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My Girlfriend Does Massage With Sex For Men, How I Found Out Broke My Heart – Heartbroken Man Speaks Up

    Posted by on December 25, 2022,


My Girlfriend Does Massage With Sex For Men, How I Found Out Broke My Heart – Heartbroken Man Speaks Up

A Ghanian 9jaflaver fan sent us this to publish, on how he found out that his serious girlfriend does massage with happy ending, which is another term for massage with sex at the end of it…

Dear 9jaflaver, keep my identity anonymous as you publish this…

My girlfriend said her profession is massage and that’s what she does, Last month, I boldly asked her whether she sleeps also with the men and she said never. She only does the massage……… Are you ready for the story?

She comes around to my place weekend and within few minutes she has to meet someone at this hotel and that, I wanted to find out myself so I spoke to a friend of mine who said I shouldn’t trust her, and suggested we test her to be sure is she does happy ending or not, so last week, I drove to my friend’s place at Tema and he called her on his phone, when she picked, my friend told her he wanted massage and she asked where he got the number from, and my friend told her someone recommended her service, it’s not funny o guys, I cried that day.

My friend asked her how much she will charge and she said 400 Ghana cedis for an hour. She mentioned she provide relaxation massage, tissue massage and things. This girl open her mouth and said for happy ending which is another word for sex after massage, she will charge 600 Ghana cedis, in order for us to be sure whether she understood the happy ending, I couldn’t believe it but I wanted to just have evidence and just let her go. Cos I was doubting myself that maybe I was wrong about her, I knew she will know I was around when she sees my car, so I sent the car to some washing bay for them to wash it and keep it for me to come for it later. Don’t doubt…… The moment you feel there is something wrong, trust me, True bro. My friend was like we should just forget her and I said no we shouldn’t.

We waited for about 2 hours and the phone ranged and she said she was at the gate.

They came to the room and I was there under the bed very quiet. My friend removed his dress and told her that before she will start the massage, he prefers sex first before the massage, she wanted the massage first but my friend said no. Finally she agreed and they had sex.

Guys it was heartbreaking and at the same time funny for me. I just told myself finally, my conscience was right. They had sex for about 20 minutes and when they were done, my friend said he wants to use the bathroom first before they start the massage.

When he went to the bathroom, I texted her to ask where she was and she said she is at a friend’s place to pick some items. When my friend came back, she did the massage for him. When she was finally done, my friend told her he wanted another round of sex, the girl then said he has to pay another 200 Ghana cedis then. (I nearly laughed under the bed). They used condom.

My friend then said it’s ok and that he didn’t have money. She then said ‘eihhhh you live in this big apartment and you don’t have money? Esewoara”

She then dressed up an took the money and left

I know some of you blame my friend. But guys I wanted to get a prove for myself so that once I have it, I am done with her, when she left, I came out and told my friend I was done with her totally. I didn’t plan to catch her in the act, it would have been the biggest disgrace.

In the evening when I got home, I packed all her stuff, her dresses and shoes and put it in an Uber and sent them to her, before that I called her to find out if she was home and that I will be delivering something to her through Uber. So she shouldn’t go anywhere. When the items got to her place, she called me but I never picked. I then just sent her a message saying I was no longer interested in the relationship and that got to do with her job so we should just part ways, I never returned her calls, I never blocked her. The next morning, I changed my door keys, that was how the relationship ended

Guys what do you think?

Do you think he handled the whole thing well?


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