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[Nollywood Movie] Treasure In The Sky

    Posted by on February 10, 2024,

[Nollywood Movie] Treasure In The Sky

Treasure in the Sky Cast

  • Miwa Olorunfemi –  as Kamsi
  • Clinton Joshua  – as Jidenna
  • Chinenye Nnebe –  as Amina
  • Chisom Agoawuike  – as Blessing
  • Obiajulu Ken Ohanenye  – as Promise
  • Izzy Besta  – as Peace
  • Emeka Eze  – as Uti
  • Precious Akaeze  – as Bella
  • Courtney Ochanya John –  as Miss Valerie
  • Ny Addae –  as Mr George
  • Christian Effiong  – as Samson

This is a movie about a boy named Jidenna Khalil Mbunabo. He is – for lack of a better word – perfect. The movie opens with everyone looking at a bucket list posted on the school notice board and then we see a girl, Kamsi, snatching it up from the notice board after everyone enters the class. 

Jidenna and his girlfriend, Amina seem quite close as she waits for him at the car park for them to go to class together. Bella, the school gossip and her minions hate Kamsi – calling her a weirdo and also think that Jidenna does too much. Amina’s ex-boyfriend, Promise seems to have some interest in Bella but she finds him annoying. 

There is also the school plug who sells electronics, gadgets and accessories to his classmates, to raise money for his school fees. His name is  Samson and he has a regular customer, Uti who buys a lot from him and owes a lot. Uti is in a relationship with Blessing who is cousins with Peace. Blessing hates Peace because since Peace moved in with Blessing’s family after Peace’s parents died, Blessing’s parents’ attention has been divided. 

So one day, they all go on a school excursion for their final year – an SS3 project at Alfa Ifa nature community. There we get to see Jidenna at work. 

First, he is very kind and attentive to Kamsi – telling people to stop bullying her. He even tries to be her friend and asks her out to prom but she rejects his proposal. 

Next, we see him trying to mend Blessing and Peace’s relationship. Well, he wasn’t able to when he was alive though because Blessing caught Uti and Peace being cozy with each other. Uti does come out to Jidenna with the truth though. He was never interested in Blessing. He always liked Peace but Peace told him to be with Blessing because Blessing had a crush on him. But the heart wants what it wants.

Bella, on the other hand, is in love with their teacher, a Youth Corper – Mr George. He, however, is struggling with debts and bills as he is the oldest child of a family who has lost their father and has a sick mother. He is worried about his future. 

Jidenna tries to convince Mr George to be with Bella but he is like, 

“Completely inappropriate. Too busy worrying about my future and if I’m gonna get a job after youth service.”

Then in Jidenna’s final task, he mends the broken relationship between Amina and Promise. Jidenna and Amina were never a couple – they were best friends. She was still hung up on Promise and asked Jidenna to act as her boyfriend. Promise was also using Bella as a distraction from his feelings for Amina. When Jidenna exposes this, Amina and Promise get back together. 

Jidenna then asks Kamsi to be his prom date for the second time and she says yes. However, on their way back to school he collapses. Then he wakes up in the hospital and he reveals that he has stage 4 myeloid leukaemia. 

From then on, his class is thrown into mourning. They visit him every day. Amina is shattered while Kamsi is broken. Kamsi does a pre-prom with him in the hospital and in the end, they find out he is dead. But then, Jidenna doesn’t die without making people’s dreams come true.

He makes his dad offer Samson a scholarship up to university level; offers Mr George a job after his Youth Service and writes a check of 7 million naira for Kamsi’s sister’s gall bladder surgery. 

Watch the movie below:-

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