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Mide Martins Opens Up About Her Failed Marriage, Husband Moved Out For Past 3 Months


Mide Martins Opens Up About Her Failed Marriage, Husband Moved Out For Past 3 Months

The rumour flying around is that your marriage to Afeez Owo had packed up.
What fueled the rumour was your refusal to wish him happy birthday a few days ago, after he had celebrated on your own birthday. What’s happening to your marriage ?

Yes that’s the latest news in town now.
Fine my birthday was on April 12 and my husband’s own was April 13. Fine on my birthday, he celebrated me by posting my photo on IG with a message. But the following day, which was his birthday, I decided not to celebrate him, because I don’t see any reason why I should.

Of course I have read different reports about me. People are saying different things about me without knowing why I chose not to celebrate him on his birthday. And all these bloggers have been writing false stories in the last three days. They said I am no longer with my husband, I have moved out of my matrimonial home long time ago, but it is the other way round. I am still in my husband’s house, he was the one that moved out. He left me at home with the children for no reason.

What would you say is responsible for his act ? Are you guys having issues ?
Yeah, we had a fight. Fight is bound to happen in any relationship. It was a minor fight which I felt could be resolved without anyone knowing about it. Couples have issues everywhere in the world. This is a man I have been married to for the past 13 years, you can imagine how many issues we must have had in the past 13 years. Whether I was the one at fault, or he was wrong, we have had a bigger issue which we resolved amicably. The painful part of it was that the one that led to him leaving the house was just a minor issue.

The fight was over the well-being of our kids and the next thing my husband did was to move out of the house. I believe he has been planning to leave the house; he just used that as an excuse to do so. He moved out and two weeks after he left, I heard he has rented another apartment where he now stays. Why did he make that choice? Why didn’t he think of coming back to the house to resolve the issue with his wife? I am his woman. I have been his wife for the past 13 years.
I’m still in his house in Abule Egba.

Anyone that is close to me knows where I stay. We have been living there for about four years and I am still there with my kids. He abandoned me with the children, I never moved out.

Did you make any effort to inform his friends or any of his family members about the development?

I told some of his colleagues when it happened. Since he decided to leave the house, I have also decided to be on my own and take care of my kids.

This is not the first time reports will emerge that you have ended your marriage with him. Before now, have you had any issue that led to you parting company?

It’s all rumour. This is the first time we are having crisis in our marriage.

If he comes back home, are you ready to resolve your differences with him ?

When he comes back, we will see if we can work it out. I have faced a lot since he left, and I think I am a strong woman now. I am concentrating more on my job and how to take care of my kids.

Or you think the differences can no longer be resolved ?

Well, I don’t know for now. I don’t know why a man I call my husband will want to spoil my career.

How do you mean ?

Because somebody must have initiated this rumour. What everybody is saying is that I didn’t celebrate him on his birthday after he had celebrated me a day before his birthday which happened to be my birthday. But it is just a camouflage.

He was trying to give people impression that he’s cool with his wife, which is not true. This is a woman you have abandoned for 3 months. You abandoned her with five children for that matter.

(Cuts ) We thought you guys have two kids together.

Yes, we have two kids of our own. But we have two cousins that have been living with us for the past 10 years and a house help. He left without looking back. He doesn’t care how we feed, he has not been calling to know how I have been surviving with the kids all these while and he now went to Instagram to wish me happy birthday. He’s pretending, giving people impression that I am the woman of his life. You call me your angel and you have not given me food for the past three months. Can you allow your angel to starve to death ? The message was a total deception.

So if I now do the same thing on his birthday, then who am I fooling? Myself? Him? Or our fans? I don’t think I should celebrate a man that doesn’t wish me well.

Has he acted this way before ?
No. He has not done this before.

Apart from the fight you had over the
kids’ welfare, could it be he’s tired of the marriage probably you gave him hell recently that made him take the decision of packing out.

Why would I give him hell? This is a woman that has been supporting you all these while. If I want to make life miserable for him, I won’t be working.

I am a workaholic. At least you can see the way I have been running up and down since you got here. I work a lot and I try as much as possible to be there for my family

Is he planning to take another wife?
I don’t know. The reasons for abandoning me are best known to him. All I know is that he must have been planning to leave the house for a long time. I don’t think a responsible man will leave his wife and kids for 3 months. I have never heard this before.
There’s this story that you have always been involved in extra-marital affair. Recently, there was a report that you are dating a National Union of Road Transport Worker topshot. How true is this?
All the stories about me having extra-marital affairs are not true. One thing in this life is that people judge you by your appearance, which is not supposed to be so. I always tell people that if you see an innocent looking person, please don’t be totally convinced that the person is a saint. And when you see someone looking very flashy don’t think she’s irresponsible. I am a very hardworking woman and I don’t have time for such. If I am flirting around, I don’t think I will have time to be here.
Any regret going into the marriage?
I never had any regret, if I did, I would have left on my own. I am a mature woman. If I was tired of the marriage, I would have walked out myself.


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