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Powerful earthquake strikes Morocco, killing 296 people (video)

    Posted by on September 9, 2023,

Powerful earthquake strikes Morocco, killing 296 people (video)

Late on Friday night, September 8, a powerful earthquake struck Morocco, resulting in a devastating loss of life and extensive damage to buildings and villages across the North African nation.

The Moroccan Interior Ministry has confirmed that a tragic toll of at least 296 people lost their lives in the quake, with the majority of fatalities occurring in Marrakech and the surrounding provinces near the earthquake’s epicenter. Additionally, 153 individuals sustained injuries and were rushed to hospitals for medical attention.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the initial magnitude of the earthquake was recorded at 6.8, occurring at 11:11 p.m. (2211 GMT), with significant tremors lasting several seconds. The USGS also reported a magnitude-4.9 aftershock that struck 19 minutes later.

The epicenter of this devastating event was located near the town of Ighil in Al Haouz Province, approximately 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) south of Marrakech.

The USGS noted that the epicenter was situated 18 kilometers (11 miles) below the Earth’s surface. In contrast, Morocco’s seismic agency reported a depth of 11 kilometers (7 miles), emphasizing that shallower earthquakes tend to be more destructive.

Disturbing scenes of the earthquake’s aftermath were broadcasted on Moroccan television, with many people choosing to remain outdoors due to the fear of aftershocks. Video footage depicted a home with a substantial hole, a car nearly buried beneath the debris of a collapsed building, and scattered stones containing baskets, buckets, and clothing from damaged structures.

Additional images shared online depicted individuals running and screaming near the 12th-century Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, one of the city’s iconic landmarks. Reports from Moroccan media indicated that the mosque sustained some damage, although the extent remained unclear.

Furthermore, Moroccans shared videos highlighting damage to portions of the renowned red walls surrounding the old city of Marrakech, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In response to the catastrophe, a U.N. spokesperson expressed readiness to support the Moroccan government in its efforts to aid the affected population.

This tragic earthquake has left Morocco grappling with the profound impact of the disaster, as its people and authorities work together to provide assistance and relief to those affected.

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