemed users for including Izikjon in their bitcoin trading/business story for the past year. We look forward to successful cooperation in the future. Thank you.

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