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Jealous wife ‘chopped off husband’s privates’ after cheating and it couldn’t be saved

    Posted by on April 1, 2024,

Jealous wife ‘chopped off husband’s privates’ after cheating and it couldn’t be saved

A jealous woman reportedly chopped off her husband’s private part with a knife after he admitted to cheating. 

Horrifying images show the naked man lying on the floor of their flat in Mendeleyevsk, Russia, covered in blood. 

Emergency services found him there in a state of “shock and pain”. He was quickly taken to hospital due to severe blood loss, but sadly doctors were unable to save his manhood.

Jealous wife

The woman, named Tatyana Rykova, 34, was also in a state of “shock” and covered in blood. 

According to news outlet Region 116, she was speaking incoherently and seemed confused about what had happened when the police arrived. She reportedly did confess she was the one who used the knife.

Jealous wife

Concerned neighbours filmed the immediate aftermath of the incident. Footage shows the man being carried away naked on a stretcher after his genitals were entirely severed. 

Neighbours initially thought he was dead, but paramedics reassured them by saying: “He is alive…he is alive.” 

The man was then taken to an intensive care unit in the Tatarstan region.

KazanFirst reported: “A woman cut off her lover’s genitals out of jealousy. The man was taken to intensive care, but the organ could not be saved.”

Jealous wife

According to Naberezhnye Chelny Life: “It is known that during an alcohol session, the man admitted to his wife that he had cheated on her. This news infuriated the wife, so she took a knife and took revenge on her husband.

“When the ambulance crew arrived, the man was already unconscious from shock and pain. He was taken to intensive care, but the genital organ could not be saved.” Police have interrogated the woman. The man’s name is yet to be released.

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