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OjBest: How Osinbajo Met And Patronized A Local Shoemaker After A Tweet (Photos)

The VP’s official photographer, Tolani Alli captures this development in 6 P’s.

I: Providence
It is more than a mere act of divine arrangement, providence works with intense intentionality.

Story Time: So this guy, OjBest, tweeted at the @profosinbajo about his shoe craft and while it’s not always likely he sees these things, he saw this one.

Oj wanted to gift him a shoe & also use that opportunity to further expose his craftsmanship to the world. Remember shoot your shot(he did), it worked out and @profosinbajo even ordered a pair of a sandal he likes to wear and provided a sample for OJ

II: Preparation

Providence loves to work with preparation. Unknown to OjBest, he met a VP prepared to embrace his story, especially if there was quality to back it up. You see @profosinbajo is very loud when it comes to championing Made in Nigeria for Export (MINE) products.

To him, it’s more than another government policy to elevate MSMEs, he really believes in it. He buys Nigerian to use, not for optics.

III: Proficiency

Providence, like a lake, loves to empty itself into the ocean of proficiency. Standing before the right person is great, but you MUST be proficient enough to offer unmistakable value and quality, that’s your staying power (more on this later).

Yes “shoot your shot”, but is your shot quality?

IV: Prose

Words matter and regardless of your religion predilection, many can identify with Proverbs Chapter 22:29 “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings”.

I am sure a lot of you have always translated this verse largely for the luxury of prose and candor. However, this experience made me have a rethink. To stand before Kings, can it mean more than that? Can it be to receive kingly insight to becoming a king in your own right?

OjBest offered to gift the shoes to the VP; but the VP insisted on paying for the service offered and then went on to use the moment to imprint on him about always knowing and stating your value in order to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

IV Projection

There was skepticism. “He won’t wear it”, voices said of the VP. See, people don’t always project who you are, they project who THEY think you are or worse, who they think you should be. Zero out of 10 times though, they are wrong.

The VP did wear the shoes today and will almost certainly wear more shoes from Oj (see my prior point on staying power).
The words that came to my heart when I noticed him wearing the shoes today on his way to a meeting in the garden?! He walks his talk.

VI: Parting Point

Seldom listen to skepticism when your gun is loaded with powder…this is your value on your journey to greatness. Greatness if you succeed and lesson that will shape your greatness if you don’t.

Good evening.

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