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Joke:- Who Killed Golliat?

A teacher came to the class and asked aquestion

TEACHER: Who killed Goliath?

STUDENT 1: it’s not me

STUDENT 2: I wasn’t at school that day.

STUDENT 3: I don’t know.

The teacher went to the Headteacher’s office and told the HM that students in that class don’t know who killed Goliath.

The HM came to that class and asked…

HM: Who killed Goliath?

CLASS: we r not the ones..!!!

HM.: If u don’t tell me who killed Goliath, you’ll see fire today…!!

CLASS : We don’t know.

The HM turned to the teacher and asked; are you sure Goliath was killed by someone from this class??

The teacher fainted….!!

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. peter martins says:

    this story is very funny i like it

  3. G-wills says:

    They teacher No teach them anything oo.

  4. Linuseelucky says:

    That is a nice joke

  5. Godfrey says:

    very funny

  6. idawene tom says:

    Yeah I like this joke I which you can allowed me to used it

  7. s.RONALDO says:


  8. Temitope says:

    Definitely their HM did’nt know who killed goliat.Very interesting joke.

  9. Muniru morata says:

    very funny

  10. Dan Dan Koker Dan says:

    I Like That


    very funny

  12. Ojas says:

    cant stop lafin in enugu language

  13. kevweranking says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    my ribs ooooo

  15. Jecinta nwanegbo says:

    d teacher ma na block head he no teach dem anything

  16. Prince Ugoo Homeboy says:

    Guy U Knw Well, U Wan Make I Laugh Die B4 My Time Abi Hahahaha Tears Dey Commot 4 My Eyes Hahahahaha

  17. becky says:

    my chic ooooo

  18. victor (A} says:

    U won mek i die 4 hir, plz as i de hot oooo!!!

  19. kwikiriza alfred says:

    those are the headteachers of nowdays

  20. Rockey 07060576541 says:

    hahaha d GM shuld jst live d skul if nt yawa go dey

  21. Elvis says:

    Hm, Don’t Even Knw De Answa

  22. Michael Effiong says:

    Lol ha ha ha…that was dope man i never thought am gonna laugh that way

  23. Yhungmoney says:

    That is funny

  24. Etieno says:

    lolz.stupid hm and students

  25. Mr capable says:

    De Hm and de student are birds of de same feather

  26. Itz Pabzy says:

    Hahahahaha wow. Very funny

  27. Victor says:

    Haha,I lyk such schools

  28. leesmash says:

    Ni hataree aisee huyo HM ndio chizii kabisaa

  29. Leesmash says:

    am From Tz guys

  30. Anonymous says:

    haha xo funy

  31. Anonymous says:

    The Hm is very very intelligent

  32. yhoymight says:

    so funny

  33. Chibyko says:

    really funny

  34. Anonymous says:

    Jordan martins

  35. Anonymous says:

    so funny

  36. Anonymous says:

    principal:am not sure is from diz skul

  37. Faith says:

    Very funny

  38. faith oyewole says:

    Very funny

  39. Eriksin says:

    Hahahahahaha what a funny joke

  40. G boy muntsira says:

    The Hm is a fool

  41. ab co says:

    de hm na eti

  42. Anonymous says:

    What do u thank

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. redo john says:

    i like ur jokes

  45. Anonymous says:

    Nice one

  46. Itz legacy says:

    Jesus chai wat a punch line

  47. alex john says:

    that is a very good an wonderful jokes

  48. Iz mello dirham's says:

    Fine play jor

  49. Iz mello dirham's says:

    Fine play jor what a hm

  50. Mathias says:

    The Hm is confused or what

  51. Nickyposh says:

    Hm na mumu

  52. Anonymous says:

    Good one

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