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‘My Landlord And His Dad Just Beat Up My Co-Tenant’

    Posted by on September 9, 2023,

‘My Landlord And His Dad Just Beat Up My Co-Tenant’

Hi, everyone,

I’m in dire need of advice.

We had prepaid issues in the house where I’m a tenant. There are accumulated bills on the prepaid, which the landlord has failed to sort out for months. This caused some sort of altercation between he and another tenant over the phone(Mr X).

The landlord told him to move out and refunded his remaining rent.

Now the Landlord and his father came for a meeting with the rest of us today and accused Mr X, who has already moved out last week, of taking things from the house, things such as breaker box and some minor things.

It happened to be the time when Mr X himself came to pick up one of his properties left in the house – a cupboard.

He overhead everything and tried to clarify that he didn’t. Just then, the landlord’s father started insulting Mr X, who didn’t even retaliate or say anything.

The landlord jumped on board and said Mr X must pay for everything. He ordered a guy that came with him to lock the gate of the compound, saying Mr X is not leaving.

Mr X has myopia and is always wearing glasses. The landlord seized Mr X’s clothes and threatened to beat him up, even dragging him around and tearing his clothes in the process. He literally rough-handled him like a kid.

His father also charged forward and punched Mr X in the eye, kicking and wanting to beat him even more. Mr X fell on the floor in tears. All this while, I was recording. The landlord even took up a piece of wood at some point, threatening to deal with Mr X with it.

They seized his glasses, denying him proper eyesight and even tried to seize his phone as well.

Mr X was not allowed to go out until external intervention, which came as a plea from neighbors, further massaging the landlord’s ego. The Landlord and his dad literally beat Mr X up and shamed him out of the compound and the area at large, hurling insults at him and also cursing his dead father.

I really feel bad for Mr X. I’ve sent videos of everything that transpired to him. He doesn’t know what to do and feels the landlord used his power and position to beat him when he has done no wrong.

The landlord has also boasted that he’ll use his power to ensure Mr X is sacked from his place of work.

I’m also bereft of ideas on what to do. How do we press charges going forward?

This matter must not be swept under the carpet.

The landlord is in his 50s, while his father looks 80. I’m not sure of Mr X’s age, but he should he in his mid – late 30s

I don’t know if this is the right section for this. Mods please move to frontpage

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