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Lady who had strange encounter with TB Joshua 4 years ago breaks silence (video)

    Posted by on January 16, 2024,

Lady who had strange encounter with TB Joshua 4 years ago breaks silence (video)

A young African lady identified as @jakuja_jesus_joy shared a transformative dream she had 4 years ago involving the late Nigerian televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua.

Despite not being a regular listener of his sermons, the lady expressed deep respect for the popular prophet, especially in the realm of deliverance.

According to @jakuja_jesus_joy, her dream transported her to Nigeria, where Prophet TB Joshua prayed for her, resulting in a remarkable change in her.

Surprisingly, she found herself vomiting something out during the encounter.

This immediate transformation left her questioning whether she had been poisoned or inadvertently consumed something harmful.

According to the lady, despite her initial skepticism and lack of familiarity with Prophet TB Joshua’s teachings, the dream really stuck with her and made a lasting impact on her life.

She attributed her newfound respect for the late prophet to the powerful experience in the dream, emphasizing her belief in the authenticity of his spiritual abilities.

In her words;

“The Holy Spirit has been pressing this on me to share an encounter that I had four years ago. because of those dream actually has made me respect this man of God.

“I am a firm believer that your life can be altered in your dream. it’s can be altered for the good and it can be altered for the bad, so many people have been bewitched in the dream.

“So many things have occurred in their dreams that eventually manifested in the reality. So let me share this encounter that I had. so, here is a disclaimer I was never a person that really listen to prophet TB Joshua, I just knew prophet TB, Joshua, respected prophet TB Joshua.

“I never really like sat down to listen to his sermons because listening to prophet TB Joshua, you need patience because Prophet TB Joshua takes his time. So I never really like listened to him at all but what I knew was that when it came to deliverance, SCOAN is just the place to go.

“Let me share the encounter. it was like I was in a place or in Nigeria then prophet TB Joshua prayed for me and I vomited something out. As he prayed, and that difference are occured, I asked myself wait did somebody poison me. I tried figuring out if I took something from somebody that I didn’t know I tried asking myself ‘where did I go that week?’

“These are the kind of encounters that would always make me respect prophet TB Joshua. These are the kind of encounters that we have had as individuals that no matter what anybody says you cannot convince us otherwise that these are not true men of God.

“I think after that encounter I didn’t care what anybody said about prophet TB Joshua all I knew was that he visited me in my dream, he prayed for me, and I got delivered from what I do not know. all I want to do is make people stop this norm of always talking bad about the anointed of God. I hope this encourages somebody that prophet TB Joshua is a real man of God.”

See below;

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