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Prince Clem Agba: The Legacies Of A Good Public Servant – Osazuwa Jonathan 

Prince Clem Agba: The Legacies Of A Good Public Servant – Osazuwa Jonathan 

It is said that great leaders are known in tough times, by their contributions towards alleviating the suffering of others. But oftentimes they go unnoticed and unappreciated, especially in today’s world where self-praising politicians continue to dominate the spotlight.

As such, it is important that we start to recognize and appreciate exceptional leaders who have shown exceptional commitment to making society better; whose impacts have been felt by many irrespective of origin, class, or culture, like Prince Clem Agba(PCA), the immediate-past Minister for State for Budget and National Planning.

These past few weeks, I have read of unruly commentaries —most of them uninformed and lacking in pedigree— marshalledat the persona of the former honourable minister. It is not difficult to see them as what they truly are: vain attempts to discredit the noble legacies of the man who has severally been recognized as one of the most outstanding ministers in the last administration. Initially, I had tried to resist the temptation of adding my voice to the conversation, but like they say, evil triumphs loudly only in silence. And so, I must speak and lend my voice against “the counsel of Ahithophel and the evil report about Canaan”.

In 2022 for instance, I recall when the floods struck hard here in Edo state, and how Prince Clem Agba quickly mobilized interventions to support victims with the donation of cash and relief materials to cushion the effect of the devastation, as well as the resettlement of displaced persons. Words alone can’t possibly convey the gravity of hope restored to victims by this singular act of empathy, care, and swift response, but anyone who has been a victim of flood or woken up one day to a misfortune that destroyed almost everything they worked for, would understand just how far this went for victims.

That was not the first time he had shown deep resolve for providing solutions. Many of us can also remember the notorious Costain Isonorho dumpsite and how it was evacuated in less than a week under Clem Agba’s time as Edo state commissioner for environment and public utilities. Thisdumpsite had not just overwhelmed five civilian and military governments over twenty years, but had caused devastating environmental risks with no solutions, and exposed residents to obnoxious medical conditions in the state for decades. How soon have we forgotten? 

Why is there a loud silence to the false narratives being peddled against a man who ensured the nomination of many Edo people into various job roles, including membership of boards of parastatals? A prophet truly is not without honour, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household!

PCA has repeatedly shown his heart lies with the people, or have we also forgotten the market stalls with streetlights and WCs he constructed in Ikoro and other communities, and the succour it brought to traders in those communities which was once described as “so close to civilization yet so far” due to neglect? For these people, it wasn’t just about the building, but the hope restored in their hearts following several disappointments from abandoned projects in the community.

Beyond professional achievements, his compassionate and approachable nature is a significant attribute that has remained unwavering and evident to those who have come in direct or indirect contact with him.

As a people, we must ask ourselves the hard question “How many ministers, not to mention minsters of state have done as much as Prince Clem Agba has done for Nigeria and their own people?” We must take stock and learn the act of gratitude, not because he is one of our own, but because he has shown exceptional commitment to improving the lives of Nigerians and the people of Edo State in particular, leaving behind an enviable legacy in every capacity he served.

I dare say he deserves to be celebrated.

Osazuwa Jonathan is a Public affairs analyst and he writes from Uromi

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