“Nothing will ever make me like CeeC, she should also get a strike if Ilebaye will get a strike” — Bobrisky - 9jaflaver

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“Nothing will ever make me like CeeC, she should also get a strike if Ilebaye will get a strike” — Bobrisky

“Nothing will ever make me like CeeC, she should also get a strike if Ilebaye will get a strike” — Bobrisky

Notable socialite, Bobrisky, has responded to the incident that occurred between CeeC and Ilebaye an the BBNaija season 8 All-Star Edition show after the last Saturday night party.

During the party, Ilebaye, a housemate, and CeeC, another housemate, engaged in a heated exchange, with Ilebaye calling CeeC names and vice versa.

In the midst of the controversy, Bobrisky expressed his displeasure towards CeeC, labeling her as toxic.

She said: “If big brother wants to be fair, CeeC and Ilebaye should get a strike. Nothing will ever make me like that CeeC, she’s too toxic.”

“Did CeeC just said she has a man outside the house? Haha the guy go run.”

“But CeeC should have mind her business. You know the young girl is drunk u shouldn’t provoke her. Did Doyin ask you to fight for her? They are friends leave them let’s be honest.”

“Biggie needs to stop Ilebaye from drinking, I don’t like how she spoke to her friend, Doyin.”

This statement has garnered attention from concerned individuals who are now sharing their opinions on the matter in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

ms.dee24: “Bobrisky we don’t care for your two cents shove it up your cracked butthole did we beg you with cake and wine to like Ceec. The audacity!!! Crawl back to whatever hole you have been hiding.”

she_nigerian: “Bobrisky ur more toxic than ceec the only difference is we never see u for reality tv! U wey sabi fight for social media.”

___omololasilver___: “Is this not mummy of toxicity..those of you supporting Ilebaye this is the big sign that Ilebaye is wrong cus Bob never support the right thing.”

kytryn: “No one is talking about the fact that no nobody in the house likes them both, they actually left them to go at each other so they can both get disqualified! It’s just sad! even the so called cross that was kissing her last week.”

herroyalmajesty_labby: “He said the truth though.. Cos there’s no valid reason why she went off on Ilebaye ystnight! Maybe she is transferring aggression cos of Cross sha who knows.”

its_tiakem: “TRUE I agree. Ceece provoked the hell out of that drunk girl, and am not saying Ilebaye is not wrong for her actions ooh! Both of them gets the STRIKE… Lobatan!!!!”

afini_enya: “Why should cece get a strike if i may ask. Does one go to prison for just quarelling with someone,no matter the vulger word used? Once violence is involved, verbal provocation holds no water. All of una de madt.”


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