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New Terms And Conditions On Submitting Freebeats (Music Producers Get In Here)

New Terms And Conditions On Submitting Freebeats (Music Producers Get In Here)

This policy covers the section of Freebeats/Instrumental between the producer and 9jaflaver Media.

The agreement policy also covers Freebeats/Instrumentals already published and yet to be published by 9jaflaver Media on its web and app platforms.

1             Credit:

The produced freebeats/instrumentals will be credited to the producer. The name, contact info and every other credit provided by the producer will be added to the publication of the freebeats/instrumental when it goes public and live.

2.            Ownership:

The ownership of the freebeat is transferred by the producer to 9jaflaver. The transfer is done in good deed by the producer who in turn uses the platform to promote his/her identity for free without any cost or charges on 9jaflaver Media platforms.

3.            Published Freebeats/Instrumental:

a.            All Freebeats/Instrumental sent to 9jaflaver Media through it mail address ( and by a producer transfers the ownership and authority of the Freebeats/Instrumental to 9jaflaver Media.

b.            The Freebeats/Instrumental becomes a freemium pubic product and users will not be charged any fee for its use either by 9jaflaver Media or the producer.

c.            The user does not require the consent of both 9jaflaver media and the producer to use the beat.

d.            Credit to the Freebeats/Instrumental is given to the producer as the producer’s name will appear as the creator of that beat.

4.            Unpublished Freebeats/Instrumental/Instrumental:

a.            All unpublished Freebeats/Instrumental pending publication by 9jaflaver Media sent to it mail address ( and can be withdrawn by the producer after 24hrs if the beat is yet to be published.

b.            Beat sent to the aforementioned email ( and can be rejected or accepted by 9jaflaver after unbiased reviews by the sound and production team experts.

c.            Producers will be notified if the Freebeats/Instrumental is rejected and given reason for it.

d.            For approved Freebeats/Instrumental, 9jaflaver Media will publish and notify the producer of it. By Publication, the transfer of ownership of the Freebeats/Instrumental is given to 9jaflaver Media by the producer.

5.            Request For Freebeats/Instrumental Withdrawal

a.            Freebeats/Instrumental already published on 9jaflaver Media Website or its App cannot be removed from its platform after publication.

b.            Freebeats/Instrumental yet to be published and sent to and cannot be withdrawn after mail delivery.

               4(a) Might be considered in some cases if the beat has not been drafted by the publicity team.

6.            Freemium Benefits

Beat published and available on 9jaflaver by the consent (delivered beat to 9jaflaver Media Email by the producer) of the producer and credited to a producer can be used for Entertainment purposes such as Institutional Sound Identity, Signature Tunes, Jingles, Trailers for media, theme song, music production, sampling etc.

The Freebeats/Instrumental cannot be resold for any purpose or a fee placed for its use either by 9jaflaver Media or the credited producer.

7.            Soundtrack Use

The Freebeats/Instrumental published can be used by individual for soundtrack, music production and other entertainment benefits without permission from 9jaflaver Media or the credited producer.

8.            Social Media and Vlogging

The Freebeats/Instrumental can be used by used by social media users and Vlogger for their own purposes such as jingle, sound effects etc without permission from 9jaflaver Media or the credited producer.

The policy is subject to update.

Please bookmark and save link for usual visit in the case of change of policy.

Thank you for choosing

GET THE LICENSE TO USE THIS BEAT HERE - (You Are Free To Use This Freebeat For Commercial And Non-Commercial Purpose)

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