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Obaseki’s Battles Worsens As Alimikhena, Shaibu Clash Over Governorship

Obaseki’s Battles Worsens As Alimikhena, Shaibu Clash Over Governorship

This term “Edo no dey carry last” e be like say na true and is currently playing out in this context.

Aside from the Lagos State Governorship election this Saturday, which is creating controversy on the internet, the Edo State House of Assembly elections are competing with Sanwo-Olu and his reelection bid for Lagos Governor.

Even though there is no governorship election in the state this weekend, Edo State politics have surprisingly moved to the forefront of electoral debates.

Obaseki is in the headlines everywhere, as if his kidney is at the mercy of the EDHA elections; if not, why is an election that does not include the governorship on the ballot hogging the media space with other states that do?

Today, Obaseki faces a major challenge after failing to win a single member in the National Assembly and finishing a distant third in the presidential race.

As a result, the fight for Edo’s streets’ soul has officially started. Like the proverbial cat with nine lives, Obaseki’s benefactor, Adams Oshiomhole, who first brought him to prominence, is now back in the driver’s seat with the support of the majority of the populace.

The APC has not only won the presidency, but has also strengthened its position in Edo State, securing both Edo North and Central while leaving Edo South as a battleground.

Imagine that Obaseki, as the sitting governor, cannot win his voting unit of less than 200 voters because the people of Edo South have completely deserted him. If the truth be told, it was extremely disheartening that he could only muster 55 votes for Atiku in his polling unit.

As a result, Obaseki risks losing with the majority of Lawmakers against him in Saturday’s polls. As if that weren’t awful enough, the PDP may not have a single House of Assembly member, however the LP, which is also backed by Obaseki, may win 5 seats if Mother Luck smiles on them.

The market traders are so bittered that with each slightest provocation they walk to the street protesting and calling Obaseki a goat. The people have launched a fierce war against Obaseki for his anti people’s policies, which are loaded with bitterness and propaganda.

Higher education lecturers in the state do not like to hear the word Obaseki; for example, if you go to Ekpoma and shout Obaseki, it will be a story that will be told like a fairy tale afterwards as you risk getting the beating of your life.

Consider AAU’s case, where professors were fired as if they were casual employees; listen to how someone described their dismissal “They claim that someone who studied CLASSIC in university and has no idea what PHD looks like has fired almost all of the professors in AAU because they are tired of his dictatorial policies. In Esan Central, Obaseki smells like a rotten egg that has been exposed for more than three days.” -That was an awful response

Several higher educational institutions in the State have been closed, and employees are yelling about unpaid wages. Obaseki has refused to hold local government elections, preferring to select Local Government Liaison Officers to run the LG councils.

Commercial drivers claim that Obaseki’s repackaging of Agberos has only increased Obaseki’s revenue and caused the drivers’ agony.

Furthermore, youths who have adopted the Eluupee movement in some areas of his Edo South are making matters worse by insisting on becoming Obidient. Obaseki is in difficulty everywhere, as Oshiomhole stated, “Obaseki’s LABOUR PAINS were extended for a week.”

The newest news item is the ongoing conflict between Senator Francis Alimikhena and Edo State Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu. My people, this is a narrative for another day, but allow me to drop the tidbit.

Senator Francis Alimikhena assert it is time to succeed Obaseki, claiming Philip Shaibu dragged him into the senatorial race against Oshiomhole, which he dreadfully lost and in which he spent a lot of money.

In the case of Philip Shaibu, he views becoming the next governor after Obaseki as a birthright, especially given what he claims he has done for Obaseki to ensure his 8-year term is completed.

And these two people are not thinking of the Esan Agenda they promised the Esan people after Obaseki, the war has started in their engine room and they have started throwing all the shades already, stay tuned as we bring you undiluted news as we march towards Edo 2024.

Source:- Ireporteronline

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