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Man in disbelief as girlfriend cooks 8 cups of rice with 12 seasoning cubes (video)

    Posted by on December 5, 2023,

Man in disbelief as girlfriend cooks 8 cups of rice with 12 seasoning cubes (video)

A Nigerian man sparked a conversation on social media due to his reaction after discovering that his girlfriend cooked just 8 cups of rice with 12 cubes of Maggi.

In the video, which has garnered thousands of likes, the man could be heard lamenting, saying ‘I dey chop rice, dey chop Maggie,’ mentioning that he noticed something unusual about the taste of the food he ate.

Upon entering the kitchen to investigate, he found that his girlfriend had used about 12 cubes of Maggi to cook the 8 cups of rice he requested.

He expressed surprise at how someone could use such a large number of Maggi cubes for a small amount of rice.

In disbelief, he counted the Maggi cubes already used to confirm whether he miscounted or if his girlfriend had indeed used 12 cubes for the 8 cups of rice.

The Nigerian man’s reaction sparked various responses on social media, with many people commenting on the post.

See some reactions below:

Cutie baby: “‎When you are dating a last born.”

TESSY: “‎Blood of God.”

Tori baddie: “‎using 4 Maggie should be okay for seven cup.”

Abena Broni: “‎Guess she took Hilda cooking lessons.”

Vee: “‎With Maggi every woman is a star.”

sant b: “‎If you can cook you’ll know that’s not too much , especially when you’re not using much spicies.”

DonnaGold9: “‎She should have used only Salt and pepper cook the rice…..”

user9734345790470: “‎that’s is not too much, star Maggie is full of salt this days.”

Detoms_: “‎I’m still yet to understand why ppl add plenty maggi.”

David rukkizinterior: “‎it’s not too much ooo.. star maggi lately na cast ooo .. e nor dey catch again.”

astrogoddess0: “‎before u strt judge wat type of cup does she use.”

Queen Paul: “‎The magi no much jor rest most of this magi no good like b4.”

user3841548430248: “‎She even add wow detergent too abi my eyes dey pain me.”

user2375615255179: “‎With maggi every woman is a star.”

chidiebereesther: “‎ever since I started cooking I never use more than 4 maggi cook food.”

RAYA_: “‎does it depend on how many maggi she put or it depends on how the food taste? if the Maggie no too much for the food then why complain?”

Churchyard_jewelry: “‎Bro that’s approximately 6 knon Maggie… I’ll say it’s fair for 8 cups of rice… most expecially without other ingredients.”


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