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Music Record Label Boss MCnells Set To Take The Nigerian Music Industry By Surprise

Music Record Label Boss MCnells Set To Takes The Nigerian Music Industry By Surprise

Mcnells before the interview with our media team

Record Label boss MCnells has raised so much eyebrows in the entertainment industry with the new strategy put in place by his management and team. This is followed by the way music artist are welcomed and treated with high regards in his label.

Our correspondent met the label boss at one of his successful homecoming party in the Owerri which was graced by men that matters in the industry, entertainers, influencers, showbiz owners, bloggers, TV Owners as so on were present at the event.

The simplicity of the new record boss made him stand out among his peers who are affluently rich and “big” based on their outlook and business interests across the country. If you were at the homecoming party of the record boss, you would definitely go “gaga” because the atmosphere was lit as there was unlimited “jolly moment” for everyone. Stage performances by music artists, comedian, dancers kept everyone on their feet, those (the big guys) who flexed with bundles of cash spray really made the stage to be kept on fire.

It was actually not easy to get access to the Label boss on that day, we waited for every slightest opportunity to send a signal to his team. Since he is a man of the people especially entertainers across the Southern region of the country, everyone wanted to have a moment. Finally, a signal sent to by our correspondent paid off as an appointment was scheduled with his manager. The schedule for the interview and chat was to hold after the event but due to the frenzy, it was moved to another day.

Mcnells before the interview with our media team

Lagos was chosen as the destination for the kick off project of the label because it is the heart of music entertainment in Africa. Most of the in-house signed artist and producers were on ground already making trends across the internet, Satellite TV, Blogs and social media platforms. The strategies put in place by the new label team was paying off already as top music celebrity were already part of their project. The sense of becoming one of the top record label in a diverse entertainment industry was already fast approaching as more media partners and agents are getting attached to set more goals for Mcnells label boss.

The label success in South Africa and Ghana has actually made a good resume for something special to happen since they no longer needs introduction in the industry, so to them Nigeria is the next stop for the beautiful game of entertainment.

Mcnell record label logo

We finally had our moment as our correspondent was called for a meet and drink with the Label boss in Lagos. It was quite surprising as the call came directly from the boss himself. “Na Just meet and Drink O” as he said but “Everywhere Nice” just come around lets talk – sorry i kept you waiting at Owerri. Ahh soo sharp? we rushed to the meet and drink destination and had a wonderful chit chat. Below is interview transcript between 9jaflaver and the Label boss:

Welcome Back Home, Hope Nigeria has treated you well?

Laughter, yes, Nigeria has treated me well, especially the cuisine-I missed it soo much and also the jolly life we enjoy here, e no easy but we have to keep pushing.

So how did you start the Record Journey – We heard you started from South Africa – How true is that?

The music journey was not quite easy, I started the label in South Africa which was a huge success. The reason why the Journey started in South Africa was because I lived in South Africa. There was was huge support from Nationals over there, Nigerian artist who stayed there, visiting artist who can over for tour, business partners and friends made it possible.

How was the entertainment atmosphere over there?

The atmosphere in entertainment over there is similar to what we have in Nigeria. I will just say there is more of a Hip hop vibe there. Aside that they are both comparable based on market and some other factors.

What triggered you into investing into entertainment?

Laughter – I think my love for music pushed me into entertainment, i wouldn’t call it investing but at the end we all have collective interests which at the end expect positive outcomes from it.

My brother you see eh, my family loves entertainment, my children, my wife who is also a full time entertainer is not left out of it. So, its a blood thing. We love it.

Your label is also in Ghana, How do you manage that?

We have a full team house that is in-charge of all the welfare and management of the label movement across Africa. Everything is put in place for that and Ghana is also a very good place for entertainment. Its a beautiful country o! Laughter… The country is sweet and my family also loves it there.

What should we expect from your label in Nigeria

We already have a strong base in Nigeria and the plan is in fulcrum which has yielded early results but we shouldn’t be carried away by that because its a competitive industry. Am not saying we are here to compete but we are here to give Nigeria the best in entertainment.

Your In-house artist and producers have started with the project, what will you say about that?

Wow! Am impressed with what is on ground and the progress made so far but more is coming.

When you say more is coming, What are we expecting?

We have upcoming project with major A-list artists coming up.

Do you mind mentioning those A-List artist?

Laughing out loud – I think we want to make it a surprise package.

One of your artist Noendo is currently having a field day in the industry, what was the breakthrough?

God o. Nothing pass God, smart work, hard work, team work and supportive family. Noendo is a very good artist and there is so much expectation from him by his fans. There is soo much work from him underway.

Are upcoming artists welcome to the label?

The label is a big family, it will definitely accommodate everyone. Artists with good content can reachout to the team and if needs be, you will be signed.

Who is Mcnell?

Laughter – Mcnells is who you are seeing o! anyway my name is Chief Mike and I love entertainment. I think that is an enough introduction. Laughter.

Thank you for the opportunity

I should thank you for coming over. Thank you too.

Interview Ends

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